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What To Wear At Disney World In October

A Backpack Is The Best Bag For Disney

EAS Scenario Monsters Inc 11. (Based on Disney 2001 movie).

A backpack is definitely the best bag for Disney because it allows you enjoy the parks hands-free and carry all the bits you need without needing to think about it. If youre going to be wearing it all day, a rucksack is better for your back than a shoulder bag or a tote bag and you wont spend all day with it annoyingly slipping off your shoulder either. Plus, you are also far less likely to put your bag down and leave it somewhere if you use a backpack for Disney World. There will be a lot going on once you get to the park and you dont want to mislay your belongings during the excitement.

The other reason that a backpack is the best bag for Disney and the other theme parks is that some attractions require you to place your bag in a locker before riding . A compact bag that zips up and is quick and easy to place in the locker will speed up the process. The lockers are really small, and oversized tote bags or baskets wont fit. There are currently no rides at Walt Disney World where you are required to use a locker but there are some attractions where you might want to, such as the Kali River Rapids at Animal Kingdom and Splash Mountain, because your stuff will get wet!

Packing List For Disney Things To Bring To Disney World On The Day:

If this is your first holiday to Walt Disney World, waking up on your first Disney day and getting ready to go to the parks is one of the most exciting things ever! When it comes to doing a packing list for Disney, my top advice would be not to bring too much stuff with you. Its inevitable that you will pick up a souvenir or two, plus food, drinks and other extras throughout the day, so try not to leave the hotel with your bag already bulging. However, there are some things that I do recommend to take to Disney to make your day hassle-free, more enjoyable and also to save money:

How To Pack For Disney World In Spring

Spring at Disney World brings us the Flower and Garden Festival and is generally known as the months of March, April, and May. If you play on visiting Disney World during those months, then you will be going during my personal favorite time of the year to go.

I dont have any qualms about pulling my daughter out of school either, mostly due to the comfort level when you go. Going to Disney World in the spring is like fine porridge its not too hot, not too cold, its just right!

The lows in the spring at Disney World generally are around 58 to 69 degrees and the highs are rarely above the mid 80s at the very most. This makes wearing shorts very feasible.

Some people say that they still pack a sweatshirt for the evenings, but coming from New England, I never have needed a sweatshirt during this time of year.

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Bring A Stroller For Your Kids

There is absolutely no point in going to Disney World if youre not having fun! You should be enjoying every second there, so pack your suitcases with the stuff you need and leave whats not necessary at home. Bring a stroller for your kids so they can enjoy the park freely without you having to carry them.

A Pair Of Lightweight Shorts But Not Denim

10 Disneybound Outfit Ideas  Fandom Fashionista

Trust me, there is a reason I say no denim and its something Ive already mentioned higher in this post. I am, personally, a true denim shorts fan and spend virtually all summer in my denim cut-offs. However, even in Floridas glorious sunshine, denim takes AGES to dry so if youre heading to a theme park with a water ride, I would avoid denim for the day! Watch our Florida with friends video to see how soaked we got on Popeye & Blutos Bilge Rat Barges

These tailored, linen shorts below are the perfect shorts to wear to Disney World. As well as drying quickly after a soaking from Popeye and pals, they are lightweight and ideal for Floridas hot sun. A lot of walking can bring on the chafe , so shorts that are made from a soft material will help you stay more comfortable in the heat. Plus, they fold small for your suitcase and can be easily washed in a hotel room sink if you plan on packing extra light for your holiday to Walt Disney World!

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What Order Should You Visit The Parks

Depending on the length of your trip, here’s how many days we recommend for each park:

When it comes time to decide which days are best for each park, here are some general things to keep in mind:

  • Hollywood Studios is consistently the first park to reach capacity, primarily because of popular attractions like Rise of the Resistance and Slinky Dog Dash.
  • Magic Kingdom is the most popular park overall. It is also the park most first-time visitors think of when they think “Disney World”. Saturdays are the busiest, with mid-week typically the least busy.
  • Epcot hosts nearly year-round festivals, and those festivals are popular with both out-of-state visitors as well as with locals. And, since a lot of what the festivals are famous for are alcohol and food, the areas around the Festival Booths can be a lot busier than what you’d find during the daytime hours on the weekdays. If that isn’t the vibe you are looking for, you may want to skip Epcot during the nighttime on Friday and Saturdays.
  • Even with the new Park Pass system, Animal Kingdom remains one of the “easiest” parks to fit into a trip. You should be able to plug it in wherever it makes the most sense for you.

