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Walt Disney World Year Pass

What If You Want Both

Walt Disney World suspends sale of most annual passes

If you want to purchase Annual Passes for Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort, your options may be slim.

Previously Disney offered a coast-to-coast Annual Pass option called the Premier Passport. The Disney Premier Passport offered access to all four Disney World theme parks in Florida and both Disneyland Resort theme parks in California 365 days a year. It was priced at $2,099.

However, amid the pandemic, Walt Disney World Resort paused all new Annual Pass sales, and Disneyland Resort sunsetted its Annual Passport program. This effectively ended the Disney Premier Passport program, as well. And now that Annual Passes are once again relaunching at Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort, we can see that the Disney Premier Pass is nowhere to be found. At this time, there is not an Annual Pass available for purchase that offers access to both Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort.

So, what should you do? Well, if you want similar benefits to the Premier Pass, then the best option for you is to purchase the highest tier Annual Pass at both Disneyland and Disney World. That will cost you $2,698 . While it is around $600 more than the previous cost of a Disney Premier Passport, there is a chance that the cost of a Premier Passport could have increased if it was reintroduced, anyway.

Disney Park Pass Reservations

Current Passholders will see an increase in the number of Disney Park Passes they can hold at any given time. This change will take place beginning September 8, 2021. The number of Park Pass reservations will increase to:

  • Disney Platinum Plus Pass: Up to 5 Park Pass reservations
  • Disney Platinum Pass: Up to 5 Park Pass reservations
  • Disney Gold Pass: Up to 5 Park Pass reservations
  • Disney Silver Pass: Up to 4 Park Pass reservations
  • Disney Theme Park Select Pass: Up to 3 Park Pass reservations
  • Disney Weekday Select Pass: Up to 3 Park Pass reservations
  • Disney EPCOT After 4 Pass: Up to 3 Park Pass reservations

What Are The Limitations Of The Disney Annual Pass

With your Disney World Annual Pass the sky is the limit! Your Disney World Annual Pass does not make you a VIP however, this is simply an admission ticket for 12 months that comes with a ton of perks.

If you are looking for a special VIP experience Disney does offer VIP tours at Walt Disney World, you can visit the official Disney World website for more information on one of these once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

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Disney World Suspends Sales Of Most Annual Pass Types

On Sunday evening, November 21, Disney World suspended the new sales of most annual pass types.

When we went on the annual pass page on the Walt Disney World website, this is what we found:

Taking a closer look we can see that new sales of the Disney Pirate Pass, Disney Sorcerer Pass, and the Disney Incredi-Pass have all been paused at this time and none are available.

The only annual pass that is still available for new sales is the Disney pixie Dust Pass, which is the most limited pass and only available to Florida Residents.

This does not come as a surprise as when new Disney World annual passes went back on sale on August 30, 2021, Disney stated in the press release: some annual pass types may be unavailable for purchase at any time. This is one of those times.

This pause on new annual pass sales does not affect renewals on existing annual passes. If yours is coming up for renewal in the next few weeks, you will have no problem renewing it.

Why did Disney choose right now to suspend sales of new passes? Its likely that with the holiday season coming up, they realize that the parks are going to be near full capacity through the end of the year, and selling even more annual passes to guests would only complicate things more.

Looking at the park pass reservation system, we can see that availability for the parks is dwindling in November and December.

While Disney hasnt commented on when sales will reopen, its likely the pause will last through the end of 2021.

How Much Does A Disney World Annual Pass Cost

Why all Florida Residents should get a Walt Disney World ...

Theres no getting around it: a Disney World Annual Pass isnt cheap.

If you live in Florida or if you are a Disney Vacation Club member with a blue card, youll have the most flexibility when purchasing, including less-expensive Annual Pass options.

Note: blue card Disney Vacation Club owners refers to owners with a blue membership card that symbolizes that they have purchased their DVC points directly from Disney OR purchased their contracts before April 2016whenthe benefits for owners that purchased resale changed.

But, aside from upgrading a discounted ticket you purchased from an Authorized Ticket Reseller , you really cant save a lot of money purchasing an Annual Pass.

Here are the levels, prices, and benefits for each type of Annual Pass.

Note: prices below do *not* include tax.

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Walt Disney World Annual Pass Ticket Discounts

To enjoy your Walt Disney World Annual Pass benefits, you must present your valid Passholder card and valid photo ID at the time of purchase, booking, and/or redemption of any offers. Offers may not be combined with any other certificate, offer, or discount. Offers apply to the Passholder only, unless otherwise noted. Offers are subject to change without notice and are subject to availability.

AMC Theatres Downtown Disney 24Receive $2 off adult evening admission price. Offer is valid for the Passholder only and not valid with any other offer or discount.

Disneys Typhoon Lagoon and Disneys Blizzard Beach Water ParksEnjoy a $4 discount off regular admission price for Guests ages 10 and older and $3 discount for Guests ages 3-9. Discount available for Passholder and up to 3 guests per visit.

