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Where Can I Buy Disney World Gift Cards

Disney Gift Card Best Buy Deal Breakdown

Using Disney Gift Cards at Disney World

When you cash out Swagbucks, for 990 swagbucks you will get a $10 Visa Gift Card. You will also get $5 Best Buy Rewards Certificate for every 250 points you earn with your Rewards account. The amount that your earn per dollar spent is based on your spending at Best Buy but ranges from .5 point per dollar to 1.25 points per dollar spent.

The baseline savings for Buying Disney gift cards at Best Buy is Paying $100 for $110 worth the Disney Gift Cards. Then as you buy more gift cards you earn more Swagbucks and more Best Buy Rewards that make the savings even bigger.

What I like to do is save my Swagbucks until the first week of the month, the first $25 gift card you cash out for you get a 12% discount on, so a $25 Visa gift card is 2175 swagbucks instead of 2500.

I save my swagbucks points until I have bought $500 in Disney Gift Cards at Best Buy because I find the savings even more.

If you are using a credit card that earns you points you will be able to earn points there too. If you are looking for tips on how to use your credit card for crazy good savings on your Disney World Trip be sure to check out my How to go to Disney Cheap Post.

Related Bonus: Fuel Savings

Buying gift cards gives you the ability to earn big fuel rewards points you can use for discounted fill-ups at many gas stations. While it may not be instant cash back in your pocket, youll still save money the next time you fill up your car.

Grocery stores like Kroger, Safeway, Albertsons and Giant routinely offer bonus fuel rewards for buying third-party gift cards from their racks. Its usually 4x points per dollar, with 100 points equal to 10 cents off per gallon the next time you fill up. A $500 Disney gift card at my local Kroger during 4x fuel point offers equates to 2,000 Fuel Rewards or $2 per gallon in savings. You can only use a maximum of 1,000 points per fill-up, or $1 off on up to 35 gallons. If you can fill up all 35 gallons twice, thats $70 in savings on a $500 card, or a 14% discount before any credit card rewards are added.

This is also stackable with earning cash back or bonus points by purchasing the gift card at the grocery store with a card that pays a bonus at U.S. supermarkets. Some good examples are 4 points per dollar at U.S. supermarkets with the American Express® Gold Card or 6% cash back with the Blue Cash Preferred® Card from American Express . Cash back is received in the form of Reward Dollars that can be redeemed for statement credits.

Is Buying Disney Gift Cards In Canada Worth It

The short answer is yes. And no.

There are a handful of great Credit Cards available that dont force you to pay Foreign Currency fees, which is the main reason one would want to buy an American Discounted Disney Gift Card in the first place.

If you cant get a hold of a fee-free credit card, all of your savings will be eaten up by this fee.

Lets look at Sams Club, for example. Since it is the only Gift Card that would require you to purchase across the border.

After paying for your membership, which comes to roughly $59.49 per year, you need to pay that off in savings, before you are in the black. At 3.5% savings, and 2.5% fees, it takes a minimum of $6,000 spending before you net save your first $50.

You are then still looking at 1% savings on every dollar spent after that. While it is better than nothing, you are not hitting any multipliers on your credit card from your local grocery store.

As mentioned above, you are looking at between $150-175 savings on a standard $6000 purchase, which is better than nothing, but dont spend too much time looking for deals.

Youre best bet is to earn Air miles for free tickets, or PC Optimum points for free groceries . Simply buy gift cards whenever you see them, knowing you are saving these fees and prepurchasing expenses.

Youre best bet is to earn Air miles for free tickets, or PC Optimum points for free groceries . Simply buy gift cards whenever you see them, knowing you are saving these fees and prepurchasing expenses.

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Discounted Disney Gift Card Standards

There are a few basic standards to consider when embarking on your discounted Disney gift card journey. Because not all savings are created equal.

