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Walt Disney World Parking Prices

Parking At Disney Resorts

Disney increasing park tickets prices for certain times of year

One great way to save money when flying into MCO Orlando International Airport is to take Disneys Magical Express or ride-share services to your Walt Disney World Resort Hotel. Youll avoid the hefty tiered fees counted nightly with overnight self-parking or the valet services available at select Resort Hotels.

Standard overnight self-parking is available to registered Guests for a fee that will be applied to your hotel folio at check-out. Parking fees DO include tax, which is nice, but at the cheapest value hotels, overnight parking is $15 per night. Disney Moderate Resorts have a disney resort parking fee of $20 per night, which each Disney Deluxe Resort and Villa has a $25 per night charge.

Complimentary standard parking is available to overnight Guests staying at the Campsites at Disneys Fort Wilderness Resort. Staying here allows for one vehicle per campsite at no charge, so this is a great way to save on Resort Parking if you prefer this type of stay. Note that the cabins will have a $20 per night charge for parking.

You will also NOT pay for parking if you are a DVC member staying at a DVC property or Walt Disney World Resort Hotel, regardless of whether you are using vacation points or another form of payment! If you are a DVC Member who is not using points for your vacation, you will be charged for standard overnight parking. Try to use your points wisely and avoid those parking fees!

Tip #: Park At Disney Springs Or Water Parks For Free

The Disney Springs shopping area offers free parking. To get to your desired park, you can take a bus to a Disney resort and then use their free shuttle service to the theme parks. Unfortunately, this will take quite a bit of walking and time spent waiting for buses. It might be worthwhile to pay the fee time is money!

You could also take an inexpensive Uber or Lyft from Disney Springs to the park or a closer resort, then hop on their free shuttle service. Disneyworld parking is free at the water parks as well .

Alternatives To Having A Car

Guests of Disney hotels have access to free transportation to all major destinations on Disney property. Since Disney has ended their Magical Express shuttle service from Orlando International Airport youll have to find your own way from the airport if youre flying in.

While Disney transportation can be time consuming, it saves you the cost and hassle of having a car.

Guests of other hotels will have to check with their hotels to see what their transportation options are. And always read hotel reviews to see what guests say about the transportation.

Additionally, if youre thinking about bringing a car, consider whether youd be better off using Uber/Lyft or Minnie Vans for your purposes. We have a guide to using Uber at Walt Disney World. Were very comfortable with Uber and we dont have to wait for a car with a carseat, so were a little biased toward that service.

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Park For Free At Disney Springs

Do you have to Pay to Park at Disney Springs? Parking at Disney Springs is FREE. If you choose you can secure Valet Parking for $20 dollars a day. Remember to check out the Disney Springs hours so you can make sure to get back to your car before closing. Hours for Disney Springs Parking Lots are aligned with the shopping hours at Disney Springs. Parking Hours at Walt Disney World during the Pandemic are generally 10 am- 10 pm.

What If You Are Not A Disney Hotel Guest

Disney Parks Ticket Prices Increase June 2, 2013

If you are not staying at a Disney Resort, can non guests visit Disney resorts? The simple answeryes! I personally have visited many of the resorts at which I was not staying just for the different food options. If there is space to park, you typically can park at the resort you are visiting for a few hours for free. If there is no space, you may need to park elsewhere and use Disney transportation.

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Stop To Shop/dine At A Hotel And Then Make A Quick Visit

Okay so TECHNICALLY you are not supposed to avoid parking fees at the theme parks by parking at a resort.

And that is very much the case if youre hoping to park at a resort and spend the whole day at the parks.

But lets say you just want to pop into Magic Kingdom for fireworks after dinner or to Epcot to do one ride on Spaceship Earth.

You typically get about three hours of free parking at a resort if you have dining reservations or if youre eating at a quick service on property .

So if you just want a quick stop off at a theme park and youre close enough to either take the monorail, boat, or walk to the park from the resort, I think you could fit in a visit before or after your dining reservation without paying for parking at Disney World.

This only works if you want a short visit and if you have reservations or another reason to be at a resort, but I know that the urge to catch the nighttime entertainment is strong among Disney fans.

Dont forget you can also see the Disney fireworks for free from outside the park.

Alternatives To Having A Car At Disney World

  • Free transportation provided by Disney and/or your hotel

  • Uber / Lyft / Minnie Vans

  • Personally, we draw the line at rental car costs, and we very rarely drive to Magic Kingdom from the hotels. When we have access to a car in Florida, well use it for Disney World trips. We find the hotel parking costs to be worth the convenience of getting to Animal Kingdom, Epcot, and Hollywood Studios, along with any meals at other hotels.

    But if wed have to pay for a rental car, we just dont find it to be worth it. If you use Uber/Lyft or Minnie Vans for urgent transportation and just bite the bullet with free transportation otherwise, youll usually be able to find a sweet spot of convenience and price.

