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Which Is The Best Resort At Disney World

Disney World Value Resort #: Disneys All

The Best Disney World Hotels for 2021!

Disneys All-Star Sports is one of the original value resorts. Sharing in the trend of oversized, colorful displays at the value resorts, this hotel features sky-high football helmets, tennis racquets, basketball hoops and more. Because the theming revolves around sports, there isnt as much room for variety in d├ęcor as the other Disney Value Resorts. With that being said, it is the perfect option for your tadpole who may not be as sold on the fairytale Disney experience, and needs some touchdowns and slam dunks to balance out the princesses.

As a frog who cant get enough SportsCenter, this is Leaps preferred value resort hotel. My frog familys favorite part is finding the decorative flags featuring our favorite teams that line the buildings and catching Donald playing tennis while his silly nephews are on the other side of the court playing baseball!

All-Star Sports features Surfboard Bay pool. True to its name, this pond is donned with surfboards, waves and shark fins. While this is the primary resort pool with the bar and rec activities, the Grand Slam pool is our personal favorite! Located in a quieter area, this pool looks like a baseball diamond with Goofy throwing the first pitch at its center. Yeeeeer out!

Caribbean Beach Resort Dining

The dining options at Caribbean Resort in Disney World, Florida can be very hit or miss. Many of the options are laid-back and welcoming, which is perfect as a Disney resort for large families. You can find most fare to be Caribbean themed, with plenty of American traditional offerings, as well.

  • Banana Cabana
  • Barefoot Bay 45 acre lake with plenty of beachside chairs for sunning
  • Caribbean Cay tropical oasis perfect for picnics, swinging, play areas and walking

Samawati Springs Pool Best Disney Pool #7

Disney Pool Location: Animal Kingdom Lodge

Its pretty clear that the Animal Kingdom Lodge has some of the best Disney World pools 2022, as there are a couple on this list! This 4,700-square-foot pool is located at the Kidani Villas, featuring a 128-foot waterslide and zero-depth entry. Plus, it includes the Uwanja Camp, a water playground with 3 distinct zones meant for kids of all ages. Theres Observation Station for children ages 4 and younger, Departure Zone for ages 5 to 7, and Base Camp for ages 8 and up.

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How Late Are Pools Open At Disney Resorts

All Disney pools are open all year round. Depending on the time of year, those hours can vary. You can expect most pools to be open by the time you are done with your breakfast, since pools typically open around 9AM. However, the bigger and more central pools could also open at 7AM the earliest. The closing time can also vary from 9PM to 11PM. Due to Disneys instated policy in 2013 the main feature pool at each resort will only be open when lifeguards are on duty. The Disney pools are staffed with several lifeguards year-round from open until close. There will also be guards posted at the bottom of slide areas and at multiple points around the perimeter of the feature pool. Its best to check with the Guest Services at the resorts, but there will be lots of signage around each pool telling you their hours.

Are Disney Pools Heated

10 Best Disney World Resorts in 2021 (with Prices &  Photos ...

You can feel confident that no matter which Disney pool you choose youll be enjoying a nice 82 degree Fahrenheit temperature. This temperature is perfect for a cool down in the pool during the summer, but its also perfect to warm you up on a chillier winter day. This way, the best Disney World hotel pools can be enjoyed all-year long.

Now that we have covered the basics lets jump into the best Disney World resort pools for your next trip!

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Ample Quick Service Food

Food courts might not be for everyone, but we love them. Deluxe resorts often have limited, expensive, and sometimes downright bad quick service food options.

Yestheres a trade off. At a deluxe resort you can wake up and walk to a character meal for breakfast. Or you can have a wonderful, fancy dinner night with a firework view .

But you can always go to another hotel for a nice meal. You can go before or after you go to a nearby park. You can spend an extra $20 to Uber / Lyft / Minnie Van there.

On the flip side, weve had several stays at deluxe resorts when we get back a late hour and just needed a burger or pizza but the restaurant was closed, or had a more limited menu. If Im coming back to a place night after night following long days at the park, Im picking the place with the food court.

Big Blue Pool Best Disney Pool #10

Disney Pool Location: Art of Animation Resort

Swim with the fishes at this Finding Nemo-themed pool. Nemo, Dory, Marlin, and other characters greet you throughout this large pool. Youll also get to dance to underwater music. Although it draws larger crowds due to its size, its a fun entertainment center, making it one of the best Disney pools for families.

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Fuentes Del Morro Pool Disneys Caribbean Beach Resort

The Fuentes del Morro pool is modeled after a Spanish citadel but just looks like a battle scene from the Pirates of the Caribbean. Spouting water cannons and a stucco fortress wall set the scene for this delightful Caribbean Beach Resort pool.

