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Virtual Trip To Disney World

Feel Like A Child Again At Toy Story Land

Virtual Tour of Walt Disney World Resort (2020)

After your time in Pixar Place, you turn the corner and end up in Toy Story Land. By now, your stomach is growling at you like Jack-Jack when he doesnt get his cookie num nums , so you make a stop at Woodys Lunch Box for a snack.

Now that your tummy is nice and full, youre ready to get back to the excitement. Up next is one of the best rides at Hollywood Studios: Slinky Dog Dash!

After you finish up that exciting new ride, you decide that youre not quite done with Toy Story Land. Toy Story Mania is up next and look at that! Theres no line!

You play all of the games, and you end up beating the high score of the day! But thats not enough for you you want to hold the highest score of the month. So you hop on again for another spin at it.

AND YOU DID IT!! Check out that amazing high score! No ones going to be able to knock your high score of the month off the leaderboard.

Travel The Globe Through The World Showcase

Now that youve travelled through the future, youre ready to head back into the present in the World Showcase.

Before you begin this journey around the world, you have to decide: to drink or not to drink. One of the most popular things to do in Epcot is drink around the world. And you can do this at home too! While you could go all out and whip up a few different Disney-inspired international drinks, you could also just grab your adult beverage of choice and sip as you travel through this Disney virtual tour.

The first country up: Canada! Visit the winter wonderland of North America through the wonderfully crafted O Canada! film.

After exploring the magical landscapes of Canada, you can explore the charming scenery of France in the film Impressions de France. Watch the hot air balloons float along the Loire Valley and feel the hustle and bustle of a Normandy marketplace.

As you make your way around Epcots World Showcase, youll walk through each country, taking in the atmosphere, architecture, and culture. Youll pass Morocco, Japan, the U.S., Italy, Germany, and China before you reach your next ride in Norway. Along the way, grab some international snacks, watch impromptu shows, and maybe take a few photos.

In Norway, you ride Frozen Ever After, a Frozen-inspired ride aboard a Viking ship filled with unexpected twists and turns.

Virtual Queue At Walt Disney World

Heading to Walt Disney World, The Most Magical Place on Earth? Heres how this resort is handling virtual queues!

As of fall 2021, only one attraction at Walt Disney World Resort utilizes a virtual queue system: Remys Ratatouille Adventure at EPCOT.

In order to join the virtual queue for Remys Ratatouille Adventure, you must have a theme park reservation and valid theme park admission for EPCOT. Guests without a Park Pass reservation for EPCOT on the day they are visiting the park are unable to join the virtual queue for that attraction.

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Disneys Magic Kingdom Virtual Tour

Its the morning of your day at Magic Kingdom, and you wake up bright and early to get the most out of your day. You put on your favorite Disney outfit and grab a bite to eat. Before you know it, youre out the door and ready to go!

But before you can reach the entrance of Magic Kingdom, you first have to ride the monorail or the ferry. Which one do you choose?

Join Us On A Virtual Trip To Disney World From The Comfort Of Your Home

Virtual Field Trip to Disney World

Hi, AllEars readers! If you would like to read more information regarding the temporary closures at the Disney Parks, please , or . From all of us at AllEars, our thoughts are with those affected. While the Disney Parks are closed, we will continue to write articles and bring you AllEars TV videos to enjoy and for our readers to use once the parks reopen.

Even though Disney World is closed right now to be able to practice social distancing and flatten the curve, that doesnt mean we cant virtually have the Best Day Ever at the Most Magical Place on Earth!

Weve already taken you along with us on some of our favorite attractions, and now we invite you to join us on a virtual best day ever to the parks of Disney World with us!

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Feel Transported To Pandora The World Of Avatar

Then, you move on to Pandora The World of Avatar, because youre ready for your first ride. You opt for Avatar Flight of Passage, on which you take to the skies on a winged mountain banshee! Youre diving headfirst into the excitement of Animal Kingdom!

After exploring the skies in Avatar Flight of Passage, you then decide to take to the bioluminescent water-filled world of the Navi River Journey.

Wow, all this exploring in so little time has made you HUNGRY! Did you remember to eat breakfast today? You cant remember, so you decide to stop for a tasty snack.

How To Take A Disney Virtual Tour

Taking a Disney Virtual Tour isnt just about watching videos of the rides. Its about bringing the magical Disney atmosphere to life in your own home.

Dress up in your favorite Disney attire, whether they are these creative Disneybound outfits, these adorable Disney family shirts, or even a pair of comfy Disney leggings. Cook up some of the best Disney treats, like Disney churros, totchos from Woodys Lunch Box, or even just an easy batch of popcorn.

Then stream the videos on the largest screen you can find to be fully immersed in the Disney World experience. With the sights, sounds, and smells reverberating throughout your home, you may not even notice that youre taking a Disney virtual tour!

