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Vip Tour Guide Disney World Cost

Are Disney Vip Tours Worth It

Disney World VIP Tour FAQs – I Answer All Questions About Disney World VIP Tour – Top Flight Family

This is not an easy question to answer because it depends on your Disney vacation budget and expectations for your visit.

Overall we rode 32 attractions, met 14 characters, ate endless amounts of Mickey shaped treats on our Disney VIP tour. We created unforgettable memories too.

I would never suggest someone spends outside their means to go on vacation and you can have an amazing Disney vacation without breaking the bank.

With that being said. The Disney VIP Tours was incredible. It took all the stress out of navigating the park. If this is within your budget I highly recommend the tours.

Price Of Private Vip Tours Increases To As Much As $750 An Hour At Walt Disney World

On top of paying the already increased price on your annual pass or a day ticket to Walt Disney World, youre going to also have to dig a little deeper in your pockets for a Private VIP Tour.

The Private VIP Tour Service is a fully customizable tour guide service you can purchase in addition to park admission. Youve seen these VIP tour guides in plaid and blue escorting groups throughout the parks.

The exclusive services they offer come with a cost, and the hourly rate can now reach as high as $750 an hour with the lowest rate sitting at $425 an hour. Previously, the highest rate for a private VIP tour was $625 an hour. The time of year you visit Walt Disney World will determine your hourly rate. Also, youll be committed to using the tour guide for at least seven continuous hours.

Groups of up to 10 guests can use the Private VIP Tour Service to see and do the things on their list. Just tell your personal VIP Tour Guide what youd like to see, and theyll customize your day to your desire! After being picked up from your Central Florida accommodations in a private vehicle, enjoy unparalleled hospitality at one or more of the theme parks, experience some of your favorite attractions and watch magnificent parades live shows and select nighttime spectaculars from special reserved viewing areas alongside a VIP Tour Guide. Guests may be picked up from any Central Florida location however, billing will begin at the time of pick up.

Some of the personalized services include:

A Few Provisos Uh A Couple Of Quid Pro Quos

A few things that might not be obvious about a VIP Tour Guide their main job is to get you to the attractions, rides and shows that you want to see. They do not narrate as you are walking through the parks, they are walking as quickly as the group will allow. Of course, you can ask questions, but they are not a tour guide in the typical sense of someone who tells you about the history of what you are walking past. Their main job is to get you around the parks as efficiently as possible.

Six hours, the minimum time for a tour guide at the time, is a pretty long time. You can see a lot in 6 hours, especially given how quickly and smoothly you are able to get around. You have the option to have a tour guide for longer than 6 hours you then pay by the hour. And you can make that decision on the fly, provided your VIP Tour Guide is available. We arranged it so that our 6 hours ended with our lunch reservation. At that point our nephew, and frankly all of us, were ready for a break mentally and physically. But during our 6 hours we experienced a huge number of attractions, and we hadnt felt rushed at all.® is not an official site of The Walt Disney Company or of Universal Studios.

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When To Splurge For Disneys Premium Private Vip Tours For Ultimate Backstage Access

With the Premium Private VIP tours, you are paying for their VIP Fast Pass for any ride that offers Fast Pass reservations.

I have had access to every Fast Pass, and I wonât lie, it was cool. But I think its value is best when people want to ride rides repeatedly. Another time it is worth it is for new rides that are difficult to secure like the Flight of Passage at Animal Kingdomâs Pandora.

Younger childrenâs energy will put a ceiling on the special access you have paid for, and some attractions offer no Fast Passes, so you are still going to wait in line for things, even with a VIP escort and the magic Fast Pass they offer.

I would splurge for the official Disney tour guides during the holiday week where the VIP Fast Pass is worth every penny.

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Disney VIP Tours &  Club Level Fast Passes

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How Much You’ll Pay To Get The Vip Treatment At Disney

Tip the VIP tour guide? The DIS Disney Discussion. 9/07/2015 · Tip the VIP tour guide? Not the Walt Disney World tour guides. No idea what it cost since my aunt and uncle footed the bill for everything., 21/08/2018 · Has anyone had any recent experiences with using a VIP tour guide at Disneyland and CA parks? Walt Disney World Disney ¦.