Anything Less Than 5% Savings is NOT a Good Deal

Like I mentioned above, getting a 5% minimum discount is actually pretty darn easy. It takes no extra thinking, planning, or jumping through hoops. If you are bending over backwards for a 3% discount, its really just not worth the effort.

Ideally, we want the discount to be even greater, but this is the minimum threshold.

Stacking Deals Gives the Greatest Results

This is the beginning of where everything starts to get way more complicated but the savings become even greater.

There are a few different techniques which involve combining deals with credit card cash back rewards or other shopping rewards. This doesnt take the money off the up front purchase price. Instead, you get the discount on the back end in the form of statement credits, direct deposits, or gift cards.

More on that below!

Best Uses of Discounted Disney Gift Cards

As I mentioned above, you can use Disney gift cards to pay for any aspect of your Disney vacation. However, there are some pieces of the vacation you *might* be able to find cheaper in other ways than using discounted Disney gift cards. Two examples are park tickets and resort.

Always do the math first to see which avenue gives you the greatest deal.

  • Any dining
  • Disney Vacation Club dues

Discount Disney Gift Cards With Cash Back Apps

Can you pay for your whole vacation with Disney gift cards ...

Dosh is an app that gives you cash back for your purchases, one of the places that is always on the list to get cash back is Sams Club. When you use the card linked to your Dosh account you will get 2% back of what you spend, what is great is that you can combine the Discounted Disney Gift Card price at Sams Club with the Dosh app cash back and get even more savings.

I also use Ibotta, where I save money by getting cash back on my groceries. I then take the cash back and use that to buy Discounted gift cards!

I also scan all of my grocery receipts into the Fetch app, which earns me points that I then cash in for Gift Cards.

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Using Multiple Gift Cards To Pay For Your Disney Vacation On On Disneycom Mydisneyexperience

Were so happy its almost time for your magical vacation to begin! And Im especially ecstatic to hEAR youll be using your Disney Gift Cards to make payments for your trip! I love that theyre accepted at most shopping locations and restaurants at Walt Disney World Resort, and you can use them towards purchasing theme park tickets and even your Disney Resorts Collection hotel stay!

You are able to use the Disney Gift Card to make payments towards your reservation balance however, you will find it only allows you to use one Disney Gift Card on your My Disney Experience account.

If you would like, you can create an account on the Disney Gift Card website, where you can combine multiple Disney Gift Cards onto one with a balance of up to $1000. If your balance is more than that, and you would still like to make a payment using multiple Disney Gift Cards, you can do so by calling Disney Resort Hotel Reservations, 939-1936, and a friendly Cast Member will be happy to help you!

What Happens If My Card Is Lost Or Stolen

If your card is lost or stolen, call 1-877-650-4327 to report it. You will need to provide the first 12 digits of the Disney Gift Card account number to the agent.

Tip: Take a photo of the back of your card so you have the card number handy.

Your Disney Gift Card will be frozen and funds remaining on the card can be transferred onto a new card. An original proof of purchase receipt for the Disney Gift Card is required to transfer the funds onto a new Disney Gift Card.

Its best to retain all of your documentation when purchasing your gift cards so in the event that your card is stolen, its easily replaced.

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Another Word About Budget

When you begin planning and budgeting for your trip, please keep in mind that you will not need additional entertainment other than the hotel and Disney. There are lots of options for free entertainment around the resort when the parks get tiring. Pool time is always a hit after long hours in the park. This helps lessen the blow.

We find that we spend about the same amount going to Disney as other trips when we break down all the little expenses.

You can also pay for everything in advance which can help make the vacation itself less stressful when you arent constantly thinking about how each snack impacts the budget.

The Case For Discount Disney Gift Cards

Disney Gift Cards

As far as travel hacking and saving on Disney goes, these methods are are pretty straightforward. At the end of the day, you wind up with a Disney gift card in hand, ready to be spent on your vacation, either for less than you spent to get it or with a nice cash back statement credit sitting on your credit card. That’s pretty compelling, we admit.

