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Walt Disney World Scooter Rental

How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Mobility Scooter Or Wheelchair For Universal Studios

Renting A Scooter at Walt Disney World!!

You have two choices, rent directly from Universal Inside their complex once you arrive or from an outside company. To rent a mobility scooter from Scooter Vacations, we deliver to your hotel, resort, timeshare, etc. Our scooters range in price from $25-$40 a day depending on the model. We offer multi-day rental discounts for longer rentals and have many special partner discounts and special coupon offers on our website.

Transportable models for up to a 450 Lbs. capacity are $25-35 per day and luxury on-property only models are $35-$40 a day.

If you rent from Universal it is a $100 deposit and $50 a day for a mobility scooter and $12 a day for a wheelchair. If you use a credit card for the $100 daily deposit at Universal you must return the wheelchair or ECV to the location you picked it up from to get your deposit back. You cannot pick up at one park and leave it at another upon departure. You can reserve in advance but they do sell out quickly and you MUST be there by 11 am to pick up your rental. Also, they do not rent ECVs for nighttime events due to battery re-charging issues.

Using A Stroller As A Wheelchair In Disney World

If you need a wheelchair for a child or small adult, you may be able to use a stroller instead. Even a simple umbrella stroller can function as a wheelchair in Disney World if you use the Disabilities Access Pass. This pass is designed to help guests with additional needs or invisible disabilities enjoy the parks and rides one accommodation you can request is to have your own or a rented stroller treated as a wheelchair.

Youll receive a huge red sticker to attach to the stroller, once this is affixed, cast members will treat your ride just like an official wheelchair, even if it is just a typical kids stroller. This is very helpful for guests with disabilities that could lead to wandering and elopement or those with difficulties navigating the park or even regulating their own temperatures. Learn more about the stroller as wheelchair component of the DAS here, and get the scoop on this helpful process.

Where Can You Rent A Wheelchair Or Ecv From At Disney World

  • Disney World inside the parks, on a per day basis, for use only in that park.
  • Disney World at Disney Springs, for use only at Disney Springs for one day.
  • From an outside Vendor, for use anywhere you go including the parks, resorts, Disney Springs and even off Disney property, for your full stay if you wish.
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    Using Wheelchairs And Scooters In Disney Parks

    If you are concerned about using a wheelchair or scooter at Disney to get around, the parks are well-equipped to handle both. Most attractions are set up to be as accessible as possible. However, you may find a few attractions here and there that are not easily accessible if you are in a wheelchair or ECV.

    Disney World has attractions categorized so those with mobility disabilities can better understand which attractions to avoid. The main categories are:

    • Must transfer from wheelchair/ECV to ride vehicle
    • Must transfer from ECV to a wheelchair
    • Must transfer from ECV to a wheelchair, and from wheelchair to ride vehicle

    Disney designed a few attractions that allow you to stay in your wheelchair or ECV. Many of these attractions include theater-style shows. For a full rundown of all of the attraction categories and mobility options, visit Disney Worlds page on Mobility Disabilities.

    The other thing to keep in mind with a Disney scooter rental is that you want to keep it on slow at all times. For those not used to riding one, it can feel overwhelming to suddenly be navigating crowds.

    Can I Bring My Disney Wheelchair Rental From One Park To Another

    Wheelchair &  ECV Daily Rentals at Walt Disney World ...

    Wheelchairs and ECVs are not transferable from park to park. You can only use them in the park where they are rented .

    Your rental is good for that entire day, however, so in order to park hop, youll want to retain your rental receipt when you return the chair or ECV at the first park, then, at the next park, present your receipt to receive a chair or ECV at that park . You wont be charged twice, but you do have the inconvenience of not having a set of wheels to make the change from park to park.

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    How Much Is A Disney Scooter Rental

    Currently, a Disney World scooter rental at the theme parks will run you $50 a day, with a refundable $20 deposit. If you want to rent one at the water parks or Disney Springs, the deposit rises to $100. The daily price is the same. Disney offers no discount or length of stay rental available for ECVs.

