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Walt Disney World Meal Plan

How Many Days Do You Need For Disney World

Walt Disney World Meal Plans

There is really no wrong answer to how many days you need for a trip to Walt Disney World, and it depends on many factors, including if this is your first trip or not.

  • The ideal Disney World vacation is 7 days long. That allows for 2 travel days , and 5 open days to visit the parks and have fun.
  • The bare-minimum we recommend for first-timers is 5 days, ideally with an early arrival and late departure.

In fact, most Disney World vacations are between 4 to 7 days long. That gives you enough time to visit all the theme parks at least once, and have extra time for staying at the resort and swimming or shopping.

If you want to visit any other Orlando-based attractions like Universal Studios, for example, you can still do that in 6-7 days total.

Its possible to visit Walt Disney World in only 3 or 4 days, but you will feel very rushed. You can make the highlights of each park, but you wont really have time to do all the rides, see all the shows and take in the details.

One thing to keep in mind is the longer your trip, the less you pay per day for your park tickets. So in a way, its advantageous to stay longer than only 5 days.

If you have the time and money, we recommend doing a 9 or 10-night stay and really taking the time to soak it all in. That gives you enough time to visit all 4 parks multiple times, and have days off to relax.

The Hollywood Brown Derby

The Hollywood Brown Derby in Disneys Hollywood Studios is modeled after the original restaurant in California and features a classic and deco-inspired interior that whisks Guests back in time. Open daily for lunch and dinner, the table service restaurant features unique touches like caricature sketches of Hollywoods elite lining the walls, light fixtures that look like golden derby hats, and a soothing color palette.

The menu at The Hollywood Brown Derby focuses on contemporary American cuisine with several unique options that pay homage to the original location like the famous Grapefruit Cake. Guests who enjoy a meal at the restaurant can dig into delicious options like Tuna Carpaccio Nicoise, Filet Mignon with Walt Disneys Roast Beef Hash, Our Famous Cobb Salad, Shrimp and Scallops Newberg, and Braised Short Ribs.

The Hollywood Brown Derby is definitely the most expensive table service option in Disneys Hollywood Studios, but it can be argued that it is well worth it. With a menu of upscale and delicious options that cant be found elsewhere and an immersive atmosphere, its definitely the best table service option in the Disney Park for lunch or dinner.

What Are The Perks To Staying On Walt Disney World Property

There are hundreds of hotel options in the area, but staying at an official WDW resort comes with several benefits that may add value. Staying off-property could save money in the short term, but any potential savings may be negated by factors like having to provide your own transportation and cover parking fees.

Conveniences of staying on property include ease of complimentary transportation, bonus park time and the ability to put charges on the room by linking a credit card to your Magic Band, the wearable data device WDW recommends guests wear and use as everything from a room key to a park ticket.

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What Do You Mean By Credits

For each night of your reservation , youll be allotted a certain number of .

Lots of people think that you get the same number of credits as the total number of days, but thats not how it works.

Your credits are allotted based upon the number of nights.

So for a 6 night/7 day vacation, youd multiply the number of daily credits the plan you are purchasing receives times 6 .

And the Disney Dining Plan can only be purchased for the entire length of a reservation.

You cant just add it for part of a reservation its all or nothing.

Note: if you are doing a split stay between 2 resorts, each of those stays counts as 1 reservation meaning you would need to add the Dining Plan to each resort segment if you wanted it for your entire visit.

When Will It Come Back

2017 Disney Dining Plan Changes &  Prices

Well, unfortunately, thats the question of the hour . Disney hasnt said much, but they did mention that the dining plan WILL come back in the futurealthough that announcement came months ago.

At this point, only a few places are still closed, and restaurants are allowing more guests than they were before. If the dining plan did return, it would be much more likely that you could get the most bang for your buck. So whats Disney waiting for then?

Well, its possible that the company is waiting to bring back the plan until they reopen the last few restaurants that are closed places like 1900 Park Fare, Jiko, Victoria & Alberts, or Akershus. Were also still in an age where Mobile Order windows are disappearing quickly, and they may be waiting to beef up restaurant staffing a little bit so that they can crank out more orders per hour at quick service restaurants. Either way, dining isnt completely the same as it was pre-pandemic just yet.

However, with the looming promise of the dining plans return, it seems like 2022 is the perfect time to bring it back! They have the whole year to make the move, and its already a year poised with some big changes for Disney World. Resort guests are already getting perks like Early Theme Park Entry, Hey Disney, and early booking time for Individual Attraction Selectionswhy not add another perk to the list? And on top of that, they could bring it back as part of the 50th Anniversary!

