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What Are The Best Parks At Disney World

Ready To Plan A Disney Parks Trip Disney Cruise Or Adventures By Disney Vacation

Animal Kingdom is the BEST Disney World Park

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Best Theme Parks In Orlando For Teens

Best: Universal’s Islands of Adventure

Teens will love the high number of true thrill rides, including the Incredible Hulk Coaster, Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure and Jurassic World VelociCoaster! Harry Potter fans will feel like they just stepped into the books at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Hogsmeade. Even those who aren’t fans will be mesmerized by the incredible attention to detail! Journeying on the Hogwarts Express – Hogsmeade is an entertaining and awesome ride for park hoppers wanting to venture over to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Diagon Alley! Of course, no visit here is complete without Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey inside Hogwarts Castle.

Other Good Orlando Theme Parks for Teens:

How To Avoid Long Lines For Rides At Disney World

If there is one thing we hate is waiting for hours in queue for an attraction, even if it is a great ride. With so many awesome rides to do at Disney World, saving time by avoiding longs lines is crucial.

Here are our best tips to avoid long lines:

Go Early in the Morning We always suggest doing this for every theme park at Disney World. By showing up at least 30 minutes before the parks open, it will give you an advantage over most guests and you will be able to do all the best rides right away in the morning before the masses arrive.

Go When the Crowds are Low Try planning your trip during a time of the year when crowds are lower. This means avoiding big holidays and going more weekdays than weekends. To help you out, use our Disney World Crowd Calendar to find when there are fewer people in the parks.

Use FastPass+ The Disney theme parks give you the opportunity to get up to three FastPasses per day to skip waiting in line for the most popular attractions. You can make FastPass+ reservations from 30-60 days before the start of your vacation. This will save you some serious time in line and highly recommended.

Make sure to look at the Disney World Attractions Refurbishment Calendar while planning your trip to see if any of your favorite attractions are scheduled to be closed while you are there.

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Happily Ever After Fireworks

Visitors to Disney World should make sure to end up, one night, in the Magic Kingdom at the right time for the Happily Ever After Nighttime Spectacular fireworks display which takes place at the Cinderella Castle.

Try to view the fireworks from a spot that’s either in front of the Castle or on Main Street, to see Tinkerbell flying in the sky. The fireworks schedule varies at different times of the year, and on peak days the display may happen twice, so make sure check the calendar on the Disney World website. Over the years, the show has been updated with modern entertainment technology that includes animated projections and lasers.

Rock N Roller Coaster

Disney Parks: The 10 Biggest Hollywood Studios Attractions Based On A Movie

Rock n Roller Coaster is one of the best things to do in Disney World for thrill-seekers.

Its the scariest rollercoaster at Disney with a fun introduction , super-fast launch, and fun inversions.

Theres a single rider queue which saves time, so Simon rides this one again and again. Its one of the best rides at Disney World for adults.

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Is Magic Kingdom Bigger Than Epcot

As I mentioned above, The Magic Kingdom is 107 acres.

By comparison, Epcot is 300 acres. Thus, Epcot is almost 3 times larger than The Magic Kingdom.

When visiting WDW, which as weve said, is the largest of all Disney parks, learning about something called rope drop can literally save you hours of waiting in lines.

So if youve wonder What is Rope Drop at Disney World , check out one of my latest articles that walk you through exactly what it is and what to do to beat the crowds on your favorite rides.

All The Disney Parks In The World Ranked

Weve been fortunate to be able to make visits to each and every Disney theme park in the world. Over the course of those visits, and for countless hours in between, we discussed and debated how wed rank the different parks. In this post, we set out to rank the 12 Disney Theme Parks Around The World.

Ranking posts are a bit silly in concept, but were fans. Weve ranked all the iconic castles of the Disney parks, and weve ranked all the rides at Walt Disney World.

And if youre interested in actually visiting all of these places, we have a Six Disney Resorts in Six Years post where we outline how wed plan to visit each of Disney theme park resorts over the next six years.

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What Are The Least Crowded Months At Disney World Parks

In general, there are four months out of the year that stick out as the least crowded time to visit Disney World:

  • End of August
  • Late January
  • Early February

Now, notice that I did not say that these were the best times to visit. Simply, the least crowded. You have to be sure to factor in weather, as well as Crowd Calendars, into the equation!

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Egg Roll Cart In Adventureland

Disney world parks in 3 minutes Best Disney parks in Orlando

It isnt open every single day, but if youre hungry and see a line forming at the egg roll cart at the entrance to Adventureland, youll be wise to join the line.

Here you can get two egg rolls in flavors such as pepperoni pizza, cheeseburger and buffalo chicken. That may sound a little weird, but they taste amazing. Its $9.50 for your choice of two egg rolls.

