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What Do You Need To Go To Disney World

Know When To Expect Crowds

How Many Days Do You REALLY Need to Visit Disney World?

This may seem obvious, but the crowds are heaviest in Disney World when students are out of school. If its a holiday weekend, school break, or summertime, then its almost a guarantee that the parks will be busier than usual. If you can travel outside of these times, then plan for that, but if not, just keep your expectations realistic.

Further Things To Consider Before Any Adventure

Now you’re all set and prepared to explore our big wide world, why not sort out everything else out all in one go? If necessary for your travel plans make sure you have brought proper travel insurance, protected your privacy by getting a secure VPN, compared all the top hotel booking sites to find just what you’re after, reserved an unbeatable rental car price and – of course – booked the best flight deals!

Or maybe just forget it all and go for a last-minute cruise or effortless tour instead?

Many budget travelers indulge in worldwide airport lounge access, so we can experience luxury while still slumming it in economy. Naturally, we would never leave home without a more general travel guide since we couldnt possibly cover everything here!

Just add an adventurous attitude and plenty of smiles – they go a long way – and that about covers it all! Now go out, find your own path and don’t forget to share your best inspiration stories with me on , , and …I’d love to hear from you!

Walt Disney World Cannot Be Seen In : : : Days

Yes, that’s an intentional blank. Walt Disney World really cannot be seen in any reasonable, finite amount of time. People easily fill ten-day trips at the resort. From rides to dining to ticketed events like After Hours Boo Bash, theres always so much to do at Walt Disney World!

If you’re planning a trip to Walt Disney World, take this as a good thing. It means you shouldn’t be focused on doing everything, because you simply cannot.

Typically, a trip in the range of four to seven days is appropriate for a visitor from within the contiguous United States. Guests from abroad or Hawaii / Alaska may want to plan for ten to fourteen days, adding some days at Universal Studios if theyre concerned about overdoing Disney.

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How Many Days Should I Spend At Disney World

Q: How many days should I spend at Walt Disney World?

When youre planning your first trip to the Mouse, deciding how many vacation days to use and how many days to stay will probably be your first big planning decision. Its no surprise, therefore, that this is a question I get asked almost every day. The short answer is that no matter how many days you choose, you will have an amazing time at Disney World. However, for those planning their once-in-a-lifetime Disney vacations or families that really want to see and do it all, here are some suggestions.

Start with a 5 day Plan- I usually tell clients that a nice middle-of-the-road itinerary would be to plan for 5 full days to enjoy everything Disney has to offer. Its not too long so its easy on the budget, but its not short enough to feel like a whirlwind trip. And depending on your arrival and departure days- this may mean a 7-night stay with five full days in between to enjoy the parks, Disney Springs, and your resort. Heres how I would break it down:

  • 1 Day Magic Kingdom
  • 1 Day Enjoying Resort, Disney Springs or Water Park
  • 1 Day Hollywood Studios.

If youre going to be at a park every day, the plan may seem a bit relentless, but it does offer you a chance to experience most of the main attractions at Disney World.

  • 2 Days Magic Kingdom
  • 1 Day Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach
  • 1 Day Hollywood Studios
  • 1 Day Animal Kingdom

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How To Visit Disneyland

Everything You Need to Know to Plan Your Trip to Disney ...

To visit Disneyland, first check the availability of the date you wish to visit the park, purchase a ticket, and also make a theme park reservation for the date you purchased your ticket. You need BOTH a ticket AND a reservation to enter the park. If you purchase a park hopper, you may visit the other park after 1pm.

Indoor mask-wearing is required and enforced, regardless of vaccination status. Some attractions or experiences may be modified or closed at this time. You can find all about making a theme park reservation here.

We also have a Podcast episode all about Disney! A futuristic utopia thats definitely not a cult. A suicide-themed ride. Lias college internship. What do they all have in common? Disney World, of course! In this episode, Lia spills all the Mad Tea on the most magical place on Earth, plus insider tips from her time as a Cast Member. We also explain our tried & tested Disney Strategy , because waiting in long lines for rides is some Bippity-Boppity-BS.

Listen above or just click here to launch your Podcast app! Oh, and dont forget to subscribe so you dont miss new episodes.

Psst: Get a printable version of this packing list, plus a FREE sneak preview of our Disney Insiders Bundle, which includes a few fun Disney freebies to make your Disney trip a little more magical. Enter your details and well send it straight to your inbox!

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Youre A Disney History Buff

A cultural icon since it opened on July 17, 1955, Disneyland isnt just a vacation destination, its a piece of modern American history.

Take a nostalgic stroll past Walt Disneys apartment, which sits above the fire station where a lamp still shines in the window for the parks beloved founder, then meander back in time down turn-of-the-century Main Street, U.S.A. Ride iconic opening-day attractions like Jungle Cruise, Mr. Toads Wild Ride and Peter Pans Flight, classic boat rides like Pirates of the Caribbean and Its a Small World, and the parks most famous thrill rides, like Matterhorn Bobsleds, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and Space Mountain.

