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Walt Disney World Park Availability

Why Does My Park Pass Reservation Calendar Show Different Availability Than Someone Elses

Walt Disney World News & Discussion | 03/15/22

Disney has created multiple availability calendars for park pass reservations. Depending on if you are booking for Annual Pass, Disney Vacation Club Resort Guest, or a standard ticket you will notice varying availability. It is always best to book reservations as early as possible to ensure the highest probability booking your desired date at your desired park.

It Can Help Inform Staffing

This information can help them inform staffing, supply, and other management needs in the parks. If Magic Kingdom is bursting at the seams on a day that Disneys Animal Kingdom has a lighter load, Disney could pull some Cast Members from one park to the other in advance.

Weve even seen this information change things in a guest-facing way! Recently, Disney extended park hours for all four theme parks as crowd levels increased. Its a lot easier to know when park hours need to be longer when you can see the exact number of people that plan to be in the parks on a given day.

Checking Your Existing Park Reservations

Anytime you want, you can check the status of your existing park reservations. We recommend you do this immediately after booking your Disney Park Passes to make sure everything is correct.

There it will show you the Date, the Park chosen, Arrival Time, and Members of your Reservation Group.

You can check the status of your Disney Park Reservations by either:

  • Go Online to the Disney World Website and check under My Plans in the My Disney Experience Menu.
  • Check My Plans in the My Disney Experience app on your mobile device.
  • Can I Modify My Park Reservations?Yes and no. Disney has said that no modifications will be allowed to existing park pass reservations. We have not found that to be entirely true so far.

    Guests are not allowed to modify the reservation, changing the park from one to another for example. If you book the Magic Kingdom and dont want that park anymore, you have to cancel the reservation and start over selecting the park you want to visit. There is a risk though any time you cancel and you arent guaranteed to get the new date you are trying to book.

    On the other hand, we have been able to add new friends and family to our existing reservations. You just need to make sure there is availability for that park on that date for this to work.

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    If You Want To Spend A Bit Less

    The budget figure given above $3,927 involves a stay at one of Disneys All-Star hotels, few-to-no table service meals , and a discounted ticket option. Its a relatively low target if youre booking a traditional Disney World stay.

    To go below that, youll need to start thinking out of the boxbooking around only the best Disney deals booking non-Disney hotels or Airbnb waiting for deep deals on Priceline cutting a day off your tickets buying groceries and bringing your own food. We cover much of these in the rest of this guide in the appropriate sections.

    Beyond the rest of this post, we also have a separate post of 50+ Ways to Save On Your Disney Vacation.

    New Park Pass Availability Opens Up For This Weekend In Disney World

    Walt Disney World Resort Annual Pass Purchases and Renewals Now ...

    In addition to valid theme park admission, Disney Worlds Park Pass Reservation System is a new required component in order to enter any of the four theme parks. In our latest Park Pass Reservation update, we noted that this upcoming weekend was starting to fill up, specifically Saturday September 12th.

    Now, it looks like that availability has been restored for Disney World Resort Guests as well as Theme Park Ticket Guests. If you are in those two categories and were looking to visit the Disney World theme parks this weekend, now is your chance to make those reservations!

    Taking a look at the calendar, Resort Guests currently have full availability to book a reservation at any of the four theme parks for the entire month of September, including this weekend.

    The same goes for Theme Park Ticket Guests . All parks are currently available every day this month.

    However, it continues to be a very different story for Annual Passholders, who currently have limited availability throughout the month. Starting next week, weekdays are currently available for all four parks.

    Keep in mind that it is common for Park Pass availability to fluctuate. As certain dates draw near, Disney appears to add more availability. So if you dont see reservations available, keep checking! And we will continue to keep a close watch on these calendars and will notify you of any changes!

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    How Does It Work

    The first question you are probably wondering is What is this new Disney World reservation system anyway? How does it even work?

    With limited theme park capacity during the reopening phase, all guests are required to make reservations in advance to enter the parks. The Disney Park Pass Reservation System is how guests make those reservations and it is limited in number.

    Only guests with an existing park ticket or Annual Pass can make park reservations and they are made Online at

    In planning, it means guests will have to decide ahead of time which parks they want to visit each day and then stick to that schedule. There is no changing idea at the last minute. You cant just decide that morning which park you want to go to, it all needs to be planned out ahead of time.

    How Much To Budget For Walt Disney World

    Heres are three numbers: $3,927,$5,731, and $8,468 Those are the numbers from our in-depth post on How Much Does A Disney World Vacation Cost? for a budget, standard, and expensive Disney World trip for a family of four in 2022. The 2023 figures will probably be about 3-5% higher. Those prices include flights, park tickets, dining, transportation between MCO and Disney World, and hotel stay.

