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Walt Disney World Vacation Packages Costco

Is Costco Travel A Good Deal

How Much Does it Cost to Go To Disney World in 2022?

Costco Travel is definitely a good deal for convenience: You can book vacations, all-inclusive resorts, theme park stays, cruises, flights and car rentals all through one trustworthy platform with transparent pricing.

The most value can be found in some Costco vacations and car rentals. In one of our sample reservations, Costco Travel’s vacation package was almost $2,000 cheaper than booking with a competitor. Costco Travel’s car rental also offers great deals and may cost less than booking directly with the car rental agency itself.

The differences vary between Costco Travel’s cruise packages and hotels and its competitors’ offerings. Costco cruises tend to be pricier and offer fewer options, but they do provide substantial value for the price point. Many cruises and Costco trips include perks, such as welcome drinks, food and beverage credits and a Costco Shop Card, which can tip the scales. The extra cash back you can get for booking travel as a Costco credit cardholder or Executive Member sweetens the deal even more. Our recommendation: Spend some time researching vacation packages and cruises from Costco and other providers to find the best value before you book.

Potential Drawbacks To Consider

Summer Hull, editorial director for The Points Guy, says booking Disney vacations through Costco Travel can definitely be cheaper than booking elsewhere, but there are limitations to who might benefit.

“I’ve seen Disney vacations booked through Costco Travel be as much as $1,000 cheaper even for a medium-priced fam vacation to Disney, ” Hull tells Parents.“The catch is you can only book stays three days or longer with them. So, if you’re going for just a weekend, it doesn’t work.”

In addition, says Hull, booking a Disney vacation through a third party can sometimes complicate life when there’s a problem or issue that needs to be addressed.

“Sometimes Disney is not able to help as much when you’re adding a third-party player to that equation,” continues Hull, who says that if she’s not booking a vacation directly with Disney, she generally opts for a vacation planner that specializes in Disney such as Mouse Counselors.

Disney vacation planners will do everything from getting you dining reservations to waking up early to book Disney fast passes for youso that you can simply relax and enjoy your getaway. The beauty of this type of service is that it doesn’t cost you a dime. Planners work on commission and are not paid by the person booking the vacation.

Still, adds Hull, for someone who’s simply chasing the cheapest option for a Disney visit and who is also visiting for at least three days, Costco can certainly be worth it.

Staying At A Disney World Hotel Buy That Refillable Mug

Disneys Rapid Fill mugs are a blend of technology and convenience because they have a chip in the bottom that acts like a key fob. You can refill the mug at Disney resorts with water, soda, coffee, or tea.

The mugs cost $19.99 or theyre included with a Disney Dining Plan and theyre active for seven days from purchase.

Individual drinks start at $3.99, which means youd have to refill your mug at least 5 times over the course of your stay to cover the $19.99 price.

Dont bother trying to cut corners to buy one of these mugs on eBay it wont be activated when you need it.

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Is Costco Travel To Hawaii Worth It

Depending on your departure city and dates of travel, Costco travel deals to Hawaii are definitely worth it. Costco offers some of the best value available on airfare, accommodations and rental cars. You can price out each one individually and possibly save money or receive additional benefits when you bundle your reservations.

Purchase Disney Genie+ To Get The Lightning Lane Its The New Fastpass

Disney World Trip Savings: Is Costco Cheaper?

Disney Genie+ is replacing FastPass and MaxPass, which is a bummer because the FastPass was free this isnt. The paid Genie+ service includes the Lightning Lane the new way to skip the stand-by line and get onto the ride with little to no wait time.

The service also has audio experiences and Disney PhotoPass exclusives.

Disney Genie+ is $20 per day at Disneyland and $15 per day at Disney World.

It gets worse. According to a Disney Cast Member, there will be one or two specific attractions each day that wont be available on Disney Genie+ but that you can purchase individually that day. You wont know until you get there.

Note: Virtual Queues will still be the only way to ride attractions like Rise of the Resistance and WEB Slingers: A Spider-Man Adventure and those will be accessible via the Disneyland/Disney World apps. They will not have Lightning Lanes.

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Is A Disney Vacation Package For You

A Disney vacation package has traditionally included two key things: a hotel room and park tickets. The park tickets must be multi-day tickets , but can be any of the various park ticket types: Base , Park Hopper, Water Park & Sports or Park Hopper Plus. You can also add a pre-paid dining plan to any package. There is also a ticketless package that includes a dining plan but no tickets. The ticketless package is not available online you need to book it with a travel agent or over the phone with Disney.

A lot of people like Disneys vacation packages because they are convenient and worry-free. You get everything you need with one purchase. However, it is important to note that the standard full-price Disney vacation packages are designed for convenience rather than savings. In most cases you will not automatically get a discount by purchasing a package! It can be cheaper to book a room only reservation and then buy the package components separately.

