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What To Take To Disney World

Essential Tips For Disney World Orlando To Make Your Life Easier

Discover What It Took to Bring Walt Disney World Resort to Life!

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Disney World Where Dreams Come True! Yes, the saying is true, Disney World is truly a magical place a world unto its own, where there is something for everyone and memories are made that last a lifetime.

But of course, its not all that easy!

Disney World is pretty expensive, can create a lot of stress, is confusing at times and is, therefore, best enjoyed armed with plenty of Disney World Tips and having all your Disney questions answered before you go!

This way, you can make the most of your day at Disney, enjoy it more and not waste time or money. So here we go, all of the best Disney World tips from my own experience and talking to Orlando locals, and then all those pressing questions answered!

Hopefully, they can make your trip to Disney World Orlando just a little more magical

How Much Does It Cost To Go To Disney World In 2022

In this post we answer a common question: How much does it cost to go to Disney World? Im going to start with what Ill call the Baseline Disney World Vacation. Thats the vacation I would go ahead and tell a first-timer to book without knowing anything about how the finances look. Then Ill go ahead and talk about ways to increase and decrease your budget to fit your situation.

Make Sure You Have A Disney World Plan Going In

All of the Disney World Parks are huge and can be complicated to figure out. Plan out your must-see rides and attractions, know when the parades and fireworks are on and just have a general idea of how you want the day to go.

Group rides that are near each other. All of this will lead to less stress, less time in the hot sun and more time having fun!

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What To Wear To Disney World In February

My birthday month and another volatile weather month in Florida.

Tennis shoes

Wear your most comfortable pair of tennis shoes and try to see if you can find some waterproof ones like these that will keep your feet dry in case of a downpour.

And thats what it usually does in Florida downpour.

None of this misting rain or all-day weather affairs, for the most part.

Just about an hour of sheer terror and buckets of water being dumped on your head and then all is fine.

Short sleeve shirt

For locals, February isnt always short sleeve shirt weather, but it definitely is if youre a visitor who is used to thinking of February as a winter month.

I would go so far as to say that visitors from out of state who arent as afraid of the cold as Floridians are might be comfortable in tank top at this time , but even so, short sleeve shirts all around.


If youre wearing tennis shoes, make sure you also have comfortable socks that dont rub your feet in all the wrong ways or protect your feet against the potential blisters your shoes can give you after walking 17 miles around Animal Kingdom all day .

I love these ones with the Disney characters on them.

Flip Flops

I know, in February?!

But the weather has the potential to be really warm already, and flip flops make it easy to relax by the pool at your Disney resort OR they double as a great way to protect your shoes when youre on the water rides because you can just dry your flip flops off and then switch shoes at the end.

What To Wear To Disney World In April

What to Bring to Walt Disney World on Your Park Days ...

If youre going to Disney World in April, you should know that youve picked the first month that really segways Florida into its summer.

The weather and temperatures will be similar to what you might be used to your actual summer at home.

Thats because when real summer does come around in Florida, the temperatures are similar to the face of the sun and a Florida summer is probably like nothing youve ever experienced if youre not from somewhere with the same climate.

So April is like summer sunny, hot, and full of Disney magic!

Tennis shoes

Once you hit the hot temperatures of April, youll still want to wear tennis shoes or other comfortable shoes to the parks .

The one thing to keep in mind though is to make sure theyre some type of breathable shoe.

I find this a lot when I was buying clothes when I lived in Pennsylvania versus buying clothes in Florida.

If you come from somewhere built for the cold, your clothes may be designed in a way to keep out the cold rather than keep any cool temperatures in.

Check out these shoes for ultimate breathability or these ones if you also want them to be waterproof.


After spending all day walking around trying to meet all of your favorite characters, youre going to be grateful if you have some moisture wicking socks like these ones that keep your feet dry and comfortable.

I realize that choosing a particular type of sock to wear seems like a bit much, but you really do want to leave your holey ones at home.


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Baby Jogger City Mini 2

The Baby Jogger City Mini 2 is a perfect option for a portable, fully functional stroller. It is the Mini 2 edition of the City Mini stroller for Disney land, so its a fresh redesign. This 18-pound strollers compact fold is unbeatable. Since youll almost certainly be pulling this stroller around Disney land, Pull up on the handles, and the stroller will fold flat and lock into position.

This baby carrier has a lot of support and added features that you and your child would appreciate, in addition to its sleek style and fold. You will use connectors to convert this into a travel machine if you have a newborn and a toddler. When the infant isnt in the stroller, the toddler will sit in the usual seat, and these additional features of Baby Jogger City Mini 2 make it one of the best strollers to take to the Disney world.

