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What Are The Different Parts Of Disney World

Each Property Features Different Design Elements Too

Disney World Changes That Will Make You Rethink Your Plans

Even though you’re unmistakably in a Disney park, it’s fun to notice the small details and design elements that differ in each one.

For example, per BBC, Hong Kong Disneyland “incorporates feng shui and traditional Chinese elements” to appeal to its visitors. For example, the main gate of the theme park is situated facing in a north-to-south direction for good fortune.

In that park, you’ll also see a lot of red, since it is widely considered to be a lucky color in China.

In Tokyo, you’ll find extraordinarily wide walkways, which are meant to cater to large crowds and parades.

Plus, both Tokyo and Paris feature covered areas near the entrance of their Disneyland parks to shield guests from rain, wind, and snow.

All The Disney Parks In The World Ranked

Weve been fortunate to be able to make visits to each and every Disney theme park in the world. Over the course of those visits, and for countless hours in between, we discussed and debated how wed rank the different parks. In this post, we set out to rank the 12 Disney Theme Parks Around The World.

Ranking posts are a bit silly in concept, but were fans. Weve ranked all the iconic castles of the Disney parks, and weve ranked all the rides at Walt Disney World.

And if youre interested in actually visiting all of these places, we have a Six Disney Resorts in Six Years post where we outline how wed plan to visit each of Disney theme park resorts over the next six years.

Best Rides In Animal Kingdom

This park has our favorite ride: Avatar Flight of Passage a state-of-the-art flight simulator that takes you on a journey through Pandora, the World of Avatar.Its a realistic dive into the world of the famous movie, Avatar. The stunning details make this a top-rated attraction. At night, the world comes alive with shimmering color and sounds from the forest.This flight simulator takes you on a journey from the back of banshee over the gorgeous world of Pandora.More great rides include:

  • The famous Expedition Everest which takes you to the edge of a broken track, where you spot the Yeti protecting Forbidden Mountain, and then it propels you backward. A must-do for thrill-seekers!
  • Kilimanjaro Safaris which gives you an up-close look at animals like lions, tigers, giraffes and zebras, all in their natural habitat
  • Dinosaur which is a mad, motion simulator that depicts a chase from a real dinosaur. And yes, sometimes I scream on this one!

Within minutes, you can go from spotting giraffes on Kilimanjaro Safaris to spotting the Yeti on Expedition Everest.

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What Are The Eight Themes In Disneyland

Want to see the world? Spend a day in Disneyland. Sure, the theme park’s eight themed areas, called lands, aren’t exactly realistic depictions of real places anyone who has walked down the real Bourbon Street on a raucous night won’t see many similarities in the park’s pristine New Orleans Square. But all of the lands have such distinctive designs, music and even smells that visiting them all is like touring eight very different places each more magical than the last.

So Far Hong Kong Disneyland Is The Only Park That’s Completely Rebuilt Its Castle

Traveling Around to Different Countries in Epcot!

Originally, Hong Kong Disneyland’s castle was a replica of Disneyland’s Sleeping Beauty Castle.

After a major overhaul that was announced in 2016, Hong Kong is now home to the Castle of Magical Dreams, which features 13 different Disney princesses and heroes.

It features a few iconic events, too, including adornments of Snow White’s apple, Cinderella’s coach, and Belle’s rose.

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Mickey And Minnie Starring In Red Carpet Dreams Temporarily Unavailable

Smile as you witness Mickey and Minnie hit the red carpet as they set off to make their Hollywood dreams come to life. Minnie looks dazzling in her star-debut attire and performs a show-stopping dance routine, while Mickey fulfills his celebrity dreams in the starring role in Fantasia.

If you’d like to spend more time with Disneys Hollywood Studios characters, schedule a character dining option when available for a meal you’ll never forget.

As a result of physical distancing, capacity in restaurants and availability of dining experiences is very limited and certain experiences have been modified or may be unavailable at this time. Please note, sales of Disney dining plans are temporarily unavailable as well.

Dine Hollywood-style and make memories along the way. You wont want to miss out on hitting a Hollywood hotspot for steak or going retro at mealtime. One thing is for sure: Its not just a meal its a memory.

