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When To Make Dining Reservations At Disney World

What You Need To Know About Disney World Dining Reservations

How to Make Walt Disney World Dining Reservations

All guests can make Disney World dining reservations. Unlike some perks offered exclusively to those staying on-site at a Disney World hotel , ADRs are available equally to all guests, regardless of where you’re staying.

Park admission is required for in-park dining. Just to be clear, you must have valid theme park admission and a Disney Park Pass reservation at the location of your meal. So, if you’re dining at The Jungle Skipper Canteen, be sure you have the proper tickets and park reservations to enter Magic Kingdom for that dining reservation for the date of your meal. If you’re park hopping for a late lunch or dinner, then you won’t need a Disney Park Pass reservation at the park you’re hopping to, as long as the dining reservation is after 2 p.m.

You can make Disney World dining reservations for your trip starting 60 days in advance. No matter what time of year youll be visiting, we recommend making reservations as close as you can to the magical 60-day mark. For guests staying at a Walt Disney World Resort hotel, youll have 60 days in advance of your check-in day … plus, you can make dining reservations for your entire stay, up to 10 days. This is quite an advantage if dining is a priority, especially during the busiest times, so you’ll want to make sure you book your Disney World hotel room before the dining reservation window opens for your trip. Then you can book all your days at once.

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Hoppy planning!

Other Ways To Make Dining Reservations

If you don’t have a mobile device or just don’t like using technology, there are old-school ways to book a restaurant at Disney World. These include:

  • Telephone: 939-1947 Again, call up to 180 days in advancethe sooner the better, especially during peak seasons.
  • On propertyIf you are at Disney World, you can make advance reservations with the concierge at your hotel. You could also try walking up to a restaurant on the day or even at the time you wish to dine. There are often last-minute cancellations, and even the busiest restaurants may have availability.

With the introduction of Disney Genie in fall 2021, visitors can now use the service, which is part of the My Disney Experience mobile app, to join a walk-up waitlist at table-service restaurants. If there is any anticipated availability at the restaurant of your choice, the app will allow you to join a waitlist. Its not a reservation, but more like a virtual queue. When a table become available, the app will notify you via your mobile device. There are other Disney Genie features you may want to explore.

Bonus Tip: Become A Landry’s Select Member

If one of the Landry’s Club restaurants is at the top of your list but you weren’t able to find a reservation, if you show you’re a Landry’s Select Club member you will get seated without a reservation needed! This card applies to Yak & Yeti in Animal Kingdom, Rainforest CafĂ© in Animal Kingdom and Disney Springs, and T-REX in Disney Springs. Since these three restaurants are all highly sought after dining experiences, this is a great way to still get a table without a reservation.

The fee to join the club is $25 dollars but that $25 goes right back on your Landry’s card and you can put that towards your meal. If you plan on eating at one of these restaurants anyways then the cost is free. Watch out for sign up bonuses too! When I joined I got a $5 bonus so that was basically like $5 off our meal. You can also call the restaurant in advance, tell them you’re a select member, and see if they’ll just give you an advance reservation. We were able to do this with T-REX and it was no hassle at all.

Keep in mind while restaurants are still managing physical distancing in restaurants due to COVID, some Landry’s Select members have reported not always getting guaranteed seating like they used to so this is something to keep in mind. This is why calling ahead might be especially beneficial right now.

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Things To Know About Advance Dining Reservations At Disney World

#1: You need a valid theme park admission ticket for every member of your party. A dining reservation does not guarantee admission to the theme park where the restaurant is located. If youre planning to eat at a table-service restaurant in Disney World on a specific day, be sure you have tickets for that theme park for that day, a reservation for park entry through the Park Pass system, and a dining reservation.

#2: If youre planning to dine at any of the restaurants in Disney Resort hotels, an advanced reservation is mandatory for day guests . Advanced dinner reservations are also highly recommended for guests staying overnight at a Disney Resort hotel.

#3: Be sure to arrive on time for your dinner reservation at Disney World, especially if your booking is close to opening time when there is typically a rush of guests.

#4: Not much of a planner? You can try your luck at even the most in-demand Disney World restaurants by simply showing up and asking about walk-in availability.

#5: If theres a favorite restaurant you absolutely dont want to miss and dinner reservations are hard to come by, consider going for lunch. Thats when most people are in the theme parks and are grabbing quick meals. You might get lucky at a fine dining venue with table service thats open for lunch.

#7: If youre not having any luck with dinner reservations at Disney Springs restaurants, try Open Table, a real-time online restaurant reservation system.

What If You Dont Show Up For An Advance Reservation Time

Tips for Hard to Get Dining Reservations at Disney World

If you dont cancel 24 hours before your reservation time, your credit card will be charged $10/person.

