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Walt Disney World Annual Pass Renewal

Can I Get More Park Reservations If I Stay At A Resort

Walt Disney World suspends sale of most annual passes

When you stay on Walt Disney World Property as an Annual Passholder, you get a guaranteed park reservation. This does not count as one of your reservations through your pass.

For example, if you have the Incredi-Pass with five park reservations and currently have four used up, you can book a stay at Pop Century with guaranteed park reservations and still leave that final park reservation up for grabs for another day.

Still have questions about the 2021 Disney World Annual Pass program? Head to to join the conversation and make your question heard.

Ticket Bridging To Save On Your Walt Disney World Annual Pass

Ticket bridging is the process of upgrading a discounted Disney World ticket to an annual pass in order to save money on the annual pass.

The process basically works like this:

  • Purchase a discounted Walt Disney World ticket

  • Go to guest services during your trip to upgrade your ticket to an annual pass

  • Guest services will work their Magic, and theyll credit your annual pass purchase with the pre-discounted price of your ticket

  • Pay the difference between the full value of your ticket and your annual pass

  • Confused? Lets say you didnt buy a discounted ticket. And lets say you paid $300 for a ticket and an annual pass costs $1300. You can go to guest services at any point during your visit and pay $1000 to upgrade to an annual pass.

    Now, lets say you instead got that $300 ticket for $250. When you go to upgrade to an annual pass, Disney guest services will give you credit for the full $300 price of the ticket. So youll pay an additional $1000 to upgrade, getting an annual pass for a total of $1250, or $50 off.

    Your annual pass will be dated retroactive to the first date you used your park ticket, but your Photopass benefit will not be retroactive. I complained to Disney about this and they gave me access to my Photopass photos from my trip. We bridged in June 2018 successfully with no difficulty.

    Sorcerer Pass Blockout Dates

    The Sorcerer Pass has availability almost every day of the year. The only dates that are blocked out are the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday periods. Other than that you can make a reservation any day of the year.

    We think the Sorcerer Pass is the best value for your money as it knocks $400 off the price from the Incredi-Pass and still has 97% of the same dates available.

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    Annual Pass Programupdated 8/30/2021

    In August 2021, Disney announced four new types of Annual Passes for Walt Disney World. These replace the older tiered system that included Platinum Passes, Gold Passes, etc. The new Passes each have their own inclusions read on to see which Pass works for you!

    Disney Pixie Dust Pass$19 per month for FL resident with $205 downRenewal Price: $339 plus tax

    $99 per month for FL resident with $205 downRenewal Price: $1104 plus tax

    Bonus Disney Park Passes

    Changes made to Walt Disney World Annual Passes including Photopass ...

    In addition to the allowed number of Disney Park Passes, Disney will also offer BONUS Park Passes. These Bonus Park Passes will not count toward your total . Bonus DPPs may be specific to select Parks . See your calendar in My Disney Experience when making your bonus reservation.

    Passholders will see these Bonus Disney Park Pass offerings on their DPP calendar, annotated with a star .

    Current Bonus Disney Park Pass Dates:

    • Foot Golf at Oak Trail
    • Fantasia Gardens Miniature Golf
    • Winter Summerland Miniature
    • ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex

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    Disney World Annual Pass Add

    The biggest gripe that loyal Annual Passholders have so far with the newly announced Disney World Annual Passes are the omission of free Disney PhotoPass downloads. In previous years, this was included with your annual pass.

    And now? Its a $99 add-on. Womp womp. In fact, there are two add-ons for Disneys Annual Passes.

    After Pass Renewal Confusion Disney Updates App Wording

    Posted by: Krysten Swensen May 24, 2022

    When Disneyland Resort opened after a historic 412-day pandemic closure, Annual Passes were just a fond memory. During the closure, Disney had sent emails to Annual Passholders, informing them that traditional Annual Passes were being done away with and a new system was being developed. 4 months after Disneyland Resort reopened, Magic Key Passes were introduced. The Magic Keys were incredibly popular and not long after they went on sale, the top two Keys were sold out.

    In the past, Guests were able to renew their Annual Passes, even if those Passes were no longer available for purchase. The only caveat was that the Pass had to be renewed before it expired. If the Pass was expired and no longer for sale, a different type of Pass had to be purchased. Many thought that that was how the new Magic Keys would work as well. That thought was recently thrown into question.

    We recently reported that a woman who tried to renew her Magic Key was unable to do so. The Guest in question had upgraded her base theme park ticket to a Magic Key. Similar to what happened in the past, the Magic Key was backdated to have its expiration date one year from the date the original ticket was first used. However, that backdating made it so the Magic Key start date was before Magic Keys even went on sale. Disney told the Guest that she could not renew her Magic Key and, unfortunately, the Key that she originally purchased was no longer for sale.

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    Annual Passes And Upgrades

    Annual Pass sales for Walt Disney World have been on hold for a while now. The only level available is the Disney Pixie Dust Pass, and that is only for Florida Residents. We dont know when the other levels of Annual Passes will be sold again.