    What If Your Wheelchair Is Taken Or Moved While You Are Riding An Attraction Any Good Anti

    Cast members sometimes move chairs and strollers while you are on the ride. Simply ask where it was moved to.

    You may want to hang something noticeable and unappealing on the chair. That way someone is less likely to make the honest mistake of grabbing the wrong one and might just think for that split second before making the dishonest mistake.

    Most but not all offer FREE insurance against damage. There is no coverage for theft, so it is important to remove the ECV key when you get off your scooter.

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    Which Model Is Best If I Am Staying On

    For guests staying at Walt Disney World you may select the Snap, Dart, Wish, Destination or Fantasy no matter which resort you are staying at. If you are considering The Dream we recommend it for only those staying at hotels that have direct access to Boats and Monorails and/or direct access to the facilities you will be visiting. While it does fit on the buses, you do need to turn the front wheel to fit within the ADA prescribed public transportation dimensions. Because of the Dreams unique look, many bus drivers assume it is not compliant with ADA public transportation rules and may attempt to limit access. So as to avoid any un-pleasantries, we suggest for a large battery life, luxury model you select the Wish or Fantasy.

    Renting Vs Bringing Your Own Equipment

    Everything you need to know about renting a scooter at Walt Disney World

    If you use a scooter or wheelchair regularly, then your own equipment is far superior to the pieces you can rent in the parks. Occasional users, though, can benefit from renting on-site. Youll have fewer items to bring from home and you wont have to worry about transporting heavy or awkward equipment. There are several rental brands that exist to serve guests of the Universal Orlando and Disney World Resorts. You can rent a variety of wheelchairs, scooters or strollers, including special needs strollers, from these brands. You can also rent an ECV or wheelchair in any of the theme parks, if you only need occasional assistance or help navigating the park itself.

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    Renting From A Third Party Provider

    If you need a scooter, wheelchair, or stroller for your vacation, not just at the theme parks, youll need to rent from a third party company such as Buena Vista or ScooterBug.

    Youll be able to take your device between the theme parks and take it to your hotel. Buses, monorails and most watercraft can accommodate scooters.

    ScooterBug and Buena Vista Rentals will send a service technician into the parks for service should you experience a malfunction or if you need a replacement.

    Scooter Bug is the exclusive provider of electric convenience scooters, strollers and wheelchairs for Walt Disney World. This means you do not need to be present upon delivery and drop off of your device.

    • Will deliver and pickup without you being present.

    • Competitive rates.

    Theme Park Scooter Rental & Theme Park Stroller Rental Specials

    GMS offers scooter rental and stroller rentals to Orlando, Kissimmee, Celebration, parts of Davenport, theme-park resorts, I-Drive convention centers, timeshares, and some residences throughout Central Florida.

    Scooters delivered w/ FREE extended-range batteries, FREE cup-holder, FREE phone holder, FREE USB port, FREE L.E.D. ground safety lighting, and Victory scooters come FREE upgraded with a luxury Captains chair and cooling fan!

    Strollers come standard with FREE rain cover, and FREE parent organizer w/ cupholder and delivered clean and certified sanitized.

    Affordable simple flat-rate all-inclusive pricing. Accessories are provided FREE of charge. Quick & Easy online reservations. FREE insurance, FREE in-person delivery and pickup included. Call center open for questions 7am to 7pm & retail store 7am to 3pm both 7 days a week RISK-FREE booking without Cancellation or Change fees. Life happens… and we at Gold Mobility Scooters understand!

    * * * Decide which scooter best fits your needs * * * > Choose the VICTORY scooter for Battery-Life LONGEVITY for those long theme-park days or…> Choose the GOGO scooter for its PORTABILITY to fit in almost any vehicle that’s the trade-off for portability.ONLINE ORDERING is 3 easy steps:1. Choose your scooter 2. Tell us the When & Where3. Check Out

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    Where Can I Rent An Ecv Or Wheelchair At Walt Disney World

    All parks and Disney Springs have wheelchair and ECV rental areas. Some parks also have rental replacement locations, where youll go if you lose your Disney rental or you need a replacement due to malfunction .

