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What Parks Are At Disney World

Best Theme Parks In Orlando For Adults

Walt Disney World Minute: Gaten Matarazzo | Disney Parks


The most non-traditional park out of all the Orlando theme parks, EPCOT offers the chance to experience many of the world’s cultures through sight, sound and taste. Shopaholics will love strolling through the World Showcase shops. EPCOT is the only place in the U.S. where some of these items can be found! There are plenty of diverse food and beverage options to be explored, as well.

Other Good Theme Parks for Adults:

All About The Disney World Parks

2 water parks.

1 massive shopping district.

The Disney World parks have something for everyone but with so much to offer you may find yourself wondering where to start.

We can help.

We have comprehensive guides that cover everything there is to see and do at the parks.

Plus, we have all the necessary tips and FastPass+ resources youll need to put together a touring plan that keeps you out in the parks having fun instead of wasting your valuable vacation time in lines.

What Is There To Do At Each Walt Disney World Park

Jennifer Probst

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Pricing Disney World Tickets

Disney prices Walt Disney World tickets on a date-and-length based system. Discount ticket brokers also price tickets this way. Now, when you purchase a ticket it will:

  • have a start date at which it becomes valid

  • have an end datethe date by which your visits must be complete

  • have a set number of days you can visit the parks during that window.

You choose the start date and the number of park days. The end date is automatically set by the system. Price is determined by the number of park days and the start date.

So, for example, a five-day park hopper ticket with a start date of November 11 can be used on any five days during the eight-day range of November 11 through November 18. That ticket costs $646.81 for an adult directly through Disney and $609.52 through Undercover Tourist. Party and event tickets vary based on date and event but typically cost between $150 and $250 per person.

Crime And Public Safety

The Magic Kingdom Theme Park at Disney World

In 1977 and 1978, 10 murdered women were found in and around Glendale in what became known as the case of the . The murders were the work of and , the latter of whom resided at 703 East Colorado Street, where most of the murders took place.

In 2014, Glendale was named the ninth-safest city in America in a report published by 24/7 Wall Street based on violent crime rates in cities with more than 100,000 people. Also in 2014, real estate company Movoto used FBI data crime data from 2013 to conduct a study of 100 U.S. cities with populations between 126,047 and 210,309 residents and concluded that Glendale was the safest mid-sized city in America.

  • 1 Employee count is from FY2019.

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Best Theme Parks In Orlando For Elementary

Best: SeaWorld Orlando

Who says learning isn’t fun? Out of all the Orlando theme parks, SeaWorld Orlando is one of the most educational. Kids of all ages, but especially young children, can test their knowledge of aquatic life. They can also explore the exhibits and get up close and personal with baby dolphins, sea lions and stingrays. The younger end of this group will also love Sesame Street Land and its interactive elements! Be sure to also check out Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin. Kids should not miss the penguin habitat, which mimics the icy conditions of the South Pole. Get up close with the penguins in temps of 30 degrees. You can see four species on land and underwater.

Other Good Orlando Theme Parks for Elementary-Age Kids:

  • LEGOLAND Florida The whole park is geared toward 2 to 12-year-olds. For LEGO fanatics, the themed lands are second to none! Adventurous kids can experience the thrill of the Flying School roller coaster. Those who aren’t quite ready have gentler ride options such as The Dragon. The water park within the park will keep everyone cool on the hottest summer days. It became even more “awesome” with the addition of LEGO MOVIE World in 2019.
  • Magic Kingdom This is the place where fairytales come true, and princesses and pirates will love the opportunities to indulge in a little make-believe and maybe work up the nerve to try out Space Mountain or Splash Mountain. Great starter coaster options are Big Thunder Mountain Railroad or The Barnstormer.

Things To Do In Epcot

Disneys Epcot® Theme Park is more than twice the size of Magic Kingdom.One of my favorite things about this park is the ability to experience unique rides and then walk across the park to feast and shop throughout different countries in the world.If you havent been before, be sure to make time for a ride on Spaceship Earth inside the iconic Epcot ball.

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All Disney Parks Around The World Ranked

This is where we tell you what the best Disney Park in the world is . With 12 to choose from this isnt an easy task. There are some small things that we love about each park, some with bigger things and some that just have the all-around best attractions and theming. We have visited each one and are taking into account things like attractions, theming, dining, shopping and access/location.

