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Walt Disney World Food Plan

Standard Disney Dining Plan

Is the Disney Dining Plan Worth it?

The next option is the standard Disney Dining Plan. This is the most popular option and this will give each member of your group one quick service meal credit, one table service meal credit, and two snacks per night of your stay. Again the price for this is $78.01 per adult, per night and $30.51 per child per night. Remember, a child counts as anyone between the ages of 3 and 9. Once a kid is ten years old theyre classified as an adult.

Disney World Vacation Package Plus Dining

The regular Disney Dining Plan includes the following entitlements for each guest in your party over the age of 2:

  • 1 Table Service entitlement, per night of your resort stay. A Table Service meal includes an entrée, dessert, and one non-alcoholic beverage or, for guests 21 and older, a choice of beer, wine, or a cocktail.
  • 1 Quick Service entitlement, per night of your resort stay. A Quick Service meal includes an entrée and one non-alcoholic beverage or, for guests 21 and older, a choice of beer, wine, or a cocktail.
  • 2 Snacks, per night of your resort stay
  • 1 Resort refillable mug per guest

You know your family’s eating habits best. Book your room and buy your theme park tickets, you can always choose to add a Disney Dining Plan later. It’s important to figure out where you’ll be spending your time each day, and then book the Advance Dining Reservations for the meals you want. Once you’ve got your reservations booked, take the time, do the math, and see if a dining plan would be a good idea for your family.

If you choose to and we don’t recommend doing this unless you’re down to the end of your vacation and still have quite a few entitlements leftover you may use your Table Service entitlements at Quick Service locations. It does not, however, work the other way around.

3 Table Service, 0 remaining

Using the same snacks as the regular dining plan above, we are adding an additional $154.84 for snacks and our food total would be $918.56.

How Do I Keep Track Of My Credits

Disney makes it very easy to keep track of your credits.

You can also find your Disney Dining Plan balance inside of the My Disney Experience app under the My Plans section.

Select your resort reservation and you should then see an option for Dining Plan.

If you ever find that the credit balance isnt accurate , make sure you talk to your server .

Or, if youve already left, a Cast Member at your resort will be able to help you.

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Who Can Get The Dining Plan

If you think the dining plan is right for you, you must be staying at a Disney World resort to buy it. If you are buying a package through Disney you will be given the option of adding the dining plan when you buy online.

If you are buying your tickets elsewhere, fear not! You can still call Disney to add the dining plan to your package.

If you are a DVC member you can also call to have the dining package added to your reservation.

Empanadas Con Queso La Cantina De San Angel Mexico Pavilion Epcot World Showcase

Disney 101: The Disney Dining Plans For Walt Disney World

Lets finish our day in the Mexico pavilion. La Cantina de San Angel is a quick-service eatery that offers delicious Mexican food alongside the water with a beautiful view of World ShowcaseFuture World and of course Spaceship Earth as you overlook World Showcase Lagoon. Youll find an excellent menu with classics like guacamole and tortilla chips, nachos, and an assortment of tacos at this quick-service restaurant.

For Guests looking to share a meal, nachos at $14.25 are an excellent option. This entrée consists of tortilla chips topped with creamy white nacho cheese, covered in ground beef and beans, and scattered with tomatoes and jalapeños with a healthy dollop of sour cream. If youd like to add guacamole, its only two extra dollars. The taco trio for $14.99 is another option that includes beef, chicken, and shrimp tacos on homemade corn tortillas served with a side of rice and white beans and queso fresco.

However, our choice on this for this budget challenge is empanadas con queso for $13.75. This entrée consists of fried flour tortillas filled with cheese, topped with sour cream, salsa verde, and queso fresco. As if it couldnt get any better, this divine cheesy entrée is served with rice black beans, and you guessed it- even more cheese Queso Fresco. Needless to say, as a cheese lover, this is the dinner of my dreams.

We met our goal of sticking to a $50 a day dining budget in EPCOT.

Morning Snack Cream of Brie Cheese Galette $9.95

Lunch Shrimp Udon $13.00

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Deluxe Disney Dining Plan

Finally, the granddaddy plan is called the Deluxe Disney Dining Plan. This higher-end option will give each member in the group 2 snacks per night but offer 3 meal credits per night. The kicker here is that the 3 meal credits can be used interchangeably between quick-service locations and table service locations, so it offers a lot more flexibility. This deluxe plan will cost $119 per adult per night and $47.50 per child per night. All of the prices Ive just mentioned include tax but not the tip. Youll have to cover that part out of pocket when you dine at the restaurant.

You can choose any of the three plans no matter which hotel you stay at. You can choose to save money on the hotel and stay at a value resort and splurge on food and get the deluxe dining plan. There are times when Disney runs a special promotion and you can get the Dining Plan for FREE. When you see this offered it usually means that the hotel you are staying with may limit you to only a specific level of the dining plan.