Specially Ticketed Magic Kingdom Park EventsKeep watching for discounts on the following specially ticketed events at the Magic Kingdom Park: Mickeys Not-So-Scary Halloween Party and Mickeys Very Merry Christmas Party. Discount is only available on select nights, based on limited availability, and applies to Day-Of admission price for these specially ticketed events. The Passholder may purchase up to a total of 4 discount tickets.

What Does A Walt Disney World Annual Pass Cost

Walt Disney World Annual Passes are available starting September 8, 2021.


  • Disney Pixie Dust Pass: $399 + tax
  • Payment Plan: $205 down plus $19/ mo. for 12 months
  • Disney Pirate Pass: $699 + tax
  • Payment Plan: $205 down payment plus $45/ mo. for 12 months.
  • Disney Sorcerer Pass: $899 + tax
  • Payment Plan: $205 down payment plus $63/ mo. for 12 months

    • Disney Incredi-Pass: $1299 + tax
    • Payment Plan for Florida Residents $205 down payment plus $99 per month for 12 months

    And since Disney increases these prices often, always check the site to be sure of the current Disney Annual Pass price

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    Making Park Pass Reservations

    Park Pass reservations for annual passholders can be made either on the Walt Disney World website or in the My Disney Experience app.

    Whichever one you are using, go to Make Theme Park Reservations. There you will choose between making a park reservation for an annual passholder or for someone with only regular theme park tickets.

    As an annual passholder, you will then be brought to a screen where you will then choose between regular park pass reservations, or park pass reservations for guests staying at a Disney World Resort hotel .

    You then select the date and the park you want to visit:

    Review and then confirm your reservation:

    Disney World And Disneyland Annual Pass

    Walt Disney World To Resume Selling Annual Passes

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    Are you thinking of visiting both Walt Disney World and Disneyland this year? Disney has a combined annual pass for Walt Disney World in Florida and Disneyland in California. If you are visiting both the Disney California and the Disney Florida parks in one year, the Disney Premier Passport may be a good idea.

    The Disney World and Disneyland Annual Pass gives ticket holders access to Disneyland, Disneys California Adventure, Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney Hollywood Studios, Disneys Animal Kingdom, as well as the Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon water parks, DisneyQuest, Disneys Wide World of Sports and the Oak Trail Golf Course. In other words it is a combined Disneyland Annual Premium Pass and Disney World Premium Annual Pass. It is the ultimate Disneyland and Disney World ticket.

    The Disney World and Disneyland Annual Pass is known as the Disney Premium Annual Pass.

    You will of course get all the usual Premium Annual Pass holder perks including free parking, select merchandise discounts and invitations to special events.

    Whilst I am extremely pleased that Disney is finally offering this pass as I visit both parks and this will represent a considerable saving, it will be interesting to see how many guests become Disney Premier Passport Holders.

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    Visiting Disney World In 2022 2023

    In this post, we provide an outlook on the next two years at Disney World, with the goal of helping to pick when to visit during that time. This post gets updated every few months, though in the interim you may see updates near the top that provide some additional information we havent yet built into the rest of the post.

    We cant see the future, but we do our best to collect important dates that Disney has confirmed, mention rumored dates that make sense, give our total guesses for things that might happen. It always should be clear which of these categories a given date / prediction falls into.

    As of this January 2022 update, were focused on visits occurring January 1, 2022 through December 31, 2023. For the most part, were focused on visiting during the 50th Anniversary celebration.

    Notice that the 50th Anniversary celebration, which has started and runs through March 2023 contains 15 of the 24 months that this post covers. This is important, because some of the things offered during the 50th Anniversary will be unique, and visiting during one of these major celebrations is a bucket-list item for many Disney fans.

    This post is not a planning guide. We have a Walt Disney World 2021-2022 planning guide. This post is specifically concerned with when to visit. I also recommend glancing at the Epcot Festival Calendar and Tips post if festivals are going to be a big part of your trip.

    Waiting Until After The 50th Anniversary

    I dont see any reason at all to wait until after the 50th Anniversary for your next visit. The latest Id be looking at right now is February 2023, the 17th month of the 18-month celebration.

    Guardians is basically a lock for 2022, and wed be shocked to see TRON delayed until after the 50th . Other than that, attempting to wait out crowds / prices seems a risky strategy. Prices only go up, and crowds will always be unpredictable.

    With two new rides scheduled to debut during the 50th Anniversary, a third also having debuted in 2021, were not expecting any major changes to the resort during most of 2023. Announcements? Definitely. Animal Kingdom in particular is due for something new, though perhaps some clarity on Epcots future might be a more immediate issue.

    If you looking toward after the 50th, presumably its partly because youd like less hoopla. If thats the case, then summer 2023 is probably your best bet. Itll be after the 50th, soon enough that we probably dont expect anything major to happen , and before holiday crowds descend on the resort.

