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Triple Aaa Disney World Tickets

Disneyland Resort Law Enforcement Discount

Discount Disney World Tickets AAA

While Disneyland does not offer any specific discount offers for law enforcement, there are opportunities to receive access to discounts.

Firefighters and members of the police should contact their benefits department or union for information on potential discounts and offers. Many unions all along the West Coast have access to cheap tickets.

Aaa Disneyland Resort Socal Resident Weekday Ticket Offer

AAA is currently offering a deal for Southern California residents on three-day one-park-per-day weekday tickets the same ticket type as Disneylands Southern California Resident Weekday Ticket Offer.

AAA members who take advantage of the limited-time deal can enjoy three days one theme park per day for $180 without the Genie+fastpass service or the Park Hopper option compared to $199 from Disneyland, for a savings of $20 per ticket.

Ticket Add-Ons:

Disneyland charges an additional $20 per day to add Genie+ and an additional $59 per ticket to add Park Hopper, which puts their total three-day weekday ticket price at about $260 with either Genie+ or Park Hopper , and $319 with both .

In comparison, AAA charges $239 for a three-day weekday ticket with either Park Hopper or Genie+ and $299 with both .

Parkgoers looking to get the most for their money should consider the $299 AAA three-day weekday Park Hopper ticket with Genie+, but for those looking to experience the Anaheim parks at the lowest price, its tough to beat a $60 Disneyland day, even if youre limited to one park and cant skip the lines.

All discounted Disney park tickets are for age three+ and can be used on consecutive or non-consecutive days. Park reservations are required. Offers are limited to Southern California residents within zip codes 90000-93599 . Tickets are valid on weekdays only, and all tickets expire on May 26, 2022.

Click here for details about AAA discounted Disneyland tickets.

Advance Purchase Tickets Universal Website Phone Order Or Hotel Desk

Save $21.30 off the gate prices of multi-day tickets when you buy online at the Universal Orlando website, over the phone, or in person at a Universal Hotel ticket desk. When purchasing online, you can print them yourself, use kiosk pickup , or use ticket-booth pickup. All of those options avoid shipping charges.

Prices displayed on Universals site do not include 6.5% tax, which is added further along in the transaction. Once you get to the final price, its always a better deal to buy tickets from Undercover Tourist, which displays its real prices up front, with all taxes and shipping included.

Power Annual Pass Deals

This deeply discounted Annual Pass has blackout days . It does not include parking or food/merchandise discounts.

Annual Passholder Ticket Discounts

Holders of Universal Premier, Preferred and Power Annual Passes get 15% off the gate price of multi-day tickets when purchasing at the front gate. Seasonal Passholder get 10% off the gate price of multi-day tickets at the front gate. For most tickets this is less than the regular advance-purchase discount for buying online, and usually much worse than the Undercover Tourist discount. There is no discount for 1-day tickets.

AAA/CAA Ticket Discounts at the Gate

AAA/CAA Advance Purchase Ticket Discounts

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Where To Buy The Cheapest Disney Tickets

As we mentioned at the beginning, to save money on multi-day Walt Disney World tickets, we recommend buying from Get Away Today, which is an authorized discount Disney ticket broker that typically has the lowest prices on legitimate park tickets. You can order tickets for use now through December 31, 2022.

Another excellent ticket seller we recommend is Undercover Tourist. These two typically compete with each other on prices, and are usually within a few dollars of one another. Which is better often depends upon the ticket type and when youre searching.

After purchasing, youll receive confirmation codes for My Disney Experience via email, which enables you to easily link the tickets to your My Disney Experience account. This also means that the tickets are compatible with MagicBands, which youll receive with your Walt Disney World hotel reservation you can also purchase special edition MagicBands in the parks.

There arent many Disney ticket sellers that are actually legitimate, so be careful if you find a deal elsewhere. The sellers we mention in this article are the ones that have the best reputations and offer the biggest discounts. If you find a better deal somewhere else, wellyou know what they say about when something sounds too good to be true!

Moving on, lets take a look at which type of ticket options are best for you

Does Aaa Offer Discounts On Disney World Tickets

Theme Parks, Amusement Parks &  Water Park Discounts, Orlando FL

The AAA discounts are no longer a great way to save on Disney World tickets.

At one point, AAA discounts were a decent way to save on Disney World tickets, but those days are gone. First of all, the discounts come from individual branches, so you’ll have to call local AAA offices to get quotes. Second, their discounts tend to be pretty small, often beaten by the prices you’ll find on ticket broker sites. Worth a phone call, if you’re already a member, but no worth effort beyond that.

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Using Triple Aaa For Disneyworld Trip Or Other Discount Site

Hi I’m not sure how to go about asking It’s my mom that has triple AAA and I have been looking into taking a trip down to Orlando around October this would be her very first time going and literally my second but I was wondering has anyone else ever gone through Triple AAA or any other site to get their tickets and Hotel I have been doing my research and had Just remembered about the insurance company and seeing something about Disney I just wasn’t sure I didn’t know if any else has ever used them or another site to get their tickets

AAA does offer discounted tickets and a small resort discount. Most AAA offices have at least one certified Disney travel planner. You will likely secure a better discount directly with Disney, however if you are traveling during peak holidays, a AAA discount is better than none.