Disney Is the Disneyland VIP Tour Worth It? the cost seems more manageable, and See at Disney World For Halloween! Disney VIP Tour guided tours make all necessary dining arrangements and plan a fantastic private guided tour of the Walt Disney World Kristen our tour guide

Tours and other Experiences at Walt Disney World in Orlando they will provide an additional VIP Tour Guide at an additional cost. VIP Tour requests may be taken Disney VIP Tour guided tours make all necessary dining arrangements and plan a fantastic private guided tour of the Walt Disney World Kristen our tour guide

My VIP Tour, Winter Park, Florida. 882 likes. Minimize wait times, experience more, and build better memories with your family at Disney World, Orlando,… What do you get in a VIP Tour at the Walt Disney World Is a VIP Tour worth the cost? Only the uber-rich could afford to hire a VIP tour guide when rolling

How Much Does a Disney VIP Tour Guide Cost? Prices vary based on whether youre a Disney hotel guest or not and also whether its holiday season by hiring an official VIP guide.

Disney Vip Tour At Walt Disney World

Before I share our full experience of being on a private vip tour at Disney World I want to answer some frequently asked questions as well as give an overview of what a Disney World VIP Tour is.

There are some misconceptions about the tours that you skip every line and have unlimited access to everything. That is not always the case.

There are also a few different options when it comes to booking a VIP tour at the parks that are a splurge or a little more budget friendly.

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How Much Does A Vip Disney Tour Cost

A Disney World VIP tour is definitely a splurge. The cost can range between $425-$750 per hour depending on the season of your visit. There is a minimum of 7 hours and up to 10 guests. All guests must have a valid theme park admission ticket.

On the low end a tour can cost around $3,000 for the day. That does not include your admission tickets or dining during your day.

Everything You Need To Know About Vip Tours

VIP Guided Disney World Tours | WORTH THE PRICE?? | White Glove Orlando REVIEW

by Mickey Blog·April 30, 2018

Do you want to experience Walt Disney World in a way that will make your friends insanely jealous? The Walt Disney Company has you covered! All you need is a group of up to nine of your best friends and families or just your own bad self if youre a lone wolf. Oh, and you need to have $3,000 that you dont mind spending on the ultimate park day. Heres everything that you need to know about Walt Disney World VIP Tours.

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Can You Ride Rise Of The Resistance On A Vip Tour

Disneyland VIP Tour Guests Can Ride Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance and WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure Without Boarding Groups. We recently reported that Walt Disney World VIP Tour Guests can now ride Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance without a boarding group, and now the same is true on the west coast.

How Much Is A Vip Tour At Disney World

Can you pay to skip lines at Disney World? Well, Emily shared almost conspiracy-like that YES you can. We were about to take the almost-secret Disney World Premium VIP Tour. And how much does a VIP Disney tour cost? The Disney World VIP tour cost runs anywhere from $450 $700 per hour, with a minimum of 7 hours.

If I had been drinking coffee it would have been sprayed on the back of her head. What?! Who pays that for a Disney World private tour?

Turns out plenty. Its the type of people who dont want to spend months planning, parents who dont want to stand with crying kids for hours in long queues under the hot sun, CEOs who have executive jobs to get back to, folks who have more important things to do, people who have done Disney before and just want to re-live their favorite rides Or people who just want to see 3 Disney Parks in one day like our group.

This Disney World VIP pass can take a group of up to 10 people. So if you throw a couple of families into the mix, it might even be considered an excellent value.

Once booked, your Disney World tour guide takes care of everything. Just let them know your favorite rides, restaurants, and parks and they will orchestrate the entire day to make sure everything fits in, in the most sensible amount of time.

What does that mean? Ultimate ease. Youll spend less time waiting and more time soaking up Disneys spectacular magic. The way Walt actually intended.

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Families Considering Lots Of Extras

If you are considering adding a bunch of extras to your trip to give you a better view or go on more rides you may find that it makes more sense to instead work with VIP Services and a VIP Guide.

Not only can your VIP Guide assist you with gaining access to the attractions, they also have access to VIP viewing locations for all the nighttime shows.

Our Private Disney Vip Tour Guide Became Part Of Our Vacation Memories

A Guide to Disney VIP Tours and a Review of My VIP Tours

To us Kelly was not only our tour guide. She was not just a sweet and kind cast member. To our family Kelly became part of the vacation.

The kids negotiated who could ride with her next. They wanted her to be part of each picture and sit next to them during the shows.

As we collected pictures in our Disney Memory Maker I was happy Kelly was part of them. She not only showed us the park.

She showed us an entirely new way to experience Walt Disney World. A visit to Walt Disney World is pretty amazing but having Kelly with us enhanced it a way I didnt think was possible.

