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What Is A Memory Maker At Disney World

Single Photo Download $1695

What is Memory Maker? Disney World Vacation

You also have the option of purchasing PhotoPass photos one by one if you dont want to buy a package. This can work well if you only have a few photos you would want to save, but this can get quite expensive quickly. If you plan on downloading more than 10 PhotoPass photos, you should opt for the $169 advance purchase package. You can then download all the photos you take, and youll be encouraged to stop at the designated photo locations to take all family photos you like.

Are Masks Required While Taking Photopass Photos

Currently Disney requires that masks must be worn at all times unless eating and drinking while stationary. This includes when guests are taking pictures, and the Memory Maker Package is no different. The PhotoPass photographers will not be allowed to take guest photos if they are not wearing their masks.

Some believe that this makes the Package less worth it, however the pictures will still have the same great qualities and regardless of a professional taking the pictures or yourself, either way masks will be required.

Your Most Common Memory Maker Questions Answered

If youre planning a first visit to Walt Disney World then chances are that youre having the Should I get Memory Maker? debate. Memory Maker is a fantastic option for families looking to capture the magic of your Disney vacation with unlimited downloads of photos taken by Disney photographers during your time at the parks. To give you a better understanding as to how a MemoryMaker package can help your family preserve those magical memories, here are some of your most common Memory Maker questions answered!

Whats included in a Memory Maker package?

  • Any photos your family have taken by PhotoPass photographers which you will see scattered across each of the theme parks.
  • Magic Shots Which Ill talk more about below
  • Ride videos and photos including the following attractions: Seven Dwarfs Mine Train , Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin, Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Test Track, Rock nRoller Coaster, Tower of Terror, DINOSAUR, Frozen Ever After, and Pirates of the Caribbean.

How do I know where to find PhotoPass photographers? Youll find them across the four parks and even at some of the resorts. If you find yourself in front of an attraction, beautiful view, vista or famous Disney landmark, chances are theres a PhotoPass photographer close at hand. However, if you need a bit of guidance, theres a find PhotoPass option on your My Disney Experience App that you can use once you are in the park. It will show you common locations to find the photographers.

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How Do I Link The Memory Maker Photos With My Account

There are numerous ways you can link the photos with your account

  • The photographer will scan your magic band.
  • The photographer will scan your annual pass. To access the photos, you must link it with your Disney account using the app or website. To link it with the app, press the icon with the three gray lines on the bottom right, tap Tickets and Passes then Link Tickets & Passes. To link it with the website, use this link.
  • The photographer will give a PhotoPass card, which you can scan using the Disney World app, or input the 16-character code on the back of the card into the Disney World website .
  • If youre wearing a magic band, on-ride photos will automatically appear in your account. Otherwise, you can tap your Magic Band on a scanner near the photo at the exit of select attractions.

Keep in mind that sometimes it take a little while for the photos to appear in your account.

Things To Keep In Mind About Disneys Memory Maker

What is Memory Maker, why you should include it in your vacation ...
  • Each photo will stay on the PhotoPass website for only 45 days. That means you need to make sure you have downloaded all of your photographs before that day. Disney usually sends reminder emails, but keep that date in mind.
  • You can add photos to your Memory Maker for up to 30 days. This is great if you are splitting up your Walt Disney World vacation with a Disney Cruise or if you are visiting more than once in 30 days. This also works if your family or friends are visiting near the same time you are, and you can split the cost of the Memory Maker.
  • Dont stress if you do not see one of your pictures. You can always contact Disney on their to let them know you are missing a photograph. Missing images are usually found within 24 hours and added to your account.
  • You have to purchase the Advance Purchase Memory Maker at least 3 days before using it. If you are within 3 days of your Walt Disney World vacation, you should buy the non-discounted Memory Maker to get all of your photographs!
  • Take as many photos as you can! When we have Memory Maker, we stop at as many PhotoPass photographers as we can. You never know which one will give you a great family photo.

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Memory Maker One Day $69

Includes all your photos and videos from one day of your choosing. May be used upon purchase. Purchase is nonrefundable. Right now, Disney is running a promotion that ends March 11, 2021 where if you purchase this package, they will allow you to download your photos and videos from the following consecutive day at no extra cost.

Is Disney Memory Maker And Photopass Actually Worth It

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There are many ways to commemorate your Disney World vacation, and Disney Memory Maker may be one of the best ways! It allows you to take professional photos all around the parks, capture moments with your favorite characters, and easily share your memories with friends and family when you get home.

The Disney Memory Maker and PhotoPass can save you time, and maybe even some money! It can also help you take home memories of your favorite moments from Disney World, which means you will have these memories with you forever! And who doesnt love documented memories?

But how does Disney Memory Maker work? How do you use it? And is it worth the money? We have all those answers and more right here! This article will make sure to really dig into if the Disney Memory Maker and PhotoPass is worth it or not!

So dont worry: we plan on giving you all the details and our best tips to make sure you know whether Memory Maker is right for you and your family. And we will make sure to give you a break down on all you need to know in order to get the most out of Disney Memory Maker for your next trip!

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What Is The Disney Memory Maker

The 2022 Disney Memory Maker is the paid service that Walt Disney Worldoffers to guests to retrieve their photos taken around the park. The Memory Maker price includes:

  • Digital downloads of all Disney PhotoPass pictures and videos
  • Certain attraction photos and videos
  • Professional shots taken at iconic Disney locations by PhotoPass Photographers
  • Magic Shots with appearances from special characters and more added into your Disney photos!

Is The Disney Memory Maker Worth The Cost

What is Memory Maker at Walt Disney World Resort?

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To answer that question, we first need to give you all the details on Disneys Memory Maker. The Memory Maker will allow you to enjoy unlimited digital Disney PhotoPass photos that are taken at hundreds of locations thought Disney World. You wont experience a shortage of magical photos from your Disney Vacation.

TravelingMom Tip: released the Disney World 50th Anniversary collection of merchandise online! Some of these limited edition items are selling fast. Check out the full list of items here.

All the photos will be linked to your Disney account by having your MagicBand or card scanned by the PhotoPass photographers. The photos can be viewed on your My Disney Experience account. These photos can be downloaded to your computer.

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You Get To Be In The Photos

On a lot of family vacations there is always one family member who becomes the designated photo taker. This means they dont always get to be in the photos! Having designated photographers throughout the parks means someone else gets to be the photo taker for this trip and you can prove you actually went on your vacation.

& 2022 Military Memory Maker Discount Prices

Note: No more than two Memory Maker products may be purchased in each offer year at the special price by an Eligible Service Member or their spouse .

Walt Disney World

  • You can purchase the Memory Maker product for the discounted price of $98.00
  • The discounted Memory Maker can be purchased in the parks at select retail locations. The One-day Memory Maker can only be purchased at the vacation planning booths at the Ticket and Transportation Center or at Guest Relations by Eligible Service Members or their spouses.

Many people have asked if there is a 3 day wait to use the Memory Maker at this military price as there is when buying the regular discounted general public pre-purchase deal .

This military discount has nothing to do with that!

Your purchase starts working right away, just as if you purchased at the full price general public rate .

See all Disney terms and conditions below

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Disney World Pictures And Disney Photopass Guide

2022 Disney World Pictures and Disney PhotoPass Guide

2022 Disney World Pictures and Disney PhotoPass Guide

This article is your complete guide to the 2022 Disney Memory Maker and Disney PhotoPass! Because we all know every single Disney vacation is packed with once in a lifetime memories. Whether it be an anniversary, birthday, first time or just routine Disney trip, the Disney World Memory Maker is an option to capture the moment forever. These picture spots are sprinkled all throughout the parks, especially in front of park icons, picture perfect backdrops and for special events. Walt Disney World photos are a complimentary photo service, with special Disney pixie dust for all of your park, dining and character experiences.

While Disney World photos are free to take, to actually have your photos, you must pay for them. Whether it be per photo, with the Memory Maker, or being an Annual Passholder, those are the only ways of receiving a Disney Photo. In this article, we are going to talk about everything there is to know about the Disney memory maker. What to expect, how to get it, unique experiences and more!

So if youre ready to learn everything we know about the Disney PhotoPass, lets read on!

SPECIAL NOTE: If you are still in the process of planning your Disney vacation need help picking the best time to visit Disney World be sure to check out our Disney crowd calendar below!

Upsides To Disney Memory Maker And Photopass


There are a lot of perks for using Disney Memory Maker on your next trip, and these upsides can definitely make up for the pricey cost of it. Here are some of our favorites:

  • You can get everyone in the photo! Mom doesnt have to hold the camera like usual, and youll have photo evidence that everyone was there and having a good time.
  • You get professional photos in your favorite parks, with your favorite characters, and on some of the best rides.
  • Unlimited, lets say that again, unlimited photos.
  • These photos dont take up storage space on your phone or cloud, and you dont have to try and carry around a nice camera in the parks.
  • Also, PhotoPass photographers sometimes have fun props and they have Magic Shots that will insert characters and some extra Pixie Dust into your photos.
  • You own all your photos with no extra cost.
  • The locations where photographers are stationed are typically captivating and fun.
  • Pro tip! They are often in the parks prior to park opening, so if you have an early breakfast reservation take advantage of the near empty parks to get some great shots!

