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What Is The Scariest Ride At Disney World

Which Disney World Park Has The Most Roller Coasters

5 Scariest Rides in Disney World

Magic Kingdom has four of Disney Worlds seven roller coasters. Once TRON is added to Magic Kingdom and Guardians of the Galaxy to Epcot, itll be five of nine. Epcot currently has zero, Hollywood Studios has two, and Animal Kingdom has one.

But you might separately ask which park is best for thrill seekers. For top notch thrill rides, Id probably rank the parks:

  • Hollywood Studios

  • Animal Kingdom

  • Magic Kingdom

  • Epcot

What Is The Longest Roller Coaster In Disney World

This question has two answers and depends if you are talking about ride length in minutes or track length.

Ride Length Minutes The longest roller coaster in Disney World in minutes is Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at 3 minutes and 30 seconds.

Ride times for the other coasters are all pretty close with Space Mountain, Expedition Everest and Seven Dwarfs Mine Train all somewhere between 2 minutes 30 seconds and 3 minutes.

Track Length Expedition Everest has the longest track of any roller coaster at Disney World and is 4,424 feet long .

Visiting Disney World For Non

If you’re at Disney World and truly panic at the thought of thrill ridesor you’re with someone who’s like thatdon’t force yourself or anyone else to do something they’re not comfortable with. There’s a big difference between encouraging someone who’s nervous but curious and dragging someone on who’s kicking and screaming. If your kids aren’t ready this year, the roller coasters aren’t going anywhere. If you’re with someone who’s older and doesn’t want to get on, there could be an underlying health reason for not wanting to ride, so don’t coerce them.

That being said, if the rider is intrigued by thrill rides but apprehensive, Disney World is perhaps the best place to give them a try. Compared to other amusement parks that focus on screams, even the most thrilling rides at Disney World are on the mild side. At all Disney parks, the attractions are more about the magic and creating a fantasy as opposed to twists, loops, and sharp drops.

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Rock N Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith

If I were a tad more objective, there would be a tie for first . Rock n Roller Coaster is the most intense of the Walt Disney World roller coasters and the only one that goes upside down.

Like Space Mountain, this ride takes place mostly in the dark. While the story isnt Disneys best work, the integration of Aerosmith music and blacklight into the ride make it one of the most intense experiences on property.

Fearless Souls Only The Scariest Rides At Disney

What Are The Scariest Rides At Disney?

Scary rides at Disney World range from super high speeds and amazing roller coasters to large and startling vertical drops with lots of twists and turns in between.

Get ready for a heart pumping adrenaline rush! If youre up for an enthralling adventure, here are some of the scariest rides you shouldn’t miss.

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Losing Members In Your Party

It can also be a pretty scary moment if you lose someone in the parks. While we are luckily living in the age of technology, sometimes your phone runs out of battery from all those snack photos, and you cant contact your family or friends . Or even worse maybe you lost your child!

The Fountain is a Great Meeting Spot!

In a place as big as Disney World, its full-on freak-out time when you lose your kid. However, if you let a Cast Member know what happened, they are well-versed in finding little ones.

Walt Disney World Cast Members

Since its hard to set a meeting spot with young kiddos, let your children know to go to a Cast Member if they get lost. Tell them to look for the nice people with oval name tags and inform them that theyre lost.

Cast Member

We promise if this happens its WAY more nerve-wracking for you than it is for your kid , but trust that this happens more than you might realize and Disney World has a system in place to deal with it.

Your child will be taken to the Baby Care Center in the park if theyre under 10, and if older, theyll be taken to Guest Relations to wait for you. You should be reunited with your child in no time. That said, keep an eye on those kids, Mom and Dad. Youll be surprised how easily they can get away from you in Disney World!

Scariest Roller Coaster In Disney World

Our answer to this question is between two attractions, but we think the scariest coaster overall at Disney World is the Rock n Roller Coaster. Not only is it the fastest coaster, it also has 3 inversions and the lighting is very low making it hard to see where you are going.

Expedition Everest was our other choice for scary rides as it goes backwards at one point in the ride and it has the biggest drop of all the coasters.

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Tips For Riding Roller Coasters At Walt Disney World

Choose the Best Seat With most roller coasters, we like to sit in the front row. This usually gives you the best view of your surroundings and lets you really take in the ambiance of the ride more than the middle or the back. When you get to the loading area just ask a Cast Member to sit in the front row and they will hold you to the side until the next available seat opens up.

Dont Get Sick Many people like roller coasters, but their stomachs dont and they can get nauseous when riding. To combat this, choose a seat in the middle of the vehicle, usually the most stable part of the vehicle. Also, keep good posture sitting up tall in your seat and looking straight ahead with your head up. Dont close your eyes but keep them on a fixed point in front of you.