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    Do I Need A Car At My Disney Hotel

    Hopefully the above gives you a good idea of whether you need a car, but Ill give one last factor. Lets talk specifically about some hotels and whether youll want a car at them.

    Port Orleans Riverside and Coronado Springs are huge and the buses take forever, but you can park close to your room. A car is a good idea if youre staying at one of these hotels. Old Key West and Saratoga Springs are similar. Caribbean Beach is also huge, but the Skyliner stations are pretty convenient for midday travel. Fort Wilderness is an entirely different beast, and in most cases youll want a car there.

    The All Star Resorts rely on bus transportation and often share buses, which can cause problems. Depending on your room location, you might be significantly closer to a parking space then to the bus stop. A car can help with the problems here.

    Grand Floridian, Polynesian, Contemporary, and Wilderness Lodge have good transportation to Magic Kingdom but less great to the other parks. Animal Kingdom Lodge and Port Orleans French Quarter relies on bus transportation to all four parks, but its pretty reliable. A car can help with the difficulties from these hotels.

    Pop Century and Art of Animation usually dont share buses and have Skyliner access to two parks. A car is not needed at these hotels.

    Tip #: Book A Dvc Deluxe Villa

    Disney Offering Discounts To Visitors Who Sleep In

    If youre a DSV Member, one of the best Disney World parking tips is to book a Deluxe Villa. Regardless of whether you use points or another payment, you wont be charged for standard overnight parking at the resort.

    For non-members, ask someone you know whos a member and have them book it with your card!

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    If Youre Visiting Disney Springs

    This will be a much shorter section than the other two, but we figured the Disney Springs parking was worth its own category, what with all the awesome places to shop and EAT!

    Orange Parking Garage

    Unless youre using the valet parking, which is $20 per day, then parking at the Orange, Lime, or Grapefruit parking garage is completely free!Woo Hoo!

    Disney Springs

    Just like the resorts and parks, the parking garages offer a limited amount of electric charging stations for all your electric car charging needs.

    How To Avoid Parking Fees At Florida Theme Parks

    You used to be able to park all day at Walt Disney World resort hotels for free and some people took advantage of this perk and would park at Disneyâs Contemporary Resort in particular and then walk the short distance to the main entrance of the Magic Kingdom. In 2018 Disney stopped this practice by charging all resort guests a daily resort parking fee and restricting non-resort guests to just a couple of hours free parking at their resort hotels subject to there actually being space available.

    In theory you can park for free at somewhere like Disney Springs then take a Disney bus to one of the Disney resort hotels. There you can then catch another Disney bus to one of the parks or walk if you choose a resort close to the park.

    However this practice is frowned upon as Disney bus transport is meant to be for resort guests only. You may well find yourself being refused when you try to board.

    What is more it can take a very long time which greatly restricts the amount of time you can actually get to spend in the parks. You have to ask yourself if it really isnât worth it. With the price of theme park tickets these days you have to question whether it is worth wasting potentially a couple of hours in travel time.

    Also places like ESPN Wide World of Sports and the two Disney water parks generally have shorted hours so you could find yourself unable to get back to your car if you stay late for the fireworks for example.

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    Parking At Disney Theme Parks

    There are a few really lovely loopholes for not paying for parking at the main Disney theme parks. If you are caught without these options, youll end up paying for the days parking. Prices can fluctuate seasonally, so be prepared. Standard Parking is approximately $25 per day, while preferred parking is $45 to $50 per day. Oversized Vehicles will pay up to $30 per day.

    Disney Resort Hotel Guests

    Stay at a Disney World Resort Hotel? Your standard theme park parking is included in your Resort Hotel price (though youre paying for parking at the hotel, so its sort of a wash. Keep in mind that preferred parking is an added cost, but youll only pay the difference in price.

    Annual Passholders

    If you are a Walt Disney World Resort Annual Passholder, youll avoid the Parking Fees at Disney Parks . Simply show your little yellow card or scan your MagicBand at the parking gate and youll sail on through to standard parking. Keep in mind that preferred parking is an added cost, but youll only pay the difference in price.

    Park Hopping

    When Park Hopping at Disney World, youll only pay for parking ONCE each day. Keep your receipt, and show it at each parking gate when you enter. The parking pass is good all day at all 4 major theme parksâMagic Kingdom park, Epcot, Disneyâs Hollywood Studios, and Disneys Animal Kingdom theme park.

    What To Expect On The Toll Roads

    Behind The Thrills

    Venturing off Disney property with a car?

    Florida is full of toll roads. Many of the direct routes to Walt Disney World require you to pay a small fee.

    The toll roads around Disney World use the SunPass system.

    Unless you have your own SunPass transponder , you will want to be prepared with change to pay your tolls .

