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Three Day Ticket Disney World

What Are The Disadvantages Of Using The Mid

3 On 3: Disney World offering mid-day magic ticket

There is a big and obvious disadvantage of using these half day type tickets. Entering any of the Disney World Parks after 12 p.m. means you are getting in when the crowds have already built up.

You are not going to be able to get on any rides or attractions quickly like you would be able to from rope drop when any of the parks first open. You will have to wait in line and will not see any of the benefits of being in any of the Disney World Parks early.

Also if you plan to enter as soon as you can just after midday then make sure you have eaten as it will be lunch time so restaurants will be at their busiest. You will have to be prepared for the park of your choice to be busy.

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Quick Things To Know About Disney World Tickets

Before we get to your options for discount Disney World tickets, we want to remind you of a few details about Disney World tickets generally.

Ticket prices vary by start date. This is the most important point. If you want to compare prices between different sellers you need to make sure you check the same start date. There may be flexible date tickets available, but their prices will typically make them a bad option.

Remember, too, that this means youll want to compare prices from different sellers, but youll also want to compare prices for different dates. You might find that changing your trip date by a week or so saves you a lot of money.

Ticket prices vary by length and ticket type. Relatedly, there are different types of theme park tickets, primarily standard tickets and park hopper tickets.

And those tickets can cover anywhere between one and ten days. Moreover, once youve selected a start date and length, youll have a range of dates during which you can use those tickets.

For example, a 5-day ticket with a start date of November 11, 2021 can be used on any five dates from November 11 through November 18, 2021. Always be sure to compare the exact same tickets when comparing prices! And be sure youre comparing after-tax prices to after-tax prices.

Link tickets to your My Disney Experience account. Its important that wherever you get your tickets from, you link them to your My Disney Experience accountthis will allow you to makeFastPass+ reservations .

Florida Resident Discover Disney Tickets

Florida Resident 3- and 4-day tickets offer a savings. There is no 2-day Florida Resident ticket but the 3-day ticket is cheaper than the regular Disney Theme Park 2-day ticket. For approximately 50% off the regular price, the Park Hopper or Park Hopper Plus options may be added to the 3- and 4-day Florida Resident Tickets. Both options can be added to the Florida Resident 3- and 4-day tickets for just $57 and $64 respectively. Florida Resident 3- and 4-Day Tickets and Options have the same length of use as corresponding Disney Theme Park Tickets. The Flexible Date option can be added on to a Florida Resident Ticket making the expiration date 180 days from first date of use or , whichever comes first.

Florida Residents can also purchase a 1-day park ticket at full price, but are offered discounts Park Hopping. The 1-day Florida Resident ticket and any options purchased must be used on the selected use date .

Valid proof of Florida residency per adult is required for purchase and use of Florida Resident tickets. Acceptable ID includes a Florida drivers license or Florida state ID card, showing a Florida address.

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Day Base Ticket Disney World

The perfect day awaits

Its a thing over fifty million people each year know: Disney World is more than a little special. Magical Tickets connects families and people with the wonder and joy of this spectacular theme park through our affordable 1 day base tickets to Disney World.

Experience for yourself how dreams and fantasies can come to life before your very eyes. A stunning array of shows, rides and actors combine to make the 1 day base ticket an unbeatable option for enjoying Disney World on a budget.

New experiences, same magic

From brand-new Star Wars rides and theme park areas to classics like the Disney Springs and Typhoon Lagoon, theres truly something for everyone at Disney World. With your very own 1 day base ticket to Disney World you can see for yourself just what it is that keeps people coming from all over the world to this jewel of Orlando, Florida.

Why choose Magical Tickets?

Weve provided tickets to Americas most popular theme parks and experiences for over 30 years! Thats a lot of time to build a reputation, and ours is all about an easy service that gets you through those magical doors in no time and with a little money left in your wallet to enjoy the day!

Are Annual Passes For You

Walt Disney World

For some people an annual pass is the most economical choice. Whether a pass will be cheaper than tickets depends somewhat on the time of year you will be going to the parks. If you have two trips planned in one year , its worth calculating it all out depending on exactly how many days you plan to visit in each trip, an annual pass might price out lower or higher than tickets.

If you are not a Florida resident or DVC member, you can only get the top-level Incredi-Pass. As a rule of thumb, that annual pass might pay off if you plan to visit the parks 18 days or more in 1-2 trips, or 14 days or more on 3+ trips.

If you are a DVC member or Florida resident, and dont want to visit during the Christmas season, the Sorcerer Pass is a better deal, but it still wont pay off until roughly 12 days in 1-2 visits, or 11 days in 3+ visits.

After your second year of passholding, you get renewal prices , and the numbers get better.