For attractions were really looking at a very general view of is there enough to keep both kids and adults entertained for an entire day, if not more. Are the attractions one-hit-wonders or do they keep us coming back? For theming were looking at uniqueness and originality. Is it fun and inviting or just bleh? For dining options we want a place that offers fantastic quick service food as well as some nice sit down restaurants with great menus. Shopping should have lots of unique stores offering merchandise that highlights the park and theme itself. Lastly, access and location should be easy to get to and immersive once you step in .

Unique And Specialty Hotels

New Details Revealed: More Magic On The Way | Walt Disney World Resort 50th Anniversary Overview

A number of hotels have entered the public consciousness through popular culture, such as the in , through its association with song, ”. The in New York City is famed as the meeting place of the literary group, the , and , also in New York City, has been the subject of a number of songs and the scene of the stabbing of .

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Challenges To Ranking The Disney Parks

There are some real challenges to the task of ranking the Disney parks. First, its not like we went from one to another day after day. There were months between some visits and days between others.

Second, we had a limited time at each park. While we always err on the side of overstaying, theres no doubt it takes time to truly appreciate a good theme park. We don’t claim to be experts about every park.

Relatedly, we have vastly more experience at Walt Disney World and Disneyland than the other resorts. This helps some parks there that take time to really understand, while it hurts others that suffer from fatigue easily.

Finallyand what this post is really aboutthere is just the question of what makes a good theme park. It should go without saying that this list is subjective. But we’ve also tried to think it through and come up with some sort of support for our positions. Any good subjective ranking should maintain some consistency in the factors it’s considering.

When you get down to the actual rankings, youll maybe think it reads somewhat like a list we threw together like any other clickbait list . But that’s because we didn’t want to devote hundreds of words to each park, and it would be incredibly boring for people who just care about the list to have to hear us go on about the same things over and over.

Learning About Genie+ And Lightning Lanes

Lightning Lanes are Disneys new skip the line system for Walt Disney World rides, having replaced the old FastPass+ system.

At each park, most or all of the rides have Lightning Lanes, and they can be broken into two groups. Most of the Lightning Lanes are included in Genie+. Guests who pay for Genie+ will be able to select one Lightning Lane slot at a time, and theyll visit these throughout the day.

Each park also has two individual Lightning Lanes. These individual Lightning Lanes are not a part of Genie+. To access these, guests buy specific timeslots for these rides.

Were building out are Genie+ and Lightning Lane content, and it can be found at:

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    Foodie Guide To 50th Anniversary Celebration Sips And Bites

    by Karen McClintock, Food & Beverage Content Relations Manager, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts

    The magic is calling all Foodies to the Walt Disney World Resort 50th anniversary celebration The Worlds Most Magical Celebration! Throughout our four theme parks and beyond, Disney chefs and mixologists have created more than 150 sips and bites full of color, whimsy, and a touch of EARidescent shimmer with even more coming throughout the 18-month celebration beginning Oct. 1.

    Walts personal recipes, Walt Disney World Resort attractions , beloved Disney Characters, and nostalgic dishes from 1971 were inspirations for the tasty offerings created for this anniversary celebration.

    Walts palate was relatively simple definitely a meat and potatoes guy! Roast lamb, roast beef hash topped with a fried egg, chili, and fried chicken were his favorites, along with lemon, apple, chocolate, and bread pudding desserts. Disney chefs looked to Walts recipes from the archives while planning for the 50th anniversary celebration. The result is deliciously reimagined versions of Walts favorites. And many of the treats are infused with EARidescent shimmers to add glimmering touches to the celebratory creations.

    I am highlighting just a sampling of the limited-time sips and bites in this Foodie Guide, but we have created a complete online guide for you to view the more than 150 fantastic menu items!

    Let The Worlds Most Magical Celebration begin!

    Magic Kingdom Park

    Be Our Guest Restaurant

    Walt Disney Studios Park

    A Day at Walt Disney World Orlando

    Walt Disney Studios Park is the other park at Disneyland Paris. At its most basic, the park is an interpretation of Hollywood Studios. The park has two unique rides, Cars ROAD TRIP and Crushs Coaster.

    The parks design completely misunderstands what makes a theme park tick. Some of the best design elements of Hollywood Studios were taken and stuffed into Disney Studio 1, an indoor boulevard of shops and restaurants, while much of the rest of the park is left bland and uninteresting.

