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Universal Studios Vs Disney World

How Many Restaurants Are At Universal Orlando Resorts

Disney World vs Universal Studios

It wouldnt be a resort complex without fantastic dining options. At Universal Orlando Resorts, there are 20 places to have a full, sit-down meal.

Youll find eight of those dining options at several of their hotels. There are four restaurants within their two theme parks and ten at Universal CityWalk.

These 20 restaurants dont include the dozens of food stands youll find throughout the parks for a quick snack or drink to cool you down.

The Parks Winner Disney World

Im going to put Disney World as the winner over the Universal Parks purely because there are more parks on Disney property. However, do remember that Universal is more of an action park and it clearly wins over Disney World when it comes to action and thrills.

Here you can find the Disney World Park Maps and Universal Maps.

Disney World Vs Universal Studios A 10 Point Comparison

When looking at Disney World vs Universal Studios the question for most people can often be which resort to spend the most time at. Most families planning a vacation to Florida are limited to how much time they can spend at certain resorts and cost can be a big factor too.

If you are considering picking one destination over the other or perhaps planning to visit both but wondering if you can get full value from doing so? Take a look below as I guide you through an overview comparison of Disney World vs Universal Studios. Well look at:

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I Had A Hard Time Snagging A Disney Dining Reservation But Ended Up Finding A Walk

As with the park tickets, I had a difficult time securing last-minute dining reservations at Disney.

But the mobile app was offering a walk-up availability function, which allowed me to check nearby restaurants for available seating.

This can be hit or miss, but I was able to secure a last-minute lunch reservation at Sanaa, a popular restaurant at the Animal Kingdom Lodge.

I also used the app’s mobile-order feature to effortlessly pick up drinks at quick-service locations around the property. But some of the more in-demand spots, like Woody’s Lunch Box at Hollywood Studios, didn’t have available time slots for up to three hours.

Which Is Better For Adults Disneyland Vs Universal Studios

Episode 37: Walt Disney World vs. Universal Studios

Disneyland VS Universal Studios for adults is a tough question to answer because it is an extremely personal one.

Here are a few things to consider when choosing what is going to be the better experience for you and your group:

  • How easy is it to get to Disneyland VS Universal
  • Are you more interested in rides or shows
  • What franchises are you most interested in

Firstly where are you in the world right now?

Youre on a Singapore blog, so hopefully, youre interested in learning more such at things to do and what to do with one week in Singapore.

If youre in Singapore or planning on coming to Singapore, unfortunately, Disneyland will not be an option.

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The Difference Between Disney And Universal

Just in a general way, I think Universal Orlando has studied Disney’s model and tried to improve upon everything. If that was their goal, I think their mission has been a success. Universal Orlando was a much better experience than Disney World and we’d happily go back.

One big difference between the two experiences is that we stayed across the street from Universal and took a shuttle to the park. Instead of parking and eating a $16 parking fee per day, we rode a free shuttle and didn’t have to walk far to the bag check entrance. From there, it’s a short walkway ride to the ticket entrance.

The entrances to the two parks, Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios, are accessed by walking through Universal Citywalk, which is a dining and shopping area with some good restaurants. The two entrances and parks are separate. The time it took to get from the bus to being inside the park was about half of what it was at Disney.

Dr. Seuss at Universal

Is Disney Dining Better Than Universals Restaurants

Im going to breeze through this because by now youve probably made up your mind if youll choose Disney World of Universal Orlando, but in case you havent

Theme park dining usually leaves a lot to be desired, but both Universal Orlando and Walt Disney World have really upped their game. Both parks offer Mobile Order and Pay for quick service restaurants and both also have nice sit down options.

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Price Difference Between Disney World And Universal Orlando

I think the easiest way to explain the price differences between Disney World and Universal Orlando is a side by side comparison. Of course there are always promotions happening for both parks, and if you book a package where your hotel costs are paired with park tickets or dining, youll save some money. This comparison is just based on tickets and passes with 2021 pricing in USD.


So, is Disney World or Universal Orlando less expensive for a family of four? While its true that the more days you spend at one set of parks the less expensive the daily ticket it, ultimately the prices are very similar.

When it comes to resort hotels, thats where youll see a huge difference in the cost, particularly when bundling tickets. Universal is WAY less expensive than Disney World when you consider staying on property. Universal has a bunch of really cool hotels with different themes, and their nightly rates vary from less than $100 with a good deal to up in the $400 range.

If youre shopping around for a Disney hotel, youll find that even when bundling tickets into the vacation package, the nightly rate for a room will still be more than $120, and that when you can find an awesome deal on a weekday.

