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What To Pack For Disney World

Waterproof Cell Phone Case

What You Should Pack for Disney: Tips for Disney World and Disneyland

I am so sold on this phone case. I love that its waterproof, dust/dirt proof and shock-resistant. I also love that I can seal my phone inside and still have access to the touchscreen and the camera so I can get pictures on rides and at attractions without the worry. The fact that its super-affordable makes it a no-brainer!

The Best Types Of Bags For Disney World

Youll be carrying a lot of things around with you for your entire Walt Disney World trip. From your carry-on bag on the flight to your standard day bag at the parks, youll need to make sure you have the right carrier for your belongings.

Depending on what you are carrying, youll have different bag options. For instance, if you need to carry diapers and baby food, youll need a larger bag. But, youll also have a stroller that you can use for storage.

My three recommendations are either a tote bag , a sling bag , and a backpack . Regardless of which type of bag you choose, youll want something that closes on the top. That way, if you go on a rollercoaster, you wont have to worry about things falling out.

Id also suggest finding a nice, lightweight bag. It can be heavy to carry a bag all day, and its good to start with something that is light. I really like my Aloha tote its light, water-resistant, and has a zip-top. Its also very packable, so I can just stuff it in my larger luggage.

Lockers are available in the theme parks. But keep in mind that youll need to go back to that location to retrieve your items. So, they arent practical for things youll want to have throughout the day.

Dont forget important items like your ID, credit cards, and cash.

Light Up Toys Or Glow Sticks

Im going to be straight with you here. Disney does a fantastic job of placing balloons, bubbles, and sparkly shiny things right at a childs eye level.

A good part of your day might be spent saying no, not right now, or maybe later, or ok fine as you hand over $30.

We have a couple toys from the parks that we reuse when we go and thats a great option if you plan to visit frequently.

Or, you could hit Target or Walgreens or the Dollar Store before your trip and come prepared with glow bracelets, light-up wands, bubbles and stickers.

In fact, you can even get Disney themed items most of the time at a fraction of the cost.

I love this idea because you get to skip the line and still be the hero. When I have done this, my kids didnt even know I had these things in my backpack. I just waited til they asked and surprised them.

Works every time. Just remember to bring extra batteries!

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The Key To Packing The Perfect Walt Disney World Backpack Is To Pack The Important Essentials And Not Weigh It Down With Everything But The Kitchen Sink

You dont want your bag to be too heavy because your arms and shoulders will get tired. Let start with the backpack first. It needs to be not too big and not too small but just right.

You have to remember that your bag will be checked by park security before you enter so be cautious of a million zippers and pockets. They will need to be opened.

What To Pack For Disney World In November

The Essential Walt Disney World Packing List!

By Michael

November is one of the most popular times of the year to visit Disney World. The Epcot International Food and Wine Festival is still going on for part of the month. And, for those who love Christmas at Disney World, they can get their holiday fix with Mickeys Very Merry Christmas Party at the Magic Kingdom.

In many U.S. states and other countries, Novembers weather can be chilly. With this in mind, what should you pack for your trip to Disney World in November? Well help break down all the packing essentials, including clothes, shoes, swimwear, and accessories all of which can help make your trip to Disney easier and magical.

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How To Visit Walt Disney World

You must first check the availability of the date you wish to visit any of the parks, then purchase a ticket, and also make a theme park reservation for the date you purchased your ticket. You need BOTH a ticket AND a reservation to enter the park. If you purchase a park hopper, you may visit the other park after 2pm.

Indoor mask-wearing is required and enforced, includong on buses, monorails and the Disney Skyliner. Some restaurants, attractions or experiences may be modified or closed at this time. You can find all about making a theme park reservation here, as well as other important information about visiting the resort here.

What To Pack For Disney World In December

By Michael

December is one of the most popular times to visit the Disney Parks and Resorts. And according to pretty much every single Disney World crowd calendar, its also one of the busiest times to visit too.

Of course, with so many amazing holiday and seasonal events, like Mickeys Very Merry Christmas Party, its not hard to see why. Plus, many schools here in America and other countries have vacations during the last half of December, making the influx of crowds a lot higher.

The weather in December is another reason why this month is so popular for Disney guests. Its mild and pleasant temperatures make park touring a lot more comfortable and cool.

So, with that said, how do you go about packing for Disney World in December? With some many activities happening, and the weather cooling off considerably, what should you take the time to pack inside your suitcase? Well, in this article, Im going to examine this very question with the hope that youll be able to take action and make sure your family is properly packed for what will be a fun and memorable vacation!

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The Importance Of Planning Your Disney World Packing List

I know youve probably had times where youve realizedthat an item you intended to bring was left on the kitchen counter?

