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What Does A Trip To Disney World Cost

How Much Does A Disney World Vacation Cost: Budget Planning The Easy Way

How Much a Disney World Vacation Really Costs | Budget

Step One: Theme Park Ticket Pricing 1 minute

  • Visit the Touring Plans least expensive ticket calculator. Input the number of days youre visiting and the number of people in your party.
  • Write down the price listed by the Ticket Calculator.

Step Two: Hotel Pricing 3 minutes

  • Choose travel dates based on your kids next school vacation or other upcoming convenient date .
  • Check the Special Offers page to see if there are any price breaks available on those dates .
  • Do a gut check. Are you in budget mode, splurge mode, or something in between ?
  • Based on the gut check, search or the Special Offers page for hotels for your party size in the value, moderate, or deluxe category on the dates youve selected .
  • Write down the lowest price listed by the search engine.

Step Three: Transportation Pricing 3 minutes

Step Four: Food Pricing 2 minutes

  • Do a gut check. Will you be eating mostly counter service meals or will you have a table service meal on most days?
  • Use our standard estimations to determine how much youll likely spend on food during your trip. The average price of a days worth of counter-service meals, plus one snack, is $45 for adults and $30 for children. The average price of a counter-service breakfast and lunch, a snack, and a table-service dinner is $65 per adult and $45 per child. Multiply these prices by the number of adults and children in your party and by the number of days of your visit .
  • Write down the cost of meals.

How Long To Stay At Disney World

Four full days is our minimum for a trip to Disney as it allows us to have a day in each of the main parks.

If you are visiting Disney as part of a longer trip around Florida, you could choose just one or two parks to visit, but they all are very different. Its impossible for us to pick and doing more than one park in a day would be exhausting.

So even if you are planning a trip to Disney World on a budget, try to allow four full days if you can.

Six or seven full days would be even better as it allows you to revisit some of the parks, have a rest day, or visit the two water parks.

On our last trip, we stayed for six nights with five full park days and wished wed had an extra day for a rest/water park day in the middle.

On our previous trip where we stayed off-site in a cheap motel we had 10 nightssix days in the main parks plus two days in the Disney water parks and one day at Disney Springs and Disneys Winter Summerland mini-golf.

That was a bit much for me, but Simon the Disney fanatic loved it.

You might also want to allow a day or two to visit Universal Studios which is home to the wonderful Wizarding World of Harry Potter .

How Much Are Disney World Tickets

Disney World park tickets are one area where the cost doesnt vary that much.

Yes, you can save some money by using an Authorized Ticket Seller , but unless you are buying a lot of tickets, you just arent going to save hundreds of dollars.

Heres what you need to keep in mind when trying to figure out how much youll spend on Disney World park tickets:

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Budget Class For The Happiest Place On Earth

  • 3-day 1-Park per Day Tickets = $1,464
  • Nights Value Resort = $675
  • Quick Service Dining Plan = $648
  • Small Souvenirs = $100

A family of four can do Disney World on a budget if theyre willing to shorten their trip to less than a week. Four nights with three days in the parks will keep the costs low, averaging about $2,887 for a family of four to visit Disney World on a budget.

Factors That Will Determine How Much Money Will Your Disney World Trip Will Cost

Disney World Cost Calculator: How Much Does a Disney Trip Cost? in 2021 ...

A Walt Disney World family vacation is almost always a magical and memorable experience. But it can also be a significant expense.

How much it will cost depends on many factors, but it comes down to your particular situation and the decisions and compromises you make. Most families spend anywhere between $3,000 to $6,000 on a Disney World vacation, but how much costs will depend on how long you stay, where you stay, what dining plan you choose, car rentals, theme park tickets, souvenirs, and other such factors.

This Disney World vacation expense guide will cover the bases for you. So lets get started

All ticket prices mentioned below are accurate for Disney vacations in June 2020. This is subject to change.

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Is Free Dining Worth It

Free Dining is typically released alongside other package or room-only discounts. To know whether it makes sense to book Free Dining, you need to know what youre giving up by forgoing the other discounts. If you want to know more about this issue, check out Disney Tourist Blogs coverage. In any case, be sure to run the numbers yourself before hopping on Free Dining.

You also want to make sure youre not picking dates just for free dining. Its possible there are cheaper dates to be found if you look beyond the free dining window.

Average Cost Of 5 Days At Disney World

If youre planning on staying longer than 4 days, you might be wondering how much does the average Disney trip cost if I add on an extra day? If youre looking to stay at full Monday Friday at Disney World, we can simply use one of our prior examples and just add on another day of expenses. Lets use a the moderate resort example for a family of 4, but the average cost of 5 days at Disney instead of 4.