Check out Disney World vacation packages here See what Universal Orlando deals are available here

How Do You Skip The Line At Universal Studios Hollywood And Disneyland

Disney World vs Universal Studios – Ride by Ride

Both parks offer ways to ‘Skip the Line’ at popular attractions and rides and minimize waiting time in lines.

Universal Studios Hollywood: Front of Line upgrades are available for around $70-$150, depending on the day. This is in addition to general admission. Front of Line lets visitors skip to the front of the line at each ride or attraction once.

Disneyland: select rides and attractions feature FASTPASS on a first-come, first-serve basis at no additional cost. However, quantities are limited. FASTPASS kiosks are located near the main entrances of major attractions. They dispense timed tickets tied to your admission ticket that let you come back at an assigned time for an expedited wait in a shorter line.

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At Disney World The Attraction Wait Times Ranged From 20 To 60 Minutes

When I started my day at Epcot, I headed straight to one of the park’s most sought-after rides, Frozen Ever After.

I waited about 25 minutes, and throughout the day, ride times across the parks hovered between 20 and 60 minutes.

The wait times listed on the My Disney Experience mobile app were also fairly accurate.

Disney World wasn’t offering FastPasses when I was there because the system was suspended amid pandemic restrictions, so I had to wait in the standby lines.

The one exception was Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance at Hollywood Studios, which was operating on a virtual-queue system that you could sign up for on the app.

The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter Hogsmeade

Hogsmeade is half of the Wizarding World attraction. Its about 20 acres total and contains noticeably more rides than the Diagon Alley/London segment in Universal Studios. The Hogwarts Express ride connects the two areas as transportation and is fully accessible for families.

The Flight of the Hippogriff is a junior roller coaster with a height requirement of just 36 inches. This coaster is about a minute long, traveling at a maximum of 28.5 miles an hour. Though relatively short, its comfortable for most children and has no inversions or other advanced components.

Hagrids Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure is another roller coaster in the area, and in many ways, its the opposite of Flight of the Hippogriff. It has a height limit of 48 inches, which puts it on the upper end of whats suitable for younger children, but its also one of the longest roller coasters in Florida at more than 5000 feet of riding distance.

This is the perfect stop for anyone who loves roller coasters. Although the ride duration is only about three minutes, it has a total of seven launches and a vertical, free-fall drop. Keep smaller children away from this ride.

Ollivanders is a somewhat unusual experience, where guests can purchase souvenir wands after testing several of them to replicate the storybook concept of a wand choosing a wizard.

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Disneyland Vs Disney World: Location

This one is fairly cut and dry. Disneyland is located in Anaheim, California, about an hour’s drive outside the city of Los Angeles. The closest airport to the park is the John Wayne Orange County Airport . However, guests may find more direct routes and flight options by flying in and out of the larger Los Angeles International Airport .

Disney World is located on an entirely different coast in Orlando, Florida. Orlando International Airport is the closest airport to the parks. However, it’s still fairly easy to get to Walt Disney World via the Sanford or Tampa airports as well.

How Far Is Universal Studios From Disney World

How Walt Disney World Compares to Universal Studios ...

At first, lets see, how far is Universal Studios from Disney World?

If you exit 75A by taking the I-4E, you will have to travel around 9 miles to come to Universal Studios. Also, the driveway itself has many restaurants and other amenities, which you can very well enjoy on your route to Universal Studios.

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Universal Orlando Resort Hotels And Dining

Universal has eight resort hotels. Theyre not officially tiered as Disneys resort hotels are but you can get a feel for how theyve got things set up by looking at their prices. They have a very budget friendly option in the Endless Summer resorts that is cheaper than Disneys value tier. Their top priced resort, Loews Portofino Bay, is priced at the bottom end of the deluxe tier for Disney.

The resorts are very nice and the amenities go up with the price but theres no central theme that ties the resorts to the parks. If youre on a budget and are enticed by the starts at $88 per night rates for the Endless Summer resorts, keep in mind, the top three most expensive resort hotels at Universal Orlando Resort include Express Passes. You can purchase the Express Pass separately but youll definitely want to crunch your numbers to make sure youre getting everything you want at the best price.

There will be dining options at all of the hotels. The more you go up in price tier, the more options and the more higher-end experience youll have. As with Disney, the more expensive hotels are closer to the parks.

Universal Orlando Vs Disney World

Ive traveled to Orlando theme parks from Southern California with my kids four times the past few years, visiting Universal Orlando every time and the Disney parks twice. We had intended to visit Disney World/Epcot a third time, but the kids voted to spend the day at our hotel instead.