Maybe a portable charger or some wet wipes that didnt quite make its way into your backpack or suitcase.

It can be very frustrating having to resort to plan B becauseyou forgot your Disney essentials.

Sometimes these items are things you cant pack for days as theyre still in use until you are ready tostart your solo vacation.

Considering the fact that a lot of people hate packingand having to deal with getting everything set for a trip or vacation, its nowonder that some things can be forgotten.

What To Pack For Disney: The Ultimate Disney World Packing List

What to Pack for a Disney World Trip | Packing Kids Suitcases | Pack With Me | July 2019

by Rain Blanken | Apr 26, 2021 | WDW Blog

The most complete Disney World packing list to make sure you dont feel Dopey on the plane.

Ready to go to Disney World and you just locked the front door, suitcase in hand wait what did you forget? Avoid that not-so-magical feeling with this ultimate Walt Disney World packing list, including what youll need in your park bag.

Get the simple PDF print version for free or keep scrolling for our extensive list of everything youll need to pack.

We even have an Extra Magic Disney World Packing List to help enhance your WDW experience.

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The Best Backpack For Disney World

You dont want to have to haul around a lot of gear while youre walking around the Disney World parks, but its handy to have a small/medium-sized backpack to store stuff like that portable charger I just convinced you to buy, sunscreen, and your camera. Backpacks are allowed to be carried on rides, so you dont have to worry about finding lockers to store it every time you want to ride something. A lightweight, waterproof one like this is the best backpack for Disney World because it wont weigh you down or make you sweat too much while also keeping track of everything.

Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is key if youre staying active from park open to close, and bottled water will sweat all over your bag and get lukewarm fast, on top of being bad for the environment. Hydro Flasks insulated reusable bottle will keep your drink cold for hours and has a wide-mouth lid for easy transfer of ice from counter-service drinks it’s a staple on any Disney packing list.

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    What To Pack For Disney World

    Packing for a day at a theme park as massive and magical as WDW takes a bit of strategy and some advance planning. When youre considering what to pack for Disney World, Disneyland, or another Disney park, youll need to consider both what to bring and what to leave back at the hotel or vacation rental. Striking that balance between being prepared and carrying too much is key.

    The Power Of The Magicband

    Disney Packing List (Tips: What to Pack for Disney World ...

    What makes packing light so possible in the parks? Disneys MagicBand, which replaces your credit card, room key, and tickets so you can go completely bagless if you wanted to. MagicBands come in hundreds of different colors and combinations and grant you access to everything you need while on Disney property.

    If youd rather not sport the MagicBand, or youre only headed to the park for a day, you can also use Disneys MagicMobile feature through the My Disney Experience app.

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    Ive Heard Disney Checks Bags Before Entering The Parks Can I Still Bring Stuff Into The Parks

    Yes! Security was tightened at the theme parks after 9/11, and one of the most visible examples is the security personnel who check bags, parcels, and strollers that are brought in. You can still bring essentially everything you brought before, but leave the pocket knives at home.

    Disney allows guests to bring in food and drinks, so you should not encounter any issues if you want to carry in water bottles , light snacks, or even small packed meals. The biggest restriction on carry-in food and drinks is that they can not be in glass containers . Note: If you plan to bring a cooler for your snacks and drinks, it can be no larger than 24 long x 15 wide x 18 high.

    To make the security checks a more convenient and contactless experience, Disney implemented new contactless security screening devices at all four parks and Disney Springs in 2020. Now, instead of having a security member check every bag, guests pass through metal detectors and, if one of the detectors goes off, you may be asked to open your bag for security to look through, or you may be waved down with a metal wand.

    If you are going through security with a stroller, you may be asked to enter to the side of the metal detectors and will likely need to empty the underseat or pocket storage compartments as well. Feel free to speak to security personnel if you have questions.

    A Big Bulky Sweaty Backpack

    Keep your park bag light and breathable. A heavy bag will weigh you down and make you sweat even more than the scorching Florida sun. No one wants that.

    A small backpack, nylon bag, or small purse will work just fine as a park bag. Check out the section above on what to pack for Disney World for a few good park bag options.

    If youre at the parks with children and need things like diapers, a change of clothes, etc, try to pair down your park bag as much as possible.

    And if you can get away with a stroller, stash it underneath or ensure its light enough to tie onto the handles so you dont have to carry it on your shoulder or back.

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    When Its Time For Autographs

    While character autographs are suspended thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, we hope they will return one day. Meeting characters is a Disney World vacation ritual for my family.

    Before Covid, each time we visited, we made sure our Disney packing list included a mat for a picture frame, like this one from Michaels. Plus, we would bring a Ziploc bag full of retractable sharpies in a variety of colors . These markers are easier for most characters to use they arent able to pull off the caps of regular markers and pens.

