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Transportation Between Disney World Parks

Disney World Theme Park Parking Fees

Your Guide to Walt Disney World Transportation

The Disney World theme parksMagic Kingdom, Disneys Animal Kingdom, EPCOT, and Disneys Hollywood Studios require parking fees.

Magic Kingdom Parking Entrance

Standard parking for a car or motorcycle is $25 per day, and oversized vehicle parking is $30 per day. Once you pay for parking at one of the Disney World theme parks, then youre good for the day. If you start your day at Animal Kingdom and decide to Park Hop over to Hollywood Studios, you dont have to pay for parking again. Just show the Cast Member at the front gate your valid parking receipt to prove you already paid for that day.

Preferred parking at the Disney Parks for a car or motorcycle is also available for $45-$50 per day.

Please note that guests staying at a Disney World Resort hotel do NOT have to pay to park at the Disney World theme parks. Parking is also included for Disney World Annual Passholders.

As you might imagine, the theme park parking lots are HUGE. Free Parking Trams* are available at the theme park parking lots to transport guests who do not wish to walk from their parking space to the park entrance.

Magic Kingdom Parking Lot Trams

*Parking Trams are currently in the process of a phased return to the parks. Parking Trams are now running in Magic Kingdom and Disneys Animal Kingdom. Parking Trams will return to EPCOT and Disneys Hollywood Studios sometime in 2022.

Mickey and Buzz Parking Lot Signs in Disneys Hollywood Studios

Magic Kingdom < > Epcot

The monorail system connects the Magic Kingdom and Epcot, making it pretty easy to get from one to the other.

All you need to do is get on the monorail at the Magic Kingdoms monorail station, and it will take you straight to the Transportation & Ticket Center. From there, you will need to board a second monorail which will take you directly to Epcot.

To get from Epcot to the Magic Kingdom, you just need to do the same thing but in reverse.

Walt Disney World Resort Transportation

Walt Disney World is home to four major theme parks, a dining and shopping district, two water parks, world-class golf courses, over 25 Resort hotels, a sports complex, and MORE. The property itself covers 40 square miles thats TWICE the size of Manhattan! And so a big question for a lot of guests is: HOW in the world do I get around the WORLD?

Walt Disney World Monorail

Were here to help! From buses and boats to Skyliners and Monorails to good ol walkways, were talking about TRANSPORTATION in Disney World!

If youd like to jump to a specific topic, simply click any of the links below:

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Transportation Within The Resort

Since the size of the Walt Disney World Resort is comparable to a city within itself, there are a number of different transportation options to get you around to the parks and on-site hotels. Guests should expect to devote some time out of their day to transportation around the resort and plan for it accordingly.

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New Disney Transportation Buses Hitting the Walt Disney World Roadways

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Other Ways To Get Around

Outside of Disney World transportation, you can obviously drive but you can also make use of taxis/Lyft or Uber.

When it comes to using Lyft or Uber, we encourage you to review current policies for both companies before riding, and for general information on how ride sharing at Disney World works you can read our post on why we prefer Lyft.

If you choose to rent a car, costs can add up between paying for the rental, gas, and paying to park at the resorts. But the trade-off is that youll be in control of your arrival time to the parks. You wont have to rely on a bus or boat or monorail or gondola.

Its also important to note that at this time there are no parking lot trams operating, meaning youll have to walk from wherever you parked to the front of the park.

In some instances the walk wont be that bad, but if you arrive later in the day you, may find that youll have quite a distance to hoof it.

We have found that the parking lots typically open up about an hour before the park is scheduled to open.

What About Bus Sharing

Some resorts share buses, meaning that 1 bus will go to multiple different resorts.

For example, it isnt unusual for the All-Star resorts to share a bus or for Port Orleans-Riverside and Port Orleans-French Quarter to share.

Sharing is less likely during the busy morning hours or at park closing, though.

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How Do You Use Disney Transportation

Disney transportation can seem very complicated and confusing, but were here to make it as easy as possible for you! There are many perks to the Disney transportation system, as, if you use it properly, you can get just about anywhere in the Walt Disney World Resort area for free.

The Disney World transportation network consists of a myriad of transportation options, including buses, monorails, boats, and more! While that can seem a bit overwhelming, the easiest way to look at it is to figure out how to get from point A to point B, simply by referring to our Disney transportation guide below.

Plan Your Walt Disney World Vacation Now

A Walt Disney World 4-Park Transportation Challenge!

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Paid Transportation To And From Disney World And Orlando International Airport

Disney World previously offered the Disneys Magical Express service as a complimentary transportation option to and from Orlando International Airport for guests staying at Disney World Resort hotels. The service was discontinued on January 1, 2022, and all Disney World guests are now responsible for arranging their own transportation to the Resort.