Will It Be A Better Value Than Before

Will changes to the Disney Dining Plan mean a better value for guests when it comes back? In our experience, its unlikely.

Back in the day, the Disney Dining Plan was a more economical way to pay for food when going to Disney World and each guest would save a significant amount of money. That hasnt been the case for years and in most cases, its almost impossible to save money using the dining plan.

With pretty much everything that Disney has brought back in the last couple of years, 99% of it has been more expensive than before the closure of the parks. Even free services like FastPass+ have now changed to paid ones with the introduction of the Genie Plus system.

When was the last time Disney did something to actually SAVE guests money? Ill keep waiting.

Now more than ever with shareholders demanding higher margins, most of the decisions the company is making are about increasing profits, and not necessarily providing actual value for the consumer.

For example, on a company conference call some months ago, Disney CFO Christine McCarthy was asked what the parks are doing to combat inflation. Her response revealed everything:

We can adjust suppliers. We can substitute products. We can cut portion sizes, which is probably good for some peoples waistlines. We can look at pricing where necessary. We arent going to go just straight across and increase prices.

Hence the reason why guests end up overpaying most of the time and its worth it for Disney.

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What Is New With The Disney Dining Plan

Before we get into some of the great ways to use snack credits and meal credits on the plan, let me highlight some changes to the Disney Dining Plan in recent years. Some of the changes in recent years might sway your mind into purchasing the dining plan, even if you never considered it before, for example, the inclusion of alcoholic beverages.

Will The Price Increase

Disney Dining Plan In Detail | Quick service

If there is one thing that is sure in this world, its that Disney will increase prices on its various offerings on a regular basis, and we fully anticipate the price increasing for the Disney Dining Plan when it eventually comes back.

There are a few reasons we feel strongly about a price increase. The first reason is by looking at previous DDP price increases. Over the years the DDP has had increases on an almost yearly basis, and the last one from 2019 to 2020 saw an increase of almost $3 per guest per day across all plan types. A similar situation is likely to occur when the Dining Plan returns.

Secondly, the prices have increased for just about everything since the parks reopened. Annual passes are more expensive than before costing as much as 15% more, plus without some of the previous perks. Regular theme park tickets increase on average every year between $3-5 per day, per guest.

Perhaps most scary of all are the hard-ticketed events such as the Halloween and Christmas parties increasing by as much as $64 per person!

On top of all of this, the economy isnt making things any easier and inflation has risen to the highest levels since the early 1980s. The price of food has been hit incredibly hard with things like meat, poultry, fish, coffee, and eggs all skyrocketing over the last couple of years. Of course, when this happens, it means higher prices for the consumer, and in this case theme park visitors.

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We Wish The Dining Plan Would Come Back

In our first group, we have those who said that the lack of the Dining Plan has changed their eating in Disney World, but NOT in a good way. These folks WANT the Dining Plan to come back A.S.A.P.

Some shared that the lack of the Dining Plan has made them think differently about what to order or where to eat. One reader said that they found their family isnt ordering what they really want or isnt eating where they really want to in the interest of saving money. That reader said that the change has added a lot more stress to their trip. Many others felt the same way.

House-made Artisanal-style Duck À LOrange Pizza from California Grill

One reader shared that with the Dining Plan, they did a character meal almost every day to break up park time and get some much-needed air conditioning. But that isnt the case now that the Dining Plan is gone.

Another reader shared that same sentiment, saying that they would try to do a character meal every day with the Dining Plan, but now that its gone, they skip character meals and opt for some tasty Counter Service options instead.

Another said that they only did 2 Table Service meals during their past trip and stuck to Counter Service for the rest. They shared that it saved them time and money, but they missed the convenience of having things pre-paid.

MICKEY at Chef Mickeys

Miso Glazed Salmon from Grand Floridian Cafe

Burger to the Moon from Cosmic Rays Starlight Cafe

Princesses Gift Card

Gotta Count Every Penny

General Advice For Maximizing Credits

Roughly speaking:

  • Quick Service credits are worth about $19
  • Table Service credits are worth about $42
  • Snack credits are worth about $5

That means to break even on the Disney Dining Plan, youll need to choose food that costs at least that amount.

There are huge lists below detailing every Table Service and Quick Service restaurant and the value of a credit at those locations.

You can plan according to our lists and/or keep these general things in mind when maximizing credits:

  • Character meals and dining packages are generally a great use of a credit.
  • Signature Restaurants are almost never the best way to maximize a credit since they require 2 Table Service credits per meal but dont cost twice as much if you were paying out-of-pocket.
  • Go for the steak, lobster, shakes, alcohol, and orange juice. Those are often the most expensive options so take advantage when theyre on the menu.
  • Dont choose breakfast when trying to maximize most DDP credits since it is usually much less expensive than lunch or dinner.