An Annual Pass is good for 366 days. If you buy one on January 8, 2021, it will be valid through January 8, 2022! So if you take an annual vacation to Walt Disney World, just make it a little earlier the second year, and you can use the previous years pass. For instance, if you bought and activated your pass on January 8, 2021 and vacationed January 8-14, 2021, come back the next year from January 2-8, 2022 and your passes will still be valid. Bingo free admission on your second vacation!

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Get A Park Hopper Plus If You Want To Visit A Water Park

If you plan on visiting one of the two Disney World water parks during your visit and are getting park hopper tickets anyway, you will save quite a bit of money by upgrading to the Park Hopper Plus ticket.

A ticket to a water park costs about $60 per person, but it only costs about $22 to upgrade your Park Hopper ticket to include multiple visits to the water parks.

Plus, if you buy a 4-day Park Hopper Plus ticket youll get up to FOUR visits to the incredible Disney Word water parks, so you can check each one out if youd like!

If you are already buying the Park Hopper tickets and have any interest in visiting the water parks, this is a great way to do it for little extra money.

Walt Disney World Resort Florida Resident Tickets

The Disney Select Ticket offers exclusive savings for Florida residents, choose from 3- or 4-day Disney Select Base, Hopper and Hopper Plus tickets. Tickets can be used on nonconsecutive days, so you can come for a weekend or spread out the fun!

Florida Resident tickets expire 14 days after first use. First use must occur on or before December 31, 2019.

Florida residents can save 30% off a 3-Day Ticket, 40% off a 4-Day Ticketand, for a limited time, get the Park Hopper Option included.

Theme Parks

Star Tours ® The Adventures Continue Attraction

About Walt Disney World Park Hopper Tickets

If you are looking to see everything that the four main Walt Disney World ® Theme Parks have to offer you, this is the ticket for you! With Disneys Magic Your Way ® Ticket with Park Hopper ® Option, you will get unlimited admission to the four main Theme Parks of Epcot ®, Magic Kingdom ® Park, Disneys Animal Kingdom ® Theme Park, and Disneys Hollywood Studios ®, for the amount of days that are included on your ticket. Disneys Magic Your Way ®Ticket with Park Hopper ® Option gives you the flexibility to come-and-go through multiple Walt Disney World ® Theme Parks on the same day for the entire length of your ticket, expiring 14 days from date of first use.

Animal Kingdom

Magic Your Way ® Tickets with Park Hopper ® Option are available in 2-day, 3-day, 4-day, 5-day, 6-day, 7-day, and 10-day passes.

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Park Hopper Plus Option

  • For the flat fee of $85 plus tax the Park Hopper Plus option can be added to any 1- day Base ticket.
  • For the flat fee of $95 plus tax the Park Hopper Plus option can be added to any 2- or 3- day multi-day Base ticket.
  • For the flat fee of $105 plus tax the Park Hopper option can be added to any 4- to 10-day multi-day Base ticket.

The Park Hopper Plus option allows one to ten visits to your choice of the following:

  • Disneys Blizzard Beach
  • Disneys Oak Trail golf course*
  • ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex*
  • Disneys Fantasia Gardens* Miniature Golf Course
  • Disneys Winter Summerland* Miniature Golf Course.

Visits are separate admissions that can be used in any combination. Visits do not have to be used the same day as park admissions. Visiting multiple venues on the same day will use one Park Hopper Plus entitlement for each venue visited.

  • Water Park: $63.00 | $69.00
  • Water Park with Blockout Dates: $58.00 | $64.00
  • ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex: $14.00 | $19.00
  • Oak Trail Golf : Starts at $39.00 plus tax
  • Fantasia Gardens or Winter Summerland: $12.00 | $14.00

* Visit to Fantasia Gardens or Winter Summerland miniature golf courses is for one round of golf per day before 4:00 p.m.

If you plan on visiting a Disney water park at least twice during your visit, adding the Park Hopper Plus option to your multi-day Base ticket will save you money.

Upgrading Your Disney World Tickets While On Vacation

Disney offering Florida residents 3-day tickets for $175

If you find you cant get enough of the Disney magic and cant bear to go back home just yet, you can tack on extra days to your Disney World tickets while on vacation. This will allow you to take advantage of cheaper rates even when youre in Orlando already.

Simply go to the ticket window at one of the Disney theme parks, to Guest Services inside the theme parks, or the concierge or guest relations desk at your Disney World Resort hotel. Tell them what youd like to do and theyll be happy to get it all set up for you.

A couple of caveats here. First, you must add days or upgrade within 14 days of first use. Second, you must have some entitlements remaining on your ticket. Meaning, if you bought a 4-day ticket, you should have been to the theme parks 3 times and have at least one admission remaining.

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Examples Of Snack Prices

Here are the prices for some of the most popular snacks at Disney World:

  • Mickey Pretzel $7.25
  • Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar $6.00
  • Dole Whip $5.00
  • Hot Dog and Chips $9.50
  • Cotton Candy $5.00
  • Carrots and Ranch Dressing $4.50
  • Churro with dipping sauce $6.50
  • Fruit $4.00 $5.00
  • Coca Cola/Soft Drinks $4.50
  • Coffee $3.29
  • Orange Juice $5.00

If you are not on the Disney Dining Plan, budget at least $10 per person, per day for snacks.

If you are on the Disney Dining Plan, make sure you use your snack credits on the most expensive eligible snacks to get the most value.

What Other Disney World Ticket Types Are Available

In addition to base tickets, you can also buy three types of add-ons to base tickets, and a fourth modifier to base tickets that takes out some of their restrictions.

The Park Hopper add-on gives you the ability to visit more than one park in a day. Returning visitors commonly enjoy the extra flexibility that Hoppers give them, but I counsel first-timers to only add them after they are sure they need them. Each Disney park takes more than a day to see, and travel between parks can take longer than first-timers might imagine.

In a new change, park hopping can only happen at 2p or later, and only after a guest has already entered a reserved park earlier that day.

Adding a Park Hopper costs an additional flat fee for the entire length of the ticket. For a one day ticket, it costs $69.23. Adding a Hopper to a two or three day ticket costs a flat fee of $79.88, and adding it to a four to ten day ticket costs a flat fee of $90.53.

The main other option available to everyone is Annual Passes, of which there are various types, which provide unlimited entry to the parks over most or all of 12 months.

Narrower populationsmost significantly Florida residents, visitors from the UK, and members of the US Armed Forcescan often find different or special offers. Check the Disney World website for eligibility, prices and terms of these.

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Disney World Day Tickets From Uk

Hi everyone,

Is it possible to purchase day tickets to Disney World from the UK? I can only see option for 7 or 14 day passes?

Any advice appreciated,

2 replies to this topic

How many Disney days do you have? Don’t dismiss those UK tickets even though you don’t as many days. They’re way, way, way cheaper than tix we can get in the US AND they come with extras like park hoppers. Do the math and if you pay for more days than you need but still pay less than US prices you are making a good choice.

Undercover Tourist is the best source for tickets since Disney doesn’t sell smaller day amounts on the UK website. Reputable and easy to use.

Were The Prices The Same For All Dates

1985 Walt Disney World 3

Unfortunately prices vary depending on which dates you are looking to book for. Busier and peak times of the Disney World Calendar year will cost more.

Our advice is to check Mid-Day Magic Ticket prices on the official Disney World website, heres a link that will take you straight there.

If you want to read more about what times of year to go to Disney World take a look at our article here.

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Advice Tips And Tricks For Walt Disney World Tickets And Passes


There are loads of different Walt Disney World tickets and passes, and it can be very confusing to figure out which ones to buy and how to get the best discounts and deals on them. This page can help.

Annual Pass prices last went up on August 30, 2021. If you havent bought tickets since Disney went to a variable price per day for multi-day tickets, you may want to read our guide to Disney World tiered ticket pricing to get up to speed on the big pricing change.

In addition to Walt Disney World ticket discounts, there are lots of ways to maximize the use of your Disney World ticket. You can get a lot of extra value out of it if you know what youre doing!

Read the sections below to get specific tips for each of the major Disney World tickets as well as Disney passes sold in advance, at the gate and at the Disney resort hotels.

Jump to:

Themouseforless Walt Disney World Ticket Tips

Unused day on any Walt Disney World unexpired multi-day ticket can be used for admission to Disneyland or Disneys California Adventure parks. Present your WDW Ticket at the gate and it will be exchanged for a single day Disney park admission ticket. If you have multiple days left on your WDW ticket, you must repeat the process each day. Only one day will be subtracted from your WDW ticket at a time and the Disneyland ticket must be used on the same day. If your Walt Disney World ticket has the park hopping option, you may also park hop at Disneyland. Its also worth noting that you must have already used or activated the ticket at Walt Disney World for at least one day in order to use unused days at Disneyland Resort.

Disneyland tickets can not be used as admission to Walt Disney World parks! The value of a valid unused or partially-used Disneyland ticket can, however, be applied to the purchase of a new Walt Disney World Disney Theme Park ticket or Annual Pass. Any Guest Relations Office at Walt Disney World should be able to lookup the value of your unexpired Disneyland ticket, cancel the Disneyland ticket, and apply that value to your new WDW ticket.

Disney doesnt require kids who have a birthday during a trip to change tickets. The age of your child on the day you check-in determines the ticket you will need to purchase.

Visit our Ticket Discount page for information on getting discounts on Disney Theme Park tickets.

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