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The Best Times To Visit Disney World

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The Best Times to Visit Walt Disney World in 2022
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Christmas and New Year

With its elaborate Christmas decorations, festive parades and faux snow falls, Disney World is especially magical over Christmas and New Year. One of the best times to visit, this period packs in a whole heap of extra entertainment such as Mickeys Very Merry Christmas Party, Epcots International Festival of the Holidays, the rousing Candlelight Processional and an abundance of other holiday merriment including festive parties, live shows, spectacular fireworks and character meet-and-greets.

As youd expect, the parks get pretty packed, especially during Christmas week. Weather-wise its a great time too, as its pleasantly warm and unlikely to rain. As peak season comes into effect vacation prices will be higher, however if you youll be the first to hear about our latest deals and last-minute offers.

Other holidays

Aside from the main holidays there are quite a few other busy times at Disney World. Theres Martin Luther King weekend in January and Presidents Day weekend in February. Also, dont forget the UK half-terms one in February and one in October when lots of Brits arrive on vacation.

Best Time To Visit Disney World

The best time to visit Disney World, especially for fewer crowds and good prices, is in September. Summer vacation has ended and most families are back home, settling in for the new school year.

Of course, September is just one of the many low periods that Disney experiences throughout the year. There are some differences on the best time depending on if you are looking for great weather, short lines, etc.

I was a Cast Member at Disney for 12 years and I visited the Disney parks frequently, so I have seen how the crowds and prices can fluctuate throughout the year. In this guide, Ill help you decide exactly when to visit Disney World for the best experience.

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Weather In Disney World By The Season

Winter The majority of the year is t-shirt and shorts weather, but in the winter months, it can be chilly some days, and definitely at night. At that time of year, a jacket and sweater are both good ideas, yet bringing lighter clothes in case the temperatures are mild.

The average daytime high temperature in Dec, Jan, Feb, and March is in the low 70s. This is actually good news and we prefer to visit the parks when the weather isnt as hot as in the Summer. The negatives are that it isnt great pool weather so not as much to do around the hotels. The Resorts flowers and trees arent as beautiful in the Winter and this has the least daylight of any season.

Spring This is another great time to visit Walt Disney World and if you visit in March/April the average daytime high temperature is in the low 80s. This is good pool weather and good for the parks. Temperatures in May get significantly higher and reach close to 90 degrees.

Another good thing about Spring is its not an overly humid time of year with moderately low rainfall. There is also more sunlight in the Spring, which allows for longer hours in the parks every day.

Humidity is off the charts in the Summer months with an average of 60% or more. Disney World has 13 rainy days per month on average in the Summer, and 6.4 inches of rain.

Daylight is still good in early Fall, just remember to bring a light jacket or sweater at night as temperatures drop significantly compared to the daytime.

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New Years Eve/ New Years Day

3, 2, 1Happy New Year!

The idea of ringing in the new year at The Most Magical Place on Earth is intriguing, sure. But youre not the only one with that idea.

Often, Disney parks will reach capacity for New Years Eve and into New Years Day. Weve already seen select parks Park Passes filling up for New Years Eve this year.

However, if youre not planning on waiting in extremely long ride lines, and simply want to experience the exciting atmosphere of a Disney crowd watching fireworks together while singing Auld Lang Syne, the energy of the guests is contagious and a ton of fun to be part of.

Go Before Your Child Turns 3 And Theyre Free

The Best Time To Go To Disney World

Most people dont realize that if you plan a Disney vacation before your child turns 3 everything for that child is FREE! Even if you plan the vacation on their long as they dont turn 3 until after you check in to the hotel they are FREE! Needless to say, Little Man turns 3 next year so I think were going to plan a Disney vacation for his birthday.

Unfortunately, there is no PERFECT date to go to Disney World but there are best times to visit Disney World based on your family, priorities and situation.

For me the perfect time to visit Disney World is the end of October low crowds, cooler weather but still warm enough for swimming, fun events, and just a little more money than value season but comfort is important and once you go to Disney World they send you super discount codes to bring you back so if we get a super discount code then it will be perfect! But Id rather pay a little more for the comfort factor.

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Which Disney Park Is Expected To Be The Least Crowded In 2022

Theres no sure answer, but our best guess is Epcot if theres not a festival happening. This is because Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios are the smallest of the four parks, they typically fill up the fastest. Animal Kingdom is the largest park, so in theory, it should take longer to hit capacity each day. However, its also a staple park for families, especially with the addition of the Avatar Tree of Life section and ride.