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Tips From Our Personal Experiences

Our favorite schedule for a VIP Tour is to start around 10 a.m. so everyone in the group is rested and ready to take on the day. It also means we arent fighting through the initial crowds waiting for the park to open. We like to start with Hollywood Studios as it has the most thrill rides and gets the adrenal going. We then head to Epcot because theyre so close together and knock out our favorite rides there. Animal Kingdom is next, and we usually ride Flight of Passage two or three times. This is also where we mobile order lunch at Satuli Canteen. Its a great time to refuel, and we love the food because we can get some carbs and protein without filling ourselves too much or eating normal theme park food like hot dogs and hamburgers. With whatever time we have left, we head to Magic Kingdom and ride our favorite rides until the time is up. Then we part ways with our tour guide and continue riding rides until its time to watch Happily Ever After.

During The Disney Vip Tour

In addition to a park plan, there are several concierge-type experiences that our guide offered. At each ride, she parked our strollers and waited for us with our stroller at the exit. She would go get waters, popcorn, or iced tea while we were on a ride and had them waiting for us.

Our guide took pictures of us with her phone, and she extracted my camera from around my neck a few times so that we now have proof that I was actually at Disney World with my family, a wonderful perk for me that lasts long after the tour.

Towards the lunch hour, she took our orders, set us on rides, and then we met her at the Columbia Harbor House where she waited for us with our plates of salmon and broccoli at the table. My husband thought this service was worth its weight in gold.

She had a way with kids, and my son, who is four, felt comfortable with her quickly. After we rode the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, my daughter asked to ride again. Our guide took her by the hand, and off they went.

I was waiting for them to come down the hill where I could photograph them. A few minutes later, I saw her in the front row with her arms up in the air.

Join the Luxury Disney World Facebook group if we can answer your questions when planning your next Disney vacation.

It was such a bonus to have someone who loves doing this. I canât confirm this, but I assume that private guides are paid better than the Disney guides.

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The Challenge: A Three Family Trip To Walt Disney World For Christmas

In 2013, we were able to convince my brothers family and my parents to take a trip with us to Walt Disney World for Christmas. Insanity! most experienced Disney visitors would say, MouseSavers specifically says that Christmas is the most crowded and most expensive time of year!

But sometimes work, school and other travel plans and commitments mean that your scheduling options for a big family trip are limited. Fortunately we had two things working in our favor:

#1) Our family of 4 are experienced Disney travelers. We are used to forcing ourselves to get up much earlier than seems possible, weaving our way through the park crowds, maximizing our FastPasses and getting out of the parks for a mid-day break. We had also visited Walt Disney World recently enough that we knew there werent any rides that we HAD to do. And, our kids were old enough that we knew they would be willing to put others peoples preferences first, especially their 8 year old cousins.

#2) My family are not experienced Disney travelers and my nephew had never been to any theme park at all! So, when they agreed to go, they had no idea how crazy Walt Disney World could be at Christmas time or what kinds of crowds they might encounter. They were nothing but excited at the idea of spending Christmas together where nobody had to cook or clean and they were excited to see Walt Disney World in all its Christmas finery. So there was no dread or worry on their end which made our job easier.

The Ultimate Vip Guide To Walt Disney World

All Guided & VIP Tours at Walt Disney World – 2021 – Orlando, Florida

How The Really Really Rich Do Disney 21/08/2018 · Has anyone had any recent experiences with using a VIP tour guide at Disneyland and CA parks? Walt Disney World Disney ¦ Set off on your own personalised tour of the Parks, where a guide takes you to everything Disney. VIP tours at Disneyland Paris, your guide will help you.

Disney Tour Guides Orlando. Walt Let us show you a whole new world as your personal Disney Expert Guide. Why hire Go VIP Orlando? Simply put, because our tour Walt Disney World tours – Includes Walt Disneys footsteps as your tour guide shares stories of the Disney Classics VIP Tour:

It’s not just about skipping lines. I had so many questions about having a VIP tour guide at Disney World like how private tour companies differed from the official Set off on your own personalised tour of the Parks, where a guide takes you to everything Disney. VIP tours at Disneyland Paris, your guide will help you

4/05/2014 · As to the cost, and whether or not Your day begins when your Disney VIP Tour Guide meets you at your door in a private vehicle Walt Disney World This is how the celebrities spend their Disney World vacations. and how many other couples you can get to split the VIP tour guide cost with.

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