The seat itself is spacious, making it a big kid stroller for Disney land, and Is made of easy-to-clean fabric. The seat can be reclined nearly completely flat. And tall babies will benefit from the flexible calf rest. The UPF50 sun shade canopy has two large windows that allow you to keep an eye on your child.

Lets take a quick look at some pros and cons:


  • Accessories can be purchased individually.
  • When folded, it doesnt always sit upright.

Change Dates To Value Season

Dates matter a bit for ticket pricing, and they matter a lot for hotel pricing. While there are some times of the year when flight prices are impacted by date, factors like day of the week and when you book are more likely to impact your flight price. If youre trying to find the least expensive dates to visit, youll want to check out the room rate tables from MouseSavers.

Well incorporate date changes into the ticket and hotel savings below.

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Consider A Reusable Water Bottle

Youre in the sun. All the time. There is no way to avoid it! Disney, and Orlando in general, is fantastic for getting a tan, but with that exposure, you must add a reusable water bottle to your Disney packing list. While cups of water are free in restaurants and at most concession stands, youll often find yourself thirsty at the most inconvenient parts of the day and trust us when we say purchasing a bottle of water every time you get thirsty can add up quickly!

Want Insider Disney Tips From An Expert

Walt Disney explains his plan to bring Disney World to Florida

Join 4,000 others in weekly guides to Disneys hidden secrets, gems, and money-saving tips!

But as someone who has spent decades going to the parks with uncomfortable bags on my back, I have to say its not worth it!

Some people prefer to travel to Disney World without a backpack, but I mention its important to bring one in my list of things to bring to Disney World because I always prefer to be able to carry in extra items with me sunscreen, water bottle, my Disney World misting fan, cooling towel and more.

Especially in the summer when I may need a change of clothes if Ive just ridden Kali River Rapids or Splash Mountain, bringing the best backpack for Disney World with me is muy importante.

However, the best backpack for Disney World differs depending on who you are, so Ive broken this guide to Disney World backpacks down into multiple sections.

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Loungefly Minnie Mouse Backpack

If youre not familiar with the Loungefly brand, I will say that they have some amazing Disney branded options.

Really really cute things that are Mickey themed, Minnie themed, even Villains, Moana, Toy Story, and so much more.

They are the perfect choice for the cutest Disney Instagram snaps, some peoples most beloved possessions, and a wonderful way to treat yourself before your Disney World vacation.

This one in particular has an awesome Minnie bow on top and some Minnie shaped bling against the black faux leather to make you feel sleek and stylish while carrying some of your essentials like sunglasses, chapstick and your passes.

The only downside to these is they do come at a price and are a lot more expensive than a normal backpack for Disney World.

The reason, however, is that these arent just meant to take to the parks, but also to be a part of your wardrobe and fashion statements when at home.

Tips And Tricks For The Day With Children

What to pack for a day at Disney World if you have children may seem like an entirely different ball game. If you plan ahead of time, you can ensure that you will have everything you need for the day for both you and your children.

If youre taking a backpack with you, youll want to take everything listed above for the adults, plus baby sunscreen, diapers, wipes, and a changing mat for the little ones. No matter what your childrens ages are, a change of clothes is super important as well. Take a few extra masks per child, as the masks are most likely going to get wet throughout the day. Another helpful item to take with you is noise-cancelling headphones! These are perfect for protecting their ears while watching fireworks at the end of the day.

If you think your child is too old for a stroller, throw that idea out the window- this does not apply when it comes to a vacation at Disney World. Bring it! Nothing is worse than having to carry a 40-pound crying, exhausted toddler after a long day at the Happiest Place on Earth.

Strollers are great for storage, but keep in mind that you have to fold it when you are on Disney transportation. Stollers also must be 31 wide and 52 long to be in compliance with park rules. Be mindful that wagons and stroller wagons are not allowed in the parks.

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Square Backpack A New Day

My favorite target backpack. This bag is deceiving with how much it can hold. It is so comfortable to wear and has deep water bottle holders on the side. I have personally used this backpack and was in awe at how much it held while still being comfortable. I also love the smaller front pocket.

It holds a lot of your smaller items, making it incredibly easy to reach in and grab what you need. This bag goes to show you do not need to spend a lot of money to get a good quality bag.

Zomake Ultra Lightweight Backpack

It is possible to take a last minute trip to Walt Disney ...

This backpack is a little on a smaller scale which is great for grandparents that dont need too many items with them, but still large enough to fit everything you need. This backpack is also water-resistant which is great for rain and water rides!

