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Taking A Baby To Disney World

What Age Is Right

Tips for Taking a Baby to Disney World

With a realistic and positive attitude set, its time to plan that first trip! By far, the most common question we get is, what age is right? This is a controversial question, and were going to plead ignorance. Not just to avoid offending people who disagree , but because thats a loaded question that really depends on your circumstances. Plus, our answer might very well change once we have kids of our own.

Its a loaded question because what everyone wants out of a trip to Walt Disney World with their kids differs. For many adults who take their really young children, the experience is not about the memories of the kids, but for the parents. Its about watching their kids face light up as they touch Eeyore for the first time, or its about getting that first photo in front of Cinderella Castle. We can say now that we probably wouldnt want to hassle with taking a 1 year old to Walt Disney World now, but our opinion might very well change once we have a 1 year old of our own, and want those memories of our own.

Our advice here would be not to let other people talk you out of the decision youve already made concerning when is right for that first trip. It seems like a lot of parents find themselves thinking that they want to take a trip with their toddler for whatever reason, and then turn to other people, almost as if they want to be talked out of the crazy idea.

Disney World Itinerary For Toddlers

I know youre looking for a perfect itinerary. After all, who doesnt want someone else to give them the perfect formula for success?

I dont feel qualified to put together a specific itinerary because were always winging it half the time ourselves, and I would hate to be a little off in my timing and throw another familys vacation off-track.

However, I can steer you in the direction of some people who have done the work of creating an itinerary.

  • Touring Plans has a plethora of very specific itineraries for different needs and lengths of stay. You do have to pay for a membership to have access to them, but its not very expensive. We have gotten it in the past and I think it was worth it.
  • Disney Tourist Blog has a free 1-day Magic Kingdom Itinerary which is worth taking a peek at to give you some ideas, but keep in mind that they do not have children and their timing and priorities are going to be different from yours.
  • Finally, WDW Prep School has an 8-Day Itinerary for Families.

Make It A Family Affair Or Not

If you feel the need to justify the trip further, consider bringing along extended family members and make it an opportunity for grandparents and other loved ones to spend time with the little ones. Bonus: they may even watch the little guys while you go out to dinner! Theres also nothing wrong with taking a trip thats just for you and your nuclear family. Related: Tips & Tricks for Taking Grandchildren to Walt Disney World

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Best Disney World Rides For Babies & Toddlers At Hollywood Studios:

Alien Swirling Saucers

This is a gentle ride for those 32 and taller. Join the three little aliens from Toy Story and whirl about the inside of the claw machine. Up to three people can sit together, and make sure the heaviest among you is on the side that gets squished! This ride is a welcome addition to Hollywood Studios, which used to only have Toy Story Mania as a ride for little kids.

Toy Story Mania

This ride is a blast, and not dissimilar in theme to Buzz Lightyears Space Ranger Spin in Magic Kingdom. You need to wear 3D glasses to get the full experience, and its pretty noisy and jostle-y. The addition of Toy Story Land has really improved the wait! The stand-by wait time for Toy Story Mania used to be crazy! Going through the queue can be part of the experience, though. There are a number of interactive stations along the way.

And that is pretty much it for guests 48 and shorter. There isnt a lot of Disney World rides for babies and toddlers at Hollywood Studios, but there are many shows and attractions they will absolutely love.

Best Rides For Babies And Toddlers At Epcot

Taking a Baby to Disney World

Epcot is the next best park when it comes to Disney rides for babies. Even though there might not be much for them to do in World Showcase, there are still several rides around the park that are suitable for all heights. Epcot might not be as magical to kids as Magic Kingdom is, but they can still find some fun things to do!

Its also important to note that the new Remys Ratatouille Adventure ride in the France Pavilion, set to open in 2021, will most likely not have a height requirement. The version in Disneyland Paris doesnt have a height requirement, so thats why we assume this one wont either.

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Best Disney World Rides For Babies & Toddlers At Animal Kingdom:

Kilamanjaro Safaris

The real highlight of a visit to Animal Kingdom is Kilamanjaro Safaris, located in the Africa section of the park . Its a bumpy ride in a large-ish truck, but lap babies and toddlers are fine. Squirming toddlers might be stressful for parents to hang on to, but theres usually enough to see so theyre happy to sit. Definitely FastPass+ this ride, and go as early as possible. The animals are usually more visible and more animated in the morning before it gets too hot.

TriceraTop Spin

Located in Dino-Land, USA, this ride is the Animal Kingdom-equivalent of Magic Kingdoms Dumbo, minus the insane stand-by line. Ive been here at different times of the year and during different times of the day, and its never been longer than a 45-minute wait. The baby TriceraTops are just as cute as Dumbo, but perhaps minus the heartstring-tugging associations must of us have with that baby elephant.

Wildlife Express Train

This ride is kinda hidden, tucked in behind Kilamanjaro Safaris and Harambe Market. The train is the only way to access Rafikis Planet Watch, and the interactive areas there that are great for toddlers. There is rarely much of a wait for the Wildlife Express Train, and you can opt to just do the round-trip, rather than get off and explore. Or you can do bothover and over againas we did when my son was three.

Navi River Journey

We were invited to visit Pandora: The World of Avatar right before it first opened, and my kids absolutely loved it:

Disney World Rides For Babies

  • Magic kingdom

Many would agree that this is the best theme park for families with babies. Plus, if the quintessential Disney experience is what youre after, Magic Kingdom is definitely where its at.

Out of the seventeen rides the park offers, the only rides babies are not allowed to ride are Big Thunder Mountain, Tomorrowland Speedway, Splash Mountain, The Barnstormer, and Space Mountain meaning there are plenty of baby rides at Disney Worlds Magic Kingdom!

