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Walt Disney World Build A Droid

How Much Are The Droids At Droid Depot

Becoming Droid Parents! Building a Droid at Droid Depot Galaxy’s Edge Walt Disney World

One of the most frequently asked questions about Droid Depot is about the price of the droids.

How much does it cost to make a droid in Galaxys Edge? Or how many credits, in the language of Batuu, will you be shelling out?

The complete Droid-making experience is $99.99 plus tax.

This includes the whole experience, the droid, and a cardboard carrier.

Sadly, there are no discounts for the experience itself , but discounts are available for the add-on accessories.

A credit card is required to hold the reservation, but you are not charged until you arrive at your experience.

Droid Depot Experience Review

My son built a droid on trip to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge this past summer and he absolutely loved every minute of it. I made a bargain with him on our trip that this time he would do the droid and I would do the lightsaber. I timed this so we did them on the same night so that he didn’t feel left out when it was time to head over to Savi’s Workshop.

The building area is in the back along the wall

Make sure to look up to see all the details!

I made the reservation via the app, they began offering online reservations right after we arrived, and was easily able to grab the reservation I wanted. When we checked in, I heard other people asking if they had openings and they did. So it seems like while a reservation is recommended, you may have good luck walking up and getting to build your droid on the spot. Anyone can walk around the store but only builders can go behind the gates to look at the droid building up close.

After we checked in, we paid right away and were asked which unit we were building: BB-Series or R-Series. Both cost the same price but they will give you a corresponding basket for the one you pick that will tell you which pieces you need.

The R-Series droid

The BB-series droid

The basket we were given to put our pieces in

We felt it was a great selection of colors and options

Next time, I’m making a purple BB-series..

The R-series has a few more pieces than the BB-series but it just added to the fun for us.

It’s aliiive!

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Do You Need Reservations To Build A Droid At The Droid Depot

Reservations can be made to build your droid, up to 180 days in advance, via My Disney Experience at Walt Disney World.

The experience is for the builder plus one guest, so make note if you have a larger party that you may need to build more than one droid.

Additionally, one guest in each party must be 14 or older.

Warning: you can be charged the full $99.99 as a no-show fee if you miss your scheduled time. Make sure you cancel if you dont plan on making it, to avoid that charge.

In addition to reservations, the droid depot occasionally takes walk-ups.

I have found that mornings are more crowded and less likely for walk-ups, but evenings seem to be more manageable.

Star Wars Galaxys Edge. Want a BB or an R unit? And are their any discounts on these? #disneyworld #galaxysedge #starwars #disneyland #disneytips>

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Droid Interactions In Galaxys Edge

Each droid is equipped with Bluetooth technology, allowing it to interact with other droids and elements in Galaxys Edge. We did not spend a lot of time looking for those elements because the kids wanted to play with the droids instead!

There was a quiet area along the path near the bathrooms where new droid owners could practice controlling their droids. Even though the Disney websites state that droids cannot be operated while in the park, they obviously made an exception for this one section. We built our droids in Disneyland. I am not sure if the Hollywood Studios Galaxys Edge offers the same option.

What Else Is Near The Droid Depot

We build a DROID at the Galaxy edge Disney World Orlando Florida Star ...

After you make your own droid, be sure to explore Galaxys Edge and take your new droid on an adventure in the land.

If you were lucky enough to join a boarding group for the Millenium Falcon: Smugglers Run attraction, that is definitely something not to be missed for Star Wars fans. Also, Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance is a massively popular attraction with multiple ride systems.

Plus, you can head over to Savis Workshop and build your own lightsaber. Its located right next to the Droid Depot.

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Checking In At Droid Depot

You should arrive at the check-in location no earlier than 15 minutes before your reservation time at the Droid Depot in Disney World during park hours. All the people in your party must be present at the designated location for check-in.

Cast members may not be able to accommodate late arrivals.

Be sure to bring your reservation confirmation, the credit card you used to make the booking, and a photo ID.

Our Overall Review On Build A Droid At The Droid Depot At Disney

For any Star Wars-loving family, building your own droid is a fun activity! It is expensive, but you are paying for the experience as well as the droid, and I thought it was worth it. The droids are a one-of-a-kind souvenir. They not only received a lot of attention in the park but also on the plane ride home!

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Use The Alert Tech Button

This may seem silly, but I did not notice the button until we were almost done at the Droid Depot! Right next to the Activate button at the assembly station is a yellow button labeled Alert Tech. That is how you, uh, alert the tech that you are ready to activate your droid!