Like many on the list, this is a zero-entry pool for easy access.

There are 2 waterslides, with the larger one with an 82-foot-long plunge into the pool below.

Kids under 48-inches tall can also enjoy the shipwreck play area, where there are 3 smaller slides and other fun features for the little ones.

For the adults, the Fuentes del Morro pool has a spa with a capacity for up to 12 guests. What an ideal spot to relax after a day at the theme parks!

Plus, the nearby Banana Cabana Pool Bar is a convenient spot place for a delicious meal or beverage.

Fuentas del Morro features:
  • Banana Cabana for refreshments

Moderate Resorts Vs Deluxe Resorts

Best Resort Hotels at Disney World

If the deluxe resorts are in our price range for a trip, we dont consider the moderate resorts a viable alternative. For the most part, we wouldnt step down to the moderates to save money if we were comfortable with the price of our deluxe option.

Gran Destino Tower is an exception to this. As a hotel, Gran Destino Tower is arguably better than several of the deluxe resorts. It still suffers from a poor transportation situation, but this can be relieved with a small budget for Uber / Lyft / Minnie Van.

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Stormalong Bay At Disneys Yacht And Beach Club

Drumroll, please! We have finally made it to the BEST POOL at Disney World, Stormalong Bay. While it might have been difficult to rank some of these Disney pools, there was never any question about which pool would come in as the top choice. In fact, I hate to even call this a pool because its really more of a mini water park than anything.

When we stay at the Beach or Yacht Club, we rarely visit a water park like Blizzard Beach, because there isnt any need. There is plenty to do right here at the resort. For example, Stormalong Bay has a lazy river, sand bottom pool with a play area, and a tremendous water slide.

There are even private cabanas you can rent!

At the base of the slide, there is a kiddie pool with its own miniature slide for the little ones!

As for dining, theres Hurricane Hannas, which usually has a lot of good options. Unfortunately, theyve been lacking as of late, but those offerings should pick back up again soon with things improving.

While I cant cover everything about the pool in this post, I have an extensive review covering all of Stormalong Bay here.

Honorable Mentions for Best Disney World Pools

When I initially drafted this review, I felt like there were two pools at Disney World that were definitely worth mentioning, even if they didnt make the top 10. The first is The Big Blue Pool at Disneys Art of Animation.

You wont find a waterslide here, but this is still a fun pool that holds over 300,000 gallons of water!

The Cabins At Fort Wilderness Dining

The Cabins dining options definitely fit Disneys mid-level and would absolutely be a blast for a family meal.

The two dining options are:

  • Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Review
  • Trails End

At the Cabins at Disneys Fort Wilderness, you are going to find two main dining options. The first, and one of the most popular is the two hour countrified dinner show, Hoop Dee Doo Musical Review. There is also Trails End Restaurant, which is a sit down buffet-style meal for breakfast and dinner. You can enjoy Trails End during lunchtime, but it is an a la carte menu and not buffet style.

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Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

2020 Standard Room Rates: $593 – $973

Polynesian, as our second choice around the monorail, comes in at the #5 spot.

Theres a lot we love about Polynesian. The dining options are good, with Ohana being a favorite for many families and Kona Cafe being our favorite breakfast spot on property. Trader Sams Grog Grotto and Trader Sams Tiki Terrace are arguably the two best spots to grab a drink at Walt Disney World.

The location along the monorail is obviously a huge selling point, though youre multiple stops away from the park either direction . Boat access to and from Magic Kingdom is another good perk.

While the theming at the resort generally is almost on par with Animal Kingdom Lodge and Wilderness Lodge, were really not fans of the rooms.

I think its a tad harsh to call them lifeless, but its really the best word I have for how I feel about these rooms. They dont speak to me. They just seem to be minimalism gone astray. You can look for yourself and decide how you feel about them, though.

The pool is fantastic, and a far more fun and themed space than the other two pools around the monorail. If youre not depressed by the rooms, I could see the pool being enough for you to put this hotel at the top of your monorail loop list.

With an accessible location , the other big selling points for Polynesianrestaurants, bars, and resort-wide themingare accessible without booking a stay at the hotel.

Best Disney World Value Resorts

The 10 Best Disney World Resorts

Thinking about staying at a value resort at Disney World? AWESOME! We love the value resorts and stay at them pretty regularly. In this post, were going to get you up to speed on the value resorts. We start with reasons to stay at the value resorts . Then we get to the ranking of the best Disney value resorts. Since there are only five, we just rank them all. Read on for the full scoop on Walt Disney Worlds value hotels!

