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When Can You Make Disney World Dining Reservations

Which Disney World Restaurants Take Reservations

How to Make Walt Disney World Dining Reservations

Before we go on, lets clarify that this post doesnt talk about Disney World dining plans or how to use them. Well use some of the same terminology , but you dont really need to know about dining plans to know about reservations, or vice versa.

The Disney World website lists 439 restaurants . This includes various seasonal and non-seasonal dining experiences and packages, but its a good rough approximation of the number of restaurants offered. Of those, 159 Disney World restaurants take reservations. Roughly a third of those are special packages or unique offerings that we arent really covering in this post.

For the most part, this breaks down simply. Most of the restaurants that take reservations are the table service or buffet restaurants. If youve got a waiter, it probably takes reservations. Some of these restaurants are at Disney hotels, some are at Disney Springs, some are in the Disney parks.

If its a quick service restaurant where youll be walking up to a register and ordering, it usually wont take reservations. There are notable exceptions, like Be Our Guest, which offers quick service at breakfast and lunch while also taking reservations for those meals.

The bottom line for this section is simple: if you want to dine somewhere, you should always check if it takes reservations. Disney is expanding restaurants that take reservations regularly, with recent additions like Beaches and Cream and ABC Commissary surprising many.

A Complete List Of Disney World Restaurants & Dining Events That Accept Reservations

Okay, so you know when you need to make your Disney dining reservations. How do you decide which restaurants to aim for? We decided to go an extra step to aid your Disney dining reservations.

Our list of Disney restaurants indicates which theme park restaurants are located in , which offer character dining, which are temporarily unavailable due to COVID, and which restaurants are hot commodities.

Below is a spreadsheet of every Disney World restaurant that accepts reservations. Our list of Disney restaurants indicates which theme park restaurants are located in , which offer character dining, which are temporarily unavailable due to COVID, and which restaurants are hot commodities. .

Before you launch in, here’s a legend for our spreadsheet since I got a little emoji happy:

= Offers character dining

= Restaurant is located in a on-property resort

= Dining Event

= Restaurant or event is temporarily unavailable due to COVID

You can see for yourself:

Our Disney dining calculator and spreadsheet are a dynamic duo. Together, they’ll help you prioritize and book your Disney dining reservations.

Which Restaurants Use Advanced Dining Reservations

The majority of dining reservations are found at table service restaurants and buffets. These are restaurants where you have a waiter for your table.

Occasionally, a quick service restaurant like Be Our Guest or a lounge such as Ogas Cantina will require them too. ADRs are not usually required in restaurants where you have to go up to the counter and order your own food.

Advanced Dining Reservations can be found in almost every area of Walt Disney World including:

  • Theme Parks
  • Resort Hotels
  • Disney Springs

As we are currently writing this post, Walt Disney World has over 440 restaurants including special dining experiences. Over 160 of those restaurants take advanced dining reservations.

The bottom line is if Advanced Dining Reservations are available, its a good idea to get one.

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Disney Resort Guests Trick

There is the main advantage you receive as a Disney resort guest that I did briefly mention before.

Unlike someone not staying at a Disney resort, you have a booking window instead of just one day.

When 60 days before your check-in date comes around, you can make Disney dining reservations for your entire trip.

That is so valuable. Because you will have access to restaurants before most people which means availability is wayyyyy more likely to be there.

In addition, you only need to wake up once at the crack of dawn to book your Disney dining reservations.

If you are staying offsite, dont panic! Availability still exists and there are plenty of tips available to help you get exactly what you want.

How To Make Dining Reservations At Disney Theme Parks And Resorts

Tips for Hard to Get Dining Reservations at Disney World

How far in advance should you make dining reservations at Disney theme parks and resorts?

We recommend booking your dining reservation as soon as you can, especially if you are looking to dine at a popular location or a restaurant with character dining. Guests can book 60 days before their visit. Here is what Disney outlines when it comes to booking a dining reservation.

How can you make dining reservations online at Disney theme parks and resorts?

Guests can make their reservations online by using their My Disney Experience app or by If you need a computer and do not have one with you, some Resorts will have a business center that you can use. You can also ask the front desk Cast Members to help you make the reservation.

How long should you expect to wait for a table at Disney dining locations?

Typically, if you have a reservation and you show up to it on time, you will either be escorted in to your table right away, or you may need to wait a few minutes to have the table cleaned for you. The wait will never belong or be time-consuming, which is one of the major benefits of making a reservation. Without one, you may be put on a multi-hour waitlist.

Which Disney dining experiences cater to walk-ins?

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Can You Eat At Disney Restaurants Without Reservations

Yes, you can! While we recommend making reservations whenever possible, there are some restaurants where you can walk up and get a table without a reservation. These are typically not as popular restaurants or less popular dining locations.