Im not sure why I didnt see it, but we stood and waited a few minutes for a tech to come to help us, and eventually, I got their attention. I could have saved some stress and waiting if I had just looked down!

Add Ons You Can Buy For Your R2 Or Bb Unit

Full Droid Building Experience at Star Wars: Galaxys Edge | Walt Disney World

Having chosen a BB unit, our options for customizing are limited. If you create an R2 unit, the merch world is your oyster. You can buy all manner of attachments, like his tools for hacking computers and even his drinks tray from Return of the Jedi. There are also a range of decals to add new colors and looks to your R2.

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Ordering Your Droid At The Droid Depot

Like the rest of Star Wars Galaxys Edge, you suspend belief and get drawn into the fun of the moment. While you line up for your preset time, admire the parts gliding by on hanging belts, as if theyre all being added to other droids in another workshop. Before you make your purchase, you can browse the customizable pieces for each unit. The elements are as follows: For the BB-series you can choose the dome, dome connection plate, body sphere and motivator, or an R-Series, with its dome, body, center leg and side legs.

At the register you pay for your droid and have the option to upgrade the personality chip to be good, evil or in between. Upgrading your chip will impact how the droid interacts with others in the park and you will also have the option to buy a cool backpack which opens to reveal the droid and means it can spin its head to react to other droids in the park. The combined backpack and personality chip means youll pay up to $70 more but if you pick an R-series droid, there are other upgrades available in the gift shop.

Using The Droid Depot Mobile App

The new Droid Depot app brings a BB-series or R-series droid to life for unlimited fun at home.

It was released in 2020 and is available for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

In addition to interacting with elements at Star Wars: Galaxys Edge, this Disney experience app allows your customized droid to interact with you at home!

If you havent gotten around to building your own droid at Disney World yet, you can enjoy a virtual experience with these indispensable sidekicks through the app.

You can create a whole collection of R series and BB series droids, sync up your virtual Star Wars: Galaxys Edge droid and join the resistance. You can customize them, program them, pilot them, and play games with them using the Droid Depot mobile app.

Currently, the Droid Depot app is only available in the US and Canada.

If you want a physical droid to play with but cant make it to the Disney parks just yet, there are pre-made droids available on Just sync them with the app when they arrive and youre ready to go!

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Choose The Style Of Your Unit

At the droid depot, you can build a traditional R-Series Unit , or a BB unit, like BB-8. Both of our kids chose to make an R2 unit because they love R2-D2 so much!

Once you decide what kind of droid youd like to build, you can start selecting parts. The basket to hold your droid parts details which parts you will need, depending on which series you are making. Below is a list of the customizable parts for each series.

BB- Series:

  • Set of Side-Legs

How Your Droid Interacts Within The Galaxys Edge

Droid Depot Custom Droid Pricing Revealed for Star Wars: Galaxy

One of the biggest benefits of purchasing a personality chip is how it interacts with other droids in the park. As you pass other droids in the park, yours will come alive, its little chrome dome spinning enthusiastically and emitting chirps of different tonalities. There are also parts of the park that appear to trigger the unit. As we left Galaxys Edge, it again chattered away, like it knew we were taking it away from its home.

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How Do I Make A Reservation To Build A Droid

To build a droid you will first want to make advanced reservations. This is an extremely popular stop in Hollywood Studios, and spaces are limited. You can make a reservation in advance on Disney Website. Reservations can be made 180 days in advance.

You will be required to use a credit card to hold your reservation, but you will not be charged at the time of booking. However, you will be charged the entire price of the droid if you are a no-show to your reservation. So if you can’t make it be sure to cancel online, call Disney to cancel, or stop by Droid Depot in person to cancel.

If you are unable to find any open reservations, you can check for availability in person. There will be a number of walk up spots open, but they are first come first serve and are not guaranteed. I would recommend you arrive to the park early if you plan on trying to do a walk in Droid build.

When you arrive you will see 2 lines. One for advanced reservations, and one for walk in guests. If the line is long you’ll see a Cast Member with a sign showing the estimated wait time for building a droid.

Keep in mind your reservation is for one person plus one guest. Your entire party will not be allowed to watch the build. Cast Members will make exceptions for small children who would otherwise be left unattended, but it is at their discretion.

Which Is Better Droid Depot Or Savis Workshop

This is a tricky one. Whether its the Droid Depot or Savis Workshop in Galaxys Edge or Ollivanders at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, we love an interactive, immersive shopping experience. They really elevate your trip to the parks and, we think, help create a more personalized visit.