    If you are driving your own car and you have a transponder for the turnpike system in your area, make sure you check to see if your local toll system works with SunPass.

    Toll booths may be unmanned. Having exact change is absolutely necessary if you will be going down any toll roads.

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    Do Disney Resort Guests Pay For Parking

    According to Disney, registered guests of Disney Resort Hotels, select Annual Passholders, Premium Passholders and Disney Premier Passport holders will have free standard self-parking at Disney Theme Parks.

    They also go on to say that you can choose Preferred Parking by paying the difference in cost between the standard parking and preferred parking fee.

    This comes out to about a $20-$25 difference if you go with this option.

    Historical Perspective On Disney Theme Park Ticket Prices

    Lets end with some historical perspective on the price of a Disney theme park ticket. When Disneyland opened in 1955, park admission was reported to be $1, just shy of $10 in todays money.

    Hold on! Park Admission. Not ride admission. Its like Spirit Airlines: Disneyland had the base fare that got you in, and then you paid for everything a la carte once you got in. And rides cost 10-35 cents each in 1955. Now, you could buy the little ticket books for $2.50 . But they only gave you access to 8 rides, and those fabled E-ticket attractions didnt even exist yet!

    Disneyland opened with 35 attractions. With an average price of ~$0.23 per attractionwhich would be $2.19 todayit would cost you around $76 to do everything. Oh, and thats after you paid ~$10 to get into the park. So, in order to have access to everything at Disneyland, it would cost you just under $90 per person.

    Today, there are 90 attractions at the Disneyland Resort divided into two parks with more on the way with the opening of Avengers Campus this summer. If we use Disneyland Opening Day Pricing using our average cost-per-ride, and understanding base admission into Disney California Adventure, it would cost you ~$197 to have the same access as of todays Park Hopper ticket which will cost you between $159 and $209 depending on the day. And we havent even taken into account the increased quality of the attractions, the added E-ticket attractions or the increased demand as it compares to resort capacity.

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    Our Advice: Monitor Prices Time Of Year & Day Of The Week

    Watch the park calendars. Try to plan your trip around the slower days with the Tier 1 or Tier 2 ticket prices rather than visit with everyone else during the peak days. With a little creativity and budgeting, you can still plan an epic Disneyland Adventure.

    That goes for Annual Passholders too. If you are approaching your date to renew, think about how many days you actually visited Disneyland Park or Disney California Adventure this past year. Do you really need to spend the extra money on, say, a Signature Pass, or should you economize and downshift to a Deluxe?

    SoCal Residents: Take Advantage of Your Discounts!

    Dont worry, local Disniacs, Disneyland kept your special discount! Until May 18, 2020, you can purchase a three-day/one-park ticket for $199 or choose the park hopper option for $254 .

    Tip 1: Take Advantage Of Disney Freebies

    Disney World’s prices rising again

    There are many ways to enjoy Walt Disney World without buying a park ticket, which is especially nice if you have an extra day at the beginning or end of your trip. Anyone can hop aboard the monorail or the ferry for a ride . All Disney resorts and restaurants are open to visitors with an ID. The Animal Kingdom Lodge is a spectacular resort to visithere you can even see the giraffes and zebras from the main lobby. Fort Wilderness Lodge offers horseback riding and walking trails along the lake. Disney’s Boardwalk is free and offers a view of the Epcot fireworks. Disney Springs is another fun option without admission, and parking is free. You can ride the water taxi, play with LEGOs and watch the 2 pm princess paradeall for free.

    Cliché as it might sound, a trip to Walt Disney World in Orlando truly is priceless. You will experience the very best service, amazing rides, fabulous parades, extraordinary fireworks and all your favorite characters, while creating family memories that stick around much longer than your credit card bill.

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    How Much Is Parking At Disney Theme Parks In 2022

    You may be wondering: How much is parking at Disney World in 2022?

    • Preferred parking: Disney world car parking prices or motorcycle $45-$50 per day
    • Standard parking: car or motorcycle $25 per day
    • Oversized Vehicle Parking: Shuttle, Limo, Camper Trailer, RV, Bus or Tractor Trailer $30 per day

    Its important to note that at the parks, the 2022 Disney parking fee depends on the type of vehicle and if youre a hotel guest. Each theme park charges the same rate per dayonce you pay for the day, you can park at any of the other theme parks.

    One benefit of being a Disney hotel guest is that you receive complimentary standard parking for the length of your resort stay, including EPCOT parking, Hollywood Studios parking, Disney World Animal Kingdom parking, and more. Complimentary standard parking is also included with select annual passes.

    Guests can also choose preferred parkingAKA a closer parking spotby paying the difference in cost between the included standard parking and preferred parking . There are special preferred parking lots located close to the theme park entrances. Pricing is seasonal and may vary based on your date of visit.

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