Stage 1 Company Store Temporarily Unavailable

Its more than a store its an attraction all on its own. Guests will spy clashing colors and paint splatters on the buildings exterior. Once inside, youll discover Muppet-themed decor inspired by the Happiness Hotel featured in The Great Muppet Caper, along with comical gags, props and Muppet signage. Fans of all ages will be in awe of all the different types of Muppet merchandise available. Also, be sure to view the gorgeous Disney cels and artistic sketches. Warning: You may be in here a while!

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Best Disney Moderate Resorts

Disneys Coronado Springs Resort

Disneys Coronado Springs Resort is an amazing option for people who want a luxe experience without the expensive price tag that deluxe resorts require. With its lovable Southwest atmosphere, you can get awesome food, enjoy a themed pool, and even dig in an archaeological-themed playground. For more information, check out our Disneys Coronado Spring Resort review!


The grounds at Disneys Coronado Springs Resort are absolutely stunning. The combination of Spanish, Mexican, and Southwestern influences combined with the natural beauty of Lago Dorado make the atmosphere of this Disney World resort absolutely breathtaking.

The restaurants at Disneys Coronado Springs Resort are also fantastic, especially for a moderate resort. Located right in the middle Lago Dorado, Three Bridges Bar & Grill is a true standout. Between its Szechuan peppercorn wings and the Three Bridges Signature Burger, guests are consistently pleased with this Disney dining option. If youre looking for an option thats a little classier, Toledo serves up some divine Spanish cuisine.

Lastly, the Lost City of Cibola pool is a special treat. The Lost City of Cibola pool is home to a 123-foot-long water slide and a 50-foot Mayan pyramid! Are you ready to go on an adventure to discover more?


Disneys Port Orleans Resort Riverside



Attraction Lineup And Quality

The 50 BEST Things You Can Do in Walt Disney World — Part 1: Rides and Attractions!

Besides theme, attraction lineup is probably the most important factor in comparing theme parks. When we think about attraction lineups, we’re thinking how you’d compare these parks if you just ripped out the attractions, lined them up one after another, and rode/experienced them independent of the rest of the park. Attractions play a huge role in theming, too, but we’ll discuss that more later.

One of the quickest ways to compare two theme parks is just to talk about the attractions. At Disney parks, this is sometimes quite boring as many share identical or nearly identical rides. In general, attraction lineups will play a large role in our rankings, with bonus points being given for high-quality, unique attractions.

Some people no doubt think attractions are the most important or only thing that matters. Theres several reasons we disagree, but well quickly address two.

First of all, attractions are comparatively easy. The technology behind most attractions is available on the open market from third-party contractors. Anyone with enough money can pay to fill a patch of land with quality attractions.

To be clear, some attractions transcend this. Star Wars: Rise of the the Resistance is a narrative experience unlike any other. Avatar Flight of Passage has an emotional resonance that is incredibly hard to duplicate, even if you had all of the technology in hand.

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What’s Coming To Other Florida Theme Parks In 2022 And Beyond

SeaWorld Orlando

Ice Breaker Feb. 2022 SeaWorld’s first multi-directional launched roller coaster is coming! It’ll feature four launches both forwards and backward that will ultimately launch you into the steepest vertical drop in Florida at 100 degrees. Expect lots of twists, turns and airtime!

Altitude Burgers now open Take your tastebuds to new heights at this brand-new burger bar .

Edy’s Ice Cream Parlor now open We all scream for ice cream! The new ice cream parlor features mega-monster shakes, brownie sundaes and hand-dipped ice cream cones. You can also create your own sundae with your choice of over 13 signature flavors of Edy’s Ice Cream.

Lakeside Grill now open Formerly the Spice Mill, Lakeside Grill offers a modern spin on Mediterranean cuisine, including grilled kabobs, falafel and hummus. Lakeside Mediterranean Nachos and the Lakeside Mediterranean Burger are also on the menu for those who don’t want to stray too far from classic theme park fare. The restaurant’s redesign features a 600-gallon aquarium that houses marine reef fish and live coral.