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What Is The Biggest Disney Resort

Amazingly, there are 42 Disney Resorts worldwide. In terms of which is largest, here are the top 10:

  • Disneys Pop Century Resort 2880 rooms Orlando
  • Disneys Coronado Springs Resort 2384 rooms Orlando
  • Disneys Port Orleans Resort Riverside 2048 rooms Orlando
  • Disneys Art of Animation Resort 1984 rooms Orlando
  • Disneys All-Star Movies Resort 1920 rooms Orlando
  • Disneys All-Star Sports Resort 1920 rooms Orlando
  • Disneys All-Star Music Resort 1604 rooms Orlando
  • Disneys Caribbean Beach Resort 1920 rooms Orlando
  • Dolphin at Walt Disney World 1509 rooms Orlando
  • Disneys Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa 1260 rooms Orlando
  • Not surprisingly, since the total acres come in at 25,000, all of these resorts are at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

    Wheelchair Access For Disney Rides

    Most of these Disney World rides are accessible for guests in wheelchairs or ECVs , although many require transfer from a wheelchair to the ride vehicle.

    On the Disney website, you can see this list of services for guests with mobility disabilities which shows which rides are accessible for wheelchair users.

    This guide to going on Disney rides in a wheelchair is also useful and answers common questions.

    Wheelchairs and ECVs can be hired at all the parks on a first-come, first-served basis.

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    Best Disney Character Dining Experiences

    Do you want a side of Mickey or Cinderella with your bacon and eggs? Thats usually no problem, but itll cost you.

    Having a Disney World annual pass, DVC membership or similar may lighten the bill at our favorite character meals, but there are no two ways around it: Disney World character meals are expensive.

    Is Disney World Bigger Than Disneyland

    Top 10 Disney World Attractions From All Parks Ranked

    Yes, is the short answer.

    Walt Disney World in Orlando, Flordia is CONSIDERABLY larger than Disneyland in Anaheim, California.

    To be specific, Walt Disney World is about 580 acres.

    Disneyland, by comparison, is only 157 acres including the newly opened Star Wars: Galaxys Edge which added an additional 15 acres.

    So all the parks combined, Walt Disney World is almost 4 times larger than Disneyland.

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    Disney World Resort Dining 101

    First things first can anyone eat at Disney World resort restaurants? Yes! Diners do not need to be staying at the hotel to be able to eat at one of its restaurants. In fact, we love eating at Disney resort hotel restaurants because it gives us a chance to do a little resort hopping, one of our favorite things to do outside the theme parks.

    With so many Disney World restaurants to choose from, especially at the hotels, and so few vacation days, it can be difficult to decide which you want to squeeze into your trip. Many minutes are spent waiting in line for rides or on the Disney buses during your already-expensive vacation, so the last thing you want to do is feel like youre wasting time on a meal that isnt worth its price tag.

    While well try to help make your Disney dining reservation decisions a bit easier with this list, My Disney Experience is also an invaluable tool for planning where, when, and what youd like to eat. Not only will you need to use it to make your advance dining reservations, as well as join any walk-up lists, but we also like firing up the app to scope out restaurant menus ahead of time. This keeps you from scrambling over where to go at mealtime and helps to save you precious minutes when it comes time to place your order, meaning you can get back out into those ride lines faster.

    Cosmic Rays Starlight Cafe

    Another Magic Kingdom misfire is Cosmic Rays. The menu is very limited to theme park staples such as chicken fingers, burgers and fries, which would be OK in theory if thats what you were after. In practice, Cosmic Rays can get very crowded and run way behind with orders. And at the end of the day you still end up with theme park burgers and fries.

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    Best Disney Resort Dining For Dessert

    Every meal at Disney World deserves a sweet ending. Youre on vacation, after all! And theres no better place to indulge in dessert than this next Disney World restaurant:

    Beaches & Cream Soda Shop at Disneys Yacht & Beach Club Resort

    Cost: Lunch and Dinner $15 to $34.99 per adult

    Type: Table Service Restaurant

    Cuisine: American

    While you could soak up some air-conditioning or go for a swim in your hotel pool, the tastiest way to stay cool at Disney World is with ice cream from Beaches & Cream Soda Shop. While this restaurant at Disneys Beach Club Resort also serves up All-American diner fare, we love coming here for the specialty shakes, sundaes, and ice cream sodas. The Kitchen Sink is a monstrous frozen confection that comes with five ice cream flavors and every topping possible and serves four people.

    What to Get: Kitchen Sink, No Way Jose, Snicker Sundae, Fudge Mud Slide

    Well, all you Disney foodies, that wraps up our best Disney resort restaurants rankings. Which Disney World hotel restaurants are your favorites? Are there any restaurants we missed? Let us know in the comments!

    Want time to try more food? Spend more time eating and less time waiting in lines with our 1-day plans for Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom. Then, save some cash for your culinary adventures by booking our discounted Walt Disney World tickets.