You Want To Stay Immersed All Trip Long

At roughly 40 square miles nearly the size of San Francisco! Walt Disney World is one massive, magical playground. From the moment you pass under the resorts iconic gates, youre on property and very firmly on vacation. In stark contrast to Disneyland where moments after leaving the park gates you can find yourself staring down chain restaurants, liquor stores and urban hubbub you could travel for miles after leaving Disney Worlds Magic Kingdom Park and remain in the Disney World bubble.

And with so many hotels, restaurants and entertainment options on Walt Disney Worlds property, you truly dont need to leave until its time to go home. Palm trees, beautiful grounds and resorts, consistent signage and diligent theming all help to solidify the feeling that youre in a special place, far removed from the stifling atmosphere of the everyday.

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How Low Should You Go

Can you beat that hotel price? Definitely. As I said, you might easily find a lower price when Disney releases discounts or if you book through a site like Expedia. That could knock $100 more off your bill.

You can regularly find Airbnbs for less than $100 nightly, and there are a large number of off-site hotels that see rates drop to around $100 nightly after taxes and fees.

Its important to remember, though, that if youre staying off-site youll need transportation to the parks. Many off-site hotels have shuttles, but they tend to be woefully inadequate for a once-in-a-decade trip.

If youre driving to the parks, youll need to consider extra expenses of driving and parking at Disney World. Additionally, you could Uber for $20 to $40 roundtrip daily. Relatedly, youll need to budget for getting between your hotel and the airportabout $30 each way on Uber.

Add in those costs, and the $100 nightly for offsite hotels isnt much better than the $143 at All-Star Movies, which would include Disney bus transportation to the parks, along with the additional perks of staying at a Disney hotel.

Are some of these hotels going to be nicer than All-Star Movies? Maybe. But Im a huge fan of the new rooms at All-Star Movies, and in terms of functionality Id put them up against any budget hotel in the area.

Use Mobile Ordering To Skip Food Lines

Watch This Before You Go Back to Disney World

Rides and shows arent the only places where Disney has created a way to skip the line its true for most food orders, too. While mobile ordering was a suggestion prior to the pandemic, it has become virtually the only way to order at many Disney World counter service restaurants now. That may change when pandemic restrictions are lifted, but there really is no better time to familiarize yourself with ordering food with the My Disney Experience app.

Pretty much all quick-service restaurants offer whats called mobile ordering through the My Disney Experience app.

The process is simple: When youre starting to get hungry, load up your My Disney Experience app, order food at the quick-service restaurant of choice and then pick up the food at the counter when its ready. You order and pay in the app and never have to wait in line for your Dole Whip from Aloha Isle, barbecue from Regal Eagle Smokehouse, hot dogs from Caseys Corner or breakfast wraps from Ronto Roasters.

These days, you are wise to order well in advance of when you actually hope to sit down with food. Expect hefty delays to order food on busy park days.

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Recommended Number Of Days At Walt Disney World

Plan to spend at least 5 days at Walt Disney World minimum if you can! Unlike Disneyland and DCA the parks are spread out. There is no wrong way to do Walt Disney World. There is no certain order to visit each park. I recommend you have two park days then have a rest day. On your rest day you can relax at your resort, check out other resorts, swim or go to Disney Springs. Then finish your last 2 days with the other two parks.

Heres another 5 day option. We were there 5 days. We did one day in each park, but had the option to go hop to another park in the evening for shows. Then on our 5th day we went back to Magic Kingdom and repeated many rides. I felt like 5 days was a good amount but we didnt see everything. I would have loved more time to explore other resorts and their restaurants.

A Walt Disney World Vacation Is Great For All Ages

First and foremost, we love visiting Walt Disney World because its the ultimate family destination. Its one of the few places in the world where babies and grandparents can vacation together with neither group having to compromise much in terms of comfort and entertainment.

Walt Disney World and all the Disney parks have been designed with families and extended families in mind. Attractions like Dumbo and Its a Small World appeal to all ages, the entertainment can be enjoyed by anyone, and the overall magic and wonder in the parks washes over everyone. Its one of the few places where we know everyone can have a magical time.

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Best Things To Do At Disney World: Must Do Rides For Adults In Each Park

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Disney World can indeed be the most magical place in the world. At its best its pure, stress-free fun and a blissful escape from the real world.

To make the most of a trip to Disney and avoid long queues, you need to plan in advance.

Prioritize the attractions you most want to do and ride them first thing in the morning or use the new paid Lightning Lanes. A little planning makes Disney much more enjoyable.

Disney World in Orlando, Florida has four main parks: Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot, and Hollywood Studios. Each one is very different and I recommend dedicating at least one full day to each park.