Now, all of the next backpacks that are on my list can be great for men and women of various ages. And while a lot of these backpacks can be unisex, Ill be sure to give my favorite options for both genders. Most backpacks can be interchangeable among men and women, but because each person requires different items in their bags, there are bags out there that speak to men and women separately.

Between the unpredictable rain and the water rides, its safe to say your bag has a good chance of getting wet.

So, it is best to avoid the potential damage inside your bag when your bag inevitably gets wet, and purchase the bag made from water-resistant materials.

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Disney Beach Towel And Swimsuits

Disney World theme parks have many water rides and chances to get wet while Disney World Resorts have great pools.

The Mickey Mouse and Gang Beach towel is perfect for Disney trips and to keep in your backpack or diaper bag.

You can also check other great Disney Beach towel designs.

On a related note, Amazon also has an incredible collection of Disney swimsuits for girls which will make great summer Disney vacation gift ideas.

Discount Disney World Tickets

Our favorite Disney-approved re-seller, Get Away Today, offers the best Disney World discount tickets around. In addition to great discount prices, their customer service and easy support is absolutely fantastic. They have an entire department dedicated to making sure every order has a wonderful experience and they are on-call to help you during your vacation if you need them.

And at no additional charge, you get FREE concierge Disney World services! These services include having Get Away Today’s Disney World expert Brooklyn take care of all your dining reservations, FastPass+ reservations, and more! This really takes all the stress out of planning a Disney World vacation. Rather than waking up at odd hours of the night to book all your reservations, why not let their travel agents take care of it for you- for free!

Buying tickets from Get Away Today is easy and convenient since all their tickets are sent electronically. You can take their vouchers and head straight to the gate without needing to wait in any ticket booth lines. They also offer layaway plans so you can pay off your vacation over time.

You can read my review on my personal experiences booking through Get Away Today and how much you can save here!

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Disney World Pressed Penny Album

Have you ever lost your pressed pennies during a trip?

The pressed pennies and quarters make great little Disney mementos but are really hard to keep track of, especially during an exciting day at Disney Parks.

This Disney themed pressed penny passport book keeps all the pressed pennies safe and is one of the best gifts to give someone going to Disney World.

What To Take To Disney World In 2021


What to bring to Disney World? This is one of our most common vacation questions for guests planning their visit to any of the Disney Parks. Here are our musts for our Disney packing list.

1. Backpack/Comfortable Park Bag

Make sure that you bring a backpack or purse that is comfortable for you to wear for hours at a time. I always advise guests against packing too much into a giant backpack in the parks though, you want to make sure that you’re not loaded down with a huge bag on your trip to Disney. My favorite purse that I pack for Disney is one that switches between a crossbody and a handbag style which gives my back a break throughout my Disney trip. If you need to travel with a diaper bag, consider what bag will work best to carry your kid’s supplies and your own.

2. Water Bottle

Whether you order groceries and include bottled water or bring your own, this is a top item on our packing tips list. You can get dehydrated fast walking in the hot weather and you want to stay as hydrated as possible.

3. Phone and/or Camera

Most people these days have high end cell phones that take great pictures but some guests like to bring their professional camera as well. But just remember- you will have to carry it all day!

4. Battery Pack

You’ll be surprised at how much you’ll need a battery charger on your trip and having one on hand will be a lifesaver. You will often be using the Disney World app along with taking pictures that bringing one of these is a must.

5. Ponchos

6. Umbrellas

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For Out Of This World Fun

If youre looking for a space-based alternative to Epcot attractions like Mission: Space and Sum of All Thrills , then Space Center Houston, the official visitor center for NASA, has you covered. Its the perfect place for any aspiring young astronaut or science buff to learn the history of the Space Race and explore the mysteries of the cosmos.

Space Center is a full-fledged immersive experience, starting with the Starship Gallery, which features real-life spacecraft and artifacts including the Apollo 17 Command Module, the Skylab 1-G trainer, and even an actual moon rock you can touch.

Other highlights include a mockup of the Space Shuttle Independence, the lectern where John F. Kennedy gave his rousing speech regarding the future of space travel, and the interactive exhibit The Feel of Space. Space Center Houston also offers a variety of day camp and workshop activities for children to learn even more about our achievements beyond the stars.

For those looking to come down to Earth, Houston is a city with a rich diverse landscape, full of many great activities. This includes the NASA-sponsored Space Center Houston and City Sightseeing Tour, the Houston Underground Tunnel Tour, and the Houston Museum of Natural Science.

Its worth noting that in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, tourism is a vital and important way to help the city recover, while also being an excellent vacation destination.

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