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    What You Can Expect

    To all who have been longing for The Most Magical Place on Earth we’re thrilled to say: Magic is here.

    Magic is a walk down Main Street, U.S.A.®, the glorious smell of popcorn and that first glimpse of Cinderella Castle. Magic is regal lions and flying elephants, ice palaces and visiting a galaxy far, far away.

    Your Disney daydreams can become a reality once again. Magic is here.

    Magic Kingdom® Park Experience where Disney fantasies and Characters come to life

    Disneys Hollywood Studios® Let your adventure begin. Here, favourite stories unfold all around you.

    EPCOT® Enjoy a whole new journey dedicated to inspiring everyone with the magic of possibility

    Disneys Animal Kingdom® Theme Park Explore on an adventure into a world alive with magic. View thousands of animals in their natural habitats.

    Disclaimer: 1) All tickets and options are non-transferable and non-refundable and exclude activities/events separately priced. Water Parks subject to rehabilitation, seasonal and weather closures 2) Tee times required and subject to availability. Valid for 1 round. Only 1 miniature golf course visit per day.

    About This Planning Guide

    Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress Full Show 4K Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World 2021 12 29

    Not a day goes by when someone on the internet doesnt bemoan the amount of planning that goes into Walt Disney World vacations these days. Some people think Disney requires too much planning, and others think that bloggers simply tell you theres too much planning.

    While this guide doesnt cover every nook and cranny of Disney World planning, it is pretty thorough, and we wont apologize for that. We write primarily for people planning a first or only visit who want to put in all the time they can to make sure their experience is magical.

    Can you have a magical experience at Walt Disney World with no advance planning? Definitely. Will you miss out on a ton with no planning? Definitely.

    Heres the thing, you can always stop reading about Walt Disney World if you feel youre just getting too deep or you run out of time. You cannot go back in time to learn things you missed out on once youre there.

    At about 6000 words, this guide should take an average person about 30 minutes to read straight through. Of course, as I said, this guide links out to a ton of other material.

    Regardless, 30 minutes to introduce you to pretty much every concept you need to know for booking a Walt Disney World vacation really isnt a bad use of time, especially as some of the tips and tricks in here can save your hundredseven in rare cases thousandsof dollars.

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    Crowd Management Is Important Even As Full Capacity Returns

    Disney Park Passes also wont lose their value as full capacity returns. Though it might seem like the system is a tool to help manage limited capacity, it can manage full capacity as well.

    Recently, Disney CFO Christine McCarthy noted the systems benefits for management. We know how many people are going to the parks on a given day, she said. She went on to note that its allowed Disney to better balance the crowds each month, throughout the week, and throughout the year.

    Before Park Passes, Disney only had the information that tickets provide, which was limited. Theyd know the range of dates youd be in Disney World, but not park specifics. Now, they know how many people are planning to be in each park each day, which comes with a lot of benefits for park management.

    Annual Passholder Park Pass Rules

    Here are the most important points to know for Annual Passholders:

    • Reservations are now available for Annual Passholders.
    • Annual Passholders have a separate pool of Park Pass reservations to pull from and may sell out before the other groups.
    • Annual Passholders are not guaranteed entrance to the parks on certain days during the reopening period due to the limited park capacity.
    • Annual Passholders are limited to a maximum of 3 reservations at one time on a rolling basis, beyond any additional days during a Disney World Resort Hotel stay.
    • Some types of Annual Passes will have blockout dates during the reopening. Check your pass before booking.
    • Some pass benefits and features will not be available during periods of limited capacity.

    If you are an Annual Passholders reading this now, you already have had a chance to make park reservations. While Disney is giving Annual Passholders a chance to book them, they arent at the top of the list. Disney is still giving first priority to Resort hotel guests.

    Secondly, so far there has been a big demand from passholders and it is difficult to get reservations on some days. This of course will be harder in the beginning when we expect the parks to be at their lowest capacity, but it should improve as the months go on after reopening.

    If Annual Passholders are staying at a Walt Disney World Resort Hotel you can have park passes for the length of your stay AND have the original 3 days for other dates when they are not staying at a hotel.

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    What Is Park Capacity Right Now

    The Disney World theme parks have been running at a reduced guest capacity since the parks reopened. Disney has confirmed they started at 25% but have now increased it to at least 35%.

    Whatever the capacity for the parks is, it needs to be enough to promote distancing between guests.

