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What To Do At Disney World When It Rains

Rainy Days At Walt Disney World

What to do when it RAINS at DISNEY World

Youre all geared up and ready for a great day at the Orlando theme parks, until you turn on the news and get the weather report. Unfortunately, the forecast calls for rain and your plans seem to be washing away with it. Dont fret even rainy days at Walt Disney World can be great days for touring through Walt Disney World.

Festival Of The Lion King

One of the best shows between all of the parks is Festival of the Lion King. Theres tumbling, dancing, dancing, audience participation and its inside.

So if its going to rain and theres a showing coming up, hop in line to keep dry and entertained. If its the usual afternoon shower, hopefully the rain will pass by the time the show is done.

Bonus its also a great spot when you need an AC break!

Hollywood Studios In The Rain

Hollywood Studios is probably one of the easiest parks to escape the rain because of all of their shows! We love Beauty and the Beast and Voyage of The Little Mermaid. Star Tours and Muppet 3-D are favorites and both are also inside. You can also head to Mickey and Minnies Runaway Railway for a mostly indoor queue and the new Mickey Shorts Theater.

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Get The Right Mindset For Disney In The Rain

Okay, so tip one for Disney in the Rain. Theres nothing you can do to stop the rain. Accept this. Dont try to escape the rain. Theres nothing worse than being with a bunch of other grumpy people all trying to escape the rain. Be with the cool people riding all the rides. Try to remember what it was like when you were a kid- isnt that why youre at Disney anyway? Rain is awesome. It smells good, is better than the sweltering heat, creates puddles, and washes away any delusion that you had control over your vacation.

Enjoying Disney World In The Rain

Top 9 things to do at Disney World when it rains

Disney World is known as one of the happiest places on Earth, but vacationing in the rain might seem less fun. However, Walt Disney World has so many activities that travelers will find that the rain never has to be an issue!

There are some great things to do in and out of the parks that will keep you dry and entertained!

If youre visiting Disney World during the rainy season, here are some tips to help ensure you have a good time.

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Know The Covered Lines

Some rides have a covered line so you dont have to worry about getting wet.

If youre in the Disney parks and wanting to escape from the rain, knowing which rides have covered lines is essential. Most will have at least some semblance of covering, as it also doubles as shade protection in the heat, but this isnt true for every ride.

In the Magic Kingdom, the most covered rides include Space Mountain, which is all indoors, Big Thunder Mountain, Small World, Peter Pan, and Winnie the Pooh.

At Animal Kingdom, hop in line for the Navi River Journey which is mostly covered, as well as Expedition Everest.

At Epcot, Soarin and Living with the Land are entirely indoor queues, as well as Frozen Ever After and Mission Space.

At Hollywood Studios, Smugglers Run is mostly covered, as well as Toy Story Mania and the Tower of Terror.

Go To The Water Parks

This one may seem crazy, but, heading out to one of the waterparks can be a great way to spend a rainy day if there is no lightning. The waterpark attractions do not close for rain, just for lightning. As long as there is just rain, you can enjoy the waterpark, usually with low crowds. You will already be in your bathing suit, so it doesnt matter if you get rained on as well.

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Dont Let The Florida Rain Ruin Your Vacation

If youre like most people visiting Walt Disney World youve got a jammed-packed schedule filled with dining reservations, rides, and character visits. A months worth of planning probably has you holding the most perfect vacation plan ever in your hands. Unfortunately, the rain is not in your control. And contrary to popular belief you dont need to cancel your days plans just because its raining.

In fact, unless youre facing hurricane weather or lighting storms, Walt Disney World operates as usual. You also dont have to resort to just shopping which is what many people do at Disney in the Rain. Let this be a warning that gift shops will be crowded when its raining. You also dont need to resort to indoor-only attractions.

Strategies For A Rainy Day At Disney World

How I Prepare for Rain at Disney World – What to Do at Disney World When it Rains!

1. Plan out your park visits.

Some parks are better to visit on rainy days than others. At EPCOT, the only attraction that would close due to weather is Test Track. Most of the other rides along with plenty of restaurants and shops are located in Future World and are relatively close together so you wouldnt have to walk far in the rain. However, Disney’s Animal Kingdom wouldnt be your best bet because many of its rides and animal exhibits are outdoors and close down for bad weather. Everything is more spread out, so youd be caught longer in the rain. Based on the usual summer forecast, wed recommend a plan that includes visiting Animal Kingdom in the morning and EPCOT in the afternoon. Magic Kingdom and Disney’s Hollywood Studios each have a fair amount of indoor attractions.

And while you’re in planning mode, make sure you have access to a weather app with a radar feature. Because those afternoon storms can vary so much in location, we find that it’s the easiest way to keep an eye on where and when to expect rain based on our current location .

