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Walt Disney World Availability Calendar

Make Theme Park Reservations

Step-by-step guide to booking your Disney Tickets in 2020 and 2021
  • All guests must have a Theme Park Reservation in addition to a theme park ticket. To make a park reservation, youll need a My Disney Experience account and a valid theme park ticket linked to that account.
  • Make your park reservations on the Disney World website. Availability may be slightly different for guests staying at WDW hotels, annual pass holders, and day guests.

The Park Prodigys Disney Crowd Calendar

So now that we have covered the basics, lets go over what makes our Disney crowd calendar so special. Unlike many other 2022 Disney world crowd calendars we allow you to customize your perfect family vacation. Simply pick which is most important to you:

  • Avoiding Large Crowds
  • Saving Money

Then click our optimize button and let the crowd calendar do the rest. We will automatically pick the best days for your family to travel for that given month.

Disney World 2022 Crowd Calendar Events June

  • Gay Days will be hosting a event for LGBT to come enjoy the Walt Disney World parks. This is an extremely popular event that can draw nearly 200,000 people to the Orlando area.
  • Tusker House reopens on June 20th with character dining!
  • This year the Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival will experience its longest run yet and continue throughout the month of June.
  • Read our detailed monthly guide for visiting Disney World in June to find our more details about crowd patterns, events, weather, and more.

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Things To Keep In Mind For November:

  • Veterans Day and Thanksgiving are both popular across Walt Disney World, which means to expect heavy crowds if visiting then.
  • Food and Wine Festival at Epcot wraps up this month.
  • The Epcot Festival of the Holidays typically begins the day after Thanksgiving and continues through the end of December.
  • Even though November typically begins a gradual cool off, storms and high heat and humidity can still be a factor, so plan accordingly.
  • November brings the end to hurricane season. Consider trip insurance if planning a vacation during this time.

Get park hours and info on refurbishments and special events on the .

Disney World Crowd Calendar

Disney Park Pass reservation system now live for all ticket holders ...

Our Disney World Crowd Calendar helps you find the best times to visit Disneys theme parks in 2022. Lower crowd levels mean less time waiting in line and more time enjoying your vacation. Walt Disney World crowds fluctuate throughout the year so its really important to choose your dates carefully.

Weve designed our crowd calendar to show you just how crowded Disneys theme parks will be each day of the calendar year. We predict Disneys theme park attendance for the next 12 months so that youll be able to narrow down the months, weeks, and days of your next vacation. Our Disney crowd calendar updates on a monthly basis and currently features the year 2022. Check back frequently!

How do we forecast the crowds at Disney World? Our methodology tracks past attendance data in order to predict future crowds at Disneys four theme parks: Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios. Hopefully, these estimates will help you focus on the dates that best suit your Disney vacation goals. So lets begin!


* Guests ages 3 and up are required to have a park reservation and valid admission for the same park to enter the park.

** COVID-19: Disney has taken enhanced health and safety measures during the pandemic. At this time, please note that theme parks, hotel resorts, restaurants, and other features are subject to modification and capacity limitations. Face coverings are required indoors for non-vaccinated Guests, and optional for fully vaccinated Guests.

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Disney Park Pass Psa Summer 2022 Edition

    Were back with a PSA update on Walt Disney World Park Pass availability for late Spring and early Summer 2022. Reservations are already going fast for Annual Passholders, on-site resort guests, and regular theme park ticket holdersyou might want to book now if you havent already for the coming months.

    This post will cover the why of that, and well take a look at the latest sold out days, speculate as to why some are gone already, and offer additional strategy that will potentially improve your chances of success in riding Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind.

    We actively monitor Disney Park Pass reservation availability, and the situation has getting progressively worse since the start of spring break season. In fact, Im not sure the last time it was this bad for such a long stretcheven during the holiday season last year, Epcot or Animal Kingdom usually had availability after Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios were long gone.

    Timing-wise, this comes as Walt Disney World continues to extend park hours. Over the weekend, the parks once again added early opening times, which has been happening on a consistent basis since the beginning of last month. At present, here are the daily operating hours through April 30, 2022:

    • Magic Kingdom: 9 am to 11 pm
    • Epcot: 8:30 am to 9 pm
    • Hollywood Studios: 8 am to 9 pm
    • Animal Kingdom: 7:30 am to 8:30 pm

    Annual Passholders continue to have the best availability of all on the Park Pass calendars.

    Are Crowd Calendars A Thing Of The Past

    If this was any other year, right now wed be neck-deep in data pouring over school schedules, holidays, special events, runDisney races, and cheer and dance competitions all with the sole purpose of predicting the days and weeks when we would likely see the highest number of guests making their way to Walt Disney World.

    It was never an exact science, but years and years of near-monthly visits paired with giant spreadsheets and databases of wait times did help us, with at least a decent amount of accuracy, predict how we thought things would go.