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    New Disney World Annual Pass Tiers For 2021

    Disney Pixie Dust Pass: $399 plus tax

    • Visit one or more Walt Disney World Resort theme parks on most weekdays with an advance park reservation
    • Hold up to three park reservations at a time
    • Only available to Florida residents

    Disney Pirate Pass: $699 plus tax

    • Visit one or more Walt Disney World Resort theme parks on most days with an advance park reservation
    • Hold up to four park reservations at a time
    • Only available to Florida residents

    Disney Sorcerer Pass: $899 plus tax

    • Visit one or more Walt Disney World Resort theme parks on most days with an advance park reservation
    • Hold up to five park reservations at a time
    • Only available to Florida residents and Disney Vacation Club members

    Disney Incredi-Pass: $1,299 plus tax

    • Visit one or more Walt Disney World Resort theme parks on the same day with an advance park reservation
    • Hold up to five park reservations at a time

    Disney Parks Hit Capacity As Crowds Flock To Wdw On New Years Eve

    New Walt Disney World Annual Passes Designs Available ...

    With the New Year right around the corner , it looks like Guests want to end 2020 on the best note they can by being at the Happiest Place on Earth!

    Related: You Can Still Celebrate NYE At Disney World This Year, Heres How!

    Walt Disney World Resort theme parks arent hosting their annual New Years Eve fireworks , and even Magic Kingdom will close at 11 PM, meaning they wont be open when the New Year hits at midnight as they have been in past years. But despite this, Guests are still wanting to spend the last day of 2020 at Disney World.

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    Florida Resident Repayment Program

    This repayment program is only available to Florida residents who are least 18 years old and those who have a valid ID.

    The monthly payment amount is based on the remaining balance after a one-time down payment of $205 at the time of purchase.

    The first monthly payment will be charged on day of purchase or shortly thereafter.

    • Disney Pixie Dust Pass: $399 plus tax
    • Disney Pirate Pass: $699 plus tax
    • Disney Sorcerer Pass: $899 plus tax
    • Disney Incredi-Pass: $1,299 plus tax

    Is Disney World Back To Normal

    Lookwere done with the question of is Disney World back to normal? It isnt back to what it was before, but with a few exceptions, its a normal theme park experience.

    The Disney Dining Plan has not yet returned. Character greetings are only sort ofreturning. The indoor mask requirement is still around. A few hotels havent reopened. But for the most part the parks are a mix of things fully back to normal and things that are probably the new normal .

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    What Is A Walt Disney World Annual Pass

    Annual Pass is the general term for Disney World tickets that last for 366 days versus those that last for a certain number of gate entrances or entitlements.

    There are actually 4 different types of Annual Passes available , and they all have slightly different eligibility requirements, blockout dates, and of course, prices.

    Disney World Annual Passes The Basics

    Walt Disney World resumes selling annual passes

    New Walt Disney World Annual Passes are good for 366 days from the date of activation. In other words, if you activate your new pass on January 8, 2021, it will be good through January 8, 2022! Renewal Annual Passes, which are discounted, are good for 366 days starting from the expiration date of the previous pass, whether you use them right away or not.

    You should carefully calculate your costs with and without Annual Passes before buying them. As a very rough rule of thumb, Walt Disney World Annual Passes are worth the money purely on the basis of ticket cost if you will be going into the theme parks for more than 18 days in 1-2 visits or 14 days in 3+ visits in a 366-day period. If your plans are in that ballpark, its probably worth actually calculating whether youll save money with a pass. In some cases an annual pass can still save you money for shorter stays because of the substantial benefits that are often available to Annual Passholders: hotel discounts, discounts on entertainment, restaurant discounts and free parking.

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    Sorcerer Pass Blockout Dates

    The Sorcerer Pass has availability almost every day of the year. The only dates that are blocked out are the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday periods. Other than that you can make a reservation any day of the year.

    We think the Sorcerer Pass is the best value for your money as it knocks $400 off the price from the Incredi-Pass and still has 97% of the same dates available.

    Illness Death And Aftermath

    Disney had been a heavy smoker since World War I. He did not use cigarettes with filters and had smoked a pipe as a young man. In early November 1966, he was diagnosed with lung cancer and was treated with cobalt therapy. On November 30, he felt unwell and was taken by ambulance from his home to St. Joseph Hospital where, on December 15, 1966, ten days after his 65th birthday, he died of circulatory collapse caused by the cancer. His remains were cremated two days later and his ashes interred at the Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, California.

    The release of The Jungle Book and The Happiest Millionaire in 1967 raised the total number of feature films that Disney had been involved in to 81. When Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day was released in 1968, it earned Disney an Academy Award in the Short Subject category, awarded posthumously. After Disney’s death, his studios continued to produce live-action films prolifically but largely abandoned animation until the late 1980s, after which there was what The New York Times describes as the “Disney Renaissance” that began with The Little Mermaid . Disney’s companies continue to produce successful film, television and stage entertainment.

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