    Ive heard of several people lately who have bought the Disney Pixie Dust Pass and then were disappointed because they immediately tried to upgrade to a higher level. That is not allowed right now either! There is no cheat around the system. Since the higher levels of passes arent being sold new, Disney is not going to allow you to purchase a lower pass and then upgrade. That would be the same as buying a new pass.

    The only time right now that you can upgrade is when you renew. You can renew your Annual Pass up to 60 days before it expires, or up to 30 days after the expiration date. If you miss the date, youll need to buy a new pass.

    If you renew, you will stay at your current level of pass until the expiration date. You will not be allowed to enjoy the benefits of the new pass while your old one is still active. Lets say, for example, that your current pass is Weekday Select and it expires on May 2. If you renew today to the Disney Incredi-Pass you will not be able to visit a Theme Park on Saturday, April 30. You would still be visiting on your Weekday Select Pass, so you will not be allowed in.

    Special Event Ticket Discounts

    Walt Disney World To Resume Selling Annual Passes

    Annual passes exclude activities events separately priced, which means that they do not include ticketed events like the Halloween and Christmas parties. However, they can still get you discounts on these events.

    Annual passholders received discounts of $10 on select nights of the After Hours Boo Bash and Very Merriest After Hours this year.

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    New Walt Disney World Annual Passes Revealed

    Disney Worlds new annual passholder program has been streamlined significantly, dropping from seven different Disney season pass possibilities goodbye Epcot After 4, Weekday Select, and Theme Park Select down to a meager four options. Of those, the three most inexpensive choices are reserved exclusively for Florida residents and, in the case of the Disney Sorcerer pass, Disney Vacation Club members, while the newest and priciest top-tier annual pass is the only option available for out-of-state guests.

    When it comes to Disney World annual pass costs, prices havent really gone up much since being previously raised, those rate increases went into effect only a few months prior to the suspension of annual pass sales. So, if its been a while since youve been a Disney World passholder, you may get a bit of sticker shock especially when you find out that youll be getting fewer perks for more money .

    Having said that, this jump in Disney World annual pass prices shouldnt come as much of a shock given the impending arrival of Disney Genie+, the Florida resorts new paid FastPasses, spendy special After Hours events like Boo Bash and the upcoming Very Merriest Christmas party, and Disneys highly anticipated, $1,200-per-night Galactic Starcruiser Hotel. As long as people continue to pay sky-high prices, Disney will surely keep pushing the pricing envelope.

    Disney Pixie Dust Pass

    Price: $424.94 or a $205 down payment followed by $19 per month for 12 months

    How Many Disney Park Pass Reservations Can Ap Members Hold At The Same Time

    This depends on which annual pass you have purchased. Here is a list of each AP type and the corresponding number of park pass reservations you can have:

    New Annual Passes:

    • Disney Pixie Dust Pass: Up to 3 reservations at a time
    • Disney Pirate Pass: Up to 4 reservations heldat a time
    • Disney Sorcerer Pass: Up to 5 reservations at a time
    • Disney Incredi-Pass: Up to 5 reservations at a time

    Old Annual Passes:

    • Platinum Plus, Platinum and GoldAnnualPasses: Up to 5 reservations held at a time
    • Silver AP: Up to 4 reservations held at a time

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    Annual Passes And Park Reservations

    Just like all guests, annual passholders are required to make a Disney Park Pass Reservation for each day they want to visit the theme parks.

    Before this update, annual passholders were limited to 3 park pass reservations at one time. Now, however, the Pirate Pass, Sorcerer Pass, and Incredi-Pass each allow for 4 or 5 park pass reservations at a time. The Pixie Dust Pass is the only one that is still limited to 3 reservations.

    On top of the normal reservation limits, annual passholders staying at a Walt Disney World Resort hotel will be able to reserve a park pass for each day of their stay. So if you are staying for 7 days, you can make 7 different park pass reservations, plus you will have your normal allotment of 3, 4, or 5 on top of that.

    If you still have an old annual pass, you also can now hold more park pass reservations. Starting September 8, 2021, Platinum Plus, Platinum, and Gold Annual Passholders can hold five reservations at a time, while Silver Passholders will be able to hold four.

    Can I Upgrade My Regular Ticket To An Annual Pass

    How To Buy A Walt Disney World Annual Pass Right Now

    When Annual Pass sales kick off again on September 8, youll be able to upgrade an eligible park ticket into an Annual Pass but for the time being, youll only be able to do so in person.

    At a later date, Disney will roll out upgrades via their website and in the My Disney Experience App.

    When you upgrade a ticket, you receive credit for the full original purchase price, even if youve used part of the ticket.

    This means, even if you dont decide until halfway through your trip that you want to upgrade, you can still do that and not lose any of the value of what you already spent on your original ticket.

    There are some quirks to be aware of, though:

    • Keep in mind that if you upgrade an existing ticket to an Annual Pass, your park reservations will automatically cancel, and youll have to rebook with the Annual Pass. Disney World recommends upgrading on the last day at the park.
    • When you upgrade, the start date for your Annual Pass will be the first day you used your original ticket and NOT the day you upgraded.

