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Walt Disney World Park Tickets Discount

What About Park Hopper Plus Tickets

Useful Tips to Save on Walt Disney World Tickets in 2021 and Beyond

The Park Hopper Plus ticket option offers everything included with Park Hopper Tickets mentioned above, plus access to Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach water parks, ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex, Disneys Oak Trail Golf Course, and Winter Summerland or Fantasia Gardens mini golf.

With Park Hopper Plus tickets, you are eligible for the same number of Plus admissions as the number of days on your ticket. Meaning that if you have a 7-day Park Hopper Plus ticket, you also have 7 entrances the water parks, mini golf course, etc.

Whether this ticket is right for you really depends upon whether you want to do any of the parks beyond the 4 main theme parks. If you want to do one of the other things even once or twice, you come out ahead to purchase the Park Hopper Plus Tickets. We love both Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach, and enjoy both of the mini golf courses and recommend this ticket option to anyone who will be spending 6 days or more at Walt Disney World.

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We are continually reviewing our flying schedules, taking into account the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office advice against all non-essential travel. Depending on when you are due to travel, your holiday may be affected and well email you to let you know as least 21 days before travel.

Aarp Disney World Deals And Discounts 2022

The AARP works with Expedia to provide senior discounts to many tourist destinations. The prices that they have secured for Walt Disney World are not a worthy discount.

I frequently get questions about whether the AARP discount tickets are a good discount. Sadly, they are not. The Get Away Today discount tickets rate is much lower.

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Park Hopper Plus Option

In addition to giving you access to multiple theme parks per day, a Park Hopper Plus option gives you a certain number of visits to a water park and other Walt Disney World events.

A 4-10 day ticket will cost you an extra $100 to enjoy park hopper plus privileges.

The longer you stay, the more affordable this option is. For a 10-day ticket, it costs $10 extra per day.

After you have selected the number of days, ticket type, and the first day of your visit, you will be presented with the total cost.

For an idea of your savings per day, here is what it would cost if you were to purchase the 4-day ticket without the 20% discount for 2 kids and 2 adults i.e. the non-discounted price a non-Canadian would pay for the same tickets:

  • 1 Park Per Day: $1,794
  • Park Hopper Option: $2,134.80
  • Park Hopper Plus Option: $2,220

Note that all prices are quoted in USD.

I went with the Park Hopper Plus option and paid $1,774.36, saving about $445.

Quick Things To Know About Disney World Tickets

2018 Discount Disney World Ticket Tips

Before we get to your options for discount Disney World tickets, we want to remind you of a few details about Disney World tickets generally.

Ticket prices vary by start date. This is the most important point. If you want to compare prices between different sellers you need to make sure you check the same start date. There may be flexible date tickets available, but their prices will typically make them a bad option.

Remember, too, that this means youll want to compare prices from different sellers, but youll also want to compare prices for different dates. You might find that changing your trip date by a week or so saves you a lot of money.

Ticket prices vary by length and ticket type. Relatedly, there are different types of theme park tickets, primarily standard tickets and park hopper tickets.

And those tickets can cover anywhere between one and ten days. Moreover, once youve selected a start date and length, youll have a range of dates during which you can use those tickets.

For example, a 5-day ticket with a start date of November 11, 2021 can be used on any five dates from November 11 through November 18, 2021. Always be sure to compare the exact same tickets when comparing prices! And be sure youre comparing after-tax prices to after-tax prices.

Link tickets to your My Disney Experience account. Its important that wherever you get your tickets from, you link them to your My Disney Experience accountthis will allow you to makeFastPass+ reservations .

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Bookings With Flexibility Are Key

If you decide to book a trip, remember rules can change quickly, and you may not be covered by travel insurance for coronavirus-related claims. You should look for bookings which offer flexibility if you’re unable to travel due to future restrictions.

See our Coronavirus Travel Rights guide for full help and information on overseas travel restrictions.

WARNING! Before buying ANY tickets, read the booking tips below and for extra safety, pay on a credit card.

Tip Email

Disney World Ticket Discounts Do Exist

When youre looking to stretch a Disney budget, buying your tickets through an authorized reseller could save you a little money.

We can highly recommend Undercover Tourist. Weve purchased tickets here for years and have a number of reasons for doing so. The first is price.

A four-day ticket beginning July 10 from Undercover Tourist nets a total of $439.01 before tax. The cost through Disneys website was $454.60. However, scroll down a bit, and youll see that Undercover Tourist also offers some special deals on the four-day ticket, throwing in extra days for the same price. That means you could score a 6-day Walt Disney World base ticket for the price of a 4-day ticket.

The cost difference may not be huge, but if you purchase multiple tickets, savings add up. Undercover Tourist periodically runs specials as well, allowing you to save even more on their discounted prices.

The second reason for choosing Undercover Tourist for Ticket sales is reliability. Weve scoured the web looking for ticket resellers, and its hard to beat the friendly nature and trust score of Undercover Tourist. Their customer service is top notch as well, so if you have questions during the process, theyre happy to respond and help you find the best ticket deal for your trip.

