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When Is The 50th Anniversary Of Walt Disney World

Disneys Hollywood Studios 50th Celebration Sandwich Cookie

New Details Revealed: More Magic On The Way | Walt Disney World Resort 50th Anniversary Overview

Since we are celebrating 50 years of magic in the parks, it makes perfect sense to dive into a bit of nostalgia. And, the 50th Celebration Sandwich Cookie is like a PB& J sandwich in dessert form with a pretzel shortbread cookie sandwiched with strawberry jam and peanut butter chocolate fudge. Out of all the Hollywood Studios snacks, the sandwich cookie was controversial amongst our team with some of us loving it and others disliking it. So, we think you should try it for yourself to see if the flavors hold up for you!

50th Anniversary Sandwich Cookie

Let us know your thoughts when you try the 50th Celebration Sandwich Cookie for $5.29 at Rosies All-American Cafe!

Drawn To Life Presented By Cirque Du Soleil And Disney Premiering This Winter

Drawn to Life, the new Cirque du Soliel show coming to Disney Springs, will premiere on Nov. 18, 2021 as part of Walt Disney Worlds 50th anniversary. The show, which is a collaboration between Cirque, Walt Disney Animation Studios and Walt Disney Imagineering, tells the story of Julie, who discovers an unexpected gift left by her Disney animator father: an unfinished animation.

As she dives into the inner world of animation, guided by a pencil, Julie embarks on a quest filled with her childhood Disney memories, brought to life through Cirque du Soleils design and performances.

Franchise Of Funko Pop Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary

POP collection Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary has 15 figures . The first figurine of the collection came out in November 2021, it was the one of Cinderella Castle & Mickey Mouse while the last figurine put on sale by Funko for this series is Mickey Mouse in front of Space Mountain Attraction . This franchise, under the licence of Disney doesn’t include any chase figure. Please note that this franchise does not have multipack .

On the price side, the most expensive Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary POP is Cinderella Castle & Mickey Mouse , estimated at 45.00$. On the other side, the cheapest POP action figure of Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary , estimated at 13.00$ is Minnie Mouse on the Peoplemover.

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New Disney World Books

Take a peek at FIVE new books about Disney World available in honor of the 50th anniversary. Along with the combination of information and features about everything available in the parks and beyond, the latest reads will have a bit of an EARidescent touch to them in honor of the event!

And in celebration of Disney World turning 50, the Orlando Sentinel has also published a new book: Disney World at 50: The Stories of How Walts Kingdom Became Magic in Orlando.

The Magic Is Calling The 50th Anniversary Anthem

Disney World 50th Anniversary Commercial to Debut Tomorrow

An original anthem has been created for Disney Worlds 50th anniversary! Disney shared that The Magic Is Calling was created by platinum-selling songwriter and music producer Alana Da Fonseca, award-winning composer Emily Bear, and singing phenom Journi. The three came together together to make a song that is, all at once nostalgic, inspirational, and contemporary.

Magic Kingdom

The Magic Is Calling connects all four parks by playing when each theme park icon transforms into a Beacon of Magic at night, using different arrangements of the song. It is also included in special live entertainment moments across Walt Disney World, including Mickeys Celebration Cavalcade every day in Magic Kingdom. You can hear a bit in the video below provided by Disney .

Custom arrangementsMain Street PhilharmonicDapper Dans, Discovery Island Drummers, Voices of Liberty

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Should I Visit Disney World During The 50th Anniversary Celebration

Definitely. The 50th Anniversary is a great time to plan a visit. As far as exactly when in that 18-month window, thats a bit more complicated.

In our two-year Disney World outlook post, we discuss in more detail the question of when you should visit Disney World during the celebration. Our take is that holidays 2022 and early 2023 are going to be the best times since were hopeful anything new thats coming during the celebration will debut by late 2022.

Will visiting during the 50th be more expensive than visiting just before the 50th? Yes. More expensive than just after? Maybe, but not by much if at all. Prices at Disney World only go one direction.

Will crowds be worse during the 50th Anniversary celebration? Maybe. But crowds have been unpredictable for years now. February 2019 was hugely busy, a sharp departure from Februaries of the past.

Itll be a whileat least into 2023before you can plan for low crowds again. And even by the time that rolls around, Im pretty confident our crowd advice will be what it always isplan for the worst, hope for the best. Theres just no good reason to let crowds take you away from a once-in-a-lifetime celebration.

Happy 50th Anniversary Walt Disney World

By Zoë Wood – DIS Contributor

October 1st, 1971, was a beautiful day filled with unprecedented anticipation and excitement that electrified the air. A smaller-than-expected crowd of approximately 10,000 people gathered to witness the celebration of imagination and family-style fun with the opening of Walt Disney World. Though the anniversary that we have all been looking forward to falls on this very day, the project, once known simply as Disney World, started many years before that in 1964, when a land acquisition plan was initiated, and the rumor of an east-coast Disney park began to circulate.

