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Universal Studios Orlando Vs Disney World

Which Has Better Thrill Rides Disney Or Universal

Disney World or Universal Studios in Orlando Florida?

Thrill rides and rollercoasters are always a big question. So, who has the better roller coasters, Disney or Universal? Does Disney World have any scary rides? Is Universal Orlando all rides for adults? Well answer all those questions right now. If thrill rides are what are going to help you choose Disney or Universal, here you go

At Universal I Had No Problem Getting Tickets For Both Theme Parks On The Property

Universal Orlando’s two theme parks were operating on a first-come, first-served basis, but resort guests received priority access.

I was able to enter the parks an hour before off-property guests, and throughout my day, I could freely hop back and forth between Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios Florida.

Universal’s Mobile App Was Definitely Less Helpful

Universal’s mobile app left much to be desired.

I mainly relied on it for park hours and show times because many of the attraction wait times on the app were inaccurate.

The app is essential if you’re looking to book any of the attractions using the virtual-line system. But since those rides can change throughout the day, the process can be frustrating and confusing for first-time users.

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Best Theme Parks In Orlando For Elementary

Best: SeaWorld Orlando

Who says learning isn’t fun? Out of all the Orlando theme parks, SeaWorld Orlando is one of the most educational. Kids of all ages, but especially young children, can test their knowledge of aquatic life. They can also explore the exhibits and get up close and personal with baby dolphins, sea lions and stingrays. The younger end of this group will also love Sesame Street Land and its interactive elements! Be sure to also check out Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin. Kids should not miss the penguin habitat, which mimics the icy conditions of the South Pole. Get up close with the penguins in temps of 30 degrees. You can see four species on land and underwater.

Other Good Orlando Theme Parks for Elementary-Age Kids:

  • LEGOLAND Florida The whole park is geared toward 2 to 12-year-olds. For LEGO fanatics, the themed lands are second to none! Adventurous kids can experience the thrill of the Flying School roller coaster. Those who aren’t quite ready have gentler ride options such as The Dragon. The water park within the park will keep everyone cool on the hottest summer days. It became even more “awesome” with the addition of LEGO MOVIE World in 2019.
  • Magic Kingdom This is the place where fairytales come true, and princesses and pirates will love the opportunities to indulge in a little make-believe and maybe work up the nerve to try out Space Mountain or Splash Mountain. Great starter coaster options are Big Thunder Mountain Railroad or The Barnstormer.

Universal Orlando Vs Walt Disney World In 2021

Walt Disney World or Universal Studios  Which Park Is ...

After my last vacation to Walt Disney World in November, it struck me that for the first time , I would not recommend vacationing to Walt Disney World over Universal Orlando in 2021. I know! Im as surprised as you are. Ive always loved Universal Orlando but never really looked at this resort as a vacation destination. Until now. In todays post, Im going to discuss my thoughts on Universal Orlando vs. Walt Disney World in 2021 and why Im choosing Universal.

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What Is The Purpose Of Your Visit

At the end of the day, it still comes down to why you want to visit each theme park. If you just want a day where you can mindlessly go on thrilling attractions inspired by pop culture, I say Universal is the place for you. But if you want a true escape to a resort where you have access to even more high-quality attractions but dont necessarily have to go on any rides and simply immerse yourself in the timeless magic, then I strongly suggest you choose the Walt Disney World Resort.

If Universal is truly enjoying better attendance numbers, they should enjoy the moment while they can. I believe as soon as Disney allows park hopping again, that apparent lead will be completely obliterated.

EditorĂ¢s Note: The opinions expressed in this review do not necessarily reflect those of Inside the Magic overall.

How Walt Disney World Compares To Universal Studios Orlando

August 29, 2018 by Jill

Do you know the difference between Disney World and Universal Studios? As someone whos alternate zip code might as well be in Orlando Florida, I could talk about the difference between Disney World and Universal Studios in my sleep but can the average vacation planner?

Dont worry Im breaking it down.

This post contains affiliate links.

This post was originally published in 2018 and has been edited/updated for 2021.

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You Decide That Personal Factor

When it really comes to choosing between Universal or Disney, the only real consideration that has to be made is a personal choice. Are you a fanatic of Mickey and Minnie and the Magic Kingdom, or would you rather prefer to visit Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry? The atmosphere at Disney is considered more nostalgic when compared to the buzzing excitement at Universal.

Of course, for the little princesses, Disneys famous castle and Magic Kingdom would be the favorite, whereas the action-packed themes of the many Universal heroes would be more appealing to boys of all ages. Choosing here what would best suit the family is merely a personal choice. We cant help much here, but if driven to it, consider splitting up to keep the peace.

Universal Orlando Resort Hotels And Dining

Walt Disney World vs Universal Orlando Resort 2021- Which Park Has Better Rides?