    At Magic Kingdom:

    At Epcot:

    • Gift Stop just outside the Epcot Main Entrance
    • Stroller and Wheelchair location inside Main Entrance
    • International Gateway

    At Disneys Hollywood Studios:

    • Oscars Super Service inside Main Entrance

    Disneys Hollywood Studios Replacement Locations:

    • In Character Costume Shop
    • Disney Springs Sundries

    At Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach:

    • There are no wheelchair or ECV rentals at the water parks.
    • Several wheelchairs are also available for use for free at Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach Guest Relations.
    • You must leave your valid ID as your deposit.
    • You can bring your own wheelchairs and ECVs into the water parks .
    • The water parks may also have a water wheelchair available for you. Inquire at Guest Relations.

    Where Can You Rent Scooters

    ECV Scooter Rentals at Walt Disney World

    Scooters are available at each of the front of the parks for rental on a first come, first serve basis and no reservations are accepted according to Disneys policies. Rental prices are $50 a day plus a $20 security deposit. At the Disney Water Parks the deposit is $100

    Disney World does have some rules about renting the scooters. You must be 18 years old to rent the scooter and operate it and a valid photo ID is required. There is a maximum weight limit of 450 pounds for the Disney World scooter rentals, outside companies might be different. The scooters are not designated to hold more than one person and you are not allowed to ride with a child in your lap. Although, we found the kids will somehow find a way onto your lap.

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    When You Must Transfer To A Ride Vehicle

    While most attractions, restaurants, shops and shows are wheelchair accessible, there are some cases when guests may need to transfer from their wheelchairs onto a ride vehicle. Disney cast members are not permitted to physically lift guests from wheelchairs, so we recommend traveling with someone who can physically assist you if necessary. There is designated wheelchair parking outside the attractions that require transferring to the ride vehicle.

    Here is a list of Disney World rides that require transferring from your wheelchair to the ride vehicle:

    Magic Kingdom: Astro Orbiter, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Dumbo The Flying Elephant, The Haunted Mansion, Mad Tea Party, Main Street Vehicles, Pirates of the Caribbean, Prince Charming Regal Carrousel, Snow White’s Scary Adventures, Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Tomorrowland Speedway

    Epcot: Frozen Ever After, Mission: SPACE, Spaceship Earth, Soarin’, Test Track

    Disney’s Hollywood Studios: Rock ‘n Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith, Star Tours, The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, Slinky Dog Dash

    Disney’s Animal Kingdom: DINOSAUR, Expedition Everest, Kali River Rapids, Primeval Whirl, Flight of Passage

    We hope you’ve found this guide to using ECV and wheelchairs hopful as you plan your trip! What questions do you have? Drop us a line in comments below!

    Mobility Scooter And Wheelchair Options At Disney World And Universal Orlando

    All hotels and theme parks in both of these destinations are fully ADA compliant, so you wont have any trouble getting around or accessing rides in either location. Theres more to enjoying the park than just finding convenient ramps, though, so the details below are designed to help you make the most of your trip and discover the best ways to tour Disney World using a wheelchair or scooter.

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    Other Scooter Vendors In Orlando

    Disney World recommends several vendors in the Orlando area that rent power scooters. Rememberthese outfits cant deliver the vehicles to Disney theme parks, but they can deliver them to most Orlando resorts and to all the Disney resorts. This might actually work out better for you. Many Orlando resorts are spread over acres and acres, so having a mobility scooter to use would be very handy. If youre staying for several days at the resort, you could rent a scooter for the length of your stay. The rental places will deliver it and pick it up. And if the scooter takes apart, you can use it at Disney World, too. One advantage to renting motorized scooters from an outside vendor is that you can reserve one in advance. Below are the Orlando scooter rentals approved by Disney World:

    • Apple Scooter: 321-726-6837
    • Buena Vista Scooter Rentals: 866-484-4797
    • CARE Medical Equipment: 800-741-2282

    The monorail has wheelchair ramps.