Most families visiting the Disney parks probably will not start with Epcot, so if youre looking for a more relaxed day, this park may be your best bet. Again, remember that there really isnt a dead park, and crowds are usually inevitable no matter which park you attend. Disney has also done a great job plugging many of the dead times of year at EPCOT with the four amazing festivals that they have.

Best Times To Visit Walt Disney World Based On The Weather

There are a ton of things to consider when deciding when to visit Walt Disney World. Everything from work and school schedules to crowd levels can impact when you plan your trip, but the weather is an important consideration when deciding the best time to visit Disney.

When you think of Florida, you think of warm, sunny days, and that is true of Florida weather very often. It is called the Sunshine State! However, there are times of the year when that beautiful sunshine is sweltering! And, believe it or not, there are some times downright chilly! Check out this information on weather at different times of the year, and how that can impact your vacation plans.

Average Low: 48

Average High: 72

The chilly weather may mean you need a jacket, but you should not be sweating while wandering the parks. The cooler temperatures make it easier to stay in the parks longer, as they are less draining than intense heat. Many water attractions, like Splash Mountain, may be closed for refurbishments during this time of year due to the cooler temperatures. Typically, only one of the water parks will be open through the winter months. It is occasionally possible to swim despite the cool weather because all of Disneys pools are heated.

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Determining The Best Time To Visit Disney World In 2022 And 2023

It should come as no surprise that the best time to visit Disney World has historically fallen along with school schedules, which is to say, the best time to visit is generally when the kids are in school. Generally, any time there is a school holiday, there will be bigger crowds at Disney World. The , even virtual school, for Disney is toadally personal, and we frogs have a no-judgment policy.

When planning the best time to visit Disney World, we recommend you check our Crowd Calendar. The yearly, monthly and daily crowd levels are right there for you to see, along with individual park recommendations and park hours. Park hours are important and should be factored in when deciding when to visit Orlando. This is because when crowd levels are lowest, park hours are the shortest. Also, key shows, such as Disney Enchantment at Magic Kingdom, aren’t always shown daily when crowd levels are lowest. When crowd levels are highest, the parks generally open earlier and close later, and key entertainment might have two showtimes each evening.

Our Favorite Time To Visit Disney World 2022

Best Time to Visit Disney World

So when is the best time of year to go to Disney World in 2022 if youre avoiding the crowds? Very simply the end of least busy times at Disney World. We love this time of year for a few reasons. The first being that guests can also take advantage of Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween Party.The second being you can visit the EPCOT International Food and Wine Festival. The only downside to this time of year can be the weather, which is typically hot and humid.

The second best time of year to visit Disney World is early January February. The period right after marathon weekend has historically proven to be some of the least crowded days at Disney World. This is also a great time of year to visit if weather is an important factor which we will cover later on in this post!Its important to note we still highly recommend making your top priority FastPass+ selections and Disney dining reservations.

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The Worst Times To Visit Walt Disney World

Is there a bad time to visit Walt Disney World? For some, the quick answer is no. Weve all heard the refrain that even a bad day at Disney World is better than a good day in the real world.

Depending on your point of view and your park touring preferences, there may actually be less ideal times to visit Disney World. Some people may be more concerned about the weather than crowds while others cant stomach an abundance of construction walls.

Whats The Best Time To Visit Disney World

I visited Disney World once years ago and the traffic to get there was terrible! I want to go again with my husband, but Iâm hoping I can avoid getting into bad traffic again. Whatâs the best time to visit Disney World?

late January through early Februarylate August through Septemberbe prepared for the weather conditions

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The Best Time To Visit Disney World In 2023

  • Coming soon!

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Our team at the park prodigy has been grabbing data, a lot of data and we created our Disney World Crowd Calendar.Very simply it helps you avoid the large crowds, and spend more time having fun. So if reasonable wait times and a lesser chance of getting run over by a stroller is your idea of a picture-perfect Disney vacation, check out the dates below.

Know What Are The Best Times To Go To Disney

Best Days to Visit Each Walt Disney World Park

*Based on Disney Parks in Orlando, Florida, USA

Youll notice that , while March has crowd sizes ranging from Moderate to High .

While youre planning that perfect day to go, dont forget to to view the crowd level of each day!

