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Walt Disney World Caribbean Beach

Orlando: Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort Package With Walt Disney World Tickets

Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort | Walt Disney World

NEW Important Requirements: Walt Disney World Resort Reservations. As Walt Disney World Resort reopens, Park attendance will be strictly managed through a new Park reservation system. Guests who do not have an advance Park reservation will be denied entry. To enter a Park on a particular day, both a Park reservation for that day and a Ticket valid for Park admission on that day are required. This applies to Park Tickets included with or added to a Costco Travel package. Prior to purchasing your Costco Travel package, it is recommended all Guests check the Park Availability Calendar at . Next, immediately after purchasing your Costco Travel package, it is recommended all Guests create a profile at Link any Resort Room Reservation and Ticket Reservations using the Walt Disney World Ticket confirmation number provided in your Costco Travel documents. Then, make Park reservations via My Disney Experience for each day you plan to visit the Parks. In addition, it is recommended all Guests visit There, they can view important information about Park reopening, reservations, limitations on benefits, features, experiences, new safety measures, etc. Please note: All policies are subject to change and are outside the control of Costco Travel.

Spyglass Grill At Caribbean Beach Resort

If youre staying in Trinidad, Spyglass Grill is available to refill your mugs or grab a quick bite to eat. It is located close to the bus stop in Trinidad, so its a great place to stop by on your way out. Its small and open air. And its a place the locals know about, but no one else comes here, so its quiet. The menu is mostly the same as Centertown Market, with a slightly smaller selection, so if youre just looking to grab something fast, this a great option.

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Pirate Rooms To Be Discontinued In 2023 At Disneys Caribbean Beach Resort

One of the more unique features of Disneys Caribbean Beach Resort will be sailing away next year.

The Pirate Rooms, inspired by the Pirates of the Caribbean films, are set to be discontinued beginning in 2023. No official closing date has been confirmed aside from the year.

In addition to pirate ship-themed beds, there are plenty of swashbuckling touches around the room, including a mini-fridge hidden in a barrel and treasure chest-like footrests.

The touches continue to the bathroom, which has a mirror decorated with Aztec coins and brick-themed tile in the shower.

When we spoke to a Disney representative, no reason behind the closure was given, though its been speculated that guests have found the beds to be uncomfortable. You can read our full tour of a Pirate Room when we visited in October 2020, or check out the video below.

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Is Caribbean Beach Worth The Price


So you may be asking, is Caribbean Beach worth the cost? As one of the lower-priced moderates, we say yes. Of course, if staying at Value Resorts allows your family to visit Disney, then we like those too and a Value resort will suit you just fine. But, when the price is right and we can find deals through offers or, wed always prefer the more luxurious resort. Let us warn you, its hard to return to a value resort once youve made the jump to moderates. And even more difficult once youve stayed in a deluxe. There are some very significant differences between Value to Moderate and Moderate to Deluxe Resorts. At this point, it would be very difficult to return to Value resorts.

One reason we prefer the upgrade from a Value Resort? Transportation options. While accommodations do differ, the difference between rolling out of bed and standing in the sun to wait for a bus at a Value can kill your day. The moderate resorts have shaded waiting areas. The deluxe resorts are in the best locations within walking distance of some parks, or on the monorail line, or with boat access. Of course, now that both Art of Animation and Pop Century have Skyliner access, they would be our next top choice.

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Walt Disney Worlds Caribbean Beach Resort

Youre on ISLAND TIME at Disneys Caribbean Beach Resort! With its centralized location and relaxing island vibe, this Resort sets a calypso tone for a vacation within a vacation!

Disneys Caribbean Beach Resort

Walt Disney World offers three Resort hotel levels: Value, Moderate, and Deluxe. Disneys Caribbean Beach Resort is a Moderate Resort.

Disneys Caribbean Beach Resort

Disneys Caribbean Beach is a sprawling resort with lush tropical landscaping, a colorful theme, and a variety of recreational activities. The centerpiece of the resort, Barefoot Bay, is a 45-acre lake surrounded by a mile-long promenade dotted with running trails, relaxing hammocks and beach chairs, and small white sandy beaches. Guests also have access to Disneys newest transportation, the Disney Skyliner, for which Caribbean Beach serves as the hub!

Disneys Caribbean Beach Resort

Lets explore the islands!

Cons Of Disneys Caribbean Beach Resort

Let us first start by saying- the resort is, in fact, HUGE. Its actually Walt Disney Worlds largest resort with several bus stops. Since it is so big, you could get very unlucky and end up in an island that is just too far. This could or could not be a deal-breaker for you. As it really depends on what kind of vacationer you are. Something to consider if youre toting little ones. Know that you could end up walking quite a distance just to grab your morning coffee and pastry every day. The buildings that are closest to the food court are in Martinique. This island has preferred rooms and will usually cost you extra. But we found Aruba and Jamaica to be about a 6-7 minute walk every morning, depending on which building you are in, because you can walk right over the bridge. This was pretty perfect for us.