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Take A Virtual Vacation To The Magic Kingdom

With so many parents working from home with kids in the house and all these kids out of school- theres only so much that Disney Plus can offer to fill our days.

How about taking the kids on a virtual field trip to the most Magical Place on Earth?

Ive pulled together a few videos to offer the best virtual vacation your favorite travel agent can buy.

The best part?

Its all free on YouTube and no magic bands needed!

Though these are a lot of fun! If you have one at home, go ahead and put it on. No reason we cant have some fun here!

Finish Your Day At Adventureland

4/10/20 Walt Disney World – Virtual Field Trip

The day is winding to an end, and youve made it to the last land in Magic Kingdom: Adventureland. You hop on the Jungle Cruise and sail through greenery-filled landscapes.

Once you hop off that boat, you hop on another on A Pirates Adventure Treasures of the Seven Seas. You see Captain Jack Sparrow and the rest of his pirate crew sailing the seven seas.

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Mickey & Minnies Runaway Railway

Zip away on a zany adventure through a cartoon universe crammed with surprises on the brand-new Mickey & Minnies Runaway Railway. This attraction recently replaced The Great Movie Ride inside the Chinese Theater at the end of Hollywood Boulevard. We havent been on it for real yet, but this virtual clip should start you right as the ride begins.

Follow Up Amusement Park Project Ideas

If you want to extend your virtual tour, or make it more educational, here are a few ideas for some follow up amusement park themed projects you can do after the trip.

  • Create an original ride with drawings and a paragraph describing how it works.
  • Design your own amusement park by making an amusement park map.
  • Make a replicate of the amusement park you visited on Minecraft or a game like Roller Coaster Tycoon.
  • Check on Roblox and see if anyone has made a game based on the amusement park you visited. Compare their rides and layout to the real parks.
  • Make an ad, flyer, or brochure for the amusement park you visited.
  • Write a review of the amusement park.
  • Do a slide show of the amusement park rides to make your own virtual tour.

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Head To Future World First

Once you enter into Epcot, youre greeted by the Epcot ball. You head into Spaceship Earth on the inside and go on a journey through the past, present, and future of human life.

After Spaceship Earth, your journeys into the future arent over. You head over to Mission Space, where you opt for the more thrilling version of the flight.

When your spaceship returns back to earth, you hop right onto another speedy vehicle on Test Track, where you zoom around at speeds of up to 60 miles per hour!

Between the spaceship and the speedy car, all of the cylinders in your body are firing. Your adrenaline is pumping out at a ridiculous speed. You decide that you need to tone it down just a notch, so, as you round the circle of future land, you begin the Journey into Imagination with Figment, your favorite friendly dragon.

Now that youve calmed down a bit with your friend, Figment, youre ready to head back into the air again. You buckle into Soarin, which is arguably one of the best rides in Epcot, and enjoy the beautiful scenery all over the world. Soar over the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt, the Eiffel Tower in France, Mt. Fuji in Japan, and so many other amazing international landmarks.

Since youve already traveled into the Land Pavilion of Future World, Living with the Land is right around the corner. Calmly sail along this nature-filled ride while learning about wise agricultural practices. Can you spot the Mickey-shaped fruits and veggies?

+ Virtual Field Trip Amusement Park Links

Virtual Field Trip Ideas: Disney World Magic Kingdom ...

Looking for ways to make virtual field trips to amusement parks more fun for kids?

These amusement park project ideas, activities, and carnival games will make a theme park virtual tour more than just a virtual walk through the park.

Plus, with links to 57 theme park and amusement park virtual tours, youll have everything you need to start planning a virtual field trip to Disney World parks, Six Flags parks, and more.

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Disney Virtual Field Trip: Walk Or Run Through The Parks

If you dont need a race, per se, to get your Disney running fix, youll want to use this playlist to get your Disney virtual field trip on.

Each park at Walt Disney World and Disneyland can be found.

Do you love Animal Kingdom? Take a walk through it!

Need some Epcot in your life? This virtual Disney World field trip walkthrough will satisfy that need.

Dearly miss all things Disneyland? Me too, yall, me too. But I can run through Disneyland on this virtual field trip and get that itch scratched!

All these videos come from Run The Impossible, and you REALLY need to give them some love by following their account.

Ive been using these on my treadmill walks all month and its making me feel a little more hopeful- try them out!

You can even speed up a little if you want to feel more real-time on your treadmill run by hitting the gear on the YouTube playback menu. Speed things up and get your heart pumping.

Discover The Land Of Africa

Now that youve restocked your energy reserves, youre now prepared for the long walk over to the Land of Africa. One of the best Animal Kingdom rides is definitely Kilimanjaro Safaris. Why? Because its a 20-minute ride filled with real animals! Zebras, lions, and giraffes oh my!