Cancellations will be accepted by calling 407-WDW-CNCL, through the My Disney Experience website or app, and at Guest Relations in the Parks and Resorts.

The pre-paid policy for certain special dining experiences, such as character meals at Cinderellas Royal Table, remains unchanged. Guests who have booked those meals have one day to cancel for a full refund.

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Can You Eat At Disney Restaurants Without Reservations

Sometimes. Many, if not most, restaurants at Disney World take walk up guests and will add your name to a list. However, on busier days or at the top restaurants, youll basically never get in without a reservation.

Generally, if youre going to get a table in any reasonable amount of time, there will be an open reservation that you can just go ahead and book to save yourself the trouble of going to the restaurant and sitting around waiting.

If there are no available reservations, then the restaurant is probably full and waits will be at least 30 minutes and probably 60 minutes plus.

Cant Get A Reservation At The Restaurant You Want

  • Keep trying. People change and cancel dining reservations all the time, so something may open up. If you are staying on Disney property, call every day once you arrive, too.
  • You may be able to make same-day reservations by calling Dining Reservations from your hotel room , asking the lobby concierge or by walking up to the podium of the restaurant right after it opens. Dont expect to get into anyplace that is really popular, however. We tried to get walk-up reservations for the Princess Storybook Lunch in Epcots Norway one morning on a very low-season day in January and were told they were fully booked for the whole day!

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What Are Disneys Advance Dining Reservations

Disneys Advance Dining Reservations are not reservations in the true sense of the word with definite seating times. They do guarantee, however, that you will be seated at the first available table after checking in at the podium for your reservation time. Actually, Disney recommends arriving 15 minutes prior to your ADR time. Waits generally range from a few minutes to a half hour. Think of Disneys Advance Dining Reservations as Disneys way of controlling the seating flow in their restaurants. Those that have Advance Dining Reservations will be seated and those that dont, in many cases wont.

Disney highly recommends that you making Advance Dining Reservations for all of your table service, character meals, and buffet restaurants especially if you have purchased the Disney Dining Plan. Dining ADRs can be made from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m seven days a week by calling 407-WDW-DINE or 939-1947. Reservations can be made online anytime using the MyDisneyExperience website or app. Online dining reservations open up at 6:00 a.m. EST 180 days in advance.

Keep Searching When You Arrive

How Do I Make a Disney Dining Reservation? And MORE Helpful Tips!

Many guests may arrive to Disney World and stop searching for those must-do dining reservations. I mean, this makes sense because youre busy and you may not want to spend time doing this on your trip. But even if you set aside a few minutes in the morning and evening to check, you may find the dining reservation you were looking for!

Since Disney Worlds policy is to charge $10 per person cancellation fee for no shows if guests dont cancel 24 hours prior to their reservation you may have the most luck for cancellations 24 hours before your ideal time. I managed to find two of my sought after reservation times while we were already at Disney World because I took the time to keep checking and it paid off.

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Know Your Booking Options

There are four ways to book. The first two are online or via the app. We recommend booking online as a default method. The online booking system is very intuitive. Visit it and familiarize yourself with it. The app isnt reliable enough for booking the top restaurants ASAP.

But everyone knows the Disney computer systems can be glitchy, so it sometimes helps to be prepared to book by phone. The Disney advance dining reservations phone number is 407-WDW-DINE . Rememberbooking windows open at 7AM Eastern Time.

Finally, you can have someone else do all this for you. If you book your trip through a travel agent, theyll be able to book your advance dining reservations for you. Note that they dont have any sort of special or early access, though, so youre really just trusting that they canand willdo better at booking than you will.

Make Your Reservation For The Largest Possible Party

Maybe youre planning your Disney World vacation and the in-laws are thinking about tagging along, but they cant commit six months in advance. Go ahead and make all your dining reservations with them included in your guest count. Disney will not charge you or penalize you if less guests show up to a reservation than originally booked. However, if you bring more guests than originally booked, they can turn them away.

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When Can Guests Of Disney Hotels Make Disney Dining Reservations

Note: The 180-day window has been reduced to 60 days as part of the changes to dining during the reopening.

Great question! The answer is 180+10 days. Youre welcome!

Just kidding. Dive into the world of online Disney World fandom and youre bound to see 180+10 days sitting comfortably among other shorthand like FP+ and DH and ADR. Heres what 180+10 days means in Disney parlance

180+10 days is a perk of staying at a Disney hotel at Walt Disney World. Guests of these hotels can make dining reservations beginning 180 days before their arrival date and can book for their arrival date plus the next ten days of their trip . Again, you can make reservations starting at 7AM Eastern Time.

Note: Ive seen people say it is ten days including arrival date, but Ive seen more examples that it is arrival date plus ten days. I havent booked a ten-night stay recently enough to find out .

