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Overview Of Walt Disney World In February

Building Orlando: Evermore Orlando Resort

While February is officially the month of love, the parks are fairly low-key about Valentine’s Day. But take a tip from us frogs: You can create romance at Disney World in February or any other time with our romantic ideas. Keep an eye out on Disney World’s social media accounts around Valentine’s Day, as special photo-ops are announced. In recent years, Cinderella’s carriage has been on display in Magic Kingdom for cute couple photo-ops, and sometimes you can catch a prince or two hanging around with the princesses a rare treat!

Disney World Weather In September

You might think that September means the arrival of more mild and fall-like weather in Orlando. Nope. September is still summer in Florida.

Expect lots of humidity, highs in the 90s, and almost daily afternoon thundershowers.

The average high temperature for Disney World in September is 89°F and the average low is 74°F.

Thats 32°C for the high and 23°C for the low.

Trying to stay cool in Galaxys Edge

If you are traveling during hurricane season I suggest getting trip insurance in case you need to change plans at the last minute.

Chilled Rose at Epcot Food & Wine Festival

I suggest wearing light-colored tops, a sun hat, taking breaks in the AC, and taking a dip in the pool in the afternoon if you can swing it.

It is a fairly rainy month with an average of 9 days of rain plus the common afternoon thundershower.

Heres what to pack for Disney World weather in September:

  • Light-colored t-shirts and tank tops
  • Shorts or skirts
  • Sun hat and good sunscreen
  • Poncho or umbrella

Orlando Weather In April

Ahhh, April has the best weather of the year in Disney World. It is warm and not very humid with lots of sunshine.

Unfortunately it a pretty busy and expensive time to year to visit due to Spring Break crowds. But you can dodge a lot of those crowds with my strategies in this post on how to never wait in line at Disney World.

The average high temperature for Disney World weather in April is 83°F and the average low is 63°F.

Thats an average high of 28°C and low of 17°C.

It is finally shorts and t-shirt weather in Orlando in April. The highs will be around 80°F many days so unless you will get cold with you legs exposed in the morning or at nights you should be fine with just shorts.

That said, you should definitely still bring a light jacket or sweatshirt with you when it gets a bit chilly. I like to through it in my park bag during the day .

In April youll definitely get lots of pool days, though it may still be cold for a swim in the morning hours. Be sure to pack your swimsuit and plan to spend some afternoons at the pool.

That said, check the forecast before you leave of course. You might get an unusually rainy spell.

Heres what I suggest packing for an April trip to Disney World:

  • Mostly shorts and T-shirts
  • A sun hat and sunglasses

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Orlando Weather In June

The average high temperature for Disney World weather in June is 90°F and the average low is 73°F. That said, it can feel way hotter due to high humidity.

Thats an average high of 32°C and an average low of 23°C.

It is plenty warm enough even in the evenings that you wont need a jacket outside. However, the air conditioning can sometimes be very cold inside, so I still suggest bringing a lightweight layer you can throw on if the AC is freezing.

The sun can be relentless in June and shade can be hard to find in some places in Disney World. I suggest bringing a sun hat along in your park bag. Get my picks for what you need to park in your Disney park bag in this post.

You also will start to experience the famous Florida afternoon thunderstorms in June. This is a common summer phenomenon, with a rain shower and storm lasting less than an hour. Be prepared with ponchos or an umbrella.

And of course youll have excellent pool weather, so make plans to spend at least one afternoon at the pool.

Heres what to pack for a trip to Disney World in June:

  • Tank tops, t-shirts, and shorts or skirts
  • A lightweight jacket if the AC is super cold
  • Swimsuits
  • Sun hat and good sunscreen
  • Poncho or umbrella

Orlando Weather In August

September at Disney World: Weather and Event Guide

The weather in Disney World in August is much the same as the weather in July but just a bit warmer and more humid. August is the hottest month of the year so youll want to be prepared!

The average high temperature for Disney World weather in August is 90°F and the average low is 75°F.

Thats 32°C for the high and 25°C for the low.

Looking hot and frazzled

For all of these reasons, August is my least favorite month of the year to visit Disney World. However, the end of August brings some very low hotel rates and low crowds if you are willing to brave the weather conditions!

I suggest frequent breaks in AC, a visit to the pool in the afternoon to cool off, and lots of sun protection such as light-colored clothing and a sun hat.

Heres what to pack to be prepared for Disney World in August:

  • Light-colored t-shirts and tank tops
  • Shorts or skirts
  • Sun hat and good sunscreen
  • Poncho or umbrella

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Disney World Weather In March

The average high temperature in Orlando in March is 78°F and the average low is 58°F.

Thats an average high of 26°C and an average low of 14°C.

Youll be able to leave the hat and gloves at home this month! Evening temperatures are pretty comfortable as long as you have a warm fleece or sweatshirt.