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Good Rooms In Buildings 54 55 And 56 Of Aruba

This building group is closer to the Aruba bus stop, but thats about it. It is quite far from Old Port Royale and contains few great views. Building 54 is unremarkable, with no very good nor very bad views. Half of building 56 faces the parking lot and much of the other half faces the other buildings. Building 55 is the only one of these three with great views, specifically the water view rooms 5509-5512, 5514-5516, 5541-5544, and 5546-5548.

Bad views in Buildings 54, 55, and 56 include:

  • Building 54: Rooms 5404, 5412, 5420, 5425, 5428, 5436, 5444 , 5452, 5456, 5457, and 5460, which face hallways.
  • Building 55: Rooms 5513, 5521, 5524, 5525, 5528, 5529, 5545, 5553, 5556, 5557, 5560, and 5561, which face hallways.
  • Building 56: Rooms 5620, 5621, 5624, 5625, 5628, 5652, 5653, 5656, 5657, and 5660, which face hallways.
  • Building 56: Rooms 5601-5608 and 5633-5640, which face parking lots.

Disneys Caribbean Beach Resort Childcare

Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort – Overview | Walt Disney World Resort

***Disney has closed its three Childrens Activity Centers located at Disneys Animal Kingdom Lodge, Disneys Polynesian Village Resort and Disneys Yacht & Beach Club Resorts. As well the Pixar Play Zone that was located at The Contemporary Resort has closed. The Walt Disney World Dolphin will still offer a Childrens Activity Center option and you do not have to be a guest at that resort to use the Childrens Activity Center.***

  • While not on-site child care facility, howeverKids Nite Out, in-room child care, is available at all resorts for children 6 months to 12 years old. Reservations may begin as early as 6:30 a.m. and/or may begin as late as 11:00 p.m., Services are available 24/7.
  • The Walt Disney World Dolphin will still offer a Childrens Activity Center option and you do not have to be a guest at that resort to use the Childrens Activity Center. Camp Dolphin
  • Disneys Caribbean Beach Resort VIP Top Tips

    This section is sponsored by the Disney experts at The Magic for Less Travel, Authorized Disney Vacation Planner

    My kids loved the pool at Caribbean Beach Resort, and deemed it one of the best pools on property.

    There are rooms at Disneys Caribbean Beach Resort that can accommodate up to 5 guests.

    Guests who would like to stay in rooms located near dining and shopping at the resort should stay in a preferred room.

    The resort is divided into 6 villages, each with a different island name. Each village has its own quiet pool and bus stop.

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    Kids Nite Out Babysitting

    Kids Nite Out caregivers can provide one-on-one in-room childcare in the comfort of a Walt Disney World® Resort room. The professional staff of Kids Nite Out gives the child individual attention by playing a variety of fun-filled activities with him/her including reading books, coloring, or playing I Spy games. They can also provide a fun, well-trained sitter to just hang out with the family if they need a fathers/mothers helper. Kids Nite Out also plans and works childrens parties, camps, and childrens theme conventions.


    • Advance reservations are required please call 7 days a week from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm
    • Services available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at all Walt Disney World Resorts
    • 4-hour minimum required children ages 6 months to 12 years old
    • Guests can call up to 90 Days in advance. Will try to accommodate same-day calls or unusual hours.
    • Cancellations require 24 hours notice to avoid the 4-hour minimum charge

    Good Rooms In Buildings 34 35 And 36 Of Trinidad

    This group of buildings is all Pirate rooms. While these rooms are not particularly close to Old Port Royale, they are the closes of the Pirate rooms. There are several good water views in building 34, rooms 3438-3440 and building 35, rooms 3501-3504, 3513-3516, 3533-3536, and 3545-3548. There are also good standard view rooms in building 36, rooms 3633-3636.

    Bad views in Buildings 34, 35, and 36 include:

    • Building 34: Rooms 3413-3416 and 3445-3448, which face a parking lot.
    • Building 34: Rooms 3401, 3404, 3420, 3421, 3424, 3425, 3428, 3436, 3452, 3453, 3456, 3457, and 3460, which face hallways.
    • Building 35: Rooms 3505, 3508, 3509, 3520, 3521, 3529, 3537, 3540, 3552, and 3561, which face hallways.
    • Building 36: Rooms 3605, 3608, 3609, 3612, 3613, 3629, 3637, 3640, 3641, 3644, 3645, and 3661, which face hallways.
    • Building 36: Rooms 3617-3624 and 3649-3656, which face parking lots.

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    Disneys Caribbean Beach Resort Room Rates For 2022

    • Rates listed are full price, also known as rack rates,including tax of 12.5%, rounded to the nearest dollar. There are often ways to get discounts for these rates.
    • Where there are two prices for a period , the first price is for Sundays Thursdays and the second is for Fridays & Saturdays.
    • Where there are three prices for a period , the first price is for Mondays Wednesdays, the second is for Sundays & Thursdays, and the third is for Fridays & Saturdays.
    • Note that for this resort not all prices and/or seasons are listed because some room information was unavailable when we last checked prices. We will continue checking back and update the table if possible.
    • The specific season names are no longer provided by Disney. For convenience, we have chosen names that were used for similar date ranges in previous years.
    • We occasionally see short periods that dont match the price of any regular season and dont correspond to any obvious holiday or event. We have labeled these Special.
    Date Range
    Water or Pool View 5th SleeperPirate Standard View

    Disneys Caribbean Beach Resort Notes

    The room rates and season dates on this page were accurate at the time they were compiled. Disney has been known to change rates and policies without notice, though its fairly unusual. The information on this page should be used as a general guide only.