Universal has eight resort hotels. Theyre not officially tiered as Disneys resort hotels are but you can get a feel for how theyve got things set up by looking at their prices. They have a very budget friendly option in the Endless Summer resorts that is cheaper than Disneys value tier. Their top priced resort, Loews Portofino Bay, is priced at the bottom end of the deluxe tier for Disney.

The resorts are very nice and the amenities go up with the price but theres no central theme that ties the resorts to the parks. If youre on a budget and are enticed by the starts at $88 per night rates for the Endless Summer resorts, keep in mind, the top three most expensive resort hotels at Universal Orlando Resort include Express Passes. You can purchase the Express Pass separately but youll definitely want to crunch your numbers to make sure youre getting everything you want at the best price.

There will be dining options at all of the hotels. The more you go up in price tier, the more options and the more higher-end experience youll have. As with Disney, the more expensive hotels are closer to the parks.

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City Walk Vs Disney Springs

While both resorts shopping complexes are similar in a lot of ways, they feel completely different. The Universal Studios Orlando vs Disney World comparison is not an easy one here.

Since its Disney, Disney Springs is targeted towards families, and has a very low-key cozy feel to it. Universal Studios Citywalk on the other hand has a more young adult, party feel to it. Not that kids wont enjoy it there, but the target audience is definitely adults.

In terms of shopping, Disney Springs is a clear winner. There are a countless number of store there, some of which sell merchandise from specific Disney franchises, like Marvel and Star Wars. City Walk has less than ten, however.

City Walks dining experiences are much better though. Margaritaville has a great tropical atmosphere to it, Chocolate Emporium has one of best designed restaurant exteriors Ive ever seen, Antojitos has some of the tasty Mexican food Ive had every single restaurant has something to offer! Plus, City Walk has Bubba Gump Shrimp, and you cant beat Bubba Gump Shrimp

For shopping, go to Disney Springs, but if you want a stellar dining experience, go to City Walk.

The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter Is Not Part Of Disney

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is at Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. Diagon Alley is at Universal Studios and Hogsmeade Village is at Islands of Adventure. You can take the Hogwarts Express between the two if you have a multi-park pass.

With Disney acquiring so many entertainment enterprises it is easy to get confused but Harry Potter is most definitely not at Disneyat least not at the present time!

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is beyond cool if youre a Potterhead like me. Actually, its probably pretty darn cool for anyone. A fire breathing dragon atop a bank run by goblinswhats not cool about that.

On almost every trip to Disney World Ive ever taken, Ive overheard or talked to someone who doesnt realize that Harry Potter isnt at Disney. The Wizarding World is VERY cool and I highly recommend but you wont get in with a Walt Disney World ticket.

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Disney’s Parking Lot Was Crowded But It Didn’t Take Me Long To Get Into The Park

When I arrived at the parking lot about an hour before Epcot was set to open, I was met with a line of cars that moved impressively fast

Once I parked, the crowds also moved quickly through security, and guests were able to enter about 30 minutes before the official opening time.

When park hopping became available in the afternoon, I left my car in the Epcot parking lot and used the free transportation options Disney offers.

Disney World Or Universal Orlando Lines

Disney World vs Universal Studios

The worst part of any theme park is waiting in line. However, Disney and Universal are known for adding entertainment in their queues, such as videos, animatronics, interactive games, or adding in theming to immerse you into the setting of the attraction.

What makes a good line is if entertainment makes the long wait for the attraction fly by in other words, you dont get bored.

Who wins in the Universal Studios Orlando vs Disney World stakes when we are thinking about lines?

At Disney World, a few of their attractions have queues with interactive games, such as Peter Pans Flight, The Haunted Mansion, and Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. Universal only has one however, that being the queue for Race Through New York With Jimmy Fallon.

In terms of themed lines, Disney and Universal offer somewhat different experiences. Disney tends to theme their queues around new, original environments that you have never seen before, while Universal usually themes them scenes from movies.

Compare Millenium Falcon Smugglers Run and Forbidden Journey.

Smugglers Run is based on Star Wars, but instead of theming the queue around a set from the movies like Echo Base or Endor, they themed it around their own original spaceport a spaceport you never see in the movies.

Of course, there are exceptions on both ends, but for the most part, Universal tries to replicate sets from the movies, while Disney creates sets inspired by the movies.

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Disney World And Universal Orlando Lands

What are each of the theme parks themed around? Which movies are the rides based on?

This could be the deal-breaker for some when it comes to picking which resort to go to not the quality of the theming, but what the parks are themed around.

Both have a good handful of attractions based on popular movies. Disney has Star Wars, Toy Story, Indiana Jones, Frozen, along with many other great attractions based on movies. Universal has the Simpsons, Harry Potter, Men In Black, Dr. Seuss characters, and a few others.