    Bob Chapek has said that the number of people Disney allows into the park will be a function of the CDCs 6-foot social distancing rule. So dont expect the walkways to be jammed with people like usual.

    Walt Disney World Park Reservation Tips For Resort Guests

    The 8 BIG Updates From Walt Disney World (and Beyond) This Week (June 8 ...
    • Book your park reservations as soon as youve paid your deposit for your room or package .
    • Relax knowing that Disney gives priority in the reservation system to their resort guests.
    • You can reserve a park reservation for each day of your stay .
    • .

    If you have more questions about how the new Disney Park Pass and how the Walt Disney World park reservation system works, you can schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our Disney experts HERE.

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    Select Annual Passes On The Main Theme Park Reservations Page

    On the next screen, if you do NOT have a resort reservation, select the top option, which is Park Reservations for Guests with Annual Passes.

    If you DO have a resort reservation, choose the bottom option, which is Park Reservations for Annual Passholders with a Disney Resort or other Select Hotel Stay

    Additional Park Pass Availability Released At Walt Disney World

    By Paul Krieger

    If youve been having trouble making a park reservation for your upcoming trip to Walt Disney World, now is the time to try again!

    In line with recent comments made by Bob Chapek, CEO of The Walt Disney Company, during the Q2 earnings call, Walt Disney World has started to open more availability in the Disney Park Pass Reservation System.

    Late Friday evening, availability was appearing for all ticket categories and all theme parks throughout the Summer and early Fall, with the exception of some holidays and Walt Disney Worlds 50th Anniversary.

    Disney Park Pass Availability as of 9:00 pm, Friday, May 14th

    Obviously, the availability is changing by the second, so if youre looking for park days for your upcoming vacation, hurry over to your My Disney Experience account!

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    How Long Will Disney Require Theme Park Reservations

    Don’t Be Disney.

    Disney is currently scheduled to use the reservation system through January 14, 2023. But that date is obviously subject to Moreover, this questionsort of misses the point.

    This question assumes that Disney will do something like use the reservation system with a reduced capacity until some set date and then just reopen the parks back to their old capacity. That wont be the case.

    Remember when Galaxys Edge opened in California and everyone wanted to know how long theyd use the boarding pass system to control access to the land? The answer then was no one knows. It turned out they used the system for the first day or two the land was opened. Then they never needed to use it again.

    The Parks Pass system hasnt gone the same way, but for the most part only annual passholders have had any trouble booking park days. The system is going to have to be used indefinitely, as long as there is a high risk of demand exceeding park capacity, but it usually wont hold you back from booking a trip.

    Any time demand doesnt exceed supply, anyone with a ticket should be able to just pull up their phone and grab a reservation. Technically the system is still in use those days, but its not doing any real work.

    In the early days of the reopening, the parks have barely been fully booked. The first few days were relatively busy, and Hollywood Studios has seen a few days at its reduced capacity. For the most part, though, guest demand hasnt met Disneys supply.

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    How To Make Disney World Theme Park Reservations

    The Disney Park Pass reservation system lists availability by three ticket types: individually purchased tickets to the parks, tickets for guests also staying at select resort hotels with a vacation package, and annual passes. Availability varies for each type, so it’s important to make sure you’re looking at the correct calendar before planning your trip. Once you’ve purchased tickets or a vacation package and linked it to your account, make your theme park reservations online. You can also change your reservation, but be sure to check the calendar again before canceling and rebooking for a new park as availability may have changed. Disney World theme park reservations are currently available into 2023. Right now, you don’t need a reservation to visit Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park just a valid ticket.

    Disney Park Pass Reservation System Here To Stay Extended Into 2024

    Even though we had some good news recently about safety procedures going away in 2022, it doesnt look like park reservations are going anywhere. Recently we found out that the Disney Park Pass reservation system has been extended into 2024.

    Previously, reservations online the Disney Park Pass system were only available through January 14, 2023.

    However, today if you log on to the Park Pass availability calendar you can see park pass reservations available from now through January 18, 2023.

    Months ago Josh DAmaro made comments about all of Disneys new technology advancements they have been using since the parks reopened. He then commented many of them will be here to stay for the long-term, hinting at the future use of the Park Pass system.

    Since then, Disney CEO Bob Chapek has confirmed this news and said that technologies like Park Pass Reservation system and Virtual Queues are here to stay.

    How long will the reservation system be around? Is it staying permanently? Its tough to say if it will stay around FOREVER, but after these latest comments, its clear Disney plans on using it for the next couple of years minimum.

    Well update you with more on the Park Pass system as soon as we have news. Follow the instructions below for details on how to make Park Pass reservations

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