Youll have lots of pool days thanks to the nice Disney World weather in March. Highs in the 80s are common and even if its in the upper 70s youll find lots of people at the pool.

Its even warm enough in March to get a frozen drink at the pool . The warmer temperatures also bring increased crowds, so be prepared for that.

Rainy days are still on average a low 5 days per month.

Heres I suggest you pack for a trip to Disney World in March:

  • T-shirts
  • A fleece or sweatshirt for the evenings
  • Mostly shorts and a few pants
  • Swimsuits

Crowds At Walt Disney World In February

As far as crowds go, Valentine’s Day itself has no appreciable impact on traffic. But the parks do see elevated crowds because of Presidents Day, which is Feb. 21, 2022. Many people book their vacation around the federal holiday, boosting crowds in the park. For those of you visiting during this time, take advantage of our Orlando planning app for iPhone and make sure you get to the park before opening to take advantage of the lowest crowds! Check the crowd calendar to see recommended days for the whole month . Also, be sure to book your Disney Park Pass reservations! For more information about crowds in 2022, hop over to our full post.

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Warmer Weather Returns To Central Florida Today

by Lisa Vondale·February 3, 2022

Last weekend, iguanas fell from the trees, but today, temperatures returned to a relative normal with a winter warm-up slated to continue through tomorrow.

Warm weather lovers will be in their element over the next couple of days here in Central Florida. But you may soon need your umbrella and a sweater.

FOX 35 Orlando

Warm weather lovers will be in their element over the next couple of days here in Central Florida. But you may soon need your umbrella and a sweater, declared Fox 35 Orlando in a Tweet this morning. With highs today in the low 80s, Floridians and visitors alike can once again bask in the warmth and sunshine that defines the state of Florida.

The improved weather forecast doesnt last long though with temperatures declining steeply again headed into the weekend. A 14-degree difference actually exists between Fridays high temp and Saturdays much cooler prediction. Rain also reenters the forecast for both Saturday and Sunday and then again mid-next week.

Last few toasty days, then temps drop off a few ticks. Not frozen, but cooler

Eric Burris

As always with Florida in early February, pack for a day at Walt Disney World Resort with the ever-changing dynamics in mind. One day, pools and waterparks might be open with balmy temperatures, and the next day could feel more like a brisk fall day to many.

Temps are in the 80s in Orange County right now. Heres a look at current temps!

Disney World Weather In February

Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando to stop temperature screenings upon entry

The average high in Orlando in February is 74°F and the average low is 55°F.

Thats an average high of 23°C and average low of 13°C.

The temperature can still dip into the 40s some nights, especially during the beginning of the month. Youll want to be prepared with a warm coat and hat.

Expect to see plenty of flowers in bloom in February. This is a welcome change from most places in the US which are colorless in February!

T-shirt days are common in the second half of February, where highs in the mid-70s are the norm.

And you might even get a high temperature of 80°F like I did on this day in February 2018. I was super excited to hang out at the pool.

Heres what I suggest packing to be prepared for Disney World Weather in February:

  • T-shirts
  • Some pants and some shorts
  • A swimsuit in the chance youll get a warm day

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Disney World Weather: What To Expect Each Month

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. All opinions are my own.

When youre planning a Disney vacation, youll want to know what the Disney World weather will be like when you are there.

Its likely that the weather in Orlando will be VERY different than what you are used to back home, so deciding what to pack can be tricky!

Ive visited Disney World over 30 times during every season and Ive finally figured out central Florida weather.

In this post, Ill share what to expect from Disney world weather each month of this year, plus share my tips for what to pack to be prepared. Every picture was taken by me during the month described, so you can see what its actually like during that month in Disney World!

Best Times To Visit Walt Disney World Based On The Weather

There are a ton of things to consider when deciding when to visit Walt Disney World. Everything from work and school schedules to crowd levels can impact when you plan your trip, but the weather is an important consideration when deciding the best time to visit Disney.

When you think of Florida, you think of warm, sunny days, and that is true of Florida weather very often. It is called the Sunshine State! However, there are times of the year when that beautiful sunshine is sweltering! And, believe it or not, there are some times downright chilly! Check out this information on weather at different times of the year, and how that can impact your vacation plans.

Average Low: 48

Average High: 72

The chilly weather may mean you need a jacket, but you should not be sweating while wandering the parks. The cooler temperatures make it easier to stay in the parks longer, as they are less draining than intense heat. Many water attractions, like Splash Mountain, may be closed for refurbishments during this time of year due to the cooler temperatures. Typically, only one of the water parks will be open through the winter months. It is occasionally possible to swim despite the cool weather because all of Disneys pools are heated.