What Ill say about Universal is they pick outdated franchises to base their attractions and lands on. How many people have seen Woody Woodpecker in recent years? Or Barney? Popeye? Or Brendan Fraishers The Mummy franchise?

A lot of the characters and franchises they choose to base their attractions on are baffling. Why havent they changed them?

You dont get this as much with Disney. Most of the rides are based on Disney classics, like Snow White, Peter Pan, or Finding Nemo. There are some dated franchises, like Twilight Zone or Dinosaur, but thats okay because the attractions that are based on those franchises dont actually integrate much from them into the ride.

Think about it Tower of Terror barely has anything to do with Twilight Zone. It doesnt feel like a Twilight Zone attraction it just feels like a haunted hotel ride.

Universal Studios Vs Disney Hollywood Studios

In short, no Hollywood Studios and Universal Studios are not the same. But we love that about them, and feel that this makes a trip to Orlando so much more enjoyable!

While there may be a similar theme of movies, TV, and stardom in both parks, the answer is no. Disneys Hollywood Studios, originally called Disney-MGM Studios, is in Disney World and opened in 1989. It features rides on movies and shows like the Twilight Zones Tower of Terror and Tory Story Mania. Universal Studios consists of movies like Harry Potter, the Mummy, and Transformers. When talking about Universal Studios vs Hollywood Studios Orlando, both parks contain unique Hollywood features that both require full experiences.

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Is Disney Dining Better Than Universals Restaurants

Im going to breeze through this because by now youve probably made up your mind if youll choose Disney World of Universal Orlando, but in case you havent

Theme park dining usually leaves a lot to be desired, but both Universal Orlando and Walt Disney World have really upped their game. Both parks offer Mobile Order and Pay for quick service restaurants and both also have nice sit down options.

Should I Go To Disney World Or Universal Studios

Disney World VS. Universal Studios Orlando – Which is Better – Opinions May Vary – Good Bad and Ugly

For the big kids , Universal Studios has more of the adrenaline-inducing rides compared to Disney, even though Disney does have some. However, both resorts offer alcoholic beverages around the parks. Their entertainment boardwalks also have plenty of entertainment, restaurants, and shopping for adults, but they can also be fun for kids.

Kids will enjoy meeting characters like Scooby Doo and the Minions in Universal Studios, and also Mickey Mouse and Goofy in Disney World. There are more family-friendly rides in Disney if you are catering to a younger crowd.

The point being is that if youre trying to decide which park is better, Disney or Universal, theres an exceptional touch to both of them. The odds are you will find something special about each park and youll like them equally for different reasons.

The one thing we do recommend- you must visit these parks at least once in your lifetime! Visit Universal Studios, drinking a butter beer in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, hopping from Seuss Landing to E.T Adventure.

Then go on a safari hunt in Animal Kingdom in Disney World and watch the Fireworks over Cinderellas Castle.We know whether you choose Orlando Disney or Universal, youll be in for a lifetime of memories.

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Genie+ Vs Express Passes

Another important factor when considering the differences between both Disney World and Universal Studios is their Fastpass+ and express pass services. Its important to understand the differences between the two as the Disney Genie+ is a significantly lower cost per day when compared to the Universal Express Pass. However we feel both systems have their pros and cons.

The Disney Genie+ system is $15 per guest per day with a valid Walt Disney World ticket. The biggest difference however is guests can only pick one Genie+ ride selection at a time. Guests can add an additional Premium Genie+ to their My Disney experience for an additional fee, which would allow you to hold two ride reservations at once.

The Universal express pass however is as add on option that can be purchased with your Universal Orlando tickets. The express passes are expensive and in some cases can be more expensive than the actual price of tickets for that day. Guests can purchase two options which include riding one ride per day or an unlimited option.

We do feel like this can be a great choice for guests who are looking to get as much done as they can if they only have one or two days to visit the parks. There are also certain on-site Universal Orlando hotels which include the express passes at no additional cost!

The Difference Between Disney World And Universal Studios Explained

The two biggest entertainment entities in Florida are Universal Orlando Resort {more commonly referred to as Universal Studios Orlando or Universal Studios, Florida) and Walt Disney World. Both have been developing new attractions and raising expectations within the last decade, so how do they compare?

This comparison guide should serve as a snapshot of what to expect from the two destinations. Then you can decide where to have your next vacation.

I can also help you avoid disappointment. In talking to other frequent Orlando theme park travelers and hearing snippets of conversations from other vacations at the airports and resort hotels it always surprises me how many vacationers think The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is at Disney World or that Universal Studios and other Orlando area attractions are walkable from Walt Disney World.

To keep things in perspective, here is a look at a few points that illustrate the difference between Disney World and Universal Studios Florida. While I dont believe theres such a thing as Disney versus Universal Studios if youre in the early stages of planning a vacation and need help deciding where to go, I hope this will help you out!

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