And if that werent enough, heres another reason you might want to consider purchasing tickets from Undercover Tourist: Disney Genie+.

Buy your Undercover Tourist tickets here.

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Disney World Discount Tickets 2022

In the following sections you will find our massive guide to discount Disney World tickets. The information is extremely helpful covering every aspect of how to save money on Disney World tickets, but I wanted to give you the important info.

For the lowest prices on multiple day Walt Disney World discount tickets , we recommend Get Away Today! They are Disney’s largest travel partner, have incredible customer service, and provide exclusive prices just for Mickey Visit readers!

How can they offer you discount Disney World tickets? To offer these extreme Walt Disney World ticket discounts, Get Away Today purchases huge blocks of Disney World discount tickets and breaks them up to sell at a discounted rate to park guests. Get Away Today has been working with Disney to provide guests the best priced discount Disney tickets for nearly 30 years.

Get Away Today has helped over 25,000 Mickey Visit readers to save money when booking their Disney vacations. They are a highly reputable source and have been reselling Disney tickets at a discount longer than any other company.

When you purchase the cheap tickets, you get all the special benefits you would receive if you purchased directly from Walt Disney World including access to MyDisneyExperience.

Check out the Get Away Today website for information on all discount Disney World tickets. These discounts are exclusively available to Mickey Visit readers.

Get Away Today Complimentary Concierge Services for Walt Disney World vacations!

Two Day And Longer Disney World Tickets

Disney Offering Discounts To Visitors Who Sleep In

The Magic Your Way Disney World tickets are all based off the amount of days you want on your base ticket to enter one of the four main Disney World theme parks .

The lowest priced Disney World tickets for two days and longer can be purchased here.

The base ticket allows you to visit any one of these theme parks for a day, with unlimited in and out privileges.

You may upgrade your tickets to include the Park Hopper option which would allow you unlimited in and out privileges for all four theme parks in the course of a single day. The Disney World tickets with the Park Hopper add on are most helpful for people who plan on staying four days or longer and want to jump around in the later days after already having spent a full day at each Walt Disney World theme park.

You may upgrade your ticket to a Park Hopper ticket any time within the fourteen days after your first day of ticket use.

The other add on is the Water Park Fun and More option. This option allows for entrance into one of the extra special Walt Disney World experiences including the two water parks and and other activities like a round of golf. See our full section on the Disney World Water Park Fun and More tickets below.

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Important Ticket Information On Old Walt Disney World Tickets

The No Expiration Disney World ticket option is no longer available. However if you previously purchased a Disney World no expiration ticket for your child and they are now over ten years old, this ticket will be upgraded free of charge to an adult Walt Disney World ticket. See one of the Guest Relations windows for a free ticket upgrade.

When In Doubt Buy The Cheaper Day

Disney will not refund you if you purchased theme park tickets for one of the expensive days and decided to use them during a less expensive day.If you feel you might cancel your trip, purchase a Walt Disney World vacation package instead of Walt Disney World tickets 2021. This will allow you to cancel the package up to the cancellation deadline at no cost.

Disney will charge you for the difference if you purchase the least expensive ticket and use it during one of the expensive days.

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Don’t Pay Loads To Rent A Buggy It’s Cheaper To Buy One Or Bring Your Own

Hiring a pushchair from Walt Disney World Resort starts at $15 per day, which can soon add up over the course of a week or a fortnight pushing your kids around the park.

One way to beat this is to buy one instead you can find them from $14 in Walmart. If you buy one, use it then leave it behind you’ll still have saved over the course of the holiday. If you can take it home with you, so much the better.

But if you can, it’s usually best to bring your own. Most airlines will let you bring a buggy and a car seat for free as well as your usual baggage .

Our Choices For Discount Disney World Tickets

Vintage Walt Disney World: Whatâs Your Ticket? « Disney ...

There are a few ticket agencies that sell 100% legitimate discount Disney World tickets, and their discounts may vary based on exactly what youre looking for.

Usually these deals are about 8-10% lower than Disney’s prices for exactly the same product. While rare, you might even sometimes find discounts to special ticketed events like After Hours Boo Bash or Very Merriest After Hours.

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Should I Buy Discount Disney World Tickets In Advance

Yes, for a few reasons. First is, the best way to purchase discount Walt Disney World tickets is to always buy in advance! This will allow guests to automatically save up to $20 per ticket when compared to the price at the gate. All Park Prodigy customers can take advantage of even more savings when purchasing their Disney world tickets through our online store.

Customers are automatically signed up for our Magic Rewards Program which allows guests to receive gift card points which they can use towards the purchase of their discount Disney World tickets.

Are There Military Discounts On Walt Disney World Tickets

Ticket discounts are available to U.S. military personnel and their families. Military discount tickets usually come as a 4-day ticket but other options may be available. The Park Hopper Option is often included at a discounted as well.