    Room Notes® is not an official site of The Walt Disney Company or of Universal Studios.

    Caribbean Beach Resort Atmosphere


    Ok, so given that we had our fill of the chaotic vibe that we often found at a Value resort, and really just wanted something that felt more like.. vacation we found a good deal for the Caribbean Beach Resort and made the leap. Mind you, going to Walt Disney World at all has been a dream come true we somehow manage on a budget, but a moderate resortwell could we really afford that? Thankfully we could by booking Disney through a third-party site.

    With the fresh refurbishments completed Disneys Caribbean Beach Resort is almost on par with resorts in the Deluxe category. There are little island communities that are set up so you can island-hop, so it feels like were actually in the Caribbean. The islands represented are Aruba, Jamaica, Trinidad, Barbados, and Martinique. On the far side of the property, you will see the new Disney Riviera Resort and the Disney Skyliner station. Caribbean Beach is actually also on the Skyliner Gondola line. So you can choose whichever station is closest. Old Port Royale acts as the center port where all the food, gift shop, and outdoor movies happen. This is also the location of the newest restaurant at Caribbean Beach Resort, Sebastians Bistro .

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    Would We Recommend Caribbean Beach Resort

    Overall, we love the Caribbean Beach resort. It was a great escape at the end of a hectic day at Disney. We highly recommend this resort to those looking for an island-like getaway while visiting Walt Disney World. And if youre working within a budget! Its one of the cheaper moderates and has an atmosphere worth experiencing. We hope you love it too!

    Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort Overview

    Caribbean Beach hotel map

    Caribbean Beach was Disney’s first Moderate resort when itopened in 1998. It consists of two dozen colorful, two-story motel-stylebuildings, separated into five areas named for Caribbean islands: Aruba,Barbados, Jamaica, Martinique, and Trinidad.

    Most of the 1,536 guest rooms measure 314 square feet and areoutfitted with two queen beds a fold-down Murphy bed is also availablein select rooms. Except as noted below, decor is distinguished byneutral beach tones, bright tropical accent colors, and furnishings ofdark wood and rattan. Sliding doors separate the grooming area fromthe main room. Together with the bathroom, this allows three peopleto get ready at once. All rooms have a dresser, small table with chairs,minifridge, coffee maker, TV, and plenty of storage. Rooms dont havebalconies, but the access passageways are external and have railings.

    Rooms in Trinidad have a Pirates of the Caribbean theme and costabout $70$100+ more than comparable ones elsewhere in the resort.Soft goods and headboards in some non-Pirates-themed rooms have asubtle Finding Nemo theme.

    The refurbished Old Port Royale building houses the check-in desk,restaurants, and shops. A food court has counter-service and graband-go options Sebastians Bistro is a sit-down restaurant with waterfronttables.

    Old Port Royale Check-in Area

    A mom from Fenton, Michigan, likewise found bus service lacking:

    How Caribbean Beach Compares to Other Disney Moderate Resorts

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    Caribbean Beach Resort Pools Recreation And Amenities

    Note: Guests are not required to wear a mask in their resort pool since that would be counterintuitive in ensuring safety. But keep in mind that guests are required to wear a mask when walking to and from the pool area or pool bar.

    One of Caribbean Beach’s Quiet Pools.

    Caribbean Beachs Main Pool

    Childrens Splash Area

    Caribbean Beach Resort Pools

    Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort Overview | Walt Disney World Resort

    Staying in one of the resorts outer villages? Not to worry as one of the biggest hotels on property, guests of the Disney Caribbean Beach Resort have access to not one, not two, but six different pools. Designed to look like a colonial Spanish fortress that would be right at home in Pirates of the Caribbean, the Fuentes del Morro Pool is the resorts feature pool. And oh, what a pool it is. Here swashbuckling swimmers can splashdown two different waterslides , cool off under the refreshing spray of water cannons, or take part in the daily Jammin Pool Party or Island Dance Party.

    Even pint-sized pirates can get in on the fun at the special, 48-or-under Fuentes del Morro Water Play Area. This watery playground is set like a shipwreck and comes complete with everything from a crows nest to shrunken slides.

    Looking for a more restful escape? Each village at Disneys Caribbean Beach Resort also plays host to its own leisure pool, so you never need to walk too far to enjoy a relaxing dip.

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    Banana Cabana At Caribbean Beach Resort

    Banana Cabana is the new pool bar at Caribbean Beach. And guys, this place is just gorgeous. With bright colors, fun furniture, and an open air setting, and a view of Barefoot Bay and Aruba in the distance. It really feels like a little island hideaway! Serving an array of delicious and tropically inspired drinks. You can also find a few quick bites here as well including crab cakes and jerk chicken wings. This is such a lovely upgrade to Caribbean Beach and we feel it really elevated the space.

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