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What Is At Each Disney World Park

Where To Eat At Magic Kingdom

What’s The Best Land in Each Disney World Park?

Were only eaten at the cheaper quick service restaurants at Magic Kingdom.

Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn in Frontierland is our top pick for eating at Disney World on a budget as they have a huge free toppings bar where you can liven up your meal with salsas, cheese, jalapeños, pickles, and lettuce.

The veggie nachos and veggie rice bowl with beans and vegetables are pretty tasty once youve added the toppings. Save time by ordering on the Disney app.

Columbia Harbour House in Liberty Square is another good option. We enjoyed the hummus and broccoli slaw sandwich and vegetarian chilli.

Note: We Cant Wait To Get Back

Its been an interesting couple of years here. We would have liked to have gotten back to the international resorts in 2020 or 2021, but thats been challenging for the obvious reasons and the less obvious .

So, its been a while since weve been to any international Disney park, and some of these are coming up on a half-decade since our last visit. Time flies when youre covering a new tweak at Disney World every 6 weeks with your life seeing two life-altering disruptions in the middle, I suppose.

Were planning to get back to Disneyland Paris in 2022, with plans to visit the Asian resorts in late 2022 / 2023. Obviously these plans are aspirational, but Zoe already has one international trip done , so we fully expect more on the horizon.

All that said, we obviously lack some subjective expertise in these parks. We could leave this post in an old form, but then its full of inaccurate information. We could update just the parks weve visited recently, but thats maybe even worse. So instead were going to do our best with the past experience we have and the wonders of the internet, which enable us to learn a lot about changes we havent seen yet.

Things To See And Explore At Magic Kingdom:

Casey Jr, Splash N Soak Station

Cinderella Castle

Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom

Swiss Family Treehouse

Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros

Journey into Imagination with Figment

Living with the Land

The Seas with Nemo & Friends


Disney & Pixar Short Film Festival

Impressions de France

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All About The Disney World Parks

2 water parks.

1 massive shopping district.

The Disney World parks have something for everyone but with so much to offer you may find yourself wondering where to start.

We can help.

We have comprehensive guides that cover everything there is to see and do at the parks.

Plus, we have all the necessary tips and FastPass+ resources youll need to put together a touring plan that keeps you out in the parks having fun instead of wasting your valuable vacation time in lines.

Best Animal Kingdom Rides

What is There to Do at Each Walt Disney World Park?
  • Avatar Flight of Passage
  • Festival of the Lion King Show

There are not a ton of rides in Animal Kingdom, but these are the few things you absolutely must do. If you have the time and want to add more fun to your day, check out Navi River Journey, and the Maharaja Jungle Trek. And be sure to check out the Animal Kingdom Checklist, for anything else you dont want to miss.

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Theme Parks And Design Immersion

A theme park differs from an amusement park in that the former must show some commitment to a theme other than unbridled enjoyment . To be a good amusement park, a place needs a good attraction lineup, but a theme park specifically needs something more .

Theme can be present in different ways. One way, for example, is simply to name the lands and rides something keeping with the theme and add some minimal level of on-theme design to the attractions. All theme parks, including the Disney parks, do at least this.

Tokyo DisneySea offers ports named, for example, Mysterious Island, Lost River Delta, and American Waterfront. In the castle parks, Adventurelands around the world offer rides. Frontierlands are home to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

Another way to bring theme into the park is in the design of the non-attraction elements, particularly the other details in the lands. Do the walkways, the stores, the open spaces, and the restaurants also fit the theme? This aspect of theme is most often referred to as the immersive quality of the park.

Disney excels at immersive design in its lands. For example, immersive design can be seen in Treasure Cove at Shanghai Disneyland, where the restaurants, shops, and walkways are designed to be reminiscent of a pirate-occupied Caribbean town.

The Disney park that we find best at immersive design is Tokyo DisneySea. Its themed ports radiate with detail, completely enveloping you once you set foot in them.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park, home to more than 250 species of animals, gives park guests the opportunity to explore seven distinct park sections: Africa, Asia, Discovery Island, Dinoland U.S.A., the Oasis, Camp Minnie-Mickey and Rafiki’s Planet Watch area. Visit the park’s animals by exploring the walking trails scattered throughout the park, such as the Discovery Island trails and the Maharajah Jungle Trek, or by riding the Kilimanjaro Safari ride. Hop on the Expedition Everest or Kali River Rapids journey for an adventure or spend time at the park’s Affection Section petting zoo for a quieter experience.