Best Time of Year to Visit Disney World

    These months are closely followed by March, May, September, and October as still pretty decent visiting times.

    Worst Time of Year to Visit Disney World

      Florida Weather at Disney World

      Florida is mostly filled with perfect weather however, there are moments when I question my sanity of living here.

      Summertime in Florida is like no other state, especially for theme park goers.

      If youre a resident of an area that experiences all four seasons with mild summers, then you will definitely be taken aback by the hot, humid, indescribable weather that Florida is known for.

      The weather can truly affect your choice when deciding what season to visit the parks.

      Youll want to be prepared for surviving the Disney heat, but dont worry I have some summertime survival tips here.

      Have a DIFFERENT kind of Orlando vacation with a Resort home next to Disney World.Find Your Disney Resort Vacation Rental here!

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      Stay At A Disney Hotel To Maximize The Experience

      The Riviera Resort is at the top of my list for future staycations

      If it works for your budget, stay at a Walt Disney World hotel. The experience cannot be matched because from sun up to sun down you are immersed in Disney. You can enjoy character meet and greets at your hotel, get a wake-up call from Mickey himself, and potentially view fireworks from your hotel room.

      Disney hotels have a variety of price ranges. Value resorts typically have fewer amenities. Deluxe resorts usually have table-service dining options and connections to the parks. For example, at Disneys Grand Floridian resort, you can eat at five different table service restaurants, access Magic Kingdom and Epcot from the monorail, and enjoy early theme park entry perks.

      When Is The Best Time Of Year To Visit Disney World 2022

      Theres always a myriad of factors to consider when planning your trip to Orlando, but this year has its own unique set of curveballs. Operational updates to the parks have been made to protect guests health and safety. So while historically these dates and times are when Disney World is less crowded, keep in mind that crowds and wait times may be higher than were used to seeing. We anticipate things to go back to how they were once safety measures are relaxed. Be sure to check back here for updates!

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      Use Minnie Vans To Travel From One Hotel To Another

      In June 2022, the Minnie Van transportation service returned to Walt Disney World. This service is operated in partnership with Lyft, but the vehicles are driven by Disney cast members.

      Every Minnie Van is equipped with two car seats for families with young children. Since Disney transportation does not operate between all the hotels, this is a great option to check out other hotels or get to a dining reservation.

      Do Research Before Your First Visit

      The best time to visit Walt Disney World in 2022

      Youre already reading here, so thats a great start! Between the hotels, dining options, theme parks, and additional activities, there can be a lot to plan for a Walt Disney World vacation.

      When you take the time to do some research ahead of time, youll have a better idea of what to expect. I always love watching video summaries of Disney vacations so I can get a visual of what to expect at different locations.

      Related Reading: After you finish reading all my Disney World tips and tricks, check out my travel guide to Orlando and the rest of our Florida guides on Travel Lemming.

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      Things To Keep In Mind For February:

      • There are a few holidays and special events sprinkled throughout this month that have historically drawn large crowds.
      • The Epcot Festival of the Arts is one of the shorter festivals, but it is definitely worth checking out.
      • The weather in February is some of the best youll have.

      Get park hours and info on refurbishments and special events on the .

      Questions About Disney Resort Accommodations Vacation Packages & Discounts

      Jump to:

      When will new Disney resort discounts become available?

      We wish we knew! The resort and vacation package discounts are somewhat unpredictable. Only Disney knows when the next ones will come out. We have no crystal ball we cant predict what Disney may decide to do.

      However, you can get a general idea of the historical trends. To assist you in planning future trips for which discounts have not yet been released, check out our chart of release dates for the deepest discounts .

      In addition, here are some general observations about future discount availability:

      When offered, room only discounts for the general public, Annual Passholders and Florida residents are usually relatively last-minute. Dont expect to get a big discount way in advance typically the discounts are released 2-4 months in advance. Sometimes the discounts are restricted to certain resorts or room types.

      Vacation package discounts are sometimes released a little earlier, but seldom more than 6 months in advance.

      Naturally, Disney only offers discounts on its resorts when it has a significant number of rooms to fill. Therefore the most popular dates and resorts are typically not discounted.

      Some additional observations:

      When will next years Disney resort room rates or vacation package prices be released?

      Is it possible to use more than one discount for the same Disney resort reservation?

      Thanks to Alex B for suggesting this topic.


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