For stays of longer than ten nights, youll be able to make reservations for the later days 190 days in advance. That is, 180+10 rolls forward one day at a time .

Were going to run through some quick examples, but keep in mind that the policies may change, Cast Members may have different understandings of this complex rule, and the My Disney Experience booking system can be touchy. If you have or had an experience that differs from these examples, please feel free to leave it in the comments.

Disney World Dining Reservations: What You Need To Know

Trip Planning 101: Making Dining Reservations at Disney ...

It is often impossible to simply walk in and eat at a full-service Disney World restaurant at mealtimes. The popular ones are frequently packed even in the low season. So, if you want to try some of Disneys excellent restaurants and dinner shows, we recommend making an advanced dining reservation before your vacation. Heres what to keep in mind:

  • All guests, even those who are not staying at Disney World Resort hotels, can make dining reservations.
  • If youre dining at a restaurant thats located inside a Disney World theme park, you will need a valid theme park admission ticket to enter the park.
  • Guests staying at a Walt Disney World Resort hotel can make dining reservations up to 180 days in advance of check-in.

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Book Disney World Advanced Dining Reservations At 180 Days

Your best bet for getting the reservation you want it is to book the very day that you can, at the very first moment they open the reservations . This would be 180 days out. That is how youll get the most coveted slots like Cinderellas Royal Table, by being the early bird!

You can either book online or call WDW-DINE by 7:00 am ET. Reservations often fill up within minutes of opening.

Im Staying At A Disney Resort When Can I Make My Dining Reservations

Guests staying at one of the onsite Walt Disney World resort hotels get a special perk when making dining reservations.

Like everybody else , they can start booking 60 days in advance, BUT they also get to make up to 10 additional days worth of reservations.

This is a fantastic perk for a couple of reasons:

  • Youll only have to wake up early to make your dining reservations on 1 day, and
  • Youll have a better chance to snag some of those hard-to-get reservations
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    Do I Have To Have A Hotel Reservation

    Even if you dont have a hotel reservation at a Walt Disney World Resort hotel, you can still use the dining reservation system and manage everything through your My Disney Experience account.

    Right now you need to have a hotel reservation to make a dining reservation. This will likely change when the park restaurants open for booking.

    Website Vs My Disney Experience

    How to Make Advanced Dining Reservations for Walt Disney World: Tips and Tricks

    To book dining reservations online you can use the Disney World website or the My Disney Experience app. There isnt much difference between the two.

    Both options let you book ADRs, check the status of existing reservations, and cancel reservations you dont want to keep. The booking window for both also starts at 6:00 am ET.

    However, over the years we have found the website to be more consistent and quicker to make reservations with. The My Disney Experience app tends to timeout or freeze up more so we avoid it when we can.

    We recommend you to use the website if you have a computer, but both of them are better options than making phone reservations.

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    What Are Advanced Dining Reservations At Disney World

    With Walt Disney World being one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world, you can imagine how busy its restaurants are. Thats where dining reservations come in.

    Advanced Dining Reservations are a part of Disney Worlds restaurant reservation system. When you have an ADR, it guarantees you a table at a specific restaurant on any given day.

    Guests can plan ahead of time which restaurants they want to dine at in Disney World and then can book a table online or on the phone.

    Once you have an ADR, you will receive a reservation time for that restaurant. Depending on how busy the restaurant is when you arrive you may be seated immediately or you may have to wait a few minutes until a table is ready.

    • Dining reservations can be made for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, character meals, buffets, dinner shows, and any other limited dining experiences.
    • ADRs are typically only used at Table Service Restaurants, though occasionally Quick Service Restaurants will offer dining reservations.

    The nice thing is that ANYONE can use Advanced Dining Reservations to book restaurants in Walt Disney World. This includes guests staying in a Disney World Resort hotel, guests staying off-site or just anyone visiting for the day.

    Disney World Advance Dining Reservations

    Due to the increased popularity of Disneys Dining Plan, it is frequently impossible to just walk up and eat at a full-service restaurant, even in low season! If you are planning to try some of Disneys excellent table-service restaurants and/or dinner shows while you are vacationing at Walt Disney World, it is important to make Disney World Advance Dining Reservations online, using the MyDisneyExperience app on your phone or by calling . Recently Disney has been emphasizing making bookings online or using the app, and wait times are getting longer for calling in for reservations. Using the app or website you can only make reservations for up to 8 guests. If you have a party of 9 or more, you have to make reservations over the phone.

    Not sure where you want to eat? Wondering how far in advance you can make a reservation? If you are new to using Disney World Advance Dining Reservations, weve got lots of information and advice here, including lists of the hard-to-get and easier-to-get locations.

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