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How Many Days Do You Need In Each Disney Park

hi everyone! i was just wondering how many days you need in each disney world park. we plan on going in october and will be spending 6 days in the parks 1 day at the waterparks and 2 days at universal studios and sea world,. we were just wondering how many days you need in each park to experice most of the parks attractions, not everything but still we want to have a great experience. i was also wondering, is 1 day enough to visit both blizzard beach and typhoon lagoon, we have the waterpark option, so thats not an issue but is one day enough to split between disneys two waterparks?

Thank you for all your advice!

Hi Jacob!

I’d say you could definitely see each of the four main parks in one day. It depends on party size and when in October you’re going. But most of October is quieter than say, summer time. A family of four could easily spend the day in Magic Kingdom and feel like they got the Disney experience. Same with universal. I went to Islands for two days on my last trip, but found that one could have been enough if I didn’t want to spend so long shopping in Harry Potter World.

Keep in mind that the water parks do tend to close more often than the regular parks due to weather. So I’d say go with the plan to go to two, but understand that because of the rain, or wind, you may only get to one in the morning.

Good luck.

sorry for being unclear and thank you for taking your time to feed back to my posts!

Journey Into Imagination With Figment

BEST Attraction at Each Park in Walt Disney World | Best & Worst | 11/19/20

The original version of Journey Into Imagination was an incredible dark ride with amazing characters, music and a unique storytelling narrative. This however is not that ride and is a much watered-down version of the original attraction.

We still ride it from time to time, but its in dire need of refurbishing, and we hope they do it right the next time.

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The Best Of The Rest At Magic Kingdom

Once youve got the main rides out of the way, one of the best things to do at Magic Kingdom is just wander, soak up the atmosphere, and pop into one of the random shows and attractions that rarely have long waits.

If you are wondering what to do at Disney World when youre feeling hot and exhausted, I recommend musical shows like the Enchanted Tiki Room, Country Bear Jamboree , and Mickeys PhilharMagic. You wont need to wait for long and they are perfect when you need a break.

We also love having a picnic on Tom Sawyers Island, clambering up the Swiss Family Treehouse, and getting on the water on the pun-tastic or the leisurely Liberty Square Riverboat.

The Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover takes you behind the scenes of Tomorrowlands attractions and is especially lovely at sunset when you can see the park from above. We enjoy taking the Railroad around the park in the afternoon when were feeling tired.

Finishing the day with the Magic Kingdom fireworks above the castle is a Disney World must do.

The Answer To Which Disney World Park Is The Best

Here is the thing, there really is no right answer. Each park offers something magic and unique. However, there is an answer to which park fits your group and your expectations for the day the best. That answer, though, is up to you! Weve broken down the best things about each of the parks to help answer the big question which Disney World Park is the best?

We truly hope this will make your decision easier and leave you feeling like there is no question about your choice. Whatever you choose, you really cant go wrong! Make sure to check out our 100 Disney World Tips and Tricks to make your day go smoother. We also have detailed guides for each of the parks about rides, food, dining experiences, and Fastpass booking that will be helpful to you in planning.

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Disney World Rides And Attractions List

When planning a Disney World Vacation, it can be helpful just to see a list of all the Disney World Rides and Attractions. Below you will find exactly that for each park along with some helpful information and links at the bottom of the page that will help you find out more about the Disney FastPass+ system, the rides and attractions and other useful tips too.

Buzz Lightyears Space Ranger Spin

Dumbo the Flying Elephant

Its a Small World

The Magic Carpets of Aladdin

Main Street Vehicles Themed Area

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

Peter Pans Flight

Under the Sea ~ Journey of The Little Mermaid

Walt Disney World Railroad

Walt Disneys Carousel of Progress

Best Theme Parks In Orlando For Elementary

What is There to Do at Each Walt Disney World Park?

Best: SeaWorld Orlando

Who says learning isn’t fun? Out of all the Orlando theme parks, SeaWorld Orlando is one of the most educational. Kids of all ages, but especially young children, can test their knowledge of aquatic life. They can also explore the exhibits and get up close and personal with baby dolphins, sea lions and stingrays. The younger end of this group will also love Sesame Street Land and its interactive elements! Be sure to also check out Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin. Kids should not miss the penguin habitat, which mimics the icy conditions of the South Pole. Get up close with the penguins in temps of 30 degrees. You can see four species on land and underwater.