Busch Gardens Tampa

Giraffe Bar now open Located at Serengeti Overlook, this new bar will have panoramic views of Serengeti Plain to accompany cocktails, flights of local craft beers, wines and spirits. For snacks, the menu features vegetarian shareables, such as loaded hummus and oversized Bavarian soft pretzels.

LEGOLAND Florida Resort

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Theme & The Castle Parks

This brings us near to the close, but with one challengethe challenge of evaluating the theme of the different castle parks. Disneyland, as the original castle park, is the only one with a truly unique theme. Just as all philosophy has been said to be footnotes to Plato, you might say that all the castle parks are just interpretations of Disneyland.

International castle parks are particularly challenging to evaluate. Disneyland is explicitly dedicated to the ideals, dreams, and hard facts that created America. It would be awkward for the international parks to take a shot at better execution on that theme.

Shanghai Disneyland, indeed, clearly eschews that theme altogether. That park substitutes Treasure Cove for Frontierland . It also replaces Main Street, U.S.A. with the ill-conceived Mickey Ave. The park is left, sadly, without much of a theme.

If you read the dedications of the international castle parks, they reflect the problem here. Unable to claim to be about America, theyre left sort of being about fun/joy/imagination.

Disneyland winds up being the clear winner here, because it has and exemplifies a theme that is something more than fun and imagination. In truth, we’re not sure if that impacted its position in our rankings. What we can say is that when we talk about castle parks, we’re sort of forced to put bigger questions of theme to the side.

Here’s how we rank all the Disney parks, worldwide

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The 4 Magic Kingdom Lands

Magic Kingdom is broken up into four main sections , each with a certain theme:

  • Frontierland a wild western experience
  • Fantasyland catering to the charm of classic Disney characters and tales
  • Adventureland where pirates and explorations are highlighted
  • Tomorrowland where the future is brought to life in a cutting-edge way

Dining In Magic Kingdom

Islands of Adventure at Universal Studios

As for food? You have many options to choose from:

  • Grab a gigantic cinnamon bun at Gastons Tavern.
  • Indulge in a classic, Thanksgiving-type feast with family platters at the Liberty Tree Tavern.
  • Get a fried green tomato sandwich and a famous milkshake at The Plaza.
  • Slurp spaghetti like Lady and the Tramp at Tonys Town Square Restaurant.
  • And dont forget my favorite snack in all the parks: the famous Dole Whip. Delicious soft serve floating in pineapple juice, with varied flavors such as orange, coconut and, of course, pineapple.

Make sure you save room after dinner for some Dole Whip!

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About Our Disney World Vacations

Our trips to Disney World revolve around fun and family bonding free from distraction.Phones are set aside. Games of Heads Up are played in long lines. Dinners involve chatting about our day, our next rides and what dessert well indulge in. Its an opportunity for us to reconnect and forget about the outside world for a while.And while Im known to be fluid and embrace the unexpected in life, at Disney, Im a planner to the core. This allows us to experience the most fun with limited time and budget.We embarked on our most recent trip with me, my husband, my two teen boys and my 14-year-old niece. She had only been to Disney World once before and cited endless frustration from long lines and no reservations.I intended to show her a very different Disney, starting with my favorite park.Jennifer with her sons, husband and niece in Batuu at Disneys Hollywood Studios

The Best Of The Rest At Epcot

In Future World you can follow Nemo on The Seas and visit the aquarium afterwards. Living with the Land and Journey into Imagination are also worth doing.

In the afternoon, heading over to World Showcase is a must do Disney experience.

You dont have to worry about queues herejust make your way around the different countries, eat and drink your way around the world, and pop into any of the shows that take your fancy.

Impressions de France is very pretty. The American Adventure is also a must-see.

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Droid Depot Mobile App

The fun doesnt have to stop after you get home.

Disney now has a free app that you can download that brings your BB-series or R-series astromech droid units to life back on your home planet.

Even guests that havent yet had the opportunity to build a droid can join in on the fun because the app lets you design and build your very own virtual version for free.