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How Much Does The Food At Disney World Cost

When planning a Disney World trip, there are 2 budget items where it is relatively easy to spend big or save a lot: food & lodging.

Want to save some money? Disney makes it easy to keep your expenses low by allowing you to bring food into the parks.

But, if cost isnt a factor, they also offer lots of restaurants where you can easily spend upwards of $150 for a family of 4.

Important note: The Disney Dining Plan is currently unavailable, however, Disney has announced that it will return at a later date.

And, let us not forget about the Disney Dining Plan. This is an add-on that is only available to guests staying onsite at a Walt Disney World owned hotel.

It includes 4 different options, and depending on which one you select youll receive a certain number of credits to use throughout your trip:

  • Quick Service Dining Plan
  • Regular Dining Plan
  • Plus Dining Plan
  • Deluxe Dining Plan

When putting together your cost for dining at Disney World, make sure you consider:

Buying Tickets From Disney

How expensive is Walt Disney World vs. Tokyo Disneyland? | Tickets, Hotels, Food, & Merchandise

The first way to buy park tickets is to get them directly from Disney. There is no difference in price between parks, and tickets to all 4 theme parks cost the same .

Disneys price system is based on the dates you choose for your theme park admission. If you go during the off-season the tickets will cost less. If you go during the busy season, they will cost more.

  • Single-Day Adult park tickets in 2022 range from $109 to $159 each .
  • Single-Day Child park tickets in 2022 range from $104 to $154 each .

That means on average you can expect to pay about $135 per adult and $130 per child for one-day tickets.

Multi-Day Disney World park passes on the other hand reward you the more days you go and the longer your pass, the less you pay per day. This is always the best value.

A One-Day Ticket starts at $109 per day, however, a 5-Day ticket starts at $90 per day, and a 10-Day ticket starts at only $54 per day. You can see the advantage of going for multiple days during your trip.

Here are the 2022 prices for Multi-Day Park Tickets:

  • 2-Day Ticket Cost: $107 $155 per day
  • 3-Day Ticket Cost: $106 $149 per day
  • 4-Day Ticket Cost: $105 $141 per day
  • 5-Day Ticket Cost: $90 $121 per day
  • 6-Day Ticket Cost: $77 $104 per day
  • 7-Day Ticket Cost: $68 $92 per day
  • 8-Day Ticket Cost: $62 $83 per day
  • 9-Day Ticket Cost: $57 $75 per day
  • 10-Day Ticket Cost: $54 $69 per day

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Disney Dining Plan Calculators

We havent inspected many of these, but Google points to plenty of Disney dining plan calculators if youre looking to run some numbers. The menus for all the Disney restaurants are also available online.

The trick here is to be honest about what you would typically spend. If you use these calculators to put together your dream dining experience, youre doing things backwards. Start by finding out whether the dining plan makes sense based on what youd typically spend.

Are Park Hopper Tickets Worth It

This is a bit subjective. Park hopper tickets are beneficial if you have a limited amount of time in Disney World but want to see as much as possible. For example, if youve only got two days, getting a two day, hopper ticket will allow you to see all the parks. However, its impossible to go on every ride during that time. You could spend an entire day at one park and still not get on every ride . If its your first time to Disney World, spending four days is ideal.

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Planning A Trip To Disney World On A Budget: Top Tips + Costs

This page contains affiliate links. Please read our disclosure for more info.

Yes, planning a trip to Disney World on a budget is possible! Its never going to be the cheapest trip, but there are many ways you can save money on accommodation, transport, and food.

Weve been to Disney World in Orlando, Florida three times as adults. The first two visits we were on a tight budget and stayed in off-site motels and packed sandwiches.

On our last trip we had more to spend and stayed in Disney Worlds cheapest resort hotel and ate in the parks at a mix of fast food and table service restaurants.

They have all been wonderful experiences, and below I compare the costs of staying on-site vs off-site, explain step by step how to plan a Disney vacation on a budget, and give tips on how to save money on every aspect of your stay.

Do I Need A Disney Vacation Specialist To Help

Disney World Cost Calculator: How Much Does a Disney Trip Cost ...

Ill admit that planning a Disney World vacation is a lot of work. There are SO many details to understand and keep in mind. From what kind of ticket you need, to making dining reservations, and understanding how and when to book Fastpass, its a lot to juggle.

Disney vacation specialists live and breathe Disney vacations. They know all the resorts, restaurants, and important dates. If you dont want to spend hours planning and setting reminders to book, a Disney travel agent could really help. You essentially give them dates and theyll give you options.