Ride Its a small world to delight your baby with some visual stimulation and repetitive audio, then visit the gentle but engaging Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters. Dont forget to take your babys first castle picture before heading off to the next park!

  • Animal Kingdom

With only three rides that babies and toddlers can go on, Animal Kingdom is the perfect park to visit on one of your slower days, like the day you arrive or the day you leave.

Take your baby with you on the Kilimanjaro Safaris and the TriceraTop Spin. Then, check out the advanced animatronics and bioluminescent rainforest featured in the gentle Navi River Journey at Pandora.

  • Disneys Hollywood Studios

Disneys Hollywood Studios has only two rides without height restrictions, namely Mickey & Minnies Runaway Railway and Toy Story Midway Mania. However, with the parks show lineup, the lack of rides will barely faze your toddlers.

  • Epcot

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Timing Crowds And Weather With An Infant Or Toddler

When should you go? First, lets talk about when you shouldnt you go!

Crowd conditions are important. If you do choose to go to Disney with an infant or toddler, we recommend that you dont go during high season. The crowds and long lines will make an already challenging trip more difficult. We also suggest that you dont go during the warmest weather. To determine the crowd conditions, check out our article called How to Pick Your Disney World Travel Dates.

Weather is important. In this article you can check out the weather averages for Orlando. Look about halfway down the page to see charts for temperature and rain averages. Youll see that the intense heat starts consistently revving up in May and lasts through September. The increased humidity makes it feel much more uncomfortable. You can also check weather averages on

In the summer the Florida heat and humidity is relentless and intense, and infants should not be exposed to that level of heat for any length of time. Babies are much more sensitive to heat than adults, and their bodies are less able to cope with it effectively. Many adults have difficulty with Floridas summer heat. If youre visiting the parks in the summer, you run the risk of overexposing the child. Heres what one local health worker had to say:

Randy also mentioned that he saw a lot of sunburned babies come in to the ER.

Plan Out Feeding And Changing Your Baby Beforehand

Taking Baby To Disney World Part 2

Baby care centers in Disney World cannot store your babys food and milk, and zipping back to your hotel room every time the baby needs to eat just isnt realistic. So, consider carrying a small portable cooler you can place under your babys stroller. You can also get ice from a restaurant to help keep things cool or use a frozen water bottle.

The selections of food, formula and diapers at the Disney shops are limited and marked at a high price premium, so plan ahead on where youll be sourcing your supplies from. You could bring enough for the whole duration of your vacation and stash it all at your hotel, or you could stock up at a grocery store in Orlando. Another option is to have groceries delivered right to you.

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Breastfeeding While At Walt Disney World

While in the parks, many women find the Baby Care Centers the most comfortable and private place to breastfeed however since the parks are so large, theyre not always the most convenient location when youre baby is ready to feed. There are few truly private areas around the parks however there are many locations that will work.

One idea is to nurse during an attraction that takes place inside a darkened theater such as Walt Disneys Carousel of Progress in Magic Kingdom, Finding Nemo The Musical in Animal Kingdom, and The American Adventure in Epcot. There are also benches around the parks in areas that are on the quieter side.

A Contributor to our book, Sue Mickelson, said the following:

I breastfed my youngest child at Disney World over 20 years ago when she was an infant. Although breastfeeding in public was less common then that it is now, I had no issues. I fed her a lot in rides, but also sitting on benches in quiet places in the park. I must have been discreet, because the only comments I received were people asking if they could look at the sleeping baby. I had done some practicing in front of a mirror before our trip, so I was quite confident that I could nurse my baby without showing anything.

Managing Well With ADHD, ADD and ODD at Disney World

Rides For Babies In Fantasyland:

Its a Small World

I cry almost every single time we go on Its a Small World. Except for that one time we got stuck and actually had to evacuate, because that was kind of awesome. They are always making small modifications to the puppets/dolls/characters but the premise is the same. Its a gentle boat cruise through the worlds countries and cultures, culminating in a land where all the children play together in the snow. . Any bad feelings from any aforementioned spooky rides can be erased by a sail through Its a Small World, and its a nice, cool break from the hot Florida sun.

Peter Pans Flight

This is a classic ride that frequently has a really long stand-by line, so Peter Pans Flight is a good candidate for FastPass+ usage. Lap babies are welcome on this ride, but keep in mind its pretty dark inside and you fly over the rooftops, which can be a little stressful for parents with really strong squirmers in their laps. This is one of those Disney World rides for babies that the parents tend to enjoy more, but it is a wonderful trip through memory lane.

Dumbo the Flying Elephant

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

Prince Charming Regal Carousel

Under the Sea Journey of the Little Mermaid

Mad Tea Party

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Breastfeeding At Disney World:

According to Florida law, breastfeeding is allowed in all public places. However, if you find yourself looking for a sequestered location to nurse and there are no Baby Care Centers in sight, opt for a slow-paced park attraction.

Pirates of the Caribbean, The Carousel of Progress at Tomorrowland, Hall of Presidents, and Country Bear Jamboree at Magic kingdom are all perfect for nursing at Disney World. Feathered Friends in Flight at the Animal Kingdom, Frozen Sing-a-long at Disneys Hollywood Studios, and American Adventure in EPCOT can all serve the same purpose. Bringing your baby carrier along can also help big time when it comes to napping and breastfeeding anytime, anywhere.

No : Strollers At Disney World Are A Blessing And A Curse

5 Reasons to take your Baby to Disney World plus helpful tips

Kids, with their tiny legs and feet, will have to cover a lot of ground walking around the park. That said, every park has stroller rental or allows strollers to enter. But while theyre great for keeping a kid from getting too tired, they can also be a logistical nightmