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What Can I Bring To Disney World

Coleman Soft Backpack Cooler


Features: If you primarily want to to bring snacks and drinks into the park, this is a great option for your Disney World vacation! Your fruit and water will stay nice and cold in this insulated backpack. This backpack has adjustable padded straps and an outside pocket for maps, hand sanitizing wipes, and your rain poncho!

Dimensions: 19.38 x 14.76 x 1.78

Best for: Anyone who is not on the Disney Dining Plan and is planning on bringing your own lunch into the park.

We used this bag for our summer Disney World trip. My boyfriend and I each had one of these. In the morning we would load it with waters and snacks. To avoid having to pack ice packs I froze some bottles of water and put them in there, as they thawed wed drink them. The front pocket is tight, but it held my poncho, keys, sunscreen, and other items. The bag never leaked during our weeklong trip. We are going back again this summer and this bag is coming with us again!

Amazon user Andrea Hollick

Snacks For The Disney Parks

The snacks you bring to Disneyland or Disney World have one job, and one job only: to keep your energy up while preventing you from blowing all of your money on Disney food. OK, thats two jobs. Whatever. The point is, your snacks are there to keep you from having an exhaustion-fueled hanger meltdown in the heat while standing in line and also to keep you from turning, in your desperate hanger-fueled state, to an endless supply of churros and Mickey bars.

Like, YES, get a churro and a Mickey bar or 3. But let me lay some wisdom on you, as a 30-year old couple : sugary treats will not keep you happy. They will not keep you full. They will spike your energy and then CRASH IT, leaving you with a headache and an $8.50 sized hole in your wallet.

I know, I know its difficult to hear. But every time I turn in desperation to a milkshake topped with candy and something neon, I end up regretting it an hour or so later as I feel my body slipping into a sugar-crash spiral.

So save your cash for a few well-chosen, INTENTIONAL Disney teats and bring enough snacks to keep yourself in a well-fueled state. Disney is a marathon, not a sprint! You can probably tell that we have never run a marathon in our lives, and probably never will.

Here are some filling treats that will keep your energy up and keep you full, while also not crumbling to bits or exploding all over your backpack.

Recreational Devices Banned At Disney World

Disney does not allow guests to bring any artificial noise-making device into the theme parks or Disney properties. This includes megaphones, whistles, horns, or other such devices.

Other recreational devices that are not allowed in Disney World include remote-controlled toys, inline skates, shoes with inbuilt wheels, skateboards, and scooters. Bicycles are allowed in specific resort hotel areas only.

Guests cannot bring any swim noodles or flotation devices that are not Coast Guard approved into the Disney water parks.

Disney also does not allow guests to bring folding chairs into any of the theme parks, water parks, or Disney Springs.

Balloons are prohibited in the Disney World theme parks, water parks, ESPN Wide World of Sports, and certain resort hotels like Disneys Animal Kingdom Lodge .

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What Kind Of Park Bag Works Well

A good Park bag is one of the most important choices you can make. You may have the perfect pack already, or you may need to purchase one. Only you will know what works best for yourself and the items you intend to carry with you. Below is a chart listing the popular types of bags and the pros and cons of touring with them at Walt Disney World. Sizes vary drastically but keep in mind that you can find a very small and a very large version of almost every sort of pack.

Other, unusual options if you want to skip a proper bag include:

  • a jacket with plenty of pockets
  • a camera bag
  • a diaper bag .

Choose The Right Pass For Your Disney Holiday

Can You Bring Food Into Disneyland?

How long are you going to have in Orlando? What is your budget? What do you really want to see? These are all questions you need to answer before you can decide what ticket will be best for you.

You can book Disney World passes from 1 day to an annual pass , but there are also passes which allow only one park per day or those which allow you to jump between.

I personally recommend the 4 days 4 park pass allowing for one park every day and was the best value when I booked. Disney World Ticket specials are always changing, but to save money on Disney World Tickets you should book in advance through an authorized retailer .

Dont wait until the gate or you will waste time and pay more.

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Princess Dresses & Character Costumes

Our girls loved dressing up for Disney World. Even up to the age of 9 my girl liked wearing her princess costume. In addition there are some really cute costumes for boys, however it Disney World. It is not cheap.

I highly recommend adding these items to your Disney World Packing List. There are some really cute ones available at Shop Disney and often times they have large sales.

Under Armour Adult Team Hustle 30 Backpack

Features: This backpack gets amazing reviews andcomes in 8 different colors! We love the unique pocket at the bottom of thisbackpack for extra convenient storage options.

This bag also features two water bottle holderson the outside pockets and has adjustable straps. Under Armour backpacks arehighly recommend by frequent Disney travelers for their durability.

Dimensions When Full: 9.3W x 13.6L x18.9H

Best for: Families, especially with youngerchildren. The size and organization of this backpack make this unbeatable.

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Can You Bring Snacks Into Disney World

The cost of a trip to Walt Disney World can get expensive fast, however, there are some easy ways to cut down the cost, one of which is bringing your own food to the park.

The cost of food at Walt Disney World varies greatly depending on where you choose to eat, however, roughly youll find a snack such as a churro cost around $9 inc tax, a drink costs around $4, a fast food meal costs around $15 and a sit-down meal costs upwards of $30.

Food, drinks and snacks are permitted at Walt Disney World with some exceptions such as no alcohol, no food that requires heating and no glassware. Youll need to tell security during the bag screening process if you have any food items with you.

For babies, glass baby food wares/jars are allowed and you can heat baby food using the microwave at the baby care centre only. Its against Disneys rules for staff members to assist you in reheating food in any way. That includes, in the hotel, restaurants or any of the parks.

If you have a medical certificate then you may be able to get a pass to allow you to bring in some of the restricted foods. Id always suggest speaking to the Disney cast team at Guest Relations about this in advance.

Depending on the snacks you bring to Disney World you may find it beneficial to bring them in a cooler bag or box the year-round heat in Florida is stifling and can quickly ruin certain foods if not stored correctly.

Disney World Fashion Tips

MY KID’S BAG | What to Bring to the Disney World Parks for Kids

When it comes to style, it can be hard to sacrifice that for comfort when you’re planning what to pack for Disney World. But you don’t want to show up in heels either and find yourself having to buy a pair of shoes in the parks because your feet hurt! Here’s some tips on how to maintain your style in the parks with everything you should prepare for.

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Whats The Best Bag For Disney World

In this post, Im showing a backpack to accommodate this number of items, but smaller backpacks or crossbody bags are another good option if you still want to carry some essentials.

When Im not carrying a backpack, Im using this crossbody bag which fits lots of things, but is more convenient to have in front, especially if you want easy access to your phone or other items you might access frequently.

What Are My Options For Bringing Bags On Rides At Disney

Understandably while at Disney World you dont want to get separated from your bags especially considering how busy some dates can yet. The attractions at Disney are designed to have space so that you can bring bags with you when you ride.

You can either keep your bag on while you ride this will be more or less comfortable depending on the size of your bag. This isnt recommended on rides like Dumbo the Flying Elephant where there is a relatively small seat just for comfort reasons, but on rides such as Pirates of the Caribbean -where there is a bigger space for you to sit youre good to go.

On other rides ones where you might be up high , or bumping around a lot Disney has designated storage bins under or next to the seat where you can store your bags without either worrying about them falling off, or being lost/stolen.

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Surprising Items Allowed At Disney World

  • Food. You can bring any food items youd like except for alcohol and items in glass containers.
  • Coolers. Small coolers are allowed they just cant be larger than 24 by 15 by 18 and you cant pull them behind you.
  • NEW BEGINNING MAY 19, 2019: No loose ice in coolers allowed. However, ice in baggies as well as freezer gel packs are allowed.
  • Umbrellas .
  • Objects Or Toys That Look Like Weapons

    Can I Bring Outside Food into Walt Disney World

    You cannot have anything that looks like a weapon, either. Toy guns, for example, are not allowed at Disney World. This includes water guns or blasters from Star Wars.

    The Disney World parks even stopped selling toy guns years ago. They do, however, still sell toy swords, but they are very obviously toys.

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    Below Is An Alphabetized List Of Items Commonly Brought Into The Parks And Our Thoughts About When It Might Be Right To Carry Them Along

  • Autograph Book If you want character autographs, youll want to carry an autograph book . You can purchase these at Walt Disney World, bring one from home, or make a custom one on your printer. Bring along a thick-barreled pen that the characters can easily grasp in their gloved hands and a plastic bag to keep the book dry in your Park bag.
  • Bathing Suits Opportunities for kids to get wet are abundant at Walt Disney World. If the weather is warm or if your little one like the wet stuff, bring their bathing suits along so they can enjoy it. They could also wear suits under their clothing to save at least one trip to the restroom, but bring plastic bags to store those wet suits after their adventures.
  • Batteries or Chargers These may be for your camera, cell phone, tablet, or other electronic devices. Bring what you need from home, as battery and charger prices are expensive in the Parks. If you plan to use FuelRods, consider purchasing one online before you leave home. Fuelrods
  • Camera Keep your camera in your Park bag rather than lug a separate camera bag. Alternatively, you could use your camera bag as your sole bag. Another option is to use a small camera bag with a loop on the back, then slip the strap of your waist pack through it, and carry it at your waist.
  • Cash Even if you have a charge card or charging privileges on your MagicBand, a little cash is good to have on hand just in case.
  • Wet Wipes

    Disney World How Much Does It Cost

    Disney World can be as cheap or as expensive as you want it to be. Hotels, car hire, tickets all add up and of course food and activities in the park. For two adults sharing a room, a good budget would be $200 USD per day per person including food and car hire with 4-day Disney World Pass. $300 if you want to splash out on a few things and a nicer hotel.

    Check your dates now to get the best idea of hotel prices in Orlando and click here for all the current Disney World ticket specials.

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    Useful Tips For Packing Snacks To Bring To Disney World

    It can be all well and good getting the snacks and the food ready to take but you dont want to get to the park and realised you have to hold something to stop it spilling or you cant eat it because you dont have the equipment.

    These are a couple of things you might want to pick up to save you some hassle in the long run. Things like cutlery, napkins and cups can be found in the parks to save you having to buy them.

    What Food Is Allowed In Disney World


    Now, while youre allowed to bring food into Disney World, some food items are prohibited. The food you carry should be for self-consumption. You can only bring food that doesnt need refrigeration, heating, or processing before eating.

    This means youll have to leave your perishables behind and only bring food you can carry in containers or a cooler. Pungent food is also not allowed.

    You cannot bring alcoholic beverages with you to Disney World. All drinks carried should be nonalcoholic. But, you can buy alcohol from the shops and restaurants within the resort.

    We encourage you to bring a reusable water bottle. Summers can be quite hot, and your family will need lots of water to stay hydrated while you walk from one attraction to the next. Bringing a water bottle means you can get drinking water from any quick-service restaurant around the resort for free.

    There are also plenty of water taps around the place, so you wont have to spend money buying bottled water, and you wont have to carry some from your hotel either.

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    What Are The Dining Options Available At Disney World

    Bringing your food and snacks to Disney World has its benefits, but theres no denying that dining at one of the restaurants at the parks you visit is part of the experience.

    Plus, when all youre bringing is snacks, beverages, or breakfast goodies, youll need to pop into one of the establishments for a proper meal at some point.

    Lets look at the different options you have when you decide to eat at Disney World, so you know what to expect.

    Can I Bring A Telephoto Lens To Disney World

    Yes, but you may not need it. Disney World has many great things to see, however, they are very big on sightlines. This means they make sure to block your view and make sure every detail can be seen by the human eye. Many times, this makes photography easier as most details you can capture with your standard lenses without needing to pull out a telephoto lens.

    I shoot at Disney with a Micro 4/3rds system, which allows me to have smaller gear. I have found many uses for my 35mm-100mm , however, when I brought my 100mm-300mm if found it harder to find good shots that needed that kind of reach.

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    Best Disney World Backpacks

    One of the most common questions that peoplehave when planning a trip to Walt Disney World is, Can I bring a bag intoDisney parks? The answer is YES! In fact, not only can you bring a bag orbackpack into Disney World, we recommend it.

    When you are choosing a bag or backpack to bringinto the parks, you will want to make sure that the bag is comfortable and thatyou are able to stay organized. You do not want to end the day with soreshoulders or back because you chose fashion over comfort.

    Trust us, you can find cute AND comfortablebackpacks! You also want to make sure that you are not wasting time diggingaround in a backpack trying to find a power cord or fruit snack.

    Should You Go To Disney World In 2021

    19 Things To Bring To Disneyland

    Even with all of this, 2021 will likely bring a better Disney vacation experience overall than 2020. The more time that passes, the more things will be phased back in. Again, book a trip so you know you have the dates you want, and then wait and see. In fact, I already have a couple trips for 2021 booked!.

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    Patagonia Refugio 2xl Backpack

    Features: This backpack is worth every penny! You cant beat the organization elements in this type of backpack 3 zipper pouches and spots to hold your cell phone, wallet, and plenty of room in the main compartment!

    The shoulder straps are padded and also have a chest strap that you can use to take some of the pressure off your shoulders. The size of this pack is perfect for women and comes in 4 colors.

    Dimensions: 17H x 11W x 6 ½D

    Best for: Because this pack is geared towards women, we would say this bag is a great backpack for moms with young kids and could easily be used as a diaper bag! Of course, anyone can carry this backpack around and be fine.

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