    Best Quick Service Restaurants At Disney World Hotels

    Why EPCOT is the BEST Disney World Park

    While you probably wont seek out these Disney resort restaurants unless youre staying at the hotel or doing some resort hopping, these next quick service restaurants are great places to grab some food fast if you happen to be in the area:

    Primo Piatto at Disneys Riviera Resort

    Cost: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner $14.99 and under per adult

    Type: Quick Service Restaurant

    Cuisine: American

    Primo Piatto at Disneys Riviera Resort technically dishes up American cuisine, but we prefer American with French and Italian flair. Quick service restaurant menus often tend to be pretty bland and uninspiring, but that isnt the case here. While you will find standard offerings like Mickey waffles and burgers, like the resorts other dining options, the flavors of the European Riviera are infused into many of the dishes here, making for a quick meal thats as delicious as it is affordable.

    What to Get: Croque Madame, Blueberry-Lemon Pancakes, Croque Monsieur, Tuna Niçoise Salad

    Sassagoula Floatworks & Food Factory at Disneys Port Orleans Resort French Quarter

    Cost: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner $14.99 and under per adult

    Type: Quick Service Restaurant

    Cuisine: Cajun, Creole, American

    What to Get: Mickey-shaped Beignets, Shrimp & Grits, Jambalaya

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    Best Theme Parks In Orlando For Tweens

    Best: Universal Studios Florida

    With more simulator rides than thrill rides, and many based on movie franchises, Universal Studios Florida offers a lot to do and see. Of course, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Diagon Alley should be at the top of the list, and Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts is not to be missed! The bravest of tweens can tackle Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit coaster, which reaches speeds of up to 65 mph! Revenge of the Mummy is slightly tamer, but offers plenty of scream-worthy moments. TRANSFORMERS: The Ride-3D is thrilling 3D technology at its best as Autobots attempt to protect the AllSpark from Decepticons.

    Other Good Orlando Theme Parks for Tweens:

    • SeaWorld Orlando Daredevil tweens will love the thrill rides, especially Mako, Journey to Atlantis, Kraken and Manta. Soon, they will be able to tackle Ice Breaker, the park’s first multi-launch coaster. As frogs, we think the animal encounters are also pretty awesome )

    Best Disney World Park By Age Group For Preteens

    As we mentioned above, the best theme park for kids over the age of 5 will be geared more toward your kids and families interests. Preteens especially will love the cinematic universe of Star Wars, making Hollywood Studios a great pick. Or, for an ultimate experience, head over to Pandora: World of Avatar to ride Flight of Passage. Both of these parks offer exciting thrill rides and a mix of nostalgic fun for your preteen who might enjoy classic Disney magic.

    If you are a foodie family, we definitely recommend EPCOT as one fo the best theme parks for preteens. Any EPCOT festival is a foodies dream, and has plenty of different options for those who like to sample or who are picky. There are obviously a great mix of thrill rides, as well as, classic Disney movie rides like Frozen Ever After.

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    Best Animal Kingdom Attractions And Restaurants

    Disneys Animal Kingdom is Walt Disney Worlds largest park and includes almost 500 acres of land, much of which houses the wildlife. Filled with separate areas, like Africa, and Asia, Animal Kingdom also includes Pandora World of Avatar. This park features trails throughout certain hours that allow animal viewing, so be sure to allow enough time here for browsing. Animal Kingdom typically closes earlier, about 5 or 6 pm in the low seasons, so be sure to check park hours before you make plans. Check out everything you can do on your Animal Kingdom Day.

    Is Every Disney Castle Unique

    The 11 best amusement parks in Florida

    Magic Kingdom in Florida and Tokyo Disneyland in Japan have virtually identical Cinderella Castles. There are some minor differences between the two, mainly in terms of decoration/painting, but they are substantially the same building. These are the only two Disney theme parks that currently have matching castles.

    Prior to 2018, Disneyland in California and Hong Kong Disneyland Park had matching Sleeping Beauty Castles, but Hong Kong has since unveiled a unique Enchanted Storybook Castle.

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    Can You Visit Every Disney Theme Park In A Single Trip

    Its certainly possible to visit every Disney theme park in a single trip, but itll take some time, planning, and of course money.

    The easiest way is certainly not the cheapest. Adventures by Disney has announced a 2023 whirlwind private jet adventure which includes VIP experiences at each of the twelve Disney theme parks, and all it will cost you is 24 days of your time and about $110,000 per person.

    Theres of course nothing stopping a person from planning their own Disney itinerary that includes every park worldwide. Just note that theres no single ticket/pass that gets you into every Disney theme park.

    An Adults Take On Epcot Rides

    Theres a slew ofEpcot rides appealing to grownups. They have a more mature collection compared to rides in any other Orlando Disney park.

    The crème a la crème in the list of best rides is the massive, indoor hang glider simulator called Soarin Around the World. It lifts you in the air and rotates in front of a 180-degree, 80-ft concave screen, above famous monuments around the globe.

    Other similar scream-inducing rides include Mission Space, Spaceship Earth, and Test Track.

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