Happy planning!

I don’t think AAA has discounts anymore for Disney, but certainly call to check. But the discount you would get from Disney directly would be more than that anyway, so just wait for the discounts for your time period to be announced 🙂

Thank You I wasn’t really sure because I know you can book through them And get a quote At least that’s what I was told and I will be doing what you said exactly which is wait I do know I have been seeing the 4 day 4 park day tickets which isn’t bad I will be calling triple AAA Thank You again 😀 I will be waiting


Disney Vacation Club Discount

Discount: About 10% – Difficulty: High – Risk: None

Disney Vacation Club members occasionally get ticket discount offers. For most DVC members, it will make sense just to have an annual pass, so it’s rare that these special offers are going to be worth much. They also aren’t very high when they do happen. If you’re a DVC member, look into an annual pass, and pay attention to deals as they pop up. But definitely don’t wait for them or plan too heavily around them.

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Anyone Purchased A Disney Package Through Aaa

I had looked at purchasing a Disney package through AAA. I was going to book hotel room only and get my tickets through undercovertourist, but in order to get the AAA perks you need to get get hotel and tickets through them. Is it worth it? Is the preferred fireworks viewing and preferred parking really good? It looked like it might be a little bit more to purchase through AAA so I wondered if it was that much better. Thanks for the advice!

I have used AAA, there is usually a little discount of some sort but I only use them if there isn’t a Good General Public or Annual PassHolder Discount Direct from Disney

What are your travel dates ?

The Parking Pass could come in handy if you get to the Parks early, there are only a limited number of spaces available so once they are filled, that’s it, you Park where ever you are directed to Park. We don’t bother to drive and or rent a car, the Disney Transportation System works quite well. We really enjoy the Free Airport transfers with Magical Express

The previewed fireworks viewing isn’t a big deal, IMHO of course, plenty of good locations for that

We’ve used AAA the last three trips initially they are usually $100 or so less than the full Disney package rates. That being said, those three trips we ended up modifying the booking thru AAA due to discount packages that later become available before our travel dates – then you loose the initial AAA disount because you can’t get both.


Disneyland Resort Annual Pass Blackout Dates

AAA Walt Disney World travel planning commercial, TNT, Jan 8, 1995

Some Disneyland passes are blocked out on busy days, like Saturdays in the peak season. If you know that the pass that you will purchase is blocked out on a certain day that you want to visit, purchase the pass that day. The blackout dates don’t apply the day that you purchase your pass. So, if you purchased a pass on a Saturday that would usually be blocked out, you will be able to use your pass at both parks on that day.

See the calendar for blackout dates for annual passholders to make sure that you don’t come on a day that you may be blocked out.

To plan your full California vacation, be sure to read our ultimate guide to planning a Disneyland Resort vacation.

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New Disneyland Annual Pass 2022 Prices And Levels

The new Annual Passholder program has been announced as the new Magic Key program which is available across four different tiers with different price ranges. The pass levels include discounts for merchandise and food & beverage. But Magic Key holders will have to make park reservations and the amount they can make will depend on the tier level they purchased.

Dream Key Disneyland Annual Pass

  • Retails for $1399 or $102 per month for 12 months after $179 for California Residents
  • Access to make reservations for one or both theme parks every day of the year pending availability
  • Can ho ld up to 6 park reservations at a time and can make reservations up to 90 days out
  • 20% off select merchandise
  • 10% off select food & beverage

Group Discount Disneyland Resort Park Tickets

Disneyland offers discounts for groups of 15 or more from qualified non-profit organizations. For detailed information, prices and tickets, please call Disney at 781-4565.

Disney Youth Groups also offer specially-priced group ticketsperfect for field tripsfor youths ages 3 to 22. For information and reservations, call 232-7980.

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Aaas 2022 Disneyland Tickets Deal For Socal Residents Is An Absolute Bargain

If you have always dreamed of going to Disneyland, now is the time!

AAAs Disneyland package deals are offering discounts as high as 40% on the weekend tickets for the Auto Members of Southern California.

Heres the complete breakdown of the package and the different offers it comes with if youre planning to get a ticket for yourself.

Everything You Need To Know About Aaa Disneyland Tickets

Triple Aaa Discount Tickets Sea World

Purchasing Disneyland tickets from AAA can be greatif they can offer you a deal. AAA does sell Disneyland tickets online, including Park Hopper and 1 Park Per Day, but you must be a AAA member to buy them. And believe it or not, while it might seem best for your budget to go for the AAA tickets, Disney admission can often be purchased for cheaper.

