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Walt Disney World Check In

Resorts And No Parks Days

Online Check-In on My Disney Experience App | Walt Disney World

If you have some free time, or if youre planning a meal at one of Disneys hotels, you may want to set aside some time to explore their resorts. This is particularly a good idea if youre planning a future visit and want to scope out the hotel.

You can easily visit the monorail hotels by riding the monorail between them. You can easily visit the Boardwalk hotels by walking between them, particularly while walking between Epcot and Hollywood Studios.

And if you want a full day of relaxation , you may want to set aside time for a no parks day. This is a day where you dont go to the parks, instead focusing on the other activities your resort and Walt Disney World have to offer.

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General Questions About Accommodations

Where should I stay?

Thats a complicated question that depends on your preferences as far as cost, location, convenience and more. We really cant make that decision for you, but here is some information that may help:

Whats the difference between the Disney resorts, the Swan & Dolphin, the Four Seasons Orlando, the Disney Springs resort area hotels, and other hotels?

In addition to the obvious differences in terms of theming, proximity to the theme parks, etc., each of these hotel types has a different level of special privileges.

Privileges available when staying at one of theDisney resorts, which include Value resorts, Moderate resorts, Deluxe resorts, Deluxe Villas and Ft. Wilderness cabins & campsites:

  • Access to Early Theme Park Entry
  • Unlimited free bus service, which connects the hotel to the theme parks and Disney Springs.
  • You can use the Disney transportation system once you are at one of the theme parks, the Ticket and Transportation Center, or Disney Springs.

Privileges available when staying off the Disney property :

What is a Good Neighbor hotel?

Basically, we would advise you to ignore the Good Neighbor designation, as it doesnt guarantee you anything at all.

When and how can I get the best deal at one of the MouseSavers Preferred Hotels?

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The Best Deluxe Disney World Resorts

The cream of the crop is the three resorts on the Disney monorail: the Contemporary Resort, Polynesian Village Resort and Grand Floridian Resort & Spa. They usually cost more than other Deluxe resorts, but the convenience may be worth it if you need to sneak back to your room in the middle of the day for nap time .

The Polynesian Village Resort is wrapping up a pretty extensive renovation. The Moana-themed rooms are sure to be a hit, but know that the monorail stop at the resort is still closed for renovations.

There are other Deluxe resorts with unique characteristics.

They include Animal Kingdom Lodge, where you see native African animals right outside your window, and Disneys Beach Club, which includes a 3-acre waterpark with a lazy river and a 230-foot slide from the top of a pirate ship.

These top-tier Disney Deluxe resorts generally run from $300 to $500 per night, with rates occasionally dipping to the $200-$299 range.

If you are ready to really blow out the budget, the Copper Creek Cabins at Wilderness Lodge might be our absolute favorite.

Saving Time When The Sun Sets

Walt Disney World to offer Direct

Dont worry, there are opportunities for night owls as well.

One of the easiest ways to save time in the evening is to focus on the fireworks schedule. The crowds will gravitate toward the primary viewing areas, such as Main Street in Magic Kingdom, before the fireworks. That will thin some of the lines out.

Then, right as the fireworks start, the wait times on many rides will plummet. We scored a 15-minute wait on Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, a ride where the wait can easily stretch an hour or two, this way.

Just before closing, hop in one final line. As long as you are in line before the official closing time, Disney lets you finish your wait and ride the attraction. The wait times in the My Disney Experience app are notoriously inaccurate around closing time, usually overestimating your wait time.

For the time being, Disney World will continue to offer a bit of late-night access for certain resort guests. Be sure to check if your resort qualifies and what dates and parks this is available for. The parks really clear out in the evening for dedicated hours like this and you can get in a ton of rides in just an hour or two.

If you want to map out your perfect day at Disney World, check out Touring Plans, an organization tool with a lot of free resources . We used Touring Plans for our crazy ride-every-ride-at-Disney World charity fundraiser. When you consider how much youre spending for your Disney vacation, the additional $17.95 to maximize your time can be a wise investment.

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Is It Worth Going To Disney During The Pandemic

Throughout this guide, weve mentioned lots of changes and suspensions due to COVID-19.

At Disney World, some of the normal fun stuff, like evening fireworks, have returned. Many special events, hotels, restaurants and more are also currently suspended. All guests ages 2 and up have to wear a face mask and have their temperature checked before entry into the parks. FastPass+ and Extra Magic Hours are gone, with replacements coming. Character meet-and-greets are still on hold and we may have seen the last of Minnie Vans.