Put Your Valuables Away Roller coasters are fast with sharp corners and sometimes loops. Store important items like sunglasses or hats in the pouch on the back of the seat in front of you and dont hold anything in your hands like a phone as it could fall out and lose it.

Be Adventurous Roller coasters can be scary at times, but its worth it to be adventurous and try new ones. You dont want to be stuck on The Barnstormer for the rest of your life, so try some of the bigger coasters too. Work your way up in order of intensity until you find the level you prefer most.

Enjoy It Most importantly, have fun! Take a deep breath, let out a big scream if you must, and enjoy the ride of a lifetime!

Top 10 Scariest Disney Rides & Attractions

FIRST Time on Hollywood Tower of Terror! *SHE CRIED* Scariest Ride at Disney World? WDW Parks Vlog

1The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, also known as Tower of Terror, is an accelerated drop tower dark ride located at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Tokyo DisneySea, Walt Disney Studios Park, and formerly located at Disney California Adventure Park. Except for the Tokyo DisneySea version, the attractions …read more.

The name is obvious, and being a drop tower ride along with the imagery makes it that much more scary, in fact, it’s too easy to chicken out of.It only has a 40″ minimum height requirement, but you might be better off chickening out if you’re any hesitant, as it’s pretty intense.

Definitely the scariest Disney ride anywhere.

Should be first

2Mission: SPACE Mission: Space is a centrifugal motion simulator thrill ride at Epcot in Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida.

The orange team has unimaginably intense and life-flashing forces that you’ll never ever feel anywhere else .In fact, 2 people died from the health conditions, which might not seem like that big of a deal, though 194 people got hurt from 2005 to 2006, which is a record.They constantly tell you it’s a good idea to chicken out orange and go green, or head to the Advanced Training Lab.They warn you and any health conditions whatsoever will be seriously aggravated.No other ride talks about the chicken exit like this one.

3Expedition Everest

It felt like you are going backwards doing loop de loops In the dark!

I was so scared on this ride.

45California Screamin’

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Guardians Of The Galaxy Mission: Breakout

This Marvel-themed attraction lifts its passengers to the top of a thirteen-story tower that measures around 183 feet. Once you reach the top, the platform plummets down, bringing you with it.

Although this ride only lasts two minutes, it is packed with thrilling free-fall and adrenaline-inducing drops. You will be dropped 130 feet from the top of the tower at a speed of 63km/hour.

Big Drops And/or Thrills

Space Mountain

This Magic Kingdom classic, fantasy space-travel-themed ride is a roller coaster that zips you around in almost complete darkness. The low light level makes it very difficult to tell how fast you are going, whats around you or when the next turn or drop is going to take place. Its quite a thrill!

Splash Mountain

Another staple thrill ride at Magic Kingdom, Splash Mountain gives riders the excitement of an almost 50-foot drop thats followed by a big splash over in Frontierland! Other smaller drops whet your appetite and wet your clothes before the main event, too. You can clearly see what you are getting into from the outside of the attraction, so if the final dramatic plunge doesnt look appealing, you will want to skip this one.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Also located in Frontierland at Magic Kingdom is the ever-popular Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Though this ride is wild , the drops arent actually very big. In fact, Disney classifies them as small drops. But for a little one or someone that doesnt enjoy the sensation of air time or that of an out of control, runaway train this may be a bit too much.

Test Track

Rock n Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith

Expedition Everest Legend of the Forbidden Mountain

We hope our list is helpful to let you know which ones you may need to avoid for riders who may be scared.

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Scary Rides At Disney World Ranked

Prior to our first trip to Disney World some time ago, we did wonder if our then smaller children would be able to enjoy some of the attractions without getting too scared. They certainly wanted to experience pretty much everything at Walt Disney World but it was always in the back of our minds if they would be OK on some of the bigger rides. We were discussing this again recently and wondered if other parents or even adults were a little uncertain of some of the scarier, faster and bigger attractions so I have decided to the scary rides at Disney World and what is the scariest along with some of the other contenders too.

Tips For All Scary Disney Rides

Top 10 Scariest Disney Rides That Have Killed People!

No matter which ride is scary to you, weve got some tips thatll work across the board! First of all, wed like to stress that you dont have to ride anything that youre not comfortable riding. You can always wait outside, or you can wait in the queue with your friends, then skip out before boarding . If youre the friend or family member of a person whos nervous, dont force them into doing a ride theyre uncomfortable with.

If your family and friends know your limits, then have them go on the ride before you, then report back with whether or not they think you could handle it. Then on your first time, take a riding buddy so you have a solid support system!

