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Trip For 3 To Disney World

How Long To Visit

3-year-old cancer survivor gets free trip to Disney World thanks to generous donations

How long you should stay at Walt Disney World depends largely upon the type of trip it is. If youre not much of a Disney fan but are taking your kids on a once in a lifetime rite of passage trip, we recommend a Walt Disney World vacation of at least 6 or 7 days. The exact length will still vary a bit depending upon how much vacation time you have and if you plan on visiting non-Disney theme parks or destinations.

In addition to visiting Disneys theme parks, youll also probably want to build a day into your itinerary for relaxation, and this is good to plug into the middle of your trip so you dont get worn out by the theme parks. The other consideration for planning trips to Walt Disney World might be how much time to spend doing other things.

You might want to do Orlando-area theme parks like Universal, SeaWorld, or Busch Gardens. We recommend at least a couple of days at Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure. Use our 2022 Universal Orlando Resort Trip Planning Guide for strategy. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is absolutely mind-blowing, even if youre not a fan of the books. The new Jurassic World VelociCoaster is the best roller coaster in all of Orlandoand thats just one of several excellent recent additions.

How To Book Your Walt Disney World Resort Vacation

Theres never been a time where its been more important to book your Disney World vacation with an expert. With changes happening at a rapid pace, its important to book with someone who can help walk you through the entire process and answer any questions along the way. When you book your Walt Disney World vacation with Get Away Today, it includes our complimentary Concierge Service including detailed planning and price monitoring.

Once we plan out the perfect itinerary for you, youll pay just $200 down to hold your vacation. Final payment is due just 30 days prior to travel and you can make as many changes before then with no penalty. To get started, you can either submit a vacation quote request online, book a , or you can call our agents at 855-GET-AWAY. We cant wait to help you plan the perfect vacation!

Why Travelingmoms Love Rv Rentals

TravelingMom Jenn Mitchell rented an RV from RVshare for a vacation with her teens and found even more reasons to love traveling by RV like having their own bathroom and lunch whenever and wherever they wanted it.

Heres what she has to say aboutRVshare:

I cant say enough good things about our experience. I researched a number of RV rental companies and found the value and services provided by RVshare to be the best choice for us. My husband agrees. We think renting an RV provided a unique opportunity to spend quality time together as a family.

You can read the full review of her RVshare rental experience, including how it works,here.

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How Low Should You Go

Can you beat that hotel price? Definitely. As I said, you might easily find a lower price when Disney releases discounts or if you book through a site like Expedia. That could knock $100 more off your bill.

You can regularly find Airbnbs for less than $100 nightly, and there are a large number of off-site hotels that see rates drop to around $100 nightly after taxes and fees.

Its important to remember, though, that if youre staying off-site youll need transportation to the parks. Many off-site hotels have shuttles, but they tend to be woefully inadequate for a once-in-a-decade trip.

If youre driving to the parks, youll need to consider extra expenses of driving and parking at Disney World. Additionally, you could Uber for $20 to $40 roundtrip daily. Relatedly, youll need to budget for getting between your hotel and the airportabout $30 each way on Uber.

Add in those costs, and the $100 nightly for offsite hotels isnt much better than the $143 at All-Star Movies, which would include Disney bus transportation to the parks, along with the additional perks of staying at a Disney hotel.

Are some of these hotels going to be nicer than All-Star Movies? Maybe. But Im a huge fan of the new rooms at All-Star Movies, and in terms of functionality Id put them up against any budget hotel in the area.

Disney World Cost Calculator: Getting There

Why You Should Use A Disney Travel Agent For Your Disney ...

Lets get started in working through the steps of our Disney World cost calculatorso that you can custom-fit your Disney vacation to meet the exact needs of your family and budget.

One of the easiest decisions to make regarding your Disney World cost calculator will be on how you will get to Orlando.

Youre either close enough to drive or youll have to arrive by air.

When considering your Disney vacation estimator, lets take a look at both!

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Dont Forget To Budget For Everything Else Including Souvenirs Special Events Tip Money & Extras Like Strollers

  • If you have a strict souvenir budget, we recommend you focus on unique things you can only get at Walt Disney World.
  • While it can be very fun to go all out, you truly dont have to spend a lot of extra money to have a great time.
  • Dont forget to include tip money in your Disney World budget. Not all positions can accept tips, but it is nice to have it handy for the ones that do.
  • If you need to rent them, dont forget to include the cost of a stroller& /or an ECV.

Below youll find what each budget will get you. Keep in mind that in some instances these are full prices that dont include promotions. Most people get discounts. You can take a look at historical discounts to get an idea on what to expect

Transportation From The Orlando Airport

If you are arriving in Orlando by plane, you need to figure out a way to get from the airport to your hotel. Your options will depend on whether or not you are staying at a Walt Disney World Resort hotel or not.