Visiting Disney World right now is undoubtedly a very different experience than normal operations. If you are considering a big once in a lifetime visit, then now may not be the best time since you wont get the full experience. If you are especially concerned about being around others in public or cant tolerate a face mask in the Orlando heat, then you should definitely wait to book your trip.

But, if you take proper precautions and go in with reset expectations, in some ways Disney World is even more enjoyable than before. Its generally now enjoyed at a much slower pace you wont be going sunup to sundown due to shorter hours and youll definitely need less planning and strategy, especially with Early Theme Park Entry and the introduction of Genie+ and Lightning Lanes.

If You Want To Spend A Bit Less

The budget figure given above $3,927 involves a stay at one of Disneys All-Star hotels, few-to-no table service meals , and a discounted ticket option. Its a relatively low target if youre booking a traditional Disney World stay.

To go below that, youll need to start thinking out of the boxbooking around only the best Disney deals booking non-Disney hotels or Airbnb waiting for deep deals on Priceline cutting a day off your tickets buying groceries and bringing your own food. We cover much of these in the rest of this guide in the appropriate sections.

Beyond the rest of this post, we also have a separate post of 50+ Ways to Save On Your Disney Vacation.

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Walt Disney World Basics And Essential Tips

Walt Disney World is a vacation destination outside of Orlando, Florida with four theme parks, two waterparks, numerous hotels, world class dining, and several other offerings .

If youre brand new to Walt Disney World planning, start with our Basic Things To Know About Walt Disney World. Thats a quick read that will get you familiar with Walt Disney World.

Then move on to our Essential Tips for Planning Your First Disney World Vacation. Theres some overlap between that list and this guide, but thats okay, youll just be a little ahead of the curve in the rest of your planning.

Best Disney World Splurges

WALT DISNEY WORLD VLOG: Four Seasons Orlando Resort Check In Theme Park View Disney Room Tour

For some families, Disney World is a once-in-a-lifetime trip. A VIP experience can take a basic Disney holiday to the next level.

Sure, you can hire a true private Disney VIP guide, and if that is in your budget, then have a blast and dont look back. If you have the maximum of 10 people, it can be a heck of a way to enjoy Disney at a cost of about $350 to $400 per person. But you dont have to spend a few thousand extra dollars for a taste of the VIP world.

Now, before you get too excited, its important to note that with the exception of the VIP tours, the rest of these park experiences are currently on pause. However, based on the popularity of these special ticketed events, we expect them to return someday.

When its available, one of our favorite Disney splurges is Disney Early Morning Magic . Early Morning Magic will cost extra, but it gets you into the park before most other guests and even includes breakfast.

The Fantasyland version grants access to some of the most popular rides in the Magic Kingdom before the park officially opens, including Mine Train, Peter Pans Flight and more and you can score some fun pictures with minimal crowds.

Hollywood Studios had a similar package that allowed you to experience the most popular rides in Toy Story Land without the outlandish waits for around the same price. However, tickets for that package are not currently on sale.

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The 50th Anniversary Is Here

From Oct. 1, Disney World will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the park opening.

This has noticeably increased demand for hotels, park pass reservations and pretty much everything related to Disney World. With Remys Ratatouille Adventure, a much anticipated new attraction at Epcot, debuting on Oct. 1, and the normal crowds for the Food & Wine Festival, expect Epcot to be even more crowded than normal.

All the parks will have celebrations going on for the golden anniversary. The Magic Kingdom has received a castle makeover ahead of the big date. But dont worry if now is not the time for you to head to Disney the celebration is scheduled to last into 2023.

Since park pass reservations are already in a sold-out state for the start of the celebration, you may want to wait a bit if youre trying to avoid crowds and increased pricing on hotels.

Skip Those Lengthy Check

If youve checked-in online, youve already given Disney a lot of the details they typically ask for at the front desk. This includes payment details, arrival times, room requests etc. Being able to hand over those details early means that you wont need to set aside a lengthy period of time to queue at the check-in desk, or supply a ton of details when you arrive. Rather, you can make a stop at the Online Check-in Desk for an expedited check-in process or breeze by and head straight to your room!

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How Does Disneys Online Resort Check


Disneys Online Resort Check-In service is a convenient option that starts your check-in process online from home and may reduce registration time upon arrival at your Disney Resort hotel. Walt Disney World Resort guests 18 years and older may check in online using My Disney Experience up to 60 days prior to their arrival date. Online Check-in is available for all Walt Disney World-owned resorts and room types including Disney Vacation Club villas reserved by DVC members on points, campsites at Disneys Fort Wilderness Resort and Club Level rooms at all resorts. Online Resort Check-in is not available for those staying at the Swan and Dolphin hotels or at a Disney Springs hotels.

All Guests, no matter how their reservation was booked , must log on to My Disney Experience to complete the Online Resort Check-In process. Please note, travel agents will no longer able to complete the Online Check-In process on behalf of a client and each guests must sign into their Disney account if they wish to use the optional Online Resort Check-In. During the check-in process, Guests will be asked to log-in with their personal account information. If you do not have a account, you will be asked to register for a free account by visiting

Those who already have a account with an associated reservation, can get to hotel check-in by using Begin your Online Check-In now.

Additional Resort Check-in Information

Rent Your Way To A Better Room

Alternatively, to save money, you can rent points from a Disney Vacation Club member to stay in a Deluxe Villa on-site at Disney World. Typically, you can do this at a Deluxe resort for the price of a reservation at a Moderate resort. The upsides are obvious. More space and a nicer room plus all the benefits of being on-site at Disney World, including the extended evening hours.

But while this can save you a bunch of cash, there are some potential downsides.

Since this is Disneys version of a timeshare, you wont receive full housekeeping services daily unless youre willing to pay extra. And renting Disney Vacation Club points typically restricts your ability to change or cancel your reservation without a significant penalty. You may have to work through an individual who owns DVC points to get your reservation confirmed, which requires a bit of trust. Some larger DVC rental services may give you a bit more comfort in the rental process.

A popular service for renting points is Davids Vacation Club Rentals and here are additional details on how the DVC point-rental process works.

No Welcome Home Feeling

One of the reasons we keep going back to Disney World time after time is that Welcome Home feeling that you get once you step foot on property. There is something really special about stepping into the lobby of your resort and being greeted by the super friendly Cast Members.

We think this is especially important if it is your first time in Walt Disney World. When you check in at the desk you will receive a Your First Time button to commemorate your trip and adds to the special feeling.

Unfortunately, when you use the Online Check-In service, that special feeling is missing. Unless you walk through the main building, there is a chance that no one will greet you as you walk directly to your room. You lose that Welcome Home moment and all those extra personal touches that Disney is known for.

Room Wait Times Could Be Longer

While we listed in the Pros category that your wait might be faster than normal using the online check-in, at times weve also had to wait longer than usual for using it. If you are in a hurry and have somewhere to be, weve found that expressing that to the front-desk can often get you to your room quicker.

Best Time To Visit Disney World

Disney World Online Resort Check In How To & Benefits

Disney World has evolved into a destination where theres always something going on, so there is no true off-season.

On top of the rides, shows and characters to occupy your time, there are festivals, marathons, waterparks, more festivals and holiday parties. The best time to visit Disney World is going to be highly dependent on what you want to accomplish. If holiday decorations are your thing, you might think that December around Christmas is the time to visit Disney World. But, that isnt necessarily the case.

If you want decorations without the crowds that come with the Christmas holidays, know that Disney World usually transforms the Magic Kingdom from Halloween to Christmas the night after Halloween.

Not all of the decor across the parks and resorts is finished on Nov. 1 or 2, but much of it is up by the end of the second week of November. Youll generally find the parks a bit quieter in November and early December compared to the true holiday season.

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If youre an adult, the festivals in the spring and fall at Epcot are a great way to eat, drink and adult your way around the world in a leisurely way. Those who enjoy running and races will want focus on January as marathon season, including themed runs for popular characters such as princesses or Star Wars characters.

Hotel pricing at Disney World resort properties generally follows the same trajectory as the ticket prices.

Your Guide To Mobile Dine Check

Mobile Dine Check-In is a feature available to Walt Disney World guests via the My Disney Experience app.

My Disney Experience app screenshot

This feature allows guests to bypass the host check-in at participating table service restaurants around the Resort for which they have an Advance Dining Reservation.

Mobile Dine Check-In was announced as part of the Enhanced Technology that is available to guests to promote new safety measures as Walt Disney World reopens to guests, which began with select Resort hotels on June 22, 2020.

Mobile Dine Check-In

You may use the steps below to familiarize yourself with Mobile Dine Check-In, and you can read about our first experience using the system here!

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