I highly recommend my partners at Get Away Today if youd like to use a Disney travel agent. Theyll help you find the best resort, tickets, and dining options for your budget. AND, if you book a Disney World resort package theyll provide concierge service and will make all your reservation bookings for you when they become available. Plus they have automatic price monitoring and will rebook your package if a better deal or offer comes around.

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How Much Does A Disney Magic Band Cost

Magic Bands come in a range of colours, designs, and customizations. Disney also releases limited-edition bands from time to time. The basic Magic Bands are available on the shopDisney website for $19.99. The ones with designs and characters like princesses and superheroes are called Premium Magic Bands. These start at $24.99. Limited edition bands are priced above $50.

It should be noted that the functioning of the band and the features it provides do not change with the cost. A limited-edition band works the same way a Colorful or Premium Magic Band does.

Buying Your Disney World Tickets

You Can Use Disney World Tickets on Non-Consecutive DaysDisney World gives you a window of opportunity to use your tickets, which is typically 2 days more than your passes.

For example, if you bought a 7-day pass, you have 9 days to use it. This gives you a chance to take a “non-park day” and relax.

What ages are considered “kids” in Disney World?Kids under 3 can get into Disney World for free. Kids between ages 3 and 9 are charged for a youth ticket. Anyone age 10 and older pays the adult price. Though, at heart everyone’s a kid in Disney World, right?

The longer your park visits, the less you save per day. One-day ticket holders save $5 per ticket, whereas 10-day ticket holders save $19 overall, which comes out to $1.90 per day.

Cost for Family of 2Your total cost for a trip for 2 for 5 days and 4 nights would be between $1,988 and $2,600.

A moderate resort with a standard view for four nights will cost around $245 per night. Your park tickets for 3 days would cost between $98 and $115 per day, depending on the dates of your visit.

The cost of the Disney Dining Plan, which allows you to eat throughout the parks and resorts for a fixed fee, costs between $52.50 and $116.25 per day.

Cost for Family of 4The cost for a Disney World trip for a family of 4 can also depend on many factors, including the age of the children. A rough estimate puts the cost between $2,688 and $3,560.

Family of 4 Cost BreakdownThe Other Costs of a Trip to Disney World

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How Much Is A Weekend Trip To Disney World

So, how much will your Disney trip cost if you choose to make a quick weekend trip? For this example, lets use the value resort pricing to determine how much it would cost to make a quick, cheap stop to Disney World for two nights.

2 Day Disney Tickets One Park Per Day: $1122 plus tax

Mears Connect Transportation: $118

Value Resort Hotel: $322

Dining Cost: $368

Total average cost for 2 night trip to Walt Disney World : $1930 for a family of 4

Flights To Disney On A Budget

How Much Does It Cost To Go To Disney World Right Now?

Depending on how early you book your trip, and the day of the week you flight on, you can score a pretty good deal on flights to Orlando. Try to fly out during the week on a weekday instead of arriving on a weekend.

Look for flights with layovers instead of nonstop, and try not to travel during holidays. You can also book with a budget airline, if those are offered at the airport near you.

The average range for budget flights to Orlando will be between $150-$250 per person. These are roundtrip tickets, and if you can find one of these from your local airport, these are great deals to snag!

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Special Events And Add

If you havent realized it yet, well just tell you: Disneys first goal is making money. Whats more, theyre good at it. Thats why there are so many extra ways that Disney gets you to spend money on your vacations. These include special ticketed events, prime seating for fireworks and other events, and special tours and experiences.

Does Disney Do Age Checks

Which leads us to our next question: what if your child has just turned three and looks young? Or, can you get away with buying your 10-year-old a childrens ticket? The answer is that Disney can and might age check your borderline kids before letting them use their ticket. They have the right to ask for a birth certificate or other proof of age.

Our advice? Be honest. It isnt worth it to try and get away with sneaking kids into the parks. If youre caught, the best-case scenario is that Disney makes you pay the difference before allowing admission. But the worst case is that Disney voids your adult tickets and doesnt let you into the parks at all. That would indeed be a nightmare.

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When You Buy Your Ticket And Make Your Park Reservation

When you go online to purchase your tickets, youll notice that you need to select the first day of your visit after choosing your type of ticket and the number of days. Youll also see those different days carry different price tags.

Unlike in the past, it is now more expensive to visit a Walt Disney World park on a day in higher demand. In addition, you might save money by purchasing tickets well in advance.

Although some dates will always be more expensive, it appears that others are less expensive if you buy six months or more ahead of your visit. The catch is that you cant make any changes to your ticket or park reservation, or you might have to pay a difference.

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