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    What Is An Annual Pass Voucher & Where Do I Exchange It

    If you purchase your Annual Pass via any method other than in-person on Disney property, you will receive a voucher that you must redeem once you arrive.

    You can link your voucher to your My Disney Experience account so you can make your Park Pass Reservations.

    While it can be a hassle to redeem the voucher when you arrive, your ticket start date doesnt begin until you physically hand over the voucher and pick up your pass.

    You can exchange your voucher at any Guest Relations or ticket location at the Walt Disney World Resort.

    This includes the Guest Relations windows at Disney Springs.

    Note: dont forget to take your photo ID with you when you redeem your voucher or purchase your Annual Pass.

    You can not, however, exchange your voucher at your resort.

    This is important to note because if you book using an Annual Pass resort discount you may be asked to present your Annual Pass at check in, which means youll need to exchange your voucher before you can do that.

    Note: there are reports of Cast Members not asking to see the Annual Pass at check-in but Disney does state that you must present it so it is better to be prepared.

    When Will Disney World Sell Annual Passes Again

    When will Walt Disney World Annual Pass sales resume? is one of our most common reader questions. Many WDW fans are itching to buy APs, postponing park visits until passes are available again. Well share the latest official update from Disney and try to answer based on what we know, attendance limits, California comparisons, and more

    Walt Disney Worlds policy on Annual Pass purchases is mostly unchanged since reopening. Renewals are allowed, with some caveats for coast-to-coast and water park APs. There are also new pass purchases for ex-Annual Passholders who cancelled during the closure and children who aged into Annual Passes.

    Outside of those who qualify for renewal, the Guest Services Welcome Center in Disney Springs is now allowing very limited re-purchases of cancelled or expired Annual Passes on a case by case basis. Still no new Annual Pass sales, though.Obviously, that leaves a lot of potential AP buyers still sitting on the sidelines

    Lets start with the latest update on the Annual Pass saga, as of August 2021. While announcing the new Magic Key program for Disneyland, the company teased at the return of Walt Disney World APs.

    And for those wondering about Walt Disney World Annual Passes, new pass sales will become available in time for the start of the 50th anniversary celebration! Walt Disney World Resort will be sharing additional information and details later this month, so be sure to stay tuned.

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    Renewing A Current Disney World Annual Pass

    Have an annual pass under the old program? Heres what these changes mean for you. Photo by Rain Blanken

    If you already have a Disney World Annual Pass, no need to panic. On Sept. 8, your existing Annual Pass will automatically get some park reservation upgrades.

    • Silver Annual Passholders: You will now get four park reservations at once.
    • Gold, Platinum, and Platinum Plus Annual Passholders: You will now get five park reservations at once.

    And when its time to renew, you dont have to worry about market prices of the 2021 Disney World Annual Pass program. Instead, youll get renewal prices. Just pick your preferred pass:

    Exclusive Disney World Passholder Merchandise

    Walt Disney World to resume selling annual passes. Heres when and how much

    Speaking of merch, keep an eye out for specialty merchandise thats exclusive to passholders. The start of Disney Worlds 50th anniversary is just around the corner, bringing with it a slew of limited-release items, along with some especially for Disney passholders. You might even be able to score special access to exclusive anniversary events. And of course, dont forget about those popular magnets that get sent out with your perks each year. Newly revamped annual passholder magnets will be mailed out soon to currently active Disney World passholders.

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    What Is A Walt Disney World Annual Pass

    Annual Pass is the general term for Disney World tickets that last for 366 days versus those that last for a certain number of gate entrances or entitlements.

    There are actually 4 different types of Annual Passes available , and they all have slightly different eligibility requirements, blockout dates, and of course, prices.

    Common Questions About The 2021 Disney World Annual Passes

    Youve got questions. Weve got answers!

    The news has been out for barely a day, and already, forums, social media, and comments sections have been flooded with opinions and plenty of questions. Well do our best to answer these questions with what we know from scouring through Disneys available resources.

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    Disney World Annual Pass: Everything You Need To Know

    by Timothy Moore | Aug 31, 2021 | Animal Kingdom, EPCOT, Hollywood Studios, Magic Kingdom, WDW Blog, WDW News

    The 2021 Disney World Annual Pass program details have finally been unleashed. Get info on pricing, tiers, perks, blockouts, add-ons, and more.

    Sales of most Annual Passes are currently paused as Walt Disney World manages capacity limits. Florida residents are still able to purchase the Pixie Dust Pass with the most blockout dates.

    Upon the COVID-19 closures of Walt Disney World and Disneyland , Disney paused its various Annual Passholder programs. Earlier in August, Disneyland announced a totally revamped Magic Key program, with special perks for California residents.

    And Disney World? It took a little longer to get the official announcement, but Disney did tease us with a promise that wed get the goods before the 50th anniversary celebration on Oct. 1.

    And get the goods we did. New Disney World Annual Passes go on sale Sept. 8, 2021.

    The updated 2021 Disney World Annual Pass program is comprehensive, with a lot of updates, changes in pricing, and confusing processes, especially if you are not a current Annual Passholder.

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