While guests can research a myriad of transportation options, were sharing just a few options here for traveling to and from Orlando International Airport .

Mears Connect: Mears Transportation, which previously operated Disneys Magical Express, now offers Mears Connect, connecting the Orlando International Airport to the Disney resort area. There are two options to choose from when booking. Standard, which is shared, uses large vehicles , and has monitored wait times. Theres also Express , which has a limited wait time and direct service. Visit for price and booking information.

Mears Express

Sunshine Flyer: The Sunshine Flyer offers a special themed bus experience, taking guests from the Orlando International Airport to their Disney World hotels . These busses are filled with vintage train details and are designed to look like old-fashioned passenger train cars. Even the drivers are dressed to the part! Visit for price and booking information.

Sunshine Flyer

Minnie Van

Looking for more ways to get to and from Orlando International Airport? Weve compiled a list of resources for you here.

Cons Of Using Walt Disney World Uber Or Lyft

When traveling from the airport to Walt Disney World, you will be charge a small additional fee that is added when the app sees that you are getting picked up inside the airport. We recommend utilizing the Magical Express on your way into Walt Disney World and using an Uber or Lyft when you return to the airport.

Another con of Uber/Lyft is their surge pricing. This one is pretty major. Surge pricing is enabled when the drivers are being used near capacity. If there arent enough drivers to keep up with the current demand, surge pricing takes effect and the rides become a bit more expensive . This enables the ones who needs rides the most a chance to still get around.

The app will notify you when surge pricing is active in case youd like to wait a few minutes for the traffic to calm back down. You can also set it to notify you if the surge ends. While still cheaper than the ordinary taxi, surge pricing can put a damper into a rather great service. On the bright side, with the recent flood of drivers to the Walt Disney World area, surge pricing is becoming less and less common. If it happens, you can expect it around 8-10 am, and 9-11pm, when most of the park guests are arriving and leaving from the resorts.

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Disney World Shuttle Service Between Water Parks And Disney Resorts

Heading to the water parks instead of the theme parks? Typically, buses to the Disney World water parks start running 45 minutes before the park opens for the day and continue operating continuously, arriving approximately every 30 minutes, until ending service about an hour after park close.

Unfortunately, getting to Disneys Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach Water Parks isnt as simple as traveling to Magic Kingdom or Epcot. Depending on which of the Disney water parks youre going to and where youre staying, you may need to transfer one or two times before finally getting to your destination.

If youre going to Blizzard Beach or Disneys Winter Summerland Miniature Golf right next door, unless you are staying at either Coronado Springs or All-Star Movies, you cant take a bus directly to the water park. Rather, you will need to take a Disney World bus to Animal Kingdom Theme Park first, then hop on the bus headed to Blizzard Beach from there.

For Typhoon Lagoon, there is no direct Disney World bus transportation currently being offered between Disney hotels and the tropical-themed water park. Guests will instead have to take a bus to Disney Springs before transferring to the Typhoon Lagoon bus, which runs daily from 9 AM to 6 PM.

The Monorail At Disney World

Transportation Fun at Walt Disney World  The Affordable Mouse ~ The ...

Disneys monorail system runs around every ten minutes, a notably shorter wait than the bus system. It can pick you up directly from your hotel and straight to a selection of Disney parks!

While it is notably quick, the monorail does not go quite as far as the busing system. So while it can be a quick way of getting you from your hotel to the Magic Kingdom, you will likely need to use other transportation methods as well.

One perk of Disney Worlds monorail is that it provides an excellent view of the resort. Its sturdy straddle-beam track is 41 feet high!

If its your first time visiting Disney World, you should definitely try and take the monorail at least once, even if its just for the sake of the experience.

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Choice # : Wdw Transportation System Including Buses Boats Monorails Gondolas


  • No-brainer, no navigation, jump-on/jump-off service
  • Let Disney take care of the details of how to get where youre going
  • Dropped off near the front gate of each park
  • Keeps you in the magic
  • Entertaining
  • Boats offer peaceful rides across lagoons and lakes, sometimes in a nostalgic fashion
  • Monorails! Need I say more? Theyre just so freaking cool! But youd need to stay at a Disney monorail resort . Otherwise, youd have to go out of your way to ride them as the remaining resorts bus you straight to the front gate, bypassing the monorails.


