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What To Wear To Disney World In December

Weather In Disney World In December


The average high temperature in Orlando in December is 73º and partly sunny!

The humidity is gone, so while it is warm, it is not sticky like it is in the summer months.

This marks a much drier season for Florida, and while it can rain, most likely you wont see it rain enough to dampen your visit to the parks!

What To Wear To Walt Disney World In December

  • T-shirts
  • Sweatshirts, fleece jacket, or cardigan for layering
  • Several pairs of pants or jeans
  • One or two pairs of shorts
  • Socks
  • Hat and Gloves Bring something warm, but you dont need snow gear.
  • Packable blanket This is handy while waiting for and watching parades and for sitting outside while eating
  • Wearing the right clothes is not so much about being cute as it is about being comfortable so you can enjoy your time in the Magic Kingdom and your Walt Disney World Resort! Use your common sense and our guide and you will be just fine. Remember, you are in the happiest place on earth with your favorite people! YOu will have a great time.

    Of course, there are quite a few other things we recommend you packing that are not clothes. We have an entire list of things you should buy before your Disney Vacation here, as well as a list of what you should pack in your day bag. These are things such as water bottles, cell phone chargers, and your own snacks. Finally, we have the Ultimate Disney Packing Guide, which includes every single thing you need for your entire trip!

    Thats it! Grab some paper and a pen, make a list, and you are ready to get packing!

    Make Time To Visit The Resorts

    When it comes to winter and holiday decor at Disney World, it isnt kept to just the 4 parks. All of the Disney World Resort hotels decorate for the holidays and you dont want to miss them.

    The gingerbread houses are probably the most popular resort decorations during the winter season at Disney, and youll actually be able to find gingerbread houses, carousels, towns, and lots of gingerbread to eat! Typically the Grand Floridian has the largest and most ornate display, and Disneys Beach Club Resort, Disneys Boardwalk Resort, Disneys Contemporary Resort, and Disneys Wilderness Lodge also put on gingerbread displays that also need to be seen.

    If gingerbread isnt your thing and youre more of a Christmas tree lover, then youre in luck! Many of the resorts have over the top Christmas trees, with the Contemporary and Wilderness Lodge having some of the tallest trees at Disney World. Each tree is themed to the resort its in, and these are absolutely stunning!

    Theres lots to see at the resorts during the holidays and winter, and we have some other favorites you dont want to miss!

    Going to Disney in winter is one of our favorite times to go, and we think youll feel the same way after visiting. We hope that after reading our tips you are ready to plan your next trip to Disney in winter now, and you feel prepared to see, eat, and do all the seasonal things they offer! Dont miss out on the festivals, the decorations, and all the seasonal food and drinks.

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    Mickeys Very Merry Christmas Party

    If youre looking for an extra dose of Christmas spirit on your December Disney World vacay, check out Mickeys Very Merry Christmas Party at Magic Kingdom! This separately ticketed event is available on select nights throughout the month. Guests can enjoy festive entertainment, specialty treats, complimentary snacks, and lighter crowds!

    Holiday Wishes at Mickeys Very Merry Christmas Party

    Party entertainment offerings include Minnies Wonderful Christmastime Fireworks, Mickeys Most Merriest Celebration stage show, character meet-and-greets, A Frozen Holiday Wish Castle Lighting Ceremony, and the Once Upon a Christmastime Parade!

    Mickeys Once Upon A Christmastime Parade

    If youre traveling in early December, youll only be able to catch this parade during the party but in the days leading up to Christmas, its also shown during the afternoon for day guests!

    Once Upon a Christmastime Parade

    Guests also have plenty of holiday treats to enjoy! Select complimentary snacks like cookies and hot chocolate or cider are included with admission to the party. And there are also party-exclusive food and beverage items available for purchase!

    Chocolate Yule Log

    Tonys Most Merriest Town Square Party

    Tickets and dates have yet to be released for 2020 but last year, prices ranged from$99 to $139, depending on the night. If youre looking for an extra dose of Christmas magic on your December trip, Mickeys Very Merry Christmas Party might be the perfect fit for your family!

    What Attractions To Visit

    Life and Messy Hair: What to Wear to Disney World

    Now that you know what to wear to Disney World in December, you have to decide what to do1 If you want to reminisce on some of the best Disney memories, go to Cinderellas Castle for Mickey and Minnies Very Merry Memories. The performance was inspired by past holiday shows including Mickeys Twas the Night Before Christmas,Celebrate the Season and Mickeys Most Merriest Celebration.

    You may even run into some of the characters! This show is offered on nights when Disney Very Merriest Christmas After Hours is taking place.

    See a musical group singing holiday songs and enjoy character sightings at Spot Fave Friends and Seasonal Songsters. Sing along to some of the classics! This will take place in Frontierland during Disney Very Merriest Christmas After Hours.

    Purchase your tickets for this very special holiday event now if you havent already! Youll be able to grab beverages, ice cream, popcorn, and a seasonal treat at certain carts with no additional charge! There are only a limited number of tickets available, meaning smaller crowd levels in the park and fewer long lines.

    Disney Resorts is an amazing place to ring in the new year. Celebrate New Years Eve at a Disney Resort hotel and start the new year off right!

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    What To Wear To Disney World In The Summer

    If youre trying to figure out what to wear to Disney World in the summer, Im just going to warn you now that its mostly going to be the same recommendation no matter which summer months you go because the humid, sticky, hot days of a Florida summer all blend together.

    Florida summers are very predictable, except when we get a hurricane here and there .

    Youll experience very warm to scorching weather, torrential rain almost every afternoon that blows through and then clears up in the evening, and humidity that makes you feel as if youve just stepped foot into an actual swamp because, well, you did.

    But dont worry, youre still at Disney so all is okay.

    How To Visit Disneyland

    To visit Disneyland, first check the availability of the date you wish to visit the park, purchase a ticket, and also make a theme park reservation for the date you purchased your ticket. You need BOTH a ticket AND a reservation to enter the park. If you purchase a park hopper, you may visit the other park after 1pm.

    Indoor mask-wearing is required and enforced, regardless of vaccination status. Some attractions or experiences may be modified or closed at this time. You can find all about making a theme park reservation here.

    We also have a Podcast episode all about Disney! A futuristic utopia thats definitely not a cult. A suicide-themed ride. Lias college internship. What do they all have in common? Disney World, of course! In this episode, Lia spills all the Mad Tea on the most magical place on Earth, plus insider tips from her time as a Cast Member. We also explain our tried & tested Disney Strategy , because waiting in long lines for rides is some Bippity-Boppity-BS.

    Listen above or just click here to launch your Podcast app! Oh, and dont forget to subscribe so you dont miss new episodes.

    Psst: Get a printable version of this packing list, plus a FREE sneak preview of our Disney Insiders Bundle, which includes a few fun Disney freebies to make your Disney trip a little more magical. Enter your details and well send it straight to your inbox!

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    How To Dress Your Children

    When kids get to Disney World, like the rest of us, they tend to be overwhelmed with excitement and anticipation. Dressing them appropriately can create both an added challenge and a fun opportunity for you. Shorts and short-sleeve shirts are perfect for sunny afternoons at the park, but kids can get cold in a hurry. The ever-changing temperatures in Orlando in December make layers your best friend when you are dressing your child.

    If you are getting to the park for rope drop, not only is your little one likely to be tired, they will probably be cold, too. Having them wear shorts will be ok, but consider having them wear a sweatshirt over their t-shirt. This extra layer will help them be more comfortable while they wait anxiously for the park to open and the fun to begin.

    Just like adults, kids will notice a sharp decline in the temperature after sunset, so be prepared for that. It may be a good idea to bring warmer clothes in your park bag for the day. Even just a pair of long pants will help make them more comfortable. Helping them stay warm and comfortable, will help make the evening more successful and enjoyable.

    Making sure your child is dressed appropriately for the changing temperatures can be a little bit of a challenge, but there are plenty of fun things to consider when you are deciding what they should wear for the day. If you are traveling with more than one child, you may consider having them wear matching t-shirts on certain days.

    Do Wear: Comfortable Shoes Or Sneakers


    Yes, flip-flops are a warm weather staple, but save them for the Disney water parks and Florida beach resorts. Navigating a Disney vacation requires miles of walking. Visitors at Walt Disney World Resort, for example, are often overheard marveling at how many steps theyve logged in a single days visit.

    SHOE REVIEW:Why Rothys Lace-Up Sneakers Are the Perfect Little White Sneaker

    Thats why sneakers, tennis shoes, or any good walking shoes are a better choice for what to wear on a Disney World vacation because of their long-lasting foot support during a marathon park session. If you absolutely have to wear some kind of sandal, choose sandals that offer more cushioning and arch support than standard flip-flops.

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    Disney World Weather In December

    The weather at Disney World in December is fairly dry with warmer days and chilly nights making it a great time of the year to visit. The average high for Orlando in December is 73 degrees with the average low being 50 degrees. Since the weather isn’t as hot, this is a great time of year to visit for those that don’t enjoy heat.

    Chances of rain in December are the lowest you typically see all year with only an average three days of rain in the month. For guests that love Disney World but are not a big fan of the rain, this makes December a great time to visit.

    What To Wear To Walt Disney World In January

    We definitely recommend having a backpack with you in January as you will likely want to take off one of your layers in the afternoon. Our favorite backpack options for Disney World are listed here.