We go into a lot more detail in our guide on The Best Days to Visit Each Park.

Exactly What To Wear To Disney World

Going on vacation to Disney World? After all of your work with choosing restaurants, securing fast passes, making reservations, and booking flights, packing your clothes is one of the easiest things to do!

Ok, we know that packing for any vacation is not always the easiest. There are so many considerations for what to bring on vacation. We are here to help you make the best clothing decisions for your vacation to Walt Disney World with our month by month packing guide!

Disney World is very casual, so dont fret too much over your packing. That being said, having the proper attire is essential for a comfortable day in the Disney parks. We will make this easy for you! First, lets start with the essentials for your Disney trip. There are things you need to bring to Florida no matter what time of year you are going.

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What To Wear At Disney World In The Summer

Orlandos weather during the summer is very hot and humid, so youll want to wear something light and airy to keep you cool. Daytime temperatures average a sauna-like 92F, so natural fabrics like cotton or linen are preferable, or sports apparel thats designed to wick away sweat and keep you dry.

Dont forget, Orlando tends to be quite rainy in the summer months, so be sure to pack a light rain mac or a small umbrella you can buy ponchos at the park, but these tend to be more expensive than elsewhere. Dont worry too much about the rain though, as showers are usually light, and most park-goers consider them a welcome respite from the heat.

Spring March April May

A Very Chaotic EPCOT Vlog | DIsney World October 2021

Spring is many peoples favorite time of year to visit Orlando for its cooler temperatures. However, in March, averages can even start to delve in the 50-degree range, so if you feel like thats colder than you are comfortable with, be sure to be prepared with a lightweight sweater for evenings. Temperatures average between 57°F to 88°F

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Choose Breathable Fabrics To Wear At Disney

Youll be happier and more comfortable when you choose breathable fabrics, like cotton. Thats why the souvenir Disney t-shirt is so popular! Were all rockin the cotton Disney tee in this shot Cotton tees dry quickly after a dunking on Splash Mountain too.

The Disney shops inside the parks stock tees in a wide variety of sizes and styles, including holiday versions for various seasons. Purchase before your vacation at ShopDisney. Some of the same styles can be found online while other are park-only exclusives.

What To Wear To Disneys Hollywood Studios

Hooray for Hollywood! Man I feel like the options are endless for fashion at Disneys Hollywood Studios. Not only do you have the classic Hollywood theme to play off of, there is Toy Story Land opening this year and with the current and upcoming Star Wars attractions, endless opportunities for fashionistas from a galaxy far, far away.

What to wear to Disney World Disneys Hollywood Studios

I love bright colors and characters for this park. In fact, Im pretty much always in SOME kind of character shirt when I visit. Its just a fun place to be!

In fact, we made some fun Toy Story shirts for our first visit to Toy Story Land and I love them! You can see more photos and my DIY instructions here.

For the kids: Disneys Hollywood Studios is a great place for Disney Junior fans so if your little one loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Sofia the First or Doc McStuffins, be sure to break out the character gear! Not only does it make for fun photo opps, but the characters love it when they see their likeness on a shirt. It makes for some really fun interactions!

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Outerwear And Other Accessories

Of course, you may already have a light jacket on hand if youre traveling from another location that has cooler temperatures. There are a lot of other accessories and essentials you might want to pack for the trip. Here are some non-clothing accessories to consider bringing with you in October.

  • Ponchos and Umbrellas:

If you have space, consider bringing ponchos or a small umbrella with you if the weather is predicting a lot of rain on your trip. Of course, even if you dont have space for these, you can easily pick up ponchos in the parks themselves, at your resort, or a local store too. It does rain in October, but not as much as the summer months, so you may want to skip packing a poncho or umbrella in your bag.

  • Hats:
  • Sunscreen:

Of course, you cant forget sunscreen. Having sunscreen on hand for your trip is a must-do. If you need to, you can buy sunscreen cheaply near Disney World, if you have a rental car. And, in a pinch, you can buy it at the Disney Parks and Resorts too.

  • Misting-Fan:

Even if youre used to warm weather, spending all day in a hot theme park can be exhausting. Stay cool while youre waiting in ride queues or while touring the park with a misting-fan. These fans spray a cool water mist and are easy to find at most stores, like Walmart and Target. Of course, you can even buy them at Disney World with fun Disney inspired themes though they can be a bit pricey. If you bring a misting-fan, dont forget to bring extra batteries!