Available now in both the App Store and in .

You’ll Find Special Versions Of Classic Rides No Matter Where You Are You’ll Find Unique Rides In Each Park Too

WORLD OF DISNEY at Disney Springs Part 5 of 5 | DISNEY PLUSH, Girls apparel, Toys and MORE!

Of course, one of the major reasons people visit a theme park is the world-class rides and attractions, and none of the global Disney parks disappoint in this area.

But if you’re of the notion that it seems silly to travel all the way around the world to ride Splash Mountain in Japan, you’re truly missing out.

Disney rides utilize some of the most impressive technology in the world, and there are few things cooler than hearing theFrench version of “It’s a Small World” or listening to the cheesy Jungle Cruise’s jokes spoken in Japanese.

Sure, plenty of the classics exist at nearly all of the parks, like versions of the Mad Tea Party, “Haunted Mansion” ride, and Space Mountain , each version is slightly unique to its home park, making it fun for Disney fans to compare the differences between them.

For example, fans sometimes argue that Paris has the best version of Space Mountain, since it’s the only one taking guests upside down, whereas Shanghai’s twist on the “Pirates of the Caribbean” ride often takes the cake for most immersive technology.

Other beloved international rides include Pooh’s Hunny Hunt at Tokyo Disneyland, a trackless spin in a honeypot Journey to the Center of the Earth at Tokyo DisneySea which is known for being filled with thrilling movements and Shanghai Disneyland’s Tron Lightcycle Power Run, which is set to make its way to Florida in 2021.

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Pirates Of The Caribbean

Pirates of the Caribbean is a gentle indoor cruise through scenes of a pirate raid from the bombardment of a fortress to debauchery after the victory.

Every time we ride it we notice new details. The films were inspired by this classic ride and you can now see an animatronic figure of Captain Jack Sparrow.

The Best Of The Rest At Animal Kingdom

If you have time, the Dinosaur ride is surprisingly scary and was empty at the end of the day.

There are many attractions at Animal Kingdom that dont have queues. Its well worth walking the informative Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail and Maharajah Jungle Trek to see gorillas, tigers, and many other animals.

Our favourite show is Its Tough to be a Bug, and its also worth seeing the Festival of the Lion King and Feathered Friends in Flight. Theres plenty of street entertainment going on all day, too.

In the evening, dont miss the Tree of Life Awakening , Rivers of Light show, and wandering through Pandora.

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Star Tours The Adventures Continue

Be prepared to be propelled into outer space as you voyage through the galaxy of Star Wars during this motion-simulated flight with high-tech 3D. Your adventure may take you face-to-face with the First Order as you try to deliver the Rebel spy safely to the Rebel forces. With so many twists and turns, youll never know where you will end up in the Star Wars universe.

Height restrictions: 40 inches

Best Rides In Hollywood Studios

Epcot theme park Orlando part of Walt Disney World Florida

In Star Wars: Galaxys Edge, they have:

  • Millennium Falcon Smugglers Run interactive simulator ride
  • Star Tours the Adventures Continue also a simulator ride
  • The famous Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance the most realistic in all the parks , which runs about 25 minutes. Unfortunately, this ride is so popular, boarding groups are now used via a virtual queue and visitors are unable to stand in line.

Youll be greeted by a group of First Order Stormtroopers on Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance.In Toy Story Land, you can ride:

  • The popular Slinky Dog Dash roller coaster a fast, fun trip with plenty of hills
  • Toy Story Mania! a spinning laser shooting game where everyones competitive streak will emerge

In the Sunset Boulevard area, you have:

  • Twilight Zone Tower of Terror for the thrill-seekers in the family. It offers an experience in a haunted hotel where youre dropped several stories.
  • Rock n Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith indoors and features a heart-stopping take-off and endless speed

And on Hollywood Boulevard, you can do:

  • Mickey and Minnies Runaway Railway one of the newer rides featuring an interactive experience in an out-of-control railway car. Riders are dropped into the cartoon universe and experience fun vignettes and eye-popping scenery. Theres so much to look at, you might want to ride this one again!

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