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Closings And Refurbishments At Walt Disney World In February

Many of the water rides see seasonal refurbishments in the month of February. Typically one of the water parks will close, but currently, only Blizzard Beach is operating . So Blizzard Beach will likely be open to provide some cool water fun. Keep in mind though that water parks will close on days with lower temperatures.

At Walt Disney World, many rides will undergo regular maintenance around this time of year, while others have not reopened yet. Here are the current closures for February:

  • Magic Kingdom: Splash Mountain , Big Thunder Mountain , Enchanted Tales with Belle, The Walt Disney World Railroad
  • Animal Kingdom: Expedition Everest
  • Hollywood Studios: Voyage of the Little Mermaid, Star Wars: Launch Bay, Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple

For more details and a list of all refurbishments, check our closings page.

Hurricanes At Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World Resort offers dream wedding

This page illuminates the chance of a cyclonic storm affecting any part of Florida anytime during a 9 day visit, based on arrival date.

It helps illuminate the Walt Disney World hurricane season more specifically than general statements like The hurricane season runs from June 1 to November 1.

The takeaway is that a vacation has the biggest chance of being affected for arrival dates in late August through early October. It would be unusual for your vacation to be ruined, but it has happened.

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High Temperatures At Walt Disney World

This page shows by day for the entire year at Walt Disney World 80th percentile, 50th percentile, and 20th percentile high temperatures.

You interpret it most easily like this: On March 1, there is a 20% chance that the high temperature will be around or lower than 68, an 80% chance it will be higher than around 68, and a 20% chance it will be around 83 or higher.

The key takeaway is that highs are not reliably above 75 between the beginning of November and the end of Marchand that the summer is really hot

Disney World Weather In December

And last, theres the unpredictable month of December. This might be the hardest month to know what to expect from the weather, and it is also the busiest month of the year at Disney World!

The average high temperature in December is 74°F and the average low is 56°F.

Thats 23°C for the high and 13°C for the low.

But that doesnt tell you much about December weather, which can range from the 30s to the 80s. I have needed a puffy coat and hat and a few days later been swimming with temps in the upper 70s.

So checking the forecast before your trip is highly recommended, as well as packing for a variety of weather. At least hurricanes arent a concern and there are only 4 rainy days on average per month.

Heres what to pack to be prepared for Disney World weather in December:

  • Mostly long sleeves and a few t-shirts
  • Pants
  • A warm coat for the mornings and evenings
  • Possibly hat and gloves if the forecast shows chilly temps
  • Swimsuit in the hopes youll get a warm day

I hope this post has helped you prepare for weather any time of year in Orlando!

If you are looking for help planning your Disney vacation, get a free quote from my travel agent partner Siera with Destinations in Florida here. She can help you find the best place to stay and apply discounts automatically all at no cost to you!

Any questions about Disney World weather or what is the best time of year to visit? Leave a comment below or

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Disney World Weather In May

Things start to heat up in Orlando in May. You might surprised by how hot and humid it can get, especially towards the end of the month!

The average high temperature for May is 87°F and the average low is 69°F.

Thats 31°C for the high and 21°C for the low.

That said, it is very common to see highs climb into the 90s by the end of the month. And the humidity really starts to increase.

If you are from the Northeast, Midwest, or Western US you will be likely be shocked by the humidity in Orlando in May!

Plan to dress for summer tank tops, t-shirts and shorts are the main clothing items youll need.

It will likely be quite hot in the theme parks, so plan to wear lightweight clothing. There are water play areas for kids in most of the parks, so bring a change of clothes or a swimsuit to the parks for the little ones .

Youll get great swimming weather in May, so bring your suits.

The number of rainy days starts to climb in May, with an average of 8 rainy days per month.

Heres what youll want to pack to be prepared for Disney World weather in May:

  • Shorts, t-shirts, and tank tops
  • A light jacket or sweatshirt for evenings
  • Swimsuits and extra clothes for kids for water play areas
  • Sun hat and sunglasses

Disney World Weather Cheat Sheet: Average Temperatures And Rainfall

Fire sparks emergency response at Walt Disney World

This post may contain affiliate links and ads. Read our disclosure policy here.

Sometimes I will book a vacation only after checking to see what month have desirable average temperatures and lowest average rainfall amounts. For other trips, our dates might not be flexible, but I always check average temps and rainfall amounts before packing our bags.

I figured if I was looking for this info for our upcoming Disney trip, you might be interested in it as you plan your vacation!

We have traveled to Disney World during pretty much every kind of weather. We have been there in the extreme hot, on a cold winter day, and on those days when blue skies turn to gray in seconds flat and the rain seems to explode from the sky. Some rain showers pass through quickly while others linger.

Two things that we NEVER forget to pack in our Disney World bag: ponchos and sweatshirts. The rain can pop up without warning and many days after the sun sets, the weather can turn chilly .

I grabbed these stats right from

Average Monthly High Temperatures for Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, FL:

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