That being said, building a droid at Droid Depot isnt quite as elaborate as what youll find next door when building a lightsaber at Savis Workshop. Blame it on the almost spiritual experience that comes with learning how to wield a lightsaber in Star War lore and the films. Furthermore, the lightsabers you build at Savis Workshop are on a whole other level of quality, more of a collectors or cosplay item versus a toy. However, it is a really cute and fun experience, and its hard not to love the adorable reactions of these pint-sized droids at the end of it all.

All in all, we say it comes down to personal preference, and perhaps budget. At only $99.99 instead of $219.99 for a lightsaber, building your own Star Wars droid is also a whole heck of a lot cheaper.

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Are There Droid Merchandise Available

There is also the opportunity to purchase droid-themed merchandise. Check out the full shop for some awesome toys. They have a really cool collection of model kits, pre-built droids, premium droids, plus a unique collection of Disney artwork and upcycled objects crafted from scrap parts. Thats enough to build your own home planet!

How Many People Can Build A Droid At A Time

Droid Depot Workshop-How to build a Droid at Walt Disney World

One of the challenging parts of building a droid as a family is they only allow 2 guests at a station and only 1 person can make the droid. If you are looking to share one droid for the family this may be an issue.

When we visited the three kids were able to work together at the station to make one droid but this was pre-covid and is no longer the case. To be honest it never really was the case but they let it slide the day we visited.

If you have a large family expect to split in groups of 2 for this experience with each group making 1 droid. You may be able to watch from behind a gate. Our station was a corner so my husband and I could stand to the side, not at a station, and still watch.

I know that they are much more strict about the 2 person rule, plan accordingly.

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What Is Disneys Build Your Own Droid

When Galaxys Edge opened at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World, so did several unique experiences. One of the fun things to do in Galaxys Edge is the ability to design and build your own droid at the Black Spires Outpost industrial depot .

So what does it mean to build your own droid? Guests have the opportunity to customize and build their own astromech droid with several options, including the droid series-type, color, and even personality .

What Does It Cost To Build A Droid

Building a droid at Droid Depot costs $99 plus tax. There are no discounts with Disney annual pass or DVC for this experience, but you can use those discounts for any of the extras or accessories that you purchase for your droid.

The price above includes the building experience , the droid, a remote control, and a cardboard carrying case.

You can also purchase a backpack made especially for your droid for $49.99.

You will pay for your experience and these optional extras when you check in for your reservation. If you aren’t sure about the extras don’t worry, you can purchase them later if you would like. The Droid Depot is also a shop that sells pre-made droids, shirts, toys, droid accessories, and more. So you can always make additional purchases later .

If you want to just walk around the shop you can do that by entering through the shop entrance to the right of the main Droid Depot entrance. You’ll see droids standing outside. Look for this blue and white sign written in Arebesh.

How Does Building a Droid Work?

When you arrive at Droid Depot you’ll be given a choice of 2 types of droids that you can build:

  • R-Series DroidThis droid will be the style of the R2D2 droid. The parts you select to build include:
    • Dome
    • Body Sphere
    • Motivator

When you have all of the pieces for your droid you are brought to a building station. A Cast Member will help you to assemble your droid using instructions found printed on the basket you are carrying.

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More On The Droid Depot

The official description of the Droid Depot reads:

Assemble a Custom Astromech UnitVisit a workshop stocked with parts, chips, manuals and other tech items useful for constructing your very own droid, one of the galaxyâs most indispensable sidekicks.

First, register your choice of the BB-series unit or R-series unit with the clerk, whoâll provide a basket and blueprint for parts. Next, proceed to the following stations and begin your droid-building experience.

Parts StationSelect from a colorful variety of components to customize your droid as they roll by on the shopâs conveyor belt.

Have you ever been lucky enough to build a droid at Galaxys Edge?

Visit the official Disney World website to plan your next magical vacation to Walt Disney World Resortâs four theme parks â Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Disneyâs Animal Kingdom, and Disneyâs Hollywood Studios â and the Disney Springs shopping and dining district OR the official Disneyland website to plan your trip to Disneyland Resorts two theme parks Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park and the Downtown Disney District!

Can You Drive The Droids

Droid Depot Build Demonstration in Star Wars: Galaxy

The Astromech Units are remote-controlled, so they have the ability to drive around, however this is not allowed in the Disney parks, except for one designated area.

Unfortunately even though they are remote controlled, you cant drive the droids around wherever you like in Galaxys Edge. Youll have to use the carrying case or a carrying backpack and bring them that way.

While I understand it could be a safety hazard, this is a big disappointment to many guests visiting the Droid Depot. Of course it would be dangerous to have hundreds of these things around your feet at all times, but its a shame anyway.

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