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    Disney World Spring Events

    Recommended Length Of Stay

    Disney Attraction Poster Calendar 2016 Review

    Unfortunately, there is no right answer to how long your trip should last to Walt Disney World. Of course, all of us wish it could last forever, but alas. The recommended length of stay will fluctuate based on who you ask. It’s popular opinion that even with a two-three week stay at the Walt Disney World resort, you STILL wouldn’t be able to accomplish everything you set out to. With four theme parks, two water parks, four golf courses, nearly 30 hotels, and so much more, it can be difficult to get everything done on your list.

    A solid recommendation is at least a week. That will give you some time to relax while still getting a good amount of days in the parks. Try going with the mindset that you’ll be returning someday. This usually makes it easier if you miss something you had hoped to do if you can think, next time. And be sure to plan your trip early!

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    Extended Evening Theme Park Hours

    Similar to Early Theme Park Entry, Extended Evening Theme Park Hours gives guests extra time in the parks, but instead of the morning, you have access at night.

    The way it works is guests staying at one of the Disney Deluxe or Deluxe Villa Resort hotels get extended access to the theme parks on select nights. That means that you will be able to stay late at the parks and continue enjoying the attractions while all the other guests will have to go home.

    Also, Extended Evening Hours are not in every park, and not every night of the week. Its similar to the old Extra Magic Hours with each park selected on certain nights. On these nights, the parks stay open until 11:00 pm or 12:00 am.

    This will be advantageous to you if you are a night owl because the majority of guests with kids are not going to stay out that late and ride wait times will be extremely low. Many times weve been able to go on rides like Space Mountain or Peter Pans Flight and only have to wait 5-10 minutes.

    Read our Guide to Extended Evening Theme Park Hours for a more detailed look as well as tips.

    Disney World Summer Events

    • Summer at Disney World typically is accompanied by new experiences whether it’s a new attraction, restaurant, nighttime spectacular or summer celebration.
    • Gay Days usually visit the park this time of year. With the event drawing nearly 200,000 people to the Orlando area, you can expect the parks to receive a large influx of guests.
    • H2O Glow Nights is an event that occurs May-August at Disneys Typhoon Lagoon.

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    Other Access And Privileges:

    Early Theme Park Entry & Extended Evening Theme Park Hours:

    Starting October 1st, guests will be able to enjoy more fun with a 30-minute early entry to any Walt Disney World theme park, every day. Guests will also be able to enjoy extended evening hours on select dates.


    Shades of Green has regular bus transportation to get our registered guests to all of the Walt Disney World® Theme Parks, water parks, and Disney Springs. Guests must show a Guest ID card and photo ID or a state-issued photo ID before being allowed to access Shades of Green bus transportation. See more about our bus schedules.

    There is a separate fee to park at all Walt Disney World® Theme Parks. Read more about Walt Disney World® Theme Park parking options. Please note that Shades of Green does NOT participate in Disney Magical Express transportation to/from Orlando International Airport.

    Memory Maker:

    Disney PhotoPass® Service lets everybody in your family get in the picture. Disney PhotoPass® Service photographers are all around Walt Disney World® Theme Parks and will snap photos for you. With Memory Maker, you can view and download them all for one price. Eligible guests can get a discount on the Memory Maker, but you have to verify eligibility and purchase at a Guest Services location in one of the Walt Disney World® Theme Parks.

    Best And Worst Holidays To Visit Disney World In 2022 And 2023

    Disney Parks 2020 Walt Disney World 16 Month Wall Calendar New Sealed ...

    Let’s hop over to the holidays. These are popular times for families to make trips to Disney World, and rightly so. The Christmas holiday season especially, which runs from mid-November through the first of the new year at Disney World, is a wonderful time to visit because the parks are decorated and there are many fun special events. Many families love the atmosphere around the holidays, even with the extra crowds. The parks are most crowded around the following holidays:

    • New Year’s Day – Jan. 1
    • Easter – April 17, 2022, and April 9, 2023
    • Independence Day – July 4
    • Christmas – Dec. 25
    • New Year’s Eve – Dec. 31

    If you’re thinking of visiting during these times, be sure to check out our tips and tricks for visiting during spring break, Thanksgiving and Christmas. The other holidays also see an increase in crowds, although they are less pronounced than the ones above.

    • Veterans Day – Nov. 11, 2022, and Nov. 10, 2023
    • MLK Day – Jan. 17, 2022, and Jan. 16, 2023
    • Presidents Day – Feb. 21, 2022, and Feb. 20, 2023
    • Labor Day – Sept. 5, 2022, and Sept. 4, 2023
    • Columbus Day – Oct. 10, 2022, and Oct. 9, 2023

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    Disney Opening Additional Availability

    We recommend following Walt Disney World News Today on Instagram or Twitter in order to stay abreast of new park pass availability they generally will post immediately when something drops. Disney sporadically adds new availability so theres no guarantee, especially if your dates are coming up soon.

    A few tips for this weve heard that Disney potentially opens passes at: midnight, 4 AM, 7 AM, and 1 PM. Weve also heard that two weeks prior to a date, Disney will add more availability when they move some of the annual Passholder reservation availability into the general theme park/resort guest availability. Weve also seen them drop large batches at the beginning of one month for the following or next .

    Things To Keep In Mind For February:

    • There are a few holidays and special events sprinkled throughout this month that have historically drawn large crowds.
    • The Epcot Festival of the Arts is one of the shorter festivals, but it is definitely worth checking out.
    • The weather in February is some of the best youll have.

    Get park hours and info on refurbishments and special events on the .

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    Why Crowd Calendars Are Helpful

    Using a Disney crowd calendar to find the right days to go to the parks means:

    • Less time wasted waiting in line for rides
    • Less time in line for food
    • Easier to get Advanced Dining Reservations
    • Easier to get Genie+ reservations for the popular attractions
    • More space when navigating the parks
    • Having more freedom to choose what to do once you get to the parks
    • More entertainment showtimes

    Not all parks have the same attendance nor crowd flow. There are certain times of the year when a given theme park will flow differently than other times of the year. Even attraction lines behave very differently from season to season or week to week, with much dependant on how many cast members are working that day ride efficiency and how many people are in the park.

    For example, if you try to ride Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance on a holiday or one of the busiest days of the year, you will have to get there well before the park opens if you dont want to wait for hours in line.

    Also, crowd levels in the parks can vary throughout the day from morning to afternoon and evening. That means its important to react and know what to do when peak crowds start arriving. If you have a basic understanding of how crowds work, you will have a much better time!

    The Start Of Christmas At Walt Disney World

    How to use Disney’s Park Pass System

    First, we have a post specifically about Christmas at Walt Disney World that will answer more of your questions. Secondyes, it really is that magical a time of year. Whatever the drawbacks of visiting during the holiday season, Disney makes the experience worth the trouble.

    The start of the holiday celebrations at the parks will be announced in advance, but youd roughly expect them to start around November 7, 2022. This is a typical first date of Mickeys Very Merry Christmas Party / Very Merriest After Hours, which will likely have several parties throughout November.

      The hotels are the last to get decorations up, usually having all their decorations up two weeks into November.

      Once the festivities start, they continue until the last week of the year. While Christmas week itself can be a little different , theres no difference between visiting November 10 and December 10 in terms of holiday spirit at the resort.

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      Ranking Crowds At Disney World By Month #1

      Weve created a list of all the months and organized them from numbers 12 to 1 in order from least busy to busiest. When creating our crowd calendar we assigned a number to each day of the year from 1-5 for how busy that day is. We then totaled up those numbers for a final total of points at the end of each month, with the highest number being the busiest month of the year.

      We thought the overall months crowd rating would come out differently than it did when we added everything up, with some months held as being less crowded, much higher up on the list.

      Whats important to remember is that this is a total that reflects the entire month, not just certain weeks or days. A certain month might be really busy in one part, but have light crowds at another part which balances things out.

      Ok, here are the busiest months in 2022 at Disney World ranked:

      With Christmas and New Years being the most popular holidays at Disney World, its no surprise that December is the busiest month of the year. However, its very quiet at the beginning of the month and extremely busy at the end so it depends when you go.

      It also makes sense to find March and April near the top since Spring Break and Easter are two of the busiest times of the year for traveling and Floriday is always a popular destination.

      Disney World Fall Events

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      Choosing Your Disney Hotel In 2022

      The Disney hotels are broken into three groups: value, moderate, and deluxe. We have an entire Disney World hotels guide. That guide links to reviews of individual hotels and provides some basic information about each. We also have:

      Value resorts are the lowest-priced hotels, with rooms occasionally priced on third-party sites at under $100, and often available through Disney directly at around $125 per night. These resorts have the smallest rooms, food courts instead of restaurants, and bus access to all the parks.

      A value room at Walt Disney World

      Moderate resorts are priced in the middle of value and deluxe. They have slightly better rooms and theming than the value resorts. They have a mix of dining options, and bus access to all the parks.

      Deluxe resorts are Disneys finest resorts . They have better theming and more of a luxurious feel to them. They have some of Disneys best table-service restaurants . They have excellent pools, and generally better location than the other resorts, typically including monorail, boat, or walking access to at least one park.

      Deluxe resort guests have a new exclusive perkextended evening hours at select parks on select nights. Weve visited both Extended Evening Hours at Magic Kingdom and Extended Evening Hours at Epcot. Is this a good perk? Definitely. Is it worth the cost of upgrading to a deluxe hotel? Not really.

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