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To Make Trips Feel All

This is why we like using the Dining Plan on our Disney World trips with our families. When your food is pre-paid, it can make your trip more fun when ordering isnt about checking prices so closely and worrying about the tab.

If you are looking for that all-inclusive feeling, adding one of the Disney Dining Plans to your vacation is the best way to achieve that.

Will The Disney Dining Plan Be Offered Again In 2022

Is the Disney Dining Plan Worth It?

Well, we dont know for sure. Since last summer, Disney hasnt said anything significant about the dining plan returning, and we dont have much to work with. Still, we feel optimistic about the Disney Dining Plans eventual comeback. If Walt Disney World was planning to eliminate the Disney Dining Plan, its unlikely that they would have hinted at its return. Perhaps it will be reimagined in the future, or there wont be as many dining plan options, but thats just speculation at this point.

Back in December,Disney Food Blograised the solid point that it would make sense for the Disney Dining Plan to be brought back sometime in 2022, since Disney hinted at its return back in 2021. It seems unlikely for Disney to bring up the return of a highly anticipated offering only to not bring it back for several years. If you want to read more, Disney Tourist Blog dives into the return of the Disney Dining Plan and the probability of it being offered for free again in the future in this post here.

Nevertheless, the Disney Dining Plan webpage still exists on the Walt Disney World Resort official website. You cant add a dining plan to your Disney World vacation package yet, but you can certainlyread about it!. It may seem like not a big deal, but the fact that the page still exists leads us to believe that even though the Disney Dining Plan isnt being offered right now, it isnt going anywhere. We may just have to wait a bit longer before its available once again.

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Whats Included In Your Snack Credit

You can redeem Snack Credits at most Quick Service restaurants, Outdoor carts, and shops around the parks. If you are unsure if an item qualifies, ask a Cast Member or look for this symbol:

You can typically expect the following items to qualify for snack credits :

  • Ice cream novelty, popsicle or fruit bar
  • Popcorn
  • 20 oz. bottle of soda or water

Spicy Tuna Morimoto Asia

Morimoto Asia in Disney Springs is a beautiful restaurant that features a masterfully crafted menu by Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto that showcases an array of regional Asian cuisines. Open daily for lunch and dinner, Guests who dine at Morimoto Asia should be sure to try the Spicy Tuna sushi roll which combines tuna, spicy mayo, and scallions for the perfect bite.

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Where Are The Dining Locations

Pretty much everywhere you turn in any of the Disney Theme Parks, Disney Springs, Resorts and even the Water Parks. The restaurants available to you are determined by the Walt Disney World Dining Plan you choose but no matter which one you go with, there are options around every corner. For a full list of Restaurants, take a look at Walt Disney World Dining Plan brochures.

Alternatives To The Dining Plan

SAVE MONEY in Disney World With These Disney Dining Plan Tips

One of the biggest selling points for Disney’s dining plan is that you’ve paid for your meals before you leave home. It’s possible to get the same results by purchasing a pre-paid debit card and loading it with the same amount of money you’d pay for the Disney plan. The big advantage to using your own debit card is that you get to keep any money left over at the end of your trip. Visa and MasterCard both have pre-paid cards that can be ordered and loaded from your phone or computer. We’re very interested in hearing from families who try this option. Contact us if you do, and let us know how it worked.

If your peace of mind absolutely requires a Disney meal plan, consider the quick-service option. As with the standard dining plan, you’ll get the most savings using the quick-service meals for lunch and dinner. Even if decide to splurge on a sit-down meal or two, you can use your saved quick-service meals for breakfasts without feeling like you’ve paid twice as much as everyone else for the same food.

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Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend

    The Disney Princess Half Marathon includes a 5k, 10k, half marathon and Disney Fairytale Challenge. Runners can choose to run in one race, two races or all three. Runners participating in the half marathon get the privilege of seeing Epcot and Magic Kingdom during their run. This weekend always promises to be a fun one!

    Disney World Special Events

    With all of the EPCOT Festivals, RunDisney events andWalt Disney Worlds 50th anniversary taking place, we already know there will be no shortage of 2022 special events at Disney World. We also know with so many special events to attend at Disney its very easy to get them mixed up So lets take a look at what we can expect at Disney in 2022!

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    How To Get The Most Money Out Of Your 2021 Disney Dining Plan

    • Choose character meals. They are always some of the most expensive dining options because you pay for the experience more than the meal.
    • Choose the most expensive meal option. Do your research by looking online at Disney Restaurant Menus to see which ones have pricier options. I mean, really, if you have a choice between steak and chicken, choose steak!
    • Use snack credits on special Disney treats you wont get anywhere else . Each snack credit is good for only certain items . Typically the snack credit maxes out around $4. Dont waste them on things like soda or water bottles. Would you pay $4 for a water bottle anywhere else? Didnt think so.

    What are your thoughts or questions about the Disney Dining Plan?

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