Staying On-Site: If you are staying at a Disney World hotel, your options are limited compared to what they once were. Disneys Magical Express has been discontinued which means Disney no longer offers a free shuttle service to the resorts.

As a replacement, you can take the Mears Connect Shuttle from the airport, but it isnt free. For One-Way transportation, it costs $16 per adult and $13.50 per child. For Round Trip service it is $32 per adult and $27 per child.

If that doesnt interest you, you can use one of the transportation suggestions for staying off-site listed below.

Staying Off-Site: This one is more complicated and it depends what your plans are for your trip. You can rent a car, take a taxi, or use a ride-sharing program like Uber or Lyft. Obviously, these all cost money and are not ideal if you are on a strict budget.

  • Taxis are by far the more expensive choice and will cost around $50-$60 each way plus tip depending on where you are going.
  • Uber is a much cheaper option and will cost between $25-$30 each way.

Some off-site hotels offer free shuttle service to and from the Orlando International Airport, so make sure to ask when booking your room.

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Does It Cost More To Book With Get Away Today

With so many added benefits, you may expect to pay more by booking with Get Away Today, but its actually the opposite. Booking with Get Away Today is so easy, and if you havent gathered, we can also help you save a ton of money. There are no fees to use our services and our agents are not paid on commission. They are truly happy to help you find what works best for you! Our Price Monitoring allows you to book with confidence. Get started by calling 855-GET-AWAY. We cant wait to help you plan the perfect vacation!

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Disney World Three Day Trip Itinerary

Our Walt Disney World Vacation Day 3: Epcot

Our standard recommendation for a Walt Disney World trip is four full days, one day in each park. But three days is a good amount, too, and we take pretty frequent three-day visits as well. In this post, were going to discuss planning a three-day visit to Walt Disney World.

This post covers three full days at Walt Disney World. You could reasonably trim one evening if you had a departing flight that day, but the three mornings are necessary. If you dont have three mornings, you should look at our Disney World Weekend Itinerary, which covers two mornings. Read on to see how to start planning your three-day Walt Disney World itinerary!

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Deluxe: Monorail Resorts And High

If youre going all-out and money is no object on your Disney World vacation, youve got some epic options for lodging. These options start at $400 to $600 per night for standard rooms in the Disney deluxe resorts and go to more than $2,000 per night for suites and high-end private cabins on the shore of Disneys Bay Lake .

When you splurge on lodging at Disney, you can put the fun of the theme parks at your fingertips. For example, our Copper Creek Cabin was about 100 steps from the boat dock where little ferries take you straight to the gates of the Magic Kingdom.

And at the end of the night, it provided a spot to soak in a private hot tub and watch the Magic Kingdoms fireworks , followed by the Electrical Water Pageant that floats by select resorts along Bay Lake in the evenings.

Add to this the ability to gather around a full-sized couch or table and spread the family out over multiple bedrooms . It is possible to have all of the conveniences of home and then some on Walt Disney World property in places like Copper Creek Cabins, some of the recently renovated suites in resorts such as Wilderness Lodge and even the multibedroom grand villas available via Disney Vacation Club in spots such as Saratoga Springs and Bay Lake Tower.

Just expect those multibedroom high-end options to cost you a couple of thousand dollars a night. Our Copper Creek Cabin cost a staggering $2,500 per night for our group during our two-night stay.

Getting Around Disney World

Once you get to Walt Disney World, you need to know how to get around. Disney has their own complimentary transportation system guests can use and if you have your own car, you can park it at the hotel, or drive it to the parks.

Transportation costs are sneaky at Disney World, and all the fees and parking can really add up quickly. Here are your options

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Less Than $3000 Budget

Lots of people plan amazing trips on budgets of $3,000 or less.

Here are some examples of you can do with that amount of money:

Example 1: Less than $3,0002 adults and 2 kids

How many nights do you typically stay?3 nights, 4 days
Where do you stay?
How many Quick Service meals do you eat per day ?1
What best describes your breakfast routine?On most days we either skip it or eat breakfast in our room with maybe 1 special breakfast at a restaurant per trip
What is your souvenir budget :$200 or more per person
What is your budget for extras ?$250-$500
TransportationWe fly and use Magical Express

Walt Disney World Water Parks

Disney World Rides for Babies  WDW Vacation Tips
  • Typhoon Lagoon
  • Blizzard Beach

The Magic Kingdom was the first of the Walt Disney Worldparks built and continues to be the number one theme park in the world.

I know youre probably thinking that this is way too much information than what you thought Disney had.

Have a DIFFERENT kind of Orlando vacation with a Resort home next to Disney World.Find Your Disney Resort Vacation Rental here!

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Things For Adults To Do At Walt Disney World Resort

by Jacqueline Logan, Public Relations Manager

From celebrating one of lifes many milestones with friends to spontaneously spending a romantic weekend away with your partner, there are so many reasons to visit Walt Disney World Resort for an adults-only vacation at your #HappyPlace. And there is no better time to visit than during The Worlds Most Magical Celebration, which honors the resorts 50th anniversary. Its a chance to embrace your nostalgic side and experience Disney as an adult! Heres a list of must-do things now that youre a grown-up!

1. Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Walt Disney World Resort

The Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary celebration began on Oct. 1, marking an unforgettable moment in Disney history. Nothing could be more magical than visiting your happy place during the 18-month celebration, which is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to encounter the shimmering EARidescent atmosphere and take part in new experiences across all four theme parks and beyond.

2. Re-create a Childhood Photo

A lot can change over the years and thememories made on a Disney vacation last a lifetime. Re-creating a childhood phototaken at Walt Disney World Resort is a fun way to reminisce on the past,reflect on growing up and celebrate the present.

3. Embrace Some Holiday Magic

4. Have Fun at an EPCOT Festival

5. Experience Your Favorite Attractions

6. See the Parks from a New Perspective with runDisney

7. Indulge in Delicious Treats

8. Meet Up with Friends at Disney Springs

Know What Youre Paying For

When youre parking at Disney World, you may notice that there are a few different tiers to choose from. Ill quickly list them and their prices, then well go through what the different tiers mean. All prices are in USD, per vehicle, and are good for the entire day at any of the parks.

  • Standard Parking: $25 a day
  • Preferred Parking: $40-$45 a day
  • Oversized Parking: $30 a day

For the large majority of folks, youll probably be using the standard parking at Disney World. What does that entail? Standard parking are at lots that are farthest from the entrance. That said, if you get to the park at opening or earlier, you will be closer than those showing up later in the day. Standard theme park parking is included for registered guests of Disney Resort hotels and select annual passholders.

Preferred parking at Disney World, for an extra $20-$25 bucks, will get you parked in a lot much closer to the entrance. The price difference depends on the day aka how busy the parks are. If you are a guest at one of the Disney Resort hotels, you can pay the difference for preferred parking.

And last but not least, oversized parking at Disney World includes the following vehicles: shuttles, limos, camper trailers, RVs, buses or tractor trailers.

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How Much Does A Walt Disney World Hotel Cost

Although some people choose to stay with family or friends, most people visiting Walt Disney World will need a place to stay.

The good news is youll have a ton of options both onsite and offsite.

Want to save some cash? You can save some money on your hotel by staying offsite.

The downside is that when you stay offsite, youll need to consider the other expenses youll incur to do so . And oftentimes, those other expenses can add up, so definitely make sure you are comparing apples to apples.

If you are considering staying onsite, Disney has 4 different levels of hotels to choose from: Value, Moderate, Deluxe, and Deluxe Villas.

The Value resorts are the least expensive and, aside from the family-suites, have the smallest rooms.

The Deluxe and Deluxe Villas will cost you the most. But, in return, youll generally have larger rooms and be closer to the parks if you stay in one.

Make sure you take a look at our Pros and Cons of all Onsite Resorts for more info on each of your options.

Keep these things in mind when putting together your budget for your Disney World hotel:

Walt Disney World Package Inclusions


The sample package prices above of course include the hotel listed and park tickets for the length and number of people indicated in the package. But, these and all Walt Disney World Resort packages also include all of the below Walt Disney World signature amenities:

  • 60-day access to dining reservations
  • Complimentary transportation to and from Orlando International Airport onboard Disney’s Magical Express – EXCLUSIVE for 2021 Travel Only
  • Complimentary transportation to Disney’s theme parks and water parks via Disneys Monorail, water taxis, Skyline and buses
  • Option to add Memory Maker

These sample packages include real pricing from the time this article was published and are based on quote requests we received from our guests. They are intended to give you an overall idea of pricing and include a variety of dates and hotel types, as well as number and ages of travelers.

While these sample prices are intended to give you a base idea of Disney World package costs, we would love to come up with something custom for your vacation! The fastest way to get a quote is to call our office at 855-438-2929 during regular business hours. You can also submit a quote request online below and get a response within 1-3 business days. Another option is to schedule an appointment with one of our reservation specialists for a time thats convenient for you. Either way, getting a personalized quote for your Walt Disney World Resort vacation is free and easy!

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