And if youre looking for a way to prep before your visit, make sure to check out ride-through videos on YouTube. You can find a bunch on our AllEars YouTube channel. Youll find videos of nearly every Disney World ride and attraction online, and then youll know exactly what to expect!

There you go, those are our best tips for conquering Disney Worlds scariest rides! If you need more advice for your upcoming trip to the parks, make sure to stay tuned to AllEars for the best planning help!

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Scary Rides At Disney World

Please dont be too concerned about the scary rides at Disney World. I can ensure you that you will enjoy pretty much all of them. There is only one attraction I wont ride and that is the Orange Mission which is the more intense version of Mission: SPACE at Epcot and that is because it makes me feel a little ill because I suffer from motion sickness. You will have so much fun throughout all the Disney World Parks but if you are a little sensitive or dont like particular styles of rides then do be aware of the attractions I have highlighted above. Most importantly have lots of fun .

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Thanks for stopping by.

Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run

Smugglers Run isnt too scary but during the ride you do get thrown around in the cockpit quite a bit. For most Disney World Guests they should be fine but if you dont like fairly dark enclosed spaces the ride may not be for you. For that reason Millennium Falcon Smugglers Run makes number 12 on my list.

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Kali River Rapids Disney World

Kali River Rapids Orlando is a water ride in a circular ride vehicle. You can find similar experiences at other theme parks.

Kali River Rapids Walt Disney World is a scary ride at Animal Kingdom because there are several sections with shooting water and some drops. If you dont like the sound of whining, save this one for a warm day. You will most definitely get wet. The ride is mild, but if your child doesnt like the anticipation of waiting to be shot by cold water or soaked after a drop, skip this one or pack a poncho.

Kali River Rapids Ride Location: Animal Kingdom

Disney Animal Kingdom Height Requirement: 38

Why is Kali River Rapids Disney Animal Kingdom scary?:

A. Drops

B. Shooting Water

The Absolute Scariest Ride At Walt Disney World

Scariest Rides at Walt Disney World [2021] ð±

    Disney World isnt just for kids. Though many of the parks rides concentrate on the art of story-telling and decor thatll transport you to another world, there are still a handful of attractions thatll get even the bravest of Disney fans heart racing.

    Read on to find out the number one scariest ride at Walt Disney World.

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    Ranking Every Ride At Walt Disney World

    Okay, ranking posts are a bit silly. A ride ranking post is incredibly silly. Nonetheless, in this post we set out to rank the rides at Walt Disney World!

    There are some objective factors that play into our rankingsincluding ride length, ride capacity, and Lightning Lane availability. But for the most part, this is a subjective matter. The ride list were using is the Parkeology list, which gives us 52 rides to rank.

    This list is broken down into four groups. We start the ranking with Walt Disney World rides were willing to let go. This includes a few things, like the rafts to Tom Sawyer Island, that arent really replaceable in any technical sense but that also just dont grab us in any way.

    Then we move on to the rides that arent pulling their weight. Id ride these one last time, but they could probably be replaced without much objection from us.

    At #37, we take a turn to the positive. These are rides Ill ride if I can find time for them. I dont want them gone, but Im also not rushing to get on them. Then we close with the must-ride attractions at Walt Disney World and the iconic ridesthe rides that stand above the rest.

    If youre interested in other rankings, check out our rankings of the Disney parks around the world and our rankings of the iconic castles of the Disney parks. We have a shorter list ranking the roller coasters of Walt Disney World, too.

    Twilight Zone Tower Of Terror

    I dont like drop rides and the only reason I am happy to ride this attraction is because you are enclosed in the ride vehicle. The backstory to Tower of Terror is told very well from the introduction video after the lobby right up to during the ride itself. Yes it is spooky and the last part of the ride experience is dark and you never know how many drops and rises you are going to get which can make the ride quite scary.

    I have found that Tower of Terror is one of the few rides that really gets you on your first ride during your Disney World vacation. You have been away for probably a year or so and during that first Tower of Terror ride of your vacation the anticipation, theme and the ride itself can scare you. The great thing about Tower of Terror is that you think you have conquered it and it gets you again with a really long spell in the lift shaft!

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    Guardians Of The Galaxy: Monsters After Dark

    We don’t know how you feel about the Guardians taking over the Tower of Terror at Disney World, but we love it! We also love the Halloween layover brought to us courtesy of Tivan the Collector’s menagerie of monsters Rocket lets loose. Though no portals to the Twilight Zone exist here, we still have some pretty scary encounters.

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    With monsters, mechanical malfunctions, and a heavy metal-inspired soundtrack, it’s a heart-racing thrill ride led by our favorite raccoon and talking twig. More adrenaline rush than total scare, but we still have to put it on our list for its use of fire-breathing monsters, but at least Groot takes a little of the edge off.

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