On the face of it, the math is pretty compelling, too. If your Disney vacation costs you $3000 and you can save the baseline 8%, you’re saving $240, a good amount of money.

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How To Use Disney Gift Cards Online

All you have to do is visit,,, and to use your gift card to purchase tickets. If youre looking for Disney merchandise, visit and use your gift card at checkout!

Travel tip: We suggest registering your card on the Disney website. This way, if you lose a physical gift card with a balance remaining, you can go online to your Disney account and transfer the funds of the lost card to another card.

Can This Be Used At Any Disney Location

The Disney Gift Card is just about limitless when it comes to its use, not to mention the magic you will experience as a result. Once purchased, you can use the gift card at select participating locations at Walt Disney World® Resort, Disneyland® Resort, Disney Cruise Line, Disney Store locations in the United Stores,, Disney PhotoPass, Disney Vacation Club®, and Adventures by Disney®. A complete list of locations and restrictions can be found at

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Can The Value Of Disney Gift Cards Be Combined

Yes! You can combine different Disney gift cards up to a maximum of $1000 total on an individual card. You do this at Click on the gift card you want to add money to and then click on add funds from another card. As long as the total when you combine two cards does not exceed $1000, you can combine the values of the cards to keep everything on one card. Its a lot easier to manage one $200 gift card than 8 different $25 gift cards!

Why You Should Buy Disney Gift Cards

Disney Gift Cards 101

There are various reasons why we use Disney Gift Cards to save up, versus cash. First, Disney Gift Cards are almost as good as cash at Disney World, being able to use them virtually everywhere . Plus, Disney gift cards never expire and have no associated fees. Additionally, having your Disney money on a gift card ensures it is saved for Disney and not spent elsewhere.

15 Uses for your Disney Gift Card:

  • To Pay for your Disney World Resort stay
  • To Pay for your Disneyland Resort stay
  • To Pay for Admission with Theme Park Tickets
  • To buy Annual Passes
  • To pay for your Disney Cruise Line reservation & on board during your cruise
  • To pay for your Adventures by Disney reservation
  • To shop merchandise at Disney Stores & ShopDisney
  • To shop discount merchandise at Disney Outlet Stores
  • To pay for nights at Aulani, A Disney Resort & Spa and select locations on-site during your stay
  • To pay for your room during your Disney Beach Resorts stay, at Disneys Hilton Head Island Resort or Disneys Vero Beach Resort
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    What Are The Restrictions Or Terms

    This card is definitely not redeemable for cash and will not be replaced if lost or stolen without required proof of purchase. You can’t use the Disney Gift Card towards the purchase of a Disney Vacation Club Membership. Using it to buy Disney Dollars or more Disney Gift Cards is also prohibited. Remember that this is just a highlight of the gift cards uses and limits so you should be sure to visit for complete details.

    What Can It Actually Pay For At These Locations

    With the previously listed locations to use the Disney Gift Card, you can pay for your stay at the hotel or resort. Use it when you eat at any Disney restaurants or locations. Grab some souvenirs to outfit your family or something to remember the trip with. Even when you’re at home and shopping at the, you can use the Disney Gift Card to pay for your purchases.

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    Where Can I Buy Disney Gift Cards

    You can buy Disney gift cards almost anywhere gift cards are sold. Some popular places to buy Disney gift cards include the grocery store, wholesale clubs, department stores like Target, electronics stores like Best Buy, and even some home improvement stores. Depending on the particular outlet, you may be able to purchase Disney gift cards in store, online, or both.

    Disney gift cards are generally sold in denominations of $25-$500, both as fixed denomination cards and variable denomination cards. A variable denomination gift card will require you to tell the cashier how much money you want to put on the gift card .