  • Costumes:

Stay In A Disney Hotel

Disney World Outfits

Staying on-site has a lot of perks, like free transportation around Disney World and early entry to the parks beginning October 1st. You are also able to make charges on a Magic Band, when staying at a Disney hotel, which can be very convenient. If youre considering staying on-site, check out my review of Disneys Contemporary Resort.

If you decide to get off-site hotels, I recommend staying at a Disney Good Neighbor hotel that will often offer some of the same perks as Disney hotels. I love the Disney Springs area hotels like Hilton Lake Buena Vista Palace because they are so accessible and conveniently located.

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Bring A Refillable Water Bottle To Disney World

If you have read our Budgeting for Walt Disney World post, youll know if you buy a bottle of water at Disney World, it is going to set you back $4 each time. Florida is hot, youll be doing a lot of walking, the food is salty what Im saying is, youll drink a lot of water and you can save a lot of money by bringing your own water bottle.

Yes, you can take your own water bottle into Disney and there are water fountains all over the park for you to fill up. Choose a chilli bottle that will also keep your water cold all day . The Hydrate bottles below have handy cords on them so you can clip them on your bag and not have to hold it all day either, genius.

Get There Early And Meet The Characters

If your kids are anything like mine, theyll want to meet all of the characters at Disney World. I know this sounds kind of stupid because youll see tons of characters throughout the day, but I highly recommend getting to the parks early. Not only will you see more characters, but you will be able to beat the crowds and potentially ride more attractions with shorter wait times.

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Disney World In October

Before you start packing, you will want to take a look at the weather forecast for the days of your trip. Florida weather can go from hot and sunny to stormy in just a few hours, so you will want to be prepared for anything.

The historical averages tend to show warmer weather for central Florida. In October the average temperature ranges from 60 degrees to 80 degrees fahrenheit. The average high is 85 degrees. It is safe to say you can expect warm weather for your October visit.

However, you may also experience some cooler temperatures and even some chilly nights.

Parents may also want to plan a trip to Disney World for Columbus Day Weekend so that your children will not have to miss as much school.

Where To Get Good Deals On Disney Apparel

Disney’s Polynesian Resort Refurb, EPCOT Festival Updates, Halloween Snacks and MORE Disney News!

I love wearing adorable Disney t-shirts when I go to the parks . Im always on the lookout for a new t-shirt with my favorite characters! And what better place to find them than ? They have so many cute shirts, all at affordable prices too as low as $13.99! Plus, they often have deals with free shipping.

But be warned that the deals change daily on this website so make sure to keep checking back often or follow me on where Ill highlight all of the amazing merchandise from my favorite place in one convenient location!

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Get Ready For The Party

As is the case with most theme parks, the month of October is the perfect time to capitalize on the Halloween season. The Walt Disney World Resort pulls out all the stops to make sure you and your travel party are pleased with their Halloween-inspired offerings.

While all of the parks are decorated in their friendliest fall-inspired fashions, the Magic Kingdom serves as the home for Mickeys Not-So-Scary Halloween Party.This event takes places on select nights throughout the months of September and October. This fun and festive event begins on these nights with guests being able to enter the parks at approximately five p.m.

Once you are inside, you and your travel party may divide your time between watching Halloween-inspired shows, riding on coasters that no longer have elevated wait times, and grabbing a bag of goodies in order to trick-or-treat across the park.

Tickets to Mickeys Not-So-Scary-Halloween Party should be purchased well in advance. The cost per person varies from $100- $130, depending on the day you attend the party. The closer you are to Halloween, the more expensive the ticket is going to be.

If you are coming to the resort in order to attend Mickeys Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, here are my packing suggestions:

If you are coming to the Walt Disney World Resort during the month of October, and you do not plan to attend the Halloween Party, then there are some essentials you will need to pack.

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This chart fromweather.comshows that the high temperatures from October until February only vary by 11 degrees. The low temperatures from the same time period only vary by 14 degrees.

But when you are looking at days and nights that can change as much as 22 degrees in one day, will your luggage really be prepared for hot days and cooler nights?

So we asked our what they recommend, and well break it down for you month by month.

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What To Wear To Disney World: The Ultimate Guide

If youre in the process of packing for a family vacation to Disney World in Florida, then youre very lucky! You and your loved ones are in for a wonderful time. But that doesnt mean that packing is easy. In fact, it can be very stressful if you dont know exactly what to bring.

Happily, though, we have you covered with the guide below. Well give you our top rules of thumb and then provide helpful tips for each month of the year. Finally, well cover packing for kids, taking care of your feet, and more.

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