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At Iconic Locations Around The Parks

Youll find Disney PhotoPass photographers at hundreds of the best photo spots all over Walt Disney World Resort, ready to take professional shots of your whole family having an amazing time together!

The Disney Theme Parks are full of once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunities posing together in front of Cinderella Castle, getting a big hug from Mickey Mouse, screaming down Splash Mountain… the list goes on and on!

How Much Does Memory Maker Cost

Memory Maker costs $199 or $169 if purchased in advance. If you purchase at the $199 rate, you can begin downloading all photos in your account immediately.

If you pre-purchase at the $169 rate, you will not be able to download photos taken prior to or within the first three days after purchase. Im not 100% on the specifics, but I take this to mean if you purchase on the 25th , your first day of available photos will be the 29th.

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Link Memory Maker With Your Friends Or Family

Once youve created an account with My Disney Experience, youll be able to link your Memory Maker package with everyone else thats visiting Walt Disney World Resort with you!

Youll then be able to view and download each others photos!

Linking your accounts means you can also secure Disney FastPass+ selections together, and makes it easier to share dining reservations and other plans.

When logged into your account, simply go to My Family & Friends and select Add a Guest. Youll then be able to link up with everyone whos visiting Walt Disney World with you!

Alternatively, you can also send an email invitation to connect through your My Disney Experience account.

Using Memory Maker In The Parks

What is Memory Maker?! – My Disney Experience

Memory Maker Photographers

  • Visit any Memory Maker Photographer and have them scan your Magic Band after taking your family photos . If they hand you aMemory Maker card, take a picture of the back of the card and hang onto it. When you get ready to download your photos after your vacation, you can enter the number on the back of the card to have these photos added to your Memory Maker.

Restaurants and Attractions

  • If the Memory Maker is linked to your MagicBands, the attraction photos will automatically be added to your account. If you dont have a MagicBand associated with your My Disney Experience profile, you will need to stop by each attractions Sales Counter after you ride to have the Cast Member add the photos to your account using the Memory Maker card. You have 24 hours after riding the attraction to associate the photo with your Memory Maker account but I do suggest doing it immediately so the process is less time consuming.
  • At restaurants, theMemory Maker photographer will scan your band or card after taking your picture to add the photos to your account.

Viewing Your Photos During Vacation

  • Your photos will be available to view about 24 hours after they were taken. You can view them at or by clicking View Photos link found on the My Disney Experience homepage. I do not suggest downloading them until after you return home from your vacation.

If you wait to purchase Memory Maker during your trip, it is $199.00.

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Memory Maker Versus Disney Photopass

There can be lots of confusion surrounding these two terms that The Walt Disney Company has coined, but once you understand each of them, its easy! The biggest hint I have for you is that the terms are often interchangeable. Disneys PhotoPass is the service of taking photos. It can also refer to the PhotoPass Cast Members themselves, or even the location at which your photos are taken . The physical card with either QR code or linkable alphanumeric code you might receive from a photographer helps to remember the difference.

Memory Maker refers to the purchasable item or package which contains the photos. The Memory Maker Photo Package can be purchase for a day or your entire vacation. For those with Annual Passes, you can look back on nearly an entire year of photos for downloading or browsing. Is the Memory Maker Package worth the purchase for you? We break down the costs and share whats right for your vacation below in the Cost of Memory Maker Package section.

What Is Disney Photopass

Disney photographically captures your magical experiences throughout your Disney vacation. It is a completely complementary service that allows guests to catch those special vacation moments they want to remember for a lifetime.

  • First, youll need to locate a PhotoPass Photographer. They are pretty easy to spot, as they will be carrying professional camera equipment and usually can be found wearing a tan vest with two large front pockets . Guests will be able to find them throughout Walt Disney World Resorts four theme parks, water parks, Downtown Disney, at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, as well as a few other locations. PhotoPass photographers are also located at both Disneyland parks.
  • Guests will have a couple of options available to them when they get their photos taken. One option will be that guests can use their MagicBand. The Disney PhotoPass photographer will simply scan the Mickey logo on your band and your photos will be linked to your account. The other option is that guests will be given a PhotoPass card. This plastic card is free will include a unique 16 digit barcode. The PhotoPass photographer will scan that each time they take your photo and then hand it to you. Any time you get your photo taken by a Disneys PhotoPass photographer, you will need to get either the MagicBand or the PhotoPass card scanned.

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