If youre hoping to eat at a more popular restaurant such as Be Our Guest in Magic Kingdom or California Grill in Disneys Contemporary Resort, then youll likely need a reservation. However, if youre hoping to eat at a less popular restaurant or quick service location, then you may be able to walk up and get a table without a reservation.

Some of the less popular restaurants where you may be able to get a table without a reservation include Pizzafari in Disneys Animal Kingdom, Landscape of Flavors in Disneys Art of Animation Resort, and Contempo Cafe at Disneys Contemporary Resort.

Remember, even if you dont have a reservation, it never hurts to ask! The worst they can say is that there are no tables available.

Restaurants At Disney World Where Youll Need Reservations

It can be difficult to pick restaurants before youve even arrived in Orlando. However, there are some experiences and meals that are extremely popular and well worth considering. Here are some of our favorites.

Cinderellas Royal Table is located smack dab in the heart of Magic Kingdom in the Cinderella Castle. It doesnt get better than that. Thats why its the hardest reservation to get in Disney World. At each meal , every table is visited by a Disney Princess.

OHana is located at the Polynesian Resort. This island-inspired restaurant is a meat lovers paradise. The menu is pretty straightforward pork, chicken, steak, and shrimps. You can also make a reservation for the Lilo and Stitch Best Friends Breakfast and enjoy a family-style meal thats hot, fresh, and delicious.

Teppan Edo at Epcot serves Japanese teppanyaki cuisine, slow-cooked meats and veggies that are grilled on a griddle that you sit around. Theres a kids menu and the place is open for lunch and dinner.

Coral Reef is your chance to dine underwater. You heard that right! Its an amazing experience located in the same building as The Seas with Nemo and Friends. The restaurant features 3 dining levels with 8-foot windows overlooking the aquarium tanks.

T-Rex in Disney Springs is insanely loud and geared for kids. The menu is extensive, the portions are massive, and the service prompt and cheerful. Reservations are highly recommended.

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What Happens If You Dont Cancel Your Disney Dining Reservation

If you dont cancel your Disney dining reservation, you may be charged a fee. Disney typically charges a fee of $10 per person if you cancel after the 24-hour window. However, this fee may be waived if you have a dining plan or are a Disney resort guest.

If you dont cancel your reservation and dont show up, then you may be charged the full price of the meal.

Its important to cancel your reservation if you know youre not going to be able to make it. This way you wont be charged a fee and someone else will be able to enjoy the meal!

Website Vs My Disney Experience

DISNEY WORLD RESERVATION TUTORIAL | How To Book Dining At Disney World | Special Event Reservations

To book dining reservations online you can use the Disney World website or the My Disney Experience app. There isnt much difference between the two.

Both options let you book ADRs, check the status of existing reservations, and cancel reservations you dont want to keep. The booking window for both also starts at 6:00 am ET.

However, over the years we have found the website to be more consistent and quicker to make reservations with. The My Disney Experience app tends to timeout or freeze up more so we avoid it when we can.

We recommend you to use the website if you have a computer, but both of them are better options than making phone reservations.

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Sign Up For Cancellation Notifications

There are a couple of different websites that offer free and paid cancellation notifications for Walt Disney World Dining Reservations. All of these services work the same way: you set up a date/time range for the restaurant of your choice and their automated system searches the Disney World website for any cancelled reservations. If a cancelled reservation appears, you will get a text message with a direct link to reserve your spot and an email with the same instructions.

  • Mouse Watcher
  • This is a paid service and each active search starts at $5 . Subscriptions start at $19/month if you need multiple restaurants.
  • BEST OPTION! We had the best luck with this paid service. Perfect for the most difficult to get reservations.
  • The main difference between these options is how often the websites search because the more often they search, the easier time you will have finding a cancellation. I have personally used all three of these websites and have had the most luck with the Touring Plans and Mouse Watcher reservation finder. Touring Plans was able to get me more cancelled reservations in advance but Mouse Watcher was able to find me reservations within a week of our trip for highly sought after restaurants. I had notifications set up on all three websites for the same restaurants and sometimes I would find one would send me a notification while others didn’t.

    How To Get Hard Dining Reservations

    Getting hard to book restaurants is where all your training so far on Advanced Dining Reservations is going to come in useful to you!

    • Book these restaurants online. You have a one hour advantage over booking ADRs on the phone . It may not sound like a lot, but that will be the difference between eating at Cinderellas Royal Table or seeing that look on your childs face when they find out they wont be eating there.
    • Make reservations on the first day your booking window opens .
    • Use the 60+10 booking rule. Getting to book past the 60 days into the rest of your trip will give you a big advantage over others staying off-site.
    • Make hard-to-get dining reservations for the end of your trip. The more days into your trip you try to make a reservation, the less competition you will find. Hard-to-get restaurants are much more likely to have availability 69 days from now than they are only 60 days from now.
    • Split up into two groups Sometimes a restaurant will have two tables of 4 rather than one table of 8. You can try splitting up your group this way to get a reservation.
    • Make sure your My Disney Experience account is set up and logged in ahead of time.
    • Make sure your credit card is already on file so you dont waste time entering the numbers at 6:00 am.