2. Get an early start.

Youve heard it a million times: The early bird gets the worm. Sorry, night owls. In this case, its generally true that the earlier you hit the parks, the more time youll have before a potential afternoon summer rainstorm comes through. But this brings me to my next point.

3. Take an afternoon break.

4. Do indoor activities.

5. Wait it out.

6. Watch “rainy day only” entertainment.

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Raining At The Resort

I much prefer to get caught in rain at the resort! It makes planning that much easier.

If you get caught at the resort you can decide if you want to change plans or have a relaxing rainy day! Sometimes its nice when the rain forces you to take an unscheduled break. Then you can hop over to the parks after the rain has died down for the day.

Another great option is to go resort hopping! Especially if its just a gloomy day, the monorail will still be running. You can just hop on the monorail resort loop and check out all the beautiful resorts while staying almost 100% dry.

First Of All Stay Calm

Florida rainstorms tend to be over quickly instead of lasting all day, so dont panic if you see clouds rolling in. But those brief rain showers dont always cut through the humidity. In fact, they can sometimes make it even worse, so staying dry will definitely help with the comfort factor for the rest of your day.

No matter what the weather does on your day in the parks, dont let it get to you. Its still an amazing experience to be at any of the Disney parks, whether wet, sticky, hot or dry. Yes, standing in the pouring rain to watch a parade or fireworks show is uncomfortable. You can still make it a fun experience for your kids by letting them splash in puddles or twirl around in the rain.

People and clothes will dry, but the memories you make that day are once-in-a-lifetime. They will be something your kids will remember forever. Try to keep your frustration or disappointment to yourself to help make those memories positive ones for the kids.

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When Is It Least Likely To Rain In Orlando

If youve got flexibility, you may want to avoid planning your Disney World vacation for a time of year when the chances of rain are highest. Floridas rainy season, unfortunately, coincides with the busiest vacation period June through October. Visitors at this time are almost guaranteed to experience an afternoon shower or two during their stay in Central Florida. Peak hurricane season is late August to early October, but since Orlando is land-locked, a tropical storm is unlikely to make its way so far inland.

Interestingly, Walt Disney World covers a very large area, so while it may be raining in one park, it could be completely dry in another. Thats something to think about if you have park hopper tickets. Although, again, most rainstorms last 30-45 minutes, so it may be simpler just to wait it out where you are. You should note, however, that Disney will shut down outdoor attractions even if theres lightning 10 miles away, so it can be a little frustrating to have rides close down when its not actually raining.

Rain doesnt have to washout your day at Disney World. With a little bit of planning and packing smart, you can still have tons of fun.

Head To The Disney Parks

What to do When it Rains on Your Disney World Vacation

Sure, there are plenty of indoor things to do in Disney when it rains, but one of the best things to do is brave the rain. Bring along ponchos or rain jackets and you might be surprised that you feel like a kid all over again being out in the rain and not worrying about getting wet. While some rides in the amusement parks close, many do not, especially those that are indoors. The best part is that so many people will be worried about what to do in Disney when it rains, that the lines in the amusement parks will be basically nonexistent.

Here are a few queues that are fully covered:Epcot:

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Do The Water Parks Close When It Rains

Not only does my family visit the parks several times a month, but we also love to pop into the water parks on those hot days

But that also means that weve had our fair share of afternoon thunder storms while we are at the water parks.

So do the parks close? Yes and No. If there are thunder storms or lightning in the area they will close the attractions. If its just cloudy or there is a light sprinkle but no lightning, they will keep them open.

Its actually one of our favorite things to go to the water parks after there was a good rain- because they will be pretty empty and we will be able to jump on the rides and just have a good time!

The Rainy Day Cavalcade

For the safety of the performers as well as guests, Disney typically cancels parades when a storm is in the area. But that doesnt mean you wont get to see your favorite characters! On a rainy day, Disney will do what is called a Rainy Day Cavalcade.

These mini-parades are typically a couple minutes long and feature a handful of covered vehicles or floats to keep the characters safe and dry. The cavalcade even has its own song!

This type of parade ONLY happens on a rainy day, so if you happen to catch a Rainy Day Cavalcade, consider yourself lucky!

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Navigating The Wet Weather

Now that you are prepared for the rain, what should you do when it is park time? Our answer is fairly simple, go about your plans, as usual. For the most part anyway. There are a couple of things you should think through before heading out to the parks if you know it is going to rain, especially if it is for a good part of the day. If your just worried about a little pop up afternoon storm, proceed as you normally would.

Choose Your Park Wisely

If you do know there is going to be a significant rain event on a particular day or the odds of rain are high a few days out, you may want to reassess what parks you go to on what days. Why, you ask? Because not all parks are equally suited to touring in the rain. Below is our ranking of which park is best to tour in the rain, ranked best to worst.