After the death of Walt Disney in 1966, brother Roy O. Disney declared a change in name to Walt Disney World in honor of his beloved sibling and business partner. Just one year later, in 1967, Roy presented Walts plan for the Florida-based Disney Park, revealing the design for a futuristic metropolis that would later become EPCOT. It was clear that the scope for this land was more extensive than anyone could imagine, with the team determined to carry out the dream of their departed visionary leader.

If that isnt magic, then I dont know what is.

Are you looking for ways to enjoy the 50th celebration from home? Check out the links below for some of the best coverage from The DIS team to help you plan your next trip or:

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Disney Enchantment October 1 2021

At Magic Kingdom, a brand new nighttime spectacular lights up not just Cinderella Castle but also Main Street, U.S.A., as well!

Disney Enchantment features a stunning fireworks show and precise projections that include the iconic Main Street for the first time ever!

The show blasted off for the first time on October 1, 2021, tak you on a journey filled with adventure, wonder and empowerment. Check out the opening night crowds at Magic Kingdom for Disney Enchantment!

All Of The Disney World 50th Anniversary Merchandise You Can Find Online

First âDisney Fab 50â Sculpture Revealed For 50th Anniversary | Walt Disney World Resort

DISCLOSURE: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning when you click the links and make a purchase, we receive a commission.

Disney Worlds 50th anniversary may have only kicked off recently, but there has been plenty going on in the parks!

While weve been scoping out new photo-ops, using Disney Genie, and enjoying our favorite parts of the event, we also cant resist all the themed merchandise in the stores. And, we have a real treat for the Disney fans out there who are just as excited as we are to celebrate Disney Worlds 50th anniversary!

Get those shopping carts ready, because you dont even have to go to Disney World to snag some of the 50th anniversary items online right now!

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Cinderella Castle 50th Anniversary Decor

In Magic Kingdom, youll also see various decorations for the 50th, including Cinderella Castle decked out with 113 pieces of jabots & swag, blue bunting, golden swirls, and a 50th anniversary crest as part of its Royal Makeover for the Worlds Most Magical Celebration.

Beyond this, there are 50th banners throughout the park , as well as Pumpkin Coaches on the lampposts that merge the celebratory and Halloween decor. Expect something similar for Christmas on Main Street.

When Is Disneys 50th Anniversary

Disney has been pulling out all of the stops when it comes to updating Walt Disney World for the 50th anniversary celebration. Guests recently noticed brand new celebration bows on Cinderellas castle to go along with the new color. The sign at the entrances of WDW have also been updated for the celebration. Be sure to check back with The Park Prodigy to learn about everything new coming to Walt Disney World this fall.

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Disney World 50th Anniversary Dates When Does It Start How Long Will It Last

The biggest question on peoples minds is when will the 50th-anniversary celebration actually start. Thankfully, after waiting months for the answer, the celebration has already started!

The official day of the 50th Anniversary for Walt Disney World and the Magic Kingdom is The actual Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary celebration also started on October 1, 2021.

That doesnt, however, mean that the festivities are only going to last one day. Whenever Disney celebrates a big anniversary, it always lasts months, and oftentimes up to one year or more.

The Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary celebration will last a full 18 months from the start date. That means we can expect the celebration to last through March 2023.

This is similar to the Disneyland 60th Anniversary which lasted almost a full 16 months from start to finish. The plan for Disney Worlds 50th is going to top even that.

If this was a normal time when all the parks were fully operating, the 50th Anniversary would have started around August, a couple of months before the actual anniversary date in October, or maybe even a bit sooner.

Again looking to Disneylands 60th, we see the festivities started in May 2015 when the actual anniversary date wasnt until July.

That, however, was most likely Disneys original plan, which had to be modified some, as attraction enhancements are now behind schedule and were not ready in time.

Pushing it off until October 2021 made more sense.

Hey Disney Adds Magic To Amazon Alexa And Echo In 2022

Disney World News: 50th Anniversary Ad, More Mask Changes ...

Disney is teaming up with Amazon to create its own voice assistant using Alexa technology for supported devices. Called Hey Disney!, this new offering will work alongside Alexa to respond to vocal prompts, bringing Disney characters and stories to life in magical new ways to make guest stays at Walt Disney World Resort more convenient, engaging and enjoyable.

Hey Disney! will begin rolling out in Disney Resort hotel guests rooms across Walt Disney World in 2022. Access will be offered as optional and complimentary. The voice assistant features the services Alexa users know well weather forecasts, timers, alarms and more made magical with Disney characters. It also features an all-new character, the Disney Magical Companion, who will help guests discover more than a thousand interactions. Disney Resort hotel guests will be able to learn helpful information about their vacation, order room amenities and more.

The voice assistant will also be available for purchase for supported Amazon Echo devices via the Amazon Alexa Skills store.

The Worlds Most Magical Celebration, honoring 50 years of Walt Disney World Resort, is happening now. To learn more, visit

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Confirmed Changes For The 50th Anniversary Park By Park

Ok, so now that we know what the parks look like, just exactly what changes and new additions are coming to Walt Disney World for the 50th Anniversary celebration?