Weve reorganized our hotel content to be more targeted for what readers specifically want in a given post. It used to be all in a single post, and that was unwieldy and messy. Besides the reviews of every hotel , we now have the following posts:

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The Lost City Of Cibola Pool Best Disney Pool #8

Disney Pool Location: Coronado Springs Resort

The Mayan-ruins-themed pool is located at the Dig Site, making it an intriguing spot for both kids and adults. Your eye will immediately catch the 50-foot pyramid and the flowing water coming from its stone steps. For those looking for a thrill, the 123-foot water slide featuring a spitting jaguar makes for one of the best Disney hotel water slides. Adults can enjoy the largest hot tub on Walt Disney World resort property and the Siesta Pool Bar. If kids need a break from the excitement of the water, theres also a nearby play area, an arcade, and a white-sand volleyball court.

Disneys Port Orleans French Quarter

The first hotel on this list, coincidentally, is the first Walt Disney World hotel that I visited with my children. Port Orleans French Quarter is a moderate Disney resort located in the Disney Springs area. Its also a small resort, which is pretty different from most of the Disney resorts.

Its the size and atmosphere of the resort that makes it great for some adult vacations. If you are looking for a more low-key, laid-back resort, Port Orleans French Quarter is a great option. As one of the moderate resorts, its less expensive than some of the other resorts on this list, and yet it is still lots of fun.

The resort is connected to a second section, called Port Orleans Riverside. Thats a much busier resort, but all of those activities and amenities are open to those staying on the French Quarter side. Its also near Disney Springs, and during normal times, theres a boat ride that can take you right there.

Port Orleans French Quarter offers bus transportation to the four theme parks. That can take a little more time than the other modes of Disney transportation, so youll want to consider that before booking.

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What Is The Best Deluxe Resort At Disney World

Hi everyone, Im backwith the third installment of our best resort in Disney series! Did you join us when we went on a tour of all the value resorts in search for the best larger-than-life resort? Or how about when we took a look at all the moderate resorts to see what resort struck just the right balance between theming, amenities, resort activities, and accessibility? If you didnt, no worries you can hop on board with us now in visiting some of the most beautiful and amazing properties at Disney, the deluxe resorts!

Deluxe resorts are top-tier properties at Disney, so its no surprise that these resorts feature many appealing qualities. First, they are situated most strategically to the theme parks. They also have the most convenient transportation options, the best dining options, the largest rooms , and the nicest theming. The flip side, of course, is that deluxe resorts have some of the most expensive rooms youll find at Disney.

So heres the thing about deciding the best deluxe resort at Disney: its really, really difficult. Its kind of like trying to figure out whether you are going to get popcorn from Main Street or if you go for the Dole whip. The choice may be different depending on what it is you are looking for on any given day. These resorts have their faithful following, dont get me wrong, but at the end of the day, I think most will find something that they absolutely love about each resort.

Disneys Polynesian Village Resort

Cozy Cone Pool Best Disney Pool #3

Top 5 Walt Disney World Resorts

Disney Pool Location: Art of Animation Resort

Guests staying at the Cars Suite at Disneys Art of Animation will feel like theyre in the movie. The cabanas are available for free on a first-come, first-serve basis . This is one of the best pools at Disney hotels 2022 because these cabanas provide lots of shade and comfort for those looking to make an entire day at the pool. For the adults asking, Does Art of Animation have a hot tub? The answer is they do not, but that makes this resort one of the best Disney pools for families.

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Overview Of The Disney Deluxe Resorts

Disney World deluxe resorts are the highest tier of on-site Disney hotels, and understandably so. All of Disney’s hotels offer excellent quality, cleanliness and on-site benefits. But the deluxe locations are a notch above the rest, with excellent theming and even more amenities and convenience than the moderate or value resorts, including valet service, health clubs and extra spacious rooms.

Deciding which one to choose for your next family vacation is a little harder. Each of the deluxe resorts has plenty of “pros.” In fact, we created a handy-dandy comparison tool that can help you get a big-picture view of all the Disney World hotels. In this post, we’re exploring even more of the special touches that make each Disney deluxe resort toadally magical.

In the same way that we tackled Disney’s value and moderate resort hotels, we think it’s important to cover what each of the resorts offers before getting into what sets them apart from one another. Remember that booking a room at any Disney World hotel lets you experience Early Theme Park Entry and allows you first dibs on FastPass+ reservations . Deluxe Resort hotel guests will also have access to extended evening hours at the theme parks on select nights. You can review all of the benefits of staying on-site at a Walt Disney World Resort hotel here.

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