    We have the characters sign the mat around the edges. When we get home, we add one of the family photos we shot in the park and frame the whole thing for an instant memory of another fabulous Disney vacation.

    TravelingMom Tip: Heres where to find the best spots for a family photo at Disney World.

    Dagne Dover Dakota Backpack

    DISNEY PACKING TIPS | WHAT And HOW We Pack For a Disney World Trip

    Dagne Dovers Dakota medium backpack will get you from your flight through a full day in the parks thanks to its plentiful pockets and poucheslike the clever zipped slots on either side of the bag to stow your phone and keep it readily accessible. The neoprene material is both water resistant and shock absorbent, ideal for protecting your belongings during rides on Splash Mountain or The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror.

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    General Disney Packing Tips

    At the most basic level, think about what you might need for your trip!

    Like if its hot, PLEASE consider bringing a portable fan- you wont regret it! This one is my favorite for myself, and then I have ones for the kids strollers Ponchos are ALWAYS in my bag. Always. Always. Florida is ridiculous when it comes to the rain.

    Bring a portable phone charger because the My Disney App KILLS your phone.

    Or just write everything on paper

    Or get one of the fuel cell chargers when you get to Disney . though theres been controversy when it comes to the Fuel Rods and rental fees that make it WAY more expensive than it needs to be, so Id pack your own charger instead. I LOVE this one, and its lasted me all year every where I go. 12k reviews on amazon dont lie

    OH! and bring a Sharpie I cant tell you the number of times I needed one on vacation to mark my stuff and didnt have one. This is especially important if you plan to get autographs. Pens work- but they are so expensive. And they break so easily. Sharpies will never do you wrong and they are so much easier

    For real though, dont pack 30 outfit changes for a weeklong trip. Only plan to bring just enough clothes- you WILL buy something there and you can always do laundry at the resort. Ive never met someone who could resist buying clothes at Disney they get you with the new styles and too cute designs.

    Final Thoughts On Your Disney World Packing List

    Taking a vacation to Walt Disney World can be fulfilling,so try not to stress too much if you feel like your packing list overwhelming.

    Make the journey of packing for Disney an adventure andjust enjoy the anticipation for a magical trip.

    Did I miss an item on this Disney World packing list guide? If so, let me know in the comments section below!

    Pin for later!

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    Brita Filtered Water Bottle

    Carrying a refillable water bottle with you is always a good idea when youre at Disney or any similar park. They charge out the wazoo for bottled drinks, but if you bring your own water bottle and simply fill it at drinking fountains youll be set for the day and have extra cash to spend on more enjoyable things. I personally like to have the filter in my water bottle to be extra sure that the water is clean and clear enough for my family and me.

    Sandals At Walt Disney World

    Packing List for Your Disney Daypack

    As we mentioned earlier, we recommend wearing sneakers while walking around the Disney Parks. That being said, many people do opt for sandals for their daily footwear. Sandals dry faster should you find yourself in the rain and your feet will stay cooler. If you choose to wear sandals in the park we recommend choosing an athletic style sandal you can see a few of our recommended options here.

    Crocs are a good combination between sandals and shoes. Many people swear by this option! Crocs have fun Disney styles available as well as charms for your croc clogs! The crocs brand does have water resistant sneakers as well that are extremely comfortable.

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    What To Pack For Extra Disney Fun

    Yes: the Disney Parks are the happiest place on earth. But after 45 minutes of standing in line or 14 hours of running around, you might be thinking this is getting to be more exhausting than fun. We have totally been there, yall and everything included in this guide is aimed at keeping you in the Fun Zone rather than the hangry/dehydrated zone, if you get my drift.

    But what about going above and beyond those cranky-attitude prevention techniques? What about some good old fashioned grown-up Disney parks FUN!?

    Being a Cast Member taught me an very important lesson about how to turn a frown upside down even when its a rainy 50 degrees day and youre working a 16-hour shift and theres like 86 screaming babies and Guests have been total d**ks all day long and all you want to do is go home and sleep forever but instead youre at Disney World earning minimum wage. Oof, too real?

    But seriously: I learned a few tricks that will turn that wah poor me mentality into wide-eyed Disney wonder again. One trick that does NOT work: when your Manager sprinkles imaginary Pixie Dust on your head after telling you that a Guest complained about your frowny face. You can take your Pixie Dust and stuff it, Cheryl, I AM JUST HAVING A BAD DAY. Ahem.

    From games that will put you in brutal competition with your travel companions to mood-lifters that are sure to put you in that Disney magical mindset, here are our best tips for maximizing the fun of the Disney parks!

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