  • Epcot
  • The Theme Parks Are Designed For Rain

    BEAT Disney World When it Rains (How to Prepare for Rain at Disney World)

    Disney Imagineers certainly had the frequent showers of Florida in mind when they built the Orlando theme parks at Disney World. Most of the lines for the rides are covered and the majority of the rides are indoors. Nearly all of the restaurants are sheltered or indoors as well.

    Only these few attractions are CLOSED during rain or lightning:

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    Walt Disney World Monorail Resort Hop

    An opportunity to explore Disneys monorail hotels, well a fun activity for any day, gives you that indoor escape from the rain. The resort hotels on the Disney property are unique in that they have special themes and decor all their own. The monorail hotels have easy monorail stops all undercover the Contemporary Resort stop being completely indoors. You will be able to travel to all these areas without getting wet! And if you travel with Kids this will hopefully lead to a better mood. Be sure to sample the delicious cuisine offerings at each resort, the children will thank you.

    When Is Orlandos Rainy Season

    Orlandos rainy season is from June through September. August through October is hurricane season, which can cause high winds and heavy rains. August tends to be the wettest month with the highest rainfall with an average of 5.31 inches. But the good news is that these rain showers typically dont last all day. If you plan on traveling during any of those months, bring an umbrella or poncho, and see what you can do during those blocks of thunderstorms!

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    Pay Homage To The Man Behind The Mouse At Hollywood Studios Walt Disney Presents

    Another great rainy day stop at Hollywood Studios is Walt Disney Presents, located in between Animation Courtyard and Pixar Place.

    This indoor attraction includes a variety of things to do to keep you occupied on a rainy day.

    Inside you can learn more about the man behind the mouse at 100 Years of Disney on Display, a gallery filled with costumes, sketches, props, photographs, and other artifacts all about Walt Disney and the empire he built.

    In addition to the gallery, theres a 15-minute behind-the-scenes film, Walt Disney: One Mans Dream, that is all about Walt Disney and his quest to build the Disney dream.

    Occasionally Walt Disney Presents includes sneak peeks of upcoming attractions at Disney World, as well as character meet-and-greets.

    How To Plan And Prepare For Wet Weather

    10 Things to Do in Disney World When it Rains

    The key to not letting the weather impact on your enjoyment of the parks too much, is to be prepared for and expect rain at any point during the day. In Florida, a clear blue sky in the morning will quite often become a mass of grey storm clouds by mid-afternoon.

    Therefore, if you’re heading to the parks, our top 3 tips would be:

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    Tips For Rainy Days At Walt Disney World

    Central Florida, with its lush palms and green landscapes, is maintained by a great deal of rain the area receives. Every year in Central Florida, an average of 53 of rainfall occurs, half of that coming during the typical daily 2-hour thunderstorm during the busy summer months. These brief storms at Walt Disney World could force you to rethink your epic algorithm-based Disney park plan.

    Does Disney World Do Shows And Fireworks In The Rain

    It is a rare event for Disney World to cancel their firework or night time shows. Often they may be delayed until a break in the weather by up to two hours. The majority of the night time shows will go one, even if delayed. The only show that may be canceled would be Fantasmic! Since there are live performers and Disney takes safety very seriously. Occasionally, performers will have to stop the show because of the weather. Overall, I would count on seeing the shows rain or shine. Grab a poncho and make the most of a rainy day show.

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    Stop In For A Drink At A Disney Lounge Or Bar

    If youre on an adults trip to Disney World, there are plenty of options where you can stop for a drink while waiting out the rain. If youre at Disney Springs, try Wine Bar George for some excellent wine and food parings, or visit the Hangar Bar which is Indiana Jones themed.

    The Disney Deluxe resorts will also have their own lounges, with the most popular being Trader Sams at Disneys Polynesian where you can enjoy tikki cocktails and island theming.

    Overview Of The Climate In Florida


    With its warm, subtropical climate year-round, Florida is rightfully called the Sunshine State. While the winter months are fairly mild with an occasional rainy day followed by a cold front, the summer months can get quite hot and humid, so we have lots of hopful advice on how you can beat the heat.

    On the other hand, Floridas rainy season occurs during one of the busier vacation periods, June through October. If youre visiting Disney World during this time, its almost a guarantee that youll experience an afternoon thunderstorm. Fortunately, these typical storms pass through as quickly as they come, only lasting about 30 to 45 minutes. Because Disney World property covers such a large area, you may even find that its raining at one park but not the others. Theres been a couple of times when Ive stayed with Lily at our hotel for an afternoon nap. Leap and Tad ventured out to the parks where they experienced a quick downpour, but it was bright and sunny at the hotel the entire time go figure! Another Florida weather quirk is that outdoor attractions generally shut down when there’s lightning within 10 miles, no matter if it’s actually raining or not.

    While you cant control the wacky weather, you can prepare for it. A bit of rain doesnt have to dampen the fun! In fact, a quick storm usually cools down a hot day and drives away some of the crowds. Theres always a silver lining in those pesky storm clouds.

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