According to AAAs website, if you purchase online or at your local branch, you can save up to $35 per ticket. Or, if youre lucky enough to be a resident of Southern California residents, as much as 40% off.

And while those AAA Disneyland tickets do sound pretty good, we know you can do better. Why? Because we know that our ticket partner, Undercover Tourist, can help you save even more and you dont even need to be a AAA member to do it.

From time to time, theyll even offer some very special promotions, including free days and character dining. You cant beat that! To purchase your tickets for 2022, just or use the button below.

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Disneys Animal Kingdom Theme Park

Encounter exotic animals and exciting adventures at Disneys Animal Kingdom®, the largest animal Theme Park in the world. Home to more than 1,700 animals across 250 species, the park reflects Walt Disneys dedication to conservation and is committed to animal care, education and research. Explore six enthralling lands: Oasis, Discovery Island®, Africa, Rafikis Planet Watch®, Asia, DinoLand, U.S.A.® and the NEW Pandora-The World of Avatar.

How Is The Socal Resident Deal Different

The SoCal resident deal, which is available from January 3 through May 26, 2022, offers three-day, one-park weekend tickets for $199, which is $20 more expensive than the AAA package.

While the standard park hopper option under the AAA package only adds $60 per ticket and $20 for Genie service, SoCal residents offer for the same deal goes for $319.

While the guests can visit Disneyland during the weekend with the AAA package, the SoCal tickets are only valid Mondays through Fridays.

Please note: AAAs offer is only valid for Southern California residents within 90000-93599 ZIP codes and for Northern Baja California residents within 21000-22999 ZIP codes.

Rabbit Academy | UK Theatrical Trailer

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Disney Ticket Price Increase 2022

Disneyland last raised their prices on October 25, 2021. For purchasing 2-5 day tickets you can secure incredible prices via our travel partner. They have worked with Disney for 30 years and have provided Mickey Visit readers even lower prices than anyone else. You can read more on discount Disneyland tickets 2020 here.

Walt Disney World last raised their ticket prices on February 11, 2020. You can find the absolute best prices for your Walt Disney World vacation when you book via our travel partner. They have a price matching guarantee and usually have the best prices on Disney World hotels and tickets anywhere. Read more about discount Disney World 2020 tickets here.

Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Studios Orlando last increased their prices on February 16, 2019. You can find the best prices on Universal Studios via our travel partner here. They have fantastic Disneyland + Universal Studios combo tickets that save you $40 off your tickets. Universal Studios is now a must visit with their Harry Potter rides and offerings. Read more in our guide to Universal Studios Hollywood 2020.

The Disneyland ticket increase continues to fit in with the trend that they will increase ticket prices every year in February. Disney has increased Disney Parks prices at the end of October in 2021 mid February in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2020 and January of 2019.

Frequently Asked Disneyland Tickets Questions


How much is a one day Disneyland ticket?

The one day ticket prices fluctuate based on demand. See the full schedule below and check individual prices on the Disneyland website. Also remember that there are never discount 1-day tickets offered to the general public.

Disney offers their employees the rare opportunity to purchase discount park tickets, but this is a rare offer.

When was the last time Disneyland raised prices?

Disneyland tickets increased in price January 2019. Disneyland typically increases prices in the early months of the calendar year to prepare for their large new additions and offerings that are rolled out with the beginning of summer . The past couple of years, the Disneyland price increase has been moved earlier and earlier into the year.

How many days do you need on your Disneyland Tickets?

Disneyland sells two types of passes, a park hopper pass and a one-park pass. With the park hopper pass you are able to access both Disney California Adventure and Disneyland in the same day. You aren’t limited and by choosing this Disneyland ticket deal you can start in one park and end in the other.

Now, I have my review and opinion about how much time you should spend at Disneyland, which ticket type you should purchase, and a link to where you can find these Disneyland park tickets the cheapest

More info on picking your discount park tickets and how long to spend at Disneyland in our video:

Should You Buy a Disneyland Annual Pass Instead?

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Getting To Universal Orlando From Walt Disney World

If you plan to book a Universal vacation package , your travel agent can add transfers from any Walt Disney World resort to any Universal resort and between any Universal resort and the Orlando International Airport.

If youre not booking a vacation package and only want to visit Universal for one day, the cheapest way is usually to rent a car. Often you can get a one-day rental for as little as $30 plus tax, which is usually cheaper than the other options and gives you tons more flexibility. You will have to pay the current parking charge when you get to Universal, but even with that figured in this is usually the best value . Driving to Universal is very easy take I-4 East and three or four exits away there will be signs telling you to exit for Universal. Follow the signs and they will lead you directly to the parking garage. Your hotel can give you specific instructions for how to get to I-4, or there are road signs on all the major Walt Disney World routes that will direct you.

Lyft is a viable in Orlando now, and it works fine. Cost will be around $12-$30 each way depending on where in Walt Disney World youre coming from and which Lyft variant you select. For more information and tips, see our complete guide to using ride services in Orlando.

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