It can be difficult to sort out what is best for your particular situation. Thats why we think its a good idea to have someone knowledgeable on your side, making sure all the details are covered. Our advice is this: if you want to book a Walt Disney World vacation package, we strongly recommend using a travel agent who specializes in Disney travel. It costs you nothing, and you can sit back, relax, and have all the vacation planning and hassle taken care of by someone else.

Orlando: Disney’s Contemporary Resort Package With Walt Disney World Tickets

NEW Important Requirements: Walt Disney World Resort Reservations. As Walt Disney World Resort reopens, Park attendance will be strictly managed through a new Park reservation system. Guests who do not have an advance Park reservation will be denied entry. To enter a Park on a particular day, both a Park reservation for that day and a Ticket valid for Park admission on that day are required. This applies to Park Tickets included with or added to a Costco Travel package. Prior to purchasing your Costco Travel package, it is recommended all Guests check the Park Availability Calendar at . Next, immediately after purchasing your Costco Travel package, it is recommended all Guests create a profile at Link any Resort Room Reservation and Ticket Reservations using the Walt Disney World Ticket confirmation number provided in your Costco Travel documents. Then, make Park reservations via My Disney Experience for each day you plan to visit the Parks. In addition, it is recommended all Guests visit There, they can view important information about Park reopening, reservations, limitations on benefits, features, experiences, new safety measures, etc. Please note: All policies are subject to change and are outside the control of Costco Travel.

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Use Rider Switch Or Single Rider Line If Both Parents Want To Ride But The Baby Cant

Have an infant or child in your party who cant ride an attraction? Look for a sign, or ask the cast member supervising the ride if Rider Switch is available.

While one parent watches the child, another adult and any older kids can ride the attraction. Once theyre finished riding, the waiting adult can ride and can even bring a second person along with them.

Or just hop in the Single Rider line if the attraction has one.

Is Costco A Good Deal For Hotels

Discount Disney World Tickets Costco

Costco hotels doesn’t always offer the best deal or the best selection of hotels, but it does offer the most transparent pricing. Some other sites require you to click a “price breakdown” link or continue all the way through to the final booking screen to see the full price. If you don’t like to get lured in by “advertised prices” only to find out the true price later, you may want to choose Costco hotels.

To offer a sample of Costco’s rates, we searched for hotels for six nights in New Orleans in March 2022, comparing Costco hotels with the offerings of other hotel search engines.

Since the value is so high, you’ll need to comparison shop Costco hotels if you truly want the lowest price.

One of the biggest differences is choice. Costco offers only 25 hotels in the city for our dates, while hotel search engines offer hundreds of options. If you like simplicity, you might appreciate Costco’s streamlined selection. But if you prefer to shop around or want to stay with a favorite hotel brand, you’ll find more choices elsewhere.

As you can see from our samples below, Costco sometimes has the lower price and sometimes has a higher price .

Costco hotels
$1,601 non-refundable or $1,684 with free cancellation$1,601 non-refundable or $1,684 with free cancellation$1,601 non-refundable or $1,684 with free cancellation

We are using the total price with taxes and fees, rounded up to the next dollar.

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Vacation Package Features & Options

Disney World vacation package options, prices and benefits change every calendar year. In most years, only a few minor things change, such as the list of shops and restaurants that provide coupons and discounts to package buyers. Occasionally there will be more extensive changes when there are, we list them below.

The specific package you get is based on your checkin date. So if you check in any time between January 1 and December 31, 2021, you will get the 2021 package benefits and pricing for your whole stay, even if the stay extends into 2022.

2021 Package Changes

Guests arriving in 2021 will no longer receive a complimentary MagicBand. They can still get a FREE plastic RFID card at any time, or can buy a MagicBand for an additional fee and link it to their account. A selection of MagicBands will be available to purchase in advance at a discount through MyDisneyExperience.

Some of the store & restaurant discount coupons have changed. Hotel prices went up, though not by as much as in some years past.

Please note: The dining plan is not being offered while the COVID-19 adjustments to health and safety are in effect, so we dont yet know the new 2021 pricing and how it compares to 2020s prices.

2022 Package Changes

Current Package Options

Thanks to Small World Vacations for info.

How Much Do I Save Buying Tickets From Get Away Today

When you purchase Disneyland® tickets with Get Away Today, you’ll always be able to save off of Disneyland® Resort gate prices. Plus, you’ll be able to save even more when you take advantage of various ticket specials we offer throughout the year. Additionally, when Disney does offer Southern California Resident discount tickets, at Get Away Today were able to sell those, too!

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Book A Costco Disney Vacation Package To Save Up To 25%

Costco Travel offers specials and all-inclusive Disney Resort vacations that you can book online.

Costco deals for Disney World include up to 25% off Disney Resort Hotels, up to a $150 Disney gift card, and special perks like memory photo packages included for free when you purchase an all-inclusive vacation.