Were going to go park-by-park and look at the confirmed additions we know about so far. Things are probably going to be added to this list, and maybe a few taken off too as we get closer to the start. Things will also change greatly once we find out more about the construction schedule for the new attractions.

Not all of these changes and additions will necessarily be open at the beginning of the 50th Anniversary, but they should be open at least at some point during the celebration.

Special Food For The 50th

Disney always does special event-themed food for whatever kind of celebration they are doing, and this might be the biggest and best they have ever done. In fact, there are 150 themed food and beverage offerings for the 50th celebration!

Expect to see the iridescent rainbow colors on cupcakes, cookies, pastries, cakes, churros, pretzels, ice cream, dole whips, and just about any other Disney food item you can think of! There are a ton of great options including a myriad of new dole whips that you have to try!

Click here for the full Disney World 50th Anniversary Food & Drink Guide.

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How The 50th Anniversary Could Be Affected By Covid

I wanted to start off with an update on anything that might be affected by the current situation of Disney World in 2021.

At the beginning of the pandemic, all of the Disney parks around the world were forced to close. This was an unprecedented situation, as the last time any Disney park closed down was in the aftermath of 9/11.

This also meant that all of the construction projects for new attractions, resorts, restaurants, and more had to temporarily shut down as well.

The company planned for Walt Disney World 2021 to be a year of great change and celebration for everyone. Of course, that has mostly come to fruition. But there are definitely some unexpected alterations and delays as a result of COVID-19.

In response to the current health concerns, Disney has reached a new level of cleanliness and organization to ensure that everyones health and safety are maintained. For visiting the parks, you now have to go through a reservation system online, limiting your options a bit, but Disney also reinstated features like Park Hopper and Extra Magic Hours.

When entering the parks, anyone ages 2 and up needs to wear face masks indoors, unless you are staying in one place eating or drinking, and there are temperature screenings at the entrance.

New Fireworks And Kite Shows

Disney celebrating 50th anniversary

“Harmonious,” the new fireworks show replacing EPCOT Forever, will take over World Showcase Lagoon each night at EPCOT. New floating barges have custom-built LED panels that display iconic scenes from Disney movies like Hercules, Brave, Aladdin, and Mulan, with arrangements of classic Disney songs performed in a number of languages. In fact, the soundtrack for Harmonious was produced remotely through more than 100 separate recording sessions in nine countries and five states. During the show Disney fans will hear songs like How Far Ill Go from Moana, Dig a Little Deeper from The Princess and the Frog, and a rousing Lion King medley sung by the Ndlovu Youth Choir from Johannesburg.

At Magic Kingdom, Happily Ever After will be replaced with a new show called Disney Enchantment. The show will combine the popular Cinderella Castle projections with new images running the length of Main Street U.S.A., for an experience that doesnt require guests to gather tightly to view it. Disney Enchantment will feature songs and characters from Disney movies like Alice in Wonderland, Beauty and the Beast, Tangled, Onward,Luca, and some new original music. But dont worry, Tinker Bell will still be spreading her pixie dust as she flies across the sky during the show.

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When Is The Best Time To Go During The 50th Anniversary

The only thing left to figure out is when the best time to go to Disney World during the 50th Anniversary is. The actual date of the 50th Anniversary was October 1, 2021, but you can still plan your trip in the months after that date. The festivities are going to last for 18 months, so there is plenty of time to visit and you arent locked into one date.

You will find useful one post that we wrote recently which covers the best year to go to Disney World and what it will look like in 2022, 2023, and beyond.

The first thing you need to do is ask yourself is how interested in the 50th Anniversary are you for the celebration and history of the event, or for the new attractions and additions that will be happening around the resort during that time.

If you are a life-long Disney fan and care about the history and meaning behind the event, then October 1, 2021, would have ben the ideal time to go. There was plenty of fanfare, and a really cool moment to be a part of in Disney history.

After that we have a big window of time from October 2021 through about June 2022 when its possible to go. During this window there will be a few more new things opening like the Galactic Starcruiser, but not many attractions that werent already open in October.

That might be alright for you if you come to Walt Disney World on a regular basis, but if it is your first visit or you only come every few years, you might want to think about waiting until some of the bigger attractions are ready.

Glimmer And Shimmer Pineapple Mousse

Looking for an especially unique treat in Disneys Hollywood Studios? Then, the Glimmer and Shimmer Pineapple Mousse is a dessert you DONT want to miss! Its a golden pineapple mousse on a toasted coconut crisp with caramel cream and matcha sponge cake. The Glimmer and Shimmer Pineapple Mousse is made of golden pineapple mousse is placed on a toasted coconut crisp with caramel cream and matcha sponge cake. And, honestly, it was amazing with a smooth finish and balance of fruity pineapple and coconut flavors.

Glimmer and Shimmer Pineapple Mousse

Treat yourself to a tropical treat for $5.49 at the Trolley Car Cafe!

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