  • T-shirts
  • Long sleeve shirts.
  • Sweatshirts, fleece jacket, or cardigan for layering. This one looks perfect.
  • Several pairs of long pants or jeans
  • One or two pairs of shorts
  • Socks. Darn Tough brand is our favorite made in the USA and a lifetime guarantee!
  • Hat and Gloves Bring something warm, but you dont need snow gear. Something like this!
  • Packable blanket This is handy while waiting for and watching parades and for sitting outside while eating. Get a small but mighty blanket like this!
  • You will probably not be doing much swimming in January, but do check the weather before you go in case you have unseasonably warm weather.

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    Clothing To Pack For November

    Since its cooling down, plan on packing layers. Layers are perfect because they make sure youre well prepared for both warmer and cooler weather during your trip to Disney World in November. They can help you stay warm in the cooler hours during the morning and at night as well as the very well air-conditioned restaurants in the parks.

    You can also always put extra layers into your bag if you get warm walking around the parks during the day. The list below will help you pack for your visit to Disney World in November.

    How Crowded Is Disney World In December

    What to wear to Disneyland in January.

    Generally, December at Disney world has a mix of super crowded days and not so crowded days and not so crowded days, depending on what time of the month you go.

    Crowds at the beginning of the month are great, with more people visiting on the weekends. But as you get closer to Christmas, the crowd situation definitely changes.

    The weeks surrounding Christmas and New Years are the most crowded times of the entire year. There is no way around it.

    But, that being said, if you are prepared and know what to expect, it can be amazing to spend the most wonderful time of the year at the Most Magical Place on Earth!

    Although it will be crowded, I have some tips down below that will help you beat the crowds at Disney World in December!

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    Rain Jacket Or Rain Poncho

    Florida is known for pop up rain showers in the summer months and rainy days during hurricane season. Because Florida is a peninsula, rain is likely to make an appearance during your stay. Some seasons are drier than others, but we do recommend bringing some sort of rain jacket and having it on hand in case the weather forecast unexpectedly changes during your stay. We have an entire post dedicated to the best rain gear for your trip to Walt Disney World. It will help you make the best decision for you and your family.

    New Years Eve At Walt Disney World

    At the end of Christmas Week is New Years Eve. New YearsEve is one of the busiest days of the year at Walt Disney World. There are a variety of dinners / countdown events to consider, but were going to focus on the parks. For much more detail, visit Disney Tourist Blog.

    Magic Kingdom and Epcot are usually the most popular parks for New Years Eve. Disney World as a whole remains a family destination, but Epcot definitely sees a bigger adult crowd due to its drinking culture and variety of specialty entertainment.

    Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom also usually stay open until midnight, but their celebrations are more low-key than the other two parks.

    In any case, dont plan on getting much done in the parks on these days. Same-day Lightning Lane space is largely impossible to come by, crowds will fill the park by about 10AM, and weve even seen five and six-hour waits.

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    See New Year Fireworks A Day Early

    The Fantasy in The Sky fireworks at Magic Kingdom on New Years eve are spectacular. The atmosphere is pure electric. You can see the exact same show a day early. It will still be very busy, but the crowd levels will be slightly less than New Years Eve. Fantasy in The Sky is shown twice a night on December 30th and 31st at 6.30pm and 11.50pm.

    What To Wear At Disney In December

    Disney World Announcement Itinerary Disney Outfits

    The most important thing to know when packing for Disney in December is to expect the unexpected! You never know when a hot day could turn into a particularly cold night or vice versa. Its good to be prepared with all types of clothing during your trip. The best thing you could do is layer! Some mornings might be cool but will then get hot during the day. Then it might drop down to cool temperatures in the night again. If you have layers that you can easily remove and add on, you will be just fine!

    There are lots of options out there for Disney shirts and Disney Christmas shirts! One of our favorite Disney Christmas shirts is the 2020 Merry Christmas Shirt. This shirt would be a super cute outfit for everyone in the family to wear to Mickeys Very Merry Christmas Party!

    If you want something a little more subtle and not so Christmas-y, these Disney Home shirts are perfect! The shirt has a golden castle with the word Home written over the top of the castle. Its a cute and simple shirt that everyone in the family can enjoy.

    For pants, we found these awesome Christmas leggings to really get you in the holiday spirit! They are a little flashy, but they would be perfect for the Christmas Party with a simple shirt to go with! We also have a list of cute Disney leggings you could wear!

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    Jacket Sweater And Gloves

    Never underestimate the need to keep warm in the winter months. Once that sun is gone, the temperature drops like a stone. Bring a sweater and maybe some thin Dollarama gloves. Nothing too crazy but its better to be prepared and not need it, then need it and not have it.

    We did notice a few families with their parka, scarf and wool hat, but those were probably locals. As Canadians, we had a light sweater and we were good to go. The kids didnt even want to change into long pants, he said his shorts kept his top from getting overheated in his long-sleeve.

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