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Table Service Disney Dining Plan Credit Values

A couple of notes about the data below: * includes gratuity so that has been factored into the value of a credit ** these dining packages also come with an appetizer which has been included in the value of a credit

On the Deluxe Dining Plan? Add the cost of an appetizer to the value of each credit.


When To Visit In 2022

Above all things, deciding when to visit Disney World is the most important decision you have to make when planning your trip.

Factors such as crowds, price, weather, and special events should all be taken into consideration when choosing your dates. Unfortunately for some, its not always up to us to decide. If you have children in school, you might be forced to only choose dates during the holidays or summer break, and those can be the worst times to visit.

Lets look at some of the factors, meanwhile, our post on The Best Times to Visit Disney World goes into more depth.

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What Is The Disney Dining Plan

The Disney Dining Plan is an offering that guests can add to their Disney World Resort package to pay for meals in advance. Youll pay a set fee for the dining plan option of your choice, and in return, you and the members of your party will be given dining credits to spend on food during your trip.

The credits are split into three categories: those for snacks, quick service meals, and table service meals. Depending on which plan you choose, youll get a certain number of credits from each category each day, and then you can use them wherever youd like in the parks, resorts, and Disney Springs. The more expensive the item that you buy, the more worth youre getting out of that credit!

Choosing The Right Plan

Disney Dining Plan Guide – Walt Disney World Florida | Tour America

So with that in mind, which plan is right for you? That depends on your family!

There are different factors when selecting which plan is right for your family or even if you should get the Disney Dining Plan at all.

The biggest one is cost. The Dining Plans are expensive, but convenient. We suggest crunching the numbers check our menu pages and see how much an average meal would cost your family to eat for a day.

The second is how much your family eats and how you vacation. If you see yourself wanting a sit-down meal each day, youll want to consider the Basic, Plus, or Deluxe plans. If youre on a quick trip and dont want to waste time eating at lengthy meals, you may consider the Quick Service Plan.

And of course, if youre the kind of family who grazes throughout the day, eats at lounges , or splits a lot of meals, you may find the Disney Dining Plan isnt right for you at all.

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The Disney Dining Plan Will Return To Disney World

For the past year weve been sorely missing the Disney Dining Plan, and Disney has finally acknowledged whether or not its coming back!

Per the Disney Parks Blog:

Speaking of Disney Resort hotel stays, we know many of you are also wondering when Disney dining plan packages will return. While were not quite ready to share an update on timing, we are planning to bring this guest-favorite option back at a later date. We will also continue to reopen more Resort offerings, including restaurants like Ohana .

So there you have it Insiders! The Disney Dining Plan is returning soon, we just dont have an exact date yet. Nearly all of Disney Worlds restaurants need to reopen in order for this dining plan to work in order to accommodate Guests. We are hoping another announcement with an official date will be coming soon, especially as more and more dining location are reopening!

If you are not familiar with the Disney Dining Plan, there are 4 different packages to choose from to make your stay at a Disney Resort as cost effective as possible! You can enjoy delicious pre-paid meals, mobile ordering and specialty beverages too!

Here are the 4 different options you can choose from:

  • Disney Quick-Service Dining Plan: Dine at any of the 100+ Quick-Service locations where you can stop and enjoy 2 casual meals per day. Just order and find a seatno dining reservations required! This fast and easy meal plan is perfect for Guests who are on-the-go!
  • Use Those Snack Credits Wisely

    Because the definition of snack varies so wildly, you can easily squeeze out an extra meal on snack credits alone. Skip the ice cream bars, and go for heartier options, like French fries, soups, and sandwiches. Generally speaking, items that cost more than seven dollars are a financially sound deal on the DDP, provided they offer enough food.

    One of the best times to use the DDP is during one of Epcots quarterly festivals, especially the Food and Wine Festival. Nearly every dish you can sample qualifies as a snack on the DDP, and many of these delicious dishes can be considered meals in themselves.

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    How To Choose A Disney Dining Plan

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      When planning a trip to Walt Disney World, many families love the idea of paying up front for as many components of their Disney trip as possible. If this sounds like you, then you might consider purchasing the Disney Dining Plan.

      The Disney Dining Plan can be purchased before your trip as part of a Magic Your Way package that also includes your hotel and theme park tickets. There are three plan levels at different price points, each delivering a certain number of meal credits per day with a combination of table-service restaurants, quick-service eateries, and snacks.

      The Disney Dining Plan is convenient for many families, but whether it’s a good deal depends on a number of factors. Here’s how to decide if it makes sense for your family, and if so, which plan is best.