    No Reservations In Advance

    Using the DAS or renting an ECV (scooter) at WDW?

    The only bad thing about renting scooters at Disney World is that they cant be reserved in advance. Its done on a first-come, first-served basis. You might want to arrive early so you can be sure of getting a power scooter. Of course, you can always rent scooters from vendors other than Walt Disney World, and they can be reserved.

    The problem here is that outside scooters cant be delivered to the Disney theme parks, although they can be delivered to many Orlando Resorts. Youll have to transport the scooter to Disney World yourself, so youll have to make sure the scooter folds down and that itll fit in your vehicle. From what I can find, handicap scooters arent allowed on most standard shuttle services to Disney World.

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    Disney Electric Scooter Rentals:

    If you’re looking for the perfect Disney mobility scooter rental, then look no further. We will match you up with the best mobility scooter that will meet your needs allowing you to comfortably navigate the adventures of your vacation.

    Go here to rent an electric scooter for Disney, Universal, Sea World, any other Theme Park, and the Greater Orlando Area!

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    Can I Rent Wheelchairs/ecvs Anywhere Else On Disney Property

    Yes, there are a few other locations to acquire wheelchair and ECV rentals. Buena Vista Scooters is located in front of BoardWalk Inn and Villas in the Epcot Resort area.

    At the Swan and Dolphin hotels, contact Concierge Staff in person to arrange ECV/wheelchair rental through a third-party vendor. The Concierge Staff will not order wheelchairs/ECVs for guests over the telephone.

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    Can You Bring Your Own Wheelchair To Disney World

    Yes, Disney allows its guests to bring their own wheelchairs to Disney World. Personal wheelchairs can be used throughout Walt Disney World Resort, including in theme parks, water parks, Disney Springs, restaurants, and resort hotels.

    Please remember that personal belongings such as wheelchairs, ECVs, luggage, and strollers should never be left unattended in the corridors or hallways. Store your belongings insider your hotel room.

    Where Is The Walt Disney World Location

    ECV/Scooter Rental at Walt Disney World: A Detailed Guide ...

    Disney World is stretched around an enormous piece of land, the address of the location is 1675 E Buena Vista Dr, Lake Buena Vista, FL. The place can be identified as Disney World Resort which is centrally located around Bay Lake and Lake Buena Vista.

    The phone number of the Walt Disney World Resort Office is +1 828-1451

    The area code of Walt Disney World resort is 32830

    Here is the complete map of Disney World with parks highlighted.

    The map coordinates with the location of latitude and longitude are 28.371280, -81.512160. Remember, these map coordinates are of the entrance gate.

    What are the things You Can do at Disney World?

    There are enumerable activities you can take, perform, and join at the Walt Disney World. You perhaps already know, there are four theme works at the Disney World Resort:

    Animal Kingdom

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    Renting From The Theme Parks

    If you only need a rental for a day, youre only visiting one park, and you typically arrive early, this might be the simplest option for you.

    Note: The Disney rentals do not leave the parks. They are not available for the resorts or the parking lot. If you need assistance getting from a bus or the parking lot, there are courtesy wheelchairs available to borrow. If you dont see them ask a parking or transportation attendant.

    • Rentals for ECVs are priced by the day. Wheelchair rentals have a multiday option.
    • You may park hop, BUT you cant take the rental to the next park. You must return it in the park where you picked it up. When you arrive at the next park, show your receipt. Unfortunately quantities are limited and there is no guarantee there will be one available for you.
    • If you leave and come back to the same park on the same day Disneys ECV/wheelchair rental location will save your rental for you.
    • This rental will not apply for Disney Springs. If you visit Disney Springs and need a wheelchair or ECV, it will be an additional rental charge.
    • The weight limit for Disney-owned ECVs is 450 lbs and 350 lbs for wheelchairs.
    • Disney does not have a reservation system. All rentals are first come/first serve and there are limited quantities.
    • You must be 18 and have a valid photo ID to rent wheelchairs or ECVs and you must be 18 to operate an ECV.


    Renting at Water Parks and Disney Springs

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