Other Good Orlando Theme Parks for Elementary-Age Kids:

  • LEGOLAND Florida The whole park is geared toward 2 to 12-year-olds. For LEGO fanatics, the themed lands are second to none! Adventurous kids can experience the thrill of the Flying School roller coaster. Those who aren’t quite ready have gentler ride options such as The Dragon. The water park within the park will keep everyone cool on the hottest summer days. It became even more “awesome” with the addition of LEGO MOVIE World in 2019.
  • Magic Kingdom This is the place where fairytales come true, and princesses and pirates will love the opportunities to indulge in a little make-believe and maybe work up the nerve to try out Space Mountain or Splash Mountain. Great starter coaster options are Big Thunder Mountain Railroad or The Barnstormer.

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Challenges To Ranking The Disney Parks

There are some real challenges to the task of ranking the Disney parks. First, its not like we went from one to another day after day. There were months between some visits and days between others.

Second, we had a limited time at each park. While we always err on the side of overstaying, theres no doubt it takes time to truly appreciate a good theme park. We don’t claim to be experts about every park.

Relatedly, we have vastly more experience at Walt Disney World and Disneyland than the other resorts. This helps some parks there that take time to really understand, while it hurts others that suffer from fatigue easily.

Finallyand what this post is really aboutthere is just the question of what makes a good theme park. It should go without saying that this list is subjective. But we’ve also tried to think it through and come up with some sort of support for our positions. Any good subjective ranking should maintain some consistency in the factors it’s considering.

When you get down to the actual rankings, youll maybe think it reads somewhat like a list we threw together like any other clickbait list . But that’s because we didn’t want to devote hundreds of words to each park, and it would be incredibly boring for people who just care about the list to have to hear us go on about the same things over and over.

Dining In Hollywood Studios

  • Our favorite place to eat in Hollywood Studios is the Sci-Fi Diner, which features casual food served in a drive-in theater. You eat in an actual automobile while watching old-school classic monster and alien movies. Needless to say, this is a huge crowd-pleaser for the family.
  • The elegant Hollywood Brown Derby is always a great choice. The food is pricier, but it gives you the classic Hollywood feel.
  • Woodys LunchBox in Toy Story Land is good for a quick snack, too.

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Which Disney Park Has The Most Rides

If we are talking about just sheer numbers, Disneys Magic Kingdom has the most rides of all the theme parks in Walt Disney World. It has 25 official rides, and 34 attractions, making it far and away the highest number.

Disneys Animal Kingdom has the fewest amount of rides with only 8, while EPCOT and Hollywood Studios have 9 rides each.

Best Theme Parks In Orlando For Adults

Best Disney World Rides in Each Park â And Future Rides Coming Soon!


The most non-traditional park out of all the Orlando theme parks, EPCOT offers the chance to experience many of the world’s cultures through sight, sound and taste. Shopaholics will love strolling through the World Showcase shops. EPCOT is the only place in the U.S. where some of these items can be found! There are plenty of diverse food and beverage options to be explored, as well.

Other Good Theme Parks for Adults:

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Book A Disney World Tour With World Class Vip For A Seamless Experience

Planning Disney World vacations may be challenging, but doing so can ensure that you get the best possible vacation experience. However, you need not do this alone. You can reserve a Disney World tour and customize your itinerary based on the guide above and other considerations you may need to make.

To book a VIP tour for your Disney vacation, contact World Class VIP at 270-3784 to learn more about your package options and rates. We will be happy to work with you to craft the most suitable tour for your needs and preferences. Get your free VIP tour quote today!

Walt Disney World Resort

Walt Disney World Resort is the most visited and largest recreational resort in the world, containing four theme parks, two water parks, twenty-three themed hotels, and numerous shopping, dining, entertainment and recreation venues. Owned and operated by the Disney Parks, Experiences and Products segment of The Walt Disney Company, it is located southwest of Orlando, Florida, USA. The property often is abbreviated Walt Disney World, Disney World or WDW.

It opened on , 1971, with the Magic Kingdom theme park, and has since added Epcot , Disney’s Hollywood Studios , and Disney’s Animal Kingdom .

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Best Animal Kingdom Attractions And Restaurants

Disneys Animal Kingdom is Walt Disney Worlds largest park and includes almost 500 acres of land, much of which houses the wildlife. Filled with separate areas, like Africa, and Asia, Animal Kingdom also includes Pandora World of Avatar. This park features trails throughout certain hours that allow animal viewing, so be sure to allow enough time here for browsing. Animal Kingdom typically closes earlier, about 5 or 6 pm in the low seasons, so be sure to check park hours before you make plans. Check out everything you can do on your Animal Kingdom Day.

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