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    What Happened To My Dining Reservations

    At this point, if you had booked Disney dining reservations prior to May, those have been canceled and you will not have them when Disney World reopens.

    That doesnt mean you cant rebook those same restaurants again, however. Guests will have the opportunity to book those same restaurants again .

    You will be automatically refunded for any pre-paid dining or dining experience reservations that were canceled. Your credit card will not be charged and you will not be charged a cancellation or no-show fee.

    How Early Can I Book My Reservations

    Top 10 Hard To Make Dining Reservations At Walt Disney World

    Want to take it to another level? For those who are die-hards ready to book their Disney dining reservations right out of the gate 60 days out, here’s the earliest time of day when you can book different Disney Products:

    Disney World: 6am EST online or by phone 7am EST at WDW-DINE

    Disneyland: 10am EST online or by phone at 781-DINE

    Disney Cruise Lines: Midnight EST online

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    What You Need To Know About Disney World Dining Reservations

    All guests can make Disney World dining reservations. Unlike some perks offered exclusively to those staying on-site at a Disney World hotel , ADRs are available equally to all guests, regardless of where you’re staying.

    Park admission is required for in-park dining. Just to be clear, you must have valid theme park admission and a Disney Park Pass reservation at the location of your meal. So, if you’re dining at The Jungle Skipper Canteen, be sure you have the proper tickets and park reservations to enter Magic Kingdom for that dining reservation for the date of your meal. If you’re park hopping for a late lunch or dinner, then you won’t need a Disney Park Pass reservation at the park you’re hopping to, as long as the dining reservation is after 2 p.m.

    You can make Disney World dining reservations for your trip starting 60 days in advance. No matter what time of year youll be visiting, we recommend making reservations as close as you can to the magical 60-day mark. For guests staying at a Walt Disney World Resort hotel, youll have 60 days in advance of your check-in day … plus, you can make dining reservations for your entire stay, up to 10 days. This is quite an advantage if dining is a priority, especially during the busiest times, so you’ll want to make sure you book your Disney World hotel room before the dining reservation window opens for your trip. Then you can book all your days at once.

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    Hoppy planning!

    When Will I Be Able To Make Disney Restaurant Reservations

    When can you start making advanced dining reservations again? Disney has just announced that Advanced Dining Reservations are available for everyone and there difference between guests staying in a Walt Disney World Resort or not.

    Disney had announced the new restaurant booking window is 60 days, and that takes effect starting June 30. Just count back 60 days from when your hotel arrival date is, or the date you want to book a table and that will tell you when you can start booking your restaurants.

    In-Park Restaurants Reservations for theme park restaurants are now possible, and they will be REQUIRED for table service in-park restaurants.

    You also will need a Park Pass Reservation since admission to the theme parks will not be given without one, only make dining reservations once your park passes are confirmed. You need to know which parks youll be going to first and then you can book your restaurants.

    Well update you as soon as they make any changes.

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    Disney Dining Experiences That Require Reservations

    Which Disney restaurants require reservations?

    Except for Be Our Guest restaurant in Magic Kingdom, which turns into a quick service location for lunch, all table-service locations at Disney World require a reservation to guarantee your spot at a table. That being said, this does not mean that if you walk up to Via Napoli in EPCOT , that you will be turned away.

    If there is availability or the dining reservations for a restaurant are not full, Guests can walk in or potentially get a wait time to eat there. Considering cancelations happen all of the time on the My Disney Experience app, sometimes Guests can get lucky and get in withou0t a reservation.

    Personally, I find this more difficult to do when at the parks, but at Disney Springs I have walked into many restaurants! In my experience, I have gone to House of Blues, Paradiso 37, Boathouse, Chef Artsmiths Homecomin, Raglan Road, City Works, Frontera Cocina, and Planet Hollywood without a reservation. That being said, I have had to wait around one hour at certain locations, and these were oftentimes during a slower period of the day, and also, lucky finds.

    I had done this as a way to get into California Grill at the last minute before and had a great experience chatting with the bartenders all evening!

    Which Disney restaurants do not require reservations?

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    Is There A Cancellation Fee For Disney World Dining Reservations

    How to Make Disney Dining Reservations

    Yes. Any reservations cancelled less than 24 hours ahead of time will face a $10 per person cancellation fee. So be sure to cancel any reservations you arent going to use!

    Disney Dining Tip: This 24 hour cancellation policy can work to your benefit. Many people will wait until the last minute to cancel their reservations and avoid getting charged the cancellation fee. That means that many popular reservations like Be Our Guest and Ohana will magically start appearing between 24 and 48 hours ahead of time. This is a great time to check for last minute reservations.

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