Below I have listed the best Disney World rides not to miss in each park, as well as a strategy to help you avoid queues and our favourite places to eat.

Ive focused on the best things to do at Disney World for adults and older kids, but many of these are suitable for the whole family.

Save The Best Disney World Park Until Last

Want to go to Disney World? Let me help you plan for free ...

And the final of my Disney World Tips is perhaps the best Save the park you are most excited for last so you always have something to look forward to.

I recommend the Magic Kingdom for the final day as the fireworks shows alone are something you will never forget, but if you are a massive Avatar fan you might want to leave Pandora till last for example.

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Disney World Resort Hotels

Staying On-Site Benefits

  • Location Resorts are located near the Disney theme parks which means less travel time each day. You can also go back to your hotel for a nap in the afternoon before heading out once again later.
  • Park Pass Reservations More reservations are allocated for Disney Resort guests and are still available closer to the arrival date.
  • Genie+ Staying at a WDW resort hotel means you can make your Individual Lightning Lane reservations at 7:00 am, before guests staying off-site.
  • Early Theme Park Entry You will have extra time in the parks in the morning before the general public arrives.
  • Transportation Disney includes free transportation to and from the theme parks, Disney Springs, and other hotels. Free airport shuttle service is no longer provided through Disneys Magical Express, and youll have to use the Mears Connect Shuttle, taxi or a ride-sharing service like Uber or Lyft.
  • ThemingMost Disney World hotels have unique theming that you and your kids will love.
  • The Disney Bubble There is something magical about stepping into Walt Disney World at the beginning of your vacation and then not stepping out until the end. You feel tucked away inside this magical world that you never want to leave.

External Battery Pack/phone Charger

When youre at Disney World, youll be using your phone a lot. Between using the My Disney Experience App, taking pictures, and keeping kids entertained in ride lines, that battery power can quickly go from 100% to 10%. Avoid this by bringing a portable battery charger with you. This way, you can keep your phone charged on-the-go. Trust me, this is a must-have item when visiting Disney World. A dead phone can quickly ruin the day.

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Final Check Items Make Sure You Have These In

Except for the list below, in nearly every case, you can easily replace anything you forget to pack. It may cost you some money, but you could replace most things if you needed to.

These items, however, can be difficult or time consuming to replace when traveling.

Make sure you double check that everybody in your group has these items before you walk out the door:

  • Identification
  • Cash and debit credit cards
  • Phone and phone charger

You Will Have To Wait In Line

The BEST Times to Go to Disney World in 2022

Whether its for food, checkout at the gift shop, or attractions, youre definitely going to have to wait in line at some point during your visit. Wait times for rides and attractions vary depending on the crowds and could be anywhere from five minutes to multiple hours . Understanding that youll have to wait before you go is crucial, make sure to pack your patience!

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Disney Can Inspire A Love For Travel

Another reason we love visiting Walt Disney World, and specifically Epcots World Showcase, is because of Disneys ability to inspire a love for travel. If you can survive a trip to Disney World, youve dealt with logistic difficulties that have prepared you to travel all over the world!

And the World Showcase at Epcot really can be an inspiration for would be travelers. Each of the eleven pavilions represents a different country in the world and provides a fairly authentic depiction. Disney even staffs these pavilions with cast members from each respective country, keeping things authentic but also accessible to the average visitor. Traveling around World Showcase really feels like a mini world tour and inspires us to get out and see that world more when were not visiting Disney.

Change Dates To Value Season

Dates matter a bit for ticket pricing, and they matter a lot for hotel pricing. While there are some times of the year when flight prices are impacted by date, factors like day of the week and when you book are more likely to impact your flight price. If youre trying to find the least expensive dates to visit, youll want to check out the room rate tables from MouseSavers.

Well incorporate date changes into the ticket and hotel savings below.

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The Best Value Disney World Resorts

For budget-conscious travelers who still want the full Disney experience, consider the Art of Animation and Pop Century. All the Disney Value hotels typically run around $100 to $200 nightly for standard rooms.

If you want a just-renovated option at a lower price point, try out the All-Star Music. We got a sneak peek of the new rooms and they are a smart use of space.

Those who want to spend the night outdoors with Mickey are in luck as campsites and RV slots are available at Fort Wilderness starting around $60 per night. Plus, Fort Wilderness has archery, pony rides, wagon rides, a stable, playgrounds, kayak and bike rentals and Chip n Dales Campfire Sing-A-Long in the evening.

During the pandemic, Fort Wilderness may be the closest to a normal experience, since most of the accommodations and activities already involve plenty of social distancing.

For the most part, you wont be able to use traditional hotel points to cover your room costs at on-site Disney World properties (the Swan and Dolphin being the notable Marriott exceptions, along with the soon-to-open Swan Reserve. To cover the cost of staying on Disney property, consider a credit card that earns points at a fixed value.

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