After riding Kilimanjaro Safaris, you feel like youve been transported to the landscape of The Lion King, which is only appropriate considering that the Festival of the Lion King is just about to start! Singalong with your favorite songs from The Lion King, including Hakuna Matata, The Circle of Life, and Can You Feel The Love Tonight?

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Music Movies And Museums

Theres a lot of arts and culture to be discovered in Orlando, too. The Timucua Arts Foundation is posting daily videos of previously recorded live performances on its Facebook page, as well as hosting a Digital Music Flea Market to help local musical artists.

Stuck in a Netflix rut? The Enzian Theaters resident film experts have plenty of movie recommendations on the theaters .

There are lots of museums out there that are offering online tours, and the Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art is no different. Visit the museum’s website to find PDF versions of gallery guides or learn about the museums history by streaming two available films: “A Legacy for the Community” and “The Tiffany Chapel: A Masterpiece Rediscovered“.

Online Tour Of The British Museum

Virtual Road Trip To Disney World // Driving to Disney in 2020

The British Museums online Museum of the World exhibit lets visitors view and sort artifacts based on time period, area of origin, and themes such as religion or trade. Each point on the timeline contains pictures, descriptions, an audio file, and links to related objects.

This format lends itself well to a virtual scavenger hunt. Solving an activity helps students focus and remain more engaged, which results in students learning more from the experience.

Explore the British Museum.

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Wonderful World Of Animation

This projection show highlights the history of Disney animation, including Pixar movies. It spans from the earliest Mickey Mouse shorts all the way up to Toy Story 4. Throughout the show, fireworks are mixed in, as well.

Well, thats it. We hope you enjoyed this virtual tour of Disneys Hollywood Studios. What park do you want to head to next?

Disney Parks Digital Tour

Most children dream of the day the teacher announces a field trip to Disney World. While students may not be able to ride teacups or roller coasters during a digital tour of Disney, they can still experience the excitement of the happiest place on earth by touring a high resolution Google Street view of the parks.

Students who have not yet visited Disney can see what the park is like, and those that have visited can point out sites and share stories. You can also include Disney history and lessons on the inspirations behind the attractions to make the tour more educational. Consider serving Disney themed snacks during breaks, and perhaps initiating a singalong during a music lesson. With the money you save on transportation and admission, you could even hire a beloved Disney character to pay the class a visit.

Learn more about Disney Parks Digital Tour.

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Diy Virtual Field Trips

Some schools give students options to vote on the yearly field trip. Since online field trips use minimal time and resources, every student can design a dream trip. Instead of organizing a virtual trip yourself, you can assign the planning to your students. Every participant can design an itinerary by using .

Students may choose to explore areas such as the tombs of pharaohs, or the birth cities of American jazz. Your students will become the tour guides and teach peers about the chosen topic.

Virtual Walt Disney World Series

The Magic Kingdom &  Disneyland Virtual Tour

Our virtual Walt Disney World series is just a fun way to explore and enjoy the parks when you cant be there. Because the majority of these videos are from the guests point of view , they can be even more fun viewed through VR headsets for your phone, or by projecting it on a wall or viewing on a big screen tv.

You can even get creative and make ride vehicles to sit in and add your own special effects. Have fun with it!!

And because its all virtual, you can hop from park to park as much as you want. Here are the links to the other parks:

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Virtual Field Trip Amusement Park Links

With Disney virtual tours, Legoland virtual field trips and so much more, planning a virtual field trip to Florida is easy.

But there are a lot of other amusement parks around the USA and in Canada that have virtual tours too.

While many of the big theme parks have Google Street View tours, the list below also includes a few smaller amusement parks, including ones on boardwalks and piers.

Virtual Disney Tours To Keep You Going While At Home

Times and conditions change so rapidly that we must keep our aim constantly focused on the future. Walt Disney

As sure as Peter found Wendy, Walt Disney Worlds magic can still find you, whether you’re just checking in to your favorite Orlando hotel near Disney, or sitting from the comfort of your favorite home streaming service. True, nothing tops the fun of walking through Walt Disney World in the warm Orlando sun, but we can show you how to sneak you away with a pinch of fairy dust and some imagination.

These awesome online experiences will help you feel the glow of eternal childhood from the comfort of your own home. Regardless of your thoughts on the average cost of a Disney vacation, and whether your favorite park is Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Animal Kingdom, or Disneys Hollywood Studios, theres a piece of Walts enchanted realm here for you.

Thats why were bringing these 15 virtual Walt Disney World experiences to help you turn your home into a theme park escape all its own. Weve got them listed out here, but lets be clear: all of them are worth your time.

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