I often get asked to compare Disney vs Universal. As far as were concerned, our days at Disney are over, but well continue to go back to Universal Orlando as crazy as that sounds given that we live three times zones away. The five main reasons why:

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Use A Vacation Planner

A Disney Vacation Planner can help you break it down, tell you about available specials and recommend whatâs right for your family based on your needs and budget.

Universal Studios Hollywood Vip Experience

Child Swap: Universal Studios vs. Disney World Orlando

The second front of the line option for guests is the Universal Studios Hollywood VIP Experience. Guests who purchase the VIP Experience receive valet parking, unlimited express access to rides and the best seats at shows. In addition there are snacks and refreshments in the VIP lounge, a gourmet meal in a private VIP dining room, expert guided tour and exclusive backlot access.

At a cost of $349+ per person , its not cheap. But the Universal Studio Hollywood VIP Experience is still considerably more reasonable in price than Disneylands spendy VIP tours with a Plaid.

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Universal Has Harry Potter

Its impossible to exaggerate how cool the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is. Every detail in Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley is perfect you feel like JK Rowlings books have opened up and invited you inside. We love the rides, the shops, the butterbeer and the overall atmosphere at our favorite Orlando theme park.

Shorter Character Lines At Universal Studios Hollywood

I love Disney character greetings, especially when traveling with my two youngest. Disneyland character meet n greets usually involve long queues or lines, so we often skip them. Sure, there are dining experiences with Disneyland characters where guests can meet Mickey without lines at a premium price.

We spotted many character greetings at Universal Studios Hollywood. Lines were never longer than a few people, except for the Transformers, which was about 15 people deep. We met a Mummy outside of his namesake ride without any wait. There are also many figures to pose with around the park.

If having your picture taken with Krusty in Springfield is important, know that your wait time will be minimal. Want to greet with Bumblebee, Optimus Prime or Megatron? You might be waiting a few additional minutes. Naturally youll need your own camera, as there isnt any system available like Disneys PhotoPass.

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Security Gets You Into The Parks Faster

On a recent weekend trip to Disneyland, my family and I spent nearly 45 minutes waiting in line at security. Once there, we had to zip open each bag for a deep inspection as well as walk through a metal detector. While youll still see the metal detectors at Universal Studios Hollywood, youll also see X-ray machines.

This meant that we were able to place our bags on a conveyor belt, just like at the airport. Bags were still inspected but didnt need to be opened, vastly expediting the security processing time. On our busy weekend visit to Universal Studios, we were through security in a quick 5 minutesa time saver indeed!

Walt Disney World Cast Members

Why Disney Is Truly The Happiest Place On Earth

In the world of customer service, no theme park employees beat Walt Disney World Cast Members. They know they are the magic makers and wear it with pride.

That is not at all the case with Universals Team Members. Every employee I talked to at both Universal Studios Florida and Universals Islands of Adventure was energy draining. Especially at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

If Hogsmede and Diagon Alley were in a Disney Park, every Cast Member would have a British accent, a backstory, and address each person as if they were a muggle, witch, or wizard. Rather than answering my inquiry about a bar or shop with a blunt, apathetic Nah, its closed, I would get not a more sympathetic and creative answer that would add to the immersion of their themed land.

In my experience, I have experienced Disney Cast Members creativity. When I asked about why the hitchhiking ghosts did not appear on my last tour of the Haunted Mansion, the Cast Member told me that the ghosts were also social distancing. While wandering the gift shop in Pandora, I overheard a Cast Member talking to a Guest and refer to James Camerons Avatar as a documentary in order to explain something about the merchandise.

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Would We Choose Disney World Or Universal Orlando

As it all boils down, we love both Disney and Universal equally. They are extremely different park experiences. During the Coronavirus pandemic, we would choose Disney World because of how they manage health and safety precautions, including crowd sizes. Outside of COVID-19 life, we would pick Universal Orlando. We enjoy the rides, the food and just relaxing in the theme park atmosphere more.

So, which would you choose? Would you choose Disney World or Universal for a family vacation? Leave a comment or send us a not to let us know your thoughts if you have any other questions about choosing Disney or Universal.

The Rides And Wait Times

Disney World tends to be a themed park geared mostly toward small children and families. All theme park guests are allowed to use their Fastpass+ system which will let you to skip the long lines for up to three rides per day.

Universal Studios is geared more toward teens and adults. However, kids can still enjoy this theme park. Universal Studios guests can purchase an Express Pass to skip the line for nearly all of the rides.

However, this is not included in the ticket cost. Universals Express Pass can only be used one time per ride. However, the Unlimited option allows you unlimited entry to rides.

Harry Potter and Minion Mayhem are not included in this offer. Disneys FastPass+ system while free still has some flaws, popular rides and times fill up fast and not every ride has a FastPass+ option.

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