    The French-themed area with the Ratatouille ride is quite nice, but now that the ride and land design have been largely replicated in Epcots France pavilion it doesnt pack as much of a kick. Toy Story Playland feels a bit cramped with attractions that seem to be there only to give the park something of a ride count, and suffers from comparisons to Walt Disney Worlds Toy Story Land.

    The park is the only true half-day park in the Disney portfolio.

    The limited ride countunder ten isnt doing the park any favors, but at the same time this is about standard for parks other than the castle parks. The parks lack of popularity is something to behold, as even heavy hitting duplicates like Tower of Terror rarely have substantial waits.

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    Resorts And No Parks Days

    If you have some free time, or if youre planning a meal at one of Disneys hotels, you may want to set aside some time to explore their resorts. This is particularly a good idea if youre planning a future visit and want to scope out the hotel.

    You can easily visit the monorail hotels by riding the monorail between them. You can easily visit the Boardwalk hotels by walking between them, particularly while walking between Epcot and Hollywood Studios.

    And if you want a full day of relaxation , you may want to set aside time for a no parks day. This is a day where you dont go to the parks, instead focusing on the other activities your resort and Walt Disney World have to offer.

    Transportation At Walt Disney World

    One important decision is . Even if youre sure you want a car, we recommend you read some of our tips about having a car at Walt Disney World.

    Generally, youll be relying on bus, boat, monorail, or walking to get to and between the parks. You can also Uber around Walt Disney World. If youre unsure how to get between two points, ask the concierge or desk staff at your hotel, or ask a Cast Member at a park .

    Transportation at Walt Disney World can, unfortunately, be quite slow. This is especially true of bus and boat transportation. If youre in a hurry, consider Uber.

    Disney used to off its own rideshare systemMinnie Vansthrough a partnership with Lyft, but it hasnt operated in a while. If they return, the high prices of Minnie Vans make them not worth considering for most purposes other than getting to the Magic Kingdom, where other drivers are not allowed to make drop-offs. Theyre also good if you need two car seats, as Uber Car Seat cars typically only have one.

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    How Many Theme Parks Are At Walt Disney World

    There are four unique Walt Disney World Resort theme parks which include the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disneys Hollywood Studios, and Disneys Animal Kingdom. Sitting on 47 square miles, the Walt Disney World property is massive, and could very well add more theme parks in the future.

    In addition to the four main theme parks, Walt Disney World also has two water parks, Disneys Blizzard Beach and Disneys Typhoon Lagoon the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex, an indoor/outdoor sporting event venue multiple golf and miniature golf courses a variety of recreational activities numerous Resort hotels and Disney Springs, an outdoor shopping, dining, and entertainment district.

    For more information about Walt Disney World theme parks click HERE!

    Operations Quality & Customer Service

    A Self-Guided Tour Of The Most Mystifying Attractions Around The World | Disney Parks

    If a park has a lot of good rides, but they never work, its not very good. If it has a lot of good restaurants, but they all always have linesagain, not good. We dont give away many sh*t happens points because frankly, things go wrong more at some parks than others because they just arent as well-run.

    At Disney parks, customer service tends to be excellent. Even veterans of both Disneyland and Walt Disney World can’t agree on which destination has better cast members, but most everyone agrees they are, on average, great. There is variation amongst the Disney parks, and we’ll make some note of it in the rankings.

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    How Long To Visit Walt Disney World

    To start, we have a few posts for shorter visits that go through some of the decisions youll be making on a shorter visit:

      For a first visit, we recommend at least three full days. Thats four nights, and with the arrival and departure days, five days. Obviously this is better if you can fly in very early and out very late. With three days, you can spend two full days at one park each, and split the third day between the remaining two parks.

      Four full days plus one travel day is better. If flight prices work out, consider flying in one night earlier than planned and staying at the cheapest Disney room you can find. Wake up the next morning, tell them to send your bags to the Disney hotel you booked the rest of your trip at , and go enjoy the parks.

      Five full days, or four full days plus a solid half day , is ideal. This will allow you full days at each park and an extra half day at Magic Kingdom.

      Weve done ten-day vacations at Walt Disney World and month-long Airbnb stays off property. Theres really no amount of time wed say is too long. After six to eight days, youll need look beyond the standard plan though, and to things like water parks, spa / no parks days, and backstage tours.

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