    Buy Gift Cards At Best Buy In Store With Swagbucks Deal

    Proven Tricks to Save Money at Disney World: Saving with Gift Cards (Disney World on a Budget)

    This one is a little bit more work then other ways to get discounts on Disney Gift Cards, but for me I have found it makes the biggest savings. Depending on the day Swagbucks give 2%-4% back in points when you shop at Best Buy. When you shop in store at Best Buy you will also get 750 bonus points from Swagbucks when you make a $100 purchase. .

    • Step 1: Go here and sign up for a Swagbucks account .
    • Step 2: Go here and sign up for a Best Buy Rewards account and save the account bar code to your phone.
    • Step 3: In the Swagbucks app search for Best Buy and pull up your Best Buy Instore QR Code and save it to your phone.
    • Step 4: Go to your local Best Buy Store and buy a $100 Disney Gift Card. When you are at check out have the cashier scan your Swagbucks code first, then your Best Buy code and then pay for your gift card.
    • Step 5: Wait a few days and you will see 750 Swagbucks added to your account, then wait till you see the Swagbucks reg points added to your account. You will get 2-4 swagbucks per dollar spend for buying your gift card depending on the points amount they are giving at the time.
    • Step 6: Cash out for Visa Gift Cards and use them to buy more Disney Gift Cards .

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    Purchasing A Disney Gift Card Egift

    How can I purchase a Disney Gift Card eGift?

    Purchasing a Disney Gift Card eGift is as simple as purchasing any other product at shopDisney. Just choose the denomination, fill out the personalization information and then add it to your Shopping Cart and proceed to Checkout as usual.

    How do I pay for a Disney Gift Card eGift?

    You may use your credit card to purchase your Disney Gift Card eGift as you would with any other item at shopDisney.

    Can I purchase a new Disney Gift Card eGift using another Disney Gift Card eGift, a Disney Gift Card, a Disney Store Gift Card, a shopDisney Gift Card or a Disney Rewards® Card?

    You can purchase a Disney Gift Card eGift by using a Disney Rewards® Card. However, you cannot purchase a Disney Gift Card eGift using another Disney Gift Card eGift, a Disney Gift Card, a Disney Store Gift Card or a shopDisney Gift Card.

    Can I purchase other merchandise at the same time as a Disney Gift Card eGift?

    Yes, as long as your method of payment is not a Disney Gift Card eGift, a Disney Gift Card, a Disney Store Gift Card or a shopDisney Gift Card.

    Please Note: When you purchase a Disney Gift Card eGift in the same order as other merchandise, because it requires shipment to more than one address , you will not be eligible for Free Shipping promotions.

    Can I purchase more than one Disney Gift Card eGift per order?

    Yes, you can purchase multiple Disney Gift Card eGifts.

    How is the Disney Gift Card eGift sent to the recipient?

    Sams Club Disney Gift Cards

    Discount: 4-10%

    Sams Club is another wholesale store that is popular for buying discounted Disney gift cards. The prices are pretty similar to BJs, with your best discount reaching 4%.

    However, I will say that Ive noticed my local Sams Club offers a slightly cheaper price on the $150 pack in store than is offered online. If possible, check to see if this is true for you as well. This slight discount knocks my instant savings up to 5% instead of 4%.

    The Sams Club discount can be improved upon with either a rotating credit card cash back bonus or with using Dosh. If you have 5% cash back through Discover or Chase Freedom that is a great addition.

    The Dosh cash back offer changes periodically but is only available for online purchases. Sometimes the discount is only on opening a Sams Club membership. However, they often have a cash back offer as well. Currently, the Dosh cash back for Sams Club is 1-2% off your total online purchase.

    The biggest drawback for Sams Club is the cost of a membership. Sams charges $45 for a one year membership. There are often deals on Groupon to get it for cheaper. Also, Dosh offers a $20 discount on the membership.

    If you already use Sams regularly regardless than this isnt an issue. But $45 is a little steep and eats into your overall savings if only using it for gift cards. Do the math first. You might be better off with BJs $10 online membership.

    Sams Club Savings Example

    Those Sams Club Disney gift cards are worth it, right?

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