Up to 6 Military discount tickets may be purchased by active or retired members of U.S. Military, including the National Guard, Reservists and the U.S. Coast Guard. Spouses of Military Service Members also qualify if they can show Military ID in the absence of Active personnel.

Military discount Walt Disney World tickets may be purchased at the base ticket office. Tickets can also be purchased at the Shades of Green Resort located on Walt Disney World property near the Magic Kingdom. Actual prices charged at the individual U.S. military base ticket offices vary and are usually tax exempt. Military tickets can also be purchased at Disney Springs.

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Discount Walt Disney World Tickets 2022

No Discount Disney World tickets are available when purchased in advance from the official Walt Disney World website or by directly calling Disney World. They feel that there is no need to offer discounts and have made the only way to get cheap Disney World tickets by booking through an authorized ticket reseller.

I negotiated a deal on behalf of our readers to secure the absolute lowest prices on Walt Disney World tickets. They have worked with Disney for over 28 years and have fantastic customer service! On top of that they guarantee our readers the absolute cheapest Disney World tickets anywhere.

How Much Do Walt Disney World Tickets Cost


Unfortunately there is no easy answer to this question. Prices depend on a number of factors: the date you wish to use your ticket, the number of park days you want, whether or not you want to park hop, whether or not you want to add water parks and sports features, and the ticket holders age.

With all these variables in mind, heres a general overview what a basic Walt Disney World ticket will cost, without any add-on options or sales tax. This is just to give you a general idea of cost, but keep in mind specific dates and add-on options may be significantly higher.

  • 1-Day ticket from $109 per day

  • 2-Day ticket from $107 per day

  • 3-Day ticket from $105 per day

  • 4-Day ticket from $103 per day

  • 5-Day ticket from $88 per day

  • 6-Day ticket from $75 per day

  • 7-Day ticket from $76 per day

  • 8-Day ticket from $61 per day

  • 9-Day ticket from $56 per day

  • 10-Day ticket from $52 per day

To get an exact price, contact your travel agent or use the Walt Disney World ticket calculator.

Disney usually raises ticket prices at least once per year, usually by about 8%. There is no warning as to when ticket prices will increase but it historically speaking, it happens in January, February or March.

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When Do My Disney World Tickets Expire

The Walt Disney World current them park expiration policies are slightly different from years past. We cover the current Walt Disney World park tickets expiration policy below:

Even if a Disney ticket has expired, if it has never been used you can still apply its value towards a new Disney World ticket.

All current issue standard Walt Disney World tickets expires after every park admission on the ticket has been used, or on the listed expiration date, whichever comes first.

Where Is The Best Place To Buy Cheap Disney World Tickets

The easiest way is to purchase them directly from Disneys website or through your travel agent. In terms of 3rd party vendors, who often sell them cheaper, you should only buy from an Authorized Disney Ticket Wholesaler likeUndercover Tourist. Make. sure you understand the refund policy, if any, and how to activate the tickets. Reputable Disney ticket sellers will provide shipping costs, sales tax and any service charges up front.

Never purchase tickets from sites like Ebay or other online marketplaces. There is no way to verify if the tickets are valid until you try to link them to your My Disney Experience account.

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Should I Buy Disney Tickets In Advance

One of the easiest ways to guarantee youre purchasing cheap Disney World tickets is to purchase your tickets in advance. You will automatically save up to $21.30 per person when you buy discount Disney tickets online vs at the gate. You can also bundle these savings with any Disney World ticket deals being offered by The Park Prodigy.

Can I Change The Date On My Disney World Ticket

2018 Discount Disney World Ticket Tips

If you have already purchased your 2021 discount Disney tickets and decide to change your plans, you can always add days or features to an unused ticket. You can typically apply the value of an unused ticket towards the purchase of any higher priced ticket or annual passes . You can add features such as park hopping and water parks to Disney theme park tickets as well.

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Caution: Fake Cheap Disney World Tickets 2022

There are scams out there that will attempt to sell you fake tickets to Walt Disney World. If you see tickets that are going for extremely low prices, chances are the website is not actually selling real discount Disney World tickets.

NEVER buy Walt Disney World passes from any online store that does not have an affiliation with Disney.

Clear Warning Signs For Spammy Walt Disney World Ticket Websites:

  • Do not purchase tickets if Disney is in the base URL Disney does not allow their affiliated resellers to have Disney in the URL of the website. Authorized resellers will typically have a fun name and then have Disney tickets written in the url after the slash mark
  • If you are required to pick up your tickets the morning of your vist, the tickets may have already been used. Never purchase used cheap Disney World tickets.
  • There are no one day Walt Disney World discount tickets available to the general public. Do NOT purchase a discounted one day Walt Disney World ticket.
  • Avoid purchasing tickets with cash or a debit card. Both of these payment methods are untraceable. If you are required to use either method to pay for your cheap Walt Disney World tickets, DO NOT purchase your tickets from that seller.

Sometimes scammers will shoplift real Walt Disney World tickets from the Disney Stores. These tickets will look perfectly real when presented to you, but they have not been activated yet.

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