      Can I Book The Dining Plan For Just The Adults In The Family And Just Share With Our Kids

      Disney 101: The Disney Dining Plans For Walt Disney World

      The Disney Dining Plan must be booked for EVERYONE on the Reservation. There is a difference in pricing for kids and adults , and children under 3 do not need a dining plan.

      Additionally, all Guests must have the SAME Dining Plan. You cannot book the Deluxe Dining Plan for one guests and the Quick Service Plan for the rest.

      Kids under 3 can eat off their parents plates, or at a buffet you can get them their own plate. However if you want anything extra like milk or a kids meal youll have to pay out of pocket. Youre free to bring in snacks and items for them as well!

      That said, portions at Disney are very generous, so you often can share with your toddler without any issue.

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      Things To Consider When Evaluating The Disney Dining Plan

      About 9 out of 10 readers whove used the Disney Dining Plan woulddo so again, according to our reader surveys. The plan has been oneof the most requested of Disneys package add-ons since its introduction families report that their favorite aspect is the peace of mind thatcomes from knowing their meals are paid for ahead of time, ratherthan having to keep track of a budget while theyre in the parks. Familiesalso enjoy the communal aspect of sitting down together for a fullmeal, without having to worry about whos picking up the food ordoing the dishes.

      Costwise, however, its difficult for many families to justify usingthe plan. If you prefer to always eat at counter-service restaurants,youll be better off with the Quick Service Plan. You should also avoidthe Disney Dining Plan if you have finicky eaters, youre visiting duringholidays or summer, or you cant get reservations at your first- orsecond-choice sit-down restaurants. In addition, if you have childrenage 10 and up, be sure they can eat an adult-size dinner at a sit-downrestaurant every night if not, youd probably come out ahead justpaying for everyones meals without the plan.

      As already noted, many of the most popular restaurants are fullybooked as soon as their reservation windows open. If youre still interestedin the Disney Dining Plan, book your restaurants as soon as possible,typically 60 days before you visit. Then decide whether the planmakes economic sense.

      When Will The Disney Dining Plan Return

      Posted by: Brittany DiCologero February 22, 2022

      The Disney Dining Plan was launched in 2005 with the promise that Guests could essentially prepay for their meals at Walt Disney World and receive savings of up to 30% over the cost of paying out of pocket. While the actual amount of savings varied depending on how much a Guest wanted to eat and what they ordered, the plan was extremely popular throughout its nearly 15-year run by the time it was paused at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. With more and more Guests now planning their first trips back to Walt Disney World since the start of the pandemic, many are wondering when the Disney Dining Plan will return. Here are some possibilities

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      Will The Disney World Dining Plan Return In 2022

      So to answer the opening question: When is the Disney Dining Plan coming back? Honestly, thats still up in the air at this point. The original announcement from Disney was made in June 2021, which at the time of this writing is 8 months ago! Since then, we havent heard anything more.

      Disney was intentionally vague in its press release and only said at a later date without giving us a specific timeframe. I dont think it would make much sense to announce something is coming back and then wait multiple years to actually bring it back.

      So for that reason, it looks like the Dining Plan will return sometime in 2022, we just dont know exactly when.

      Besides just gut instinct, Disney has given us some clues to make us optimistic that it will, in fact, be back in 2022.

      For one thing, those snack price increases we talked about earlier, may actually signal that we are close to getting the DDP back. Historically, price increases tend to happen right around the same time Disney Dining Plan announcements are made.

      Guests seeing all their favorite foods suddenly become more expensive can be a good incentive for them to consider buying the DDP as it appears to be a better value. The price increases took place in January 2022, so its quite possible we could hear something in the next few months.

      So when will the Disney Dining Plan return?

      What we think is more likely, however, is for the Dining Plan to return to Disney World in Summer 2022, possibly around Memorial Day, or 2022.

      Free Dining Is Very Popular


      What we do have to remember though is that the Free Dining Plan is very popular with a lot of Disney World Guests. We have used the Free Dining Plan four years in a row as part of our Vacation Package and we really like it. Yes, some would argue that it is expensive, but I actually like knowing I have covered that cost up front especially when it has been offered for free.

      There will be a lot of people waiting for this offer to return before they consider booking a Disney World Vacation. Believe me Disney will know this too.

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      What About Kids Under Age 3

      Guest ages 2 and under dont require park tickets, and they dont require a dining plan either.

      At buffets, kids under 3 can have their own plate. At all other locations, they can eat off of your plate.

      Some people want to buy the Disney Dining Plan for their little ones, but if you booked a vacation package that includes room and tickets, adding a dining plan for your little one requires that you also buy them park tickets so thats not generally a good idea.

      If you want your toddler to have their own meals, youd be better off just paying out-of-pocket for them.

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