Costco deals for Disneyland include a variety of discounted multi-day vacation packages. Youll receive up to a $245 Disney gift card, Magical Extras savings at Downtown Disney District, and a collectible Disney pin and lanyard with purchase.

Plus, Costco Executive members get 2% back on all travel purchases up to $1,000.

Costco Disney Tickets: Fact Or Fiction

Orlando: Orlando World Centre Marriott Package with Walt ...

Despite what many people believe to the contrary, you cant purchase individual tickets to Disney Parks at Costco stores.

By some accounts, the warehouse club stopped selling those standalone tickets in 2016.

But Costco Travel doessell Disney vacation packages that come bundled with park tickets.

In some cases, that may be a deal. But thats not always the case, as we found

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Whats Included In A Costco Disney Vacation Package

Whether its a romantic trip for two or fun for the whole family, there are several perks that come with bundling your Disney vacation. While the amenities vary depending on the package, all Disney packages include theme park tickets, discounted lodging and free transportation to and from the airport.

But the advantages dont end there. Disney vacations booked through Costco may also include:

  • Savings on hotel rooms or villas
  • Magic mornings early admission
  • Discounts at Luxury Lanes Bowling
  • Fun Disney swag
  • Upgrades and room delivery where applicable

Remember: double check the details of your particular package so you dont miss out on any deals.

Where Should I Buy Discount Disneyland Tickets Other Than Costco

If youre wondering where to purchase discount Disneyland® tickets if theyre no longer available at Costco, we have the answer! When one door closes, another door opens, and you can still get a great deal on Disneyland® tickets by purchasing them with Get Away Today. We have built our business on making Disneyland® as affordable as possible for families. Which is why Costco members from any state can still save big when they purchase with Get Away Today.

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Less Flexibility In Travel

Availability may lock you in to certain dates, per the particular vacation package. Packages are constantly being reformatted and updated, so the trip you want may not be available at the price or time you want it.

This can especially be a challenge with school-age children, as popular vacation times tend to get filled the quickest. Destinations, including the theme park or resort, may also be limited, depending on the season.

Is Costco A Good Deal For Car Rentals

Ways to Save Money on Your Disney Trip Cost!

Costco trips offer competitive rates on car rentals but may not always have the cheapest prices for the type of vehicle you want, so it pays to shop around.

  • Costco Travel offers rates that are competitive against booking directly with the rental car agency.
  • Priceline and Travelocity offer lower rates. In our sampling, both Priceline and Travelocity offered significantly lower rates than Costco for each vehicle size. Albeit, through car rental companies that get very mixed reviews.
  • It is good to shop around, but you should also consider whether the savings are worth booking with a company that you aren’t familiar with.

We did a comparison shop for a one-day car rental in February 2022, picking up and dropping off at the Denver International Airport in Colorado. We compared Costco car rentals to Priceline, Travelocity and booking directly with Budget or Alamo, the car rental agencies that Costco offered as the best deal for us.

Costco Travell
$319 pay now or $336 pay later$222 through Routes Car Rental$266 through Routes Car Rental

Savvy traveler tip:

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St Disney Trip W/ 3 Year Oldcostco Vs Disney Package

I am a costco member and we have the ability to book a stay with them for our visit. I understand it’s not a Disney resort we stay at, but they are close and do provide transportation to and from the resorts. The total cost from Wisconsin including airfare is $4000 for a 10 day stay with 5 day hopper passes for 4 of us. Seemed like a good deal…

Friends tell me you HAVE TO STAY ON SITE at a Disney property for the experience. So I checked the prices…for the same stay without airfare it’s $6000, so with flights it will be about $7500…nearly double. Albeit that does include 3 meals on the meal plan…but the Costco deal has free breakfast buffet. IS it worth it???? I mean REALLY worth it? We’d like to go every year but at those prices YIKES!!!! We won’t be able to.

Also what are the prices for food in the park if we have to pay to eat?

Thoughts? Ideas? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

The cost of food vs dining plans worth is a very debatable one. On one side you will get people saying they prefer to know it’s paid for and on the other we always pay less out of pocket. If you are going to eat a main course and a desert and soft drink then what they charge for the dining plan is pretty much a decent guide to the price you’d pay for cash.

When you say includes 3 meals a day you must have the very top delux plan which is 3 full table service meals per day, which most people say is a lot of food. We had regular and had quick breakfasts in our room most days.

Costco Travels Disney Vacation Packages Vs Disneys Prices

We pulled price quotes for a stay at several Disney Resorts in Orlando, Fla., booked directly through the Disney website and compared them to what Costco Travel offers.

The quotes below include 5-Day Disney Theme Park Tickets with Park Hopper Option for two adults and two children.


* All quotes accurate as of April 19, 2019.

So, the takeaway is this: Costco Travel may give you an advantage when youre looking to stay at a value resort inside the park and bundle tickets. But be sure you shop around if youre looking to stay at a moderate or deluxe resort. Of course, your results may vary!

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