  • Often waiting 20+ mins for some modes of WDW transportation
  • Crowdedvery crowded. Can often feel like cattle herding onto and off
  • Screaming babies or young children.
  • Park-to-Park transfers are very difficult, parking hopping is tedious
  • Resort hopping is very difficult
  • Bus stops are sometimes a long walk from your resort hotel room
  • Multiple bus stops at your resort making a long day longer if your room is near the last stop
  • Going off-property requires you to hire an Uber

Unofficial Quick Tips For Resort To Resort Transportation

Note: Resort bus transportation from theme parks ends around one hour after the park closes. If you have a late dinner reservation, youll be in a cab or taking a bus to Downtown Disney.

If your destination is a Magic Kingdom resort board a bus to Magic Kingdom. Then walk , take the monorail , or board a watercraft to your destination.

If your destination is an Epcot resort take a bus to Disneys Hollywood Studios and either walk or take a Friendship boat to your destination.

If your destination is Animal Kingdom Lodge, Coronado Springs, or any of the All-Star resorts, take a bus to Animal Kingdom park and board a bus to your destination . For nighttime trips, use Hollywood Studios as your hub for bus service.

If your destination is Caribbean Beach Resort, Pop Century, or Art of Animation, take a bus to Hollywood Studios and transfer to another bus to your destination.

If your destination is Port OrleansRiverside or French Quarter, Saratoga Springs, or Old Key West, take a bus to Downtown Disney and transfer to either a bus or boat to your destination. Port Orleans is uniquely centrally located among the resorts Magic Kingdom and Epcot are also good transfers.

Here are the special cases where your point of origin changes my recommendation:

If your starting point is any Magic Kingdom resort and your destination is any non-Magic Kingdom resort, take a bus from Magic Kingdom.

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How Far Is Universal Studios From Disney World

So, youre wondering how close is Universal to Disney? Universal Orlando Resort is exactly 8.6 miles from Walt Disney World Resort from gate to gate. Without heavy traffic in your own vehicle, it would only take about 15 minutes to drive between them. Most theme park guests hop on the I-4, which is a straight shot between the two of them. When using shuttle transportation or ride share services it may take longer depending on where drop off and pick up is. But for the most part, the distance between Disney World and Universal would take less than 25 minutes for total travel time.

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How To Beat The Crowds At Park Close

SIMPLE Guide to Disney World Transportation – Transportation Options Around Disney World!

After the nighttime entertainment ends and crowds leave in droves, there will be long, long..long lines at the bus stops. To avoid this, consider 1 of these options:

  • Take a taxi or Uber/Lyft back to your resort
  • Use a Minnie Van
  • Position yourself so youre one of the first to leave the park and one of the first to get to your bus stop
  • View from outside the park so youre not caught in the crowds at all. This mainly works at Magic Kingdom, where you can view fireworks from one of the beaches at the monorail resorts. It doesnt work as well at the other nighttime shows.

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Forms Of Disney World Transportation

As you can imagine, the size of Walt Disney World makes good transportation a must.

To help you get around, Disney uses several different forms of transport within its system:

  • buses

You might also consider going to that link on your phone and adding it to your home screen to pull it up easily during your trip.

Magic Kingdom < > Hollywood Studios

There are a few different ways you can get from the Magic Kingdom to Hollywood Studios.

To get there quickly, head over to the bus station near the Contemporary Resort. Then, get on the bus thats heading to Hollywood Studios.

Their bus system goes both directions, so it can take you to the Magic Kingdom youre already at Hollywood Studios, too.

For a more scenic trip, you can find the bus stop outside the Kingdoms gates and go to the Boardwalk Inn. Once youre there, you can take a short boat trip the rest of the way.

Finally, you can take the monorail from the Magic Kingdom to the Transportation & Ticket Center. Locate the bus stop there, and it will take you the rest of the way to your destination.

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Driving And Parking At Disney World


If you decide to drive to Disney World, or rent a car when you arrive, you will need to know where you can park and what kinds of parking fees to expect.

If you are staying at a Disney World resort, you won’t be charged for parking at the parks. But, you will be charged the following rates to park at your resort:

  • $15/night at Value resorts
  • $25/night at Deluxe and DVC resorts

When you arrive at the entrance gate a Cast Member will scan your Magic Band.

If you are staying off-site you will be charged to park at the parks:

  • $25/day regular parking
  • $50/day preferred parking

The waterparks and Disney Springs both have free parking

All parking lots at the parks are themed so you can find your car later. I personally like to take a photo of the sign closest to me with my phone so that I can find my car later.

Parking spots that are farther away have trams that run every 5-10 minutes to take you closer to the park gates. At the end of the day be prepared with that photo of your parking spot. The tram drivers will call out the lot and row numbers so you know where to get off.

Parking at the Magic Kingdom is a little different than the other parks. When driving to the Magic Kingdom you actually will park at the Transportation and Ticket Center. From there you can take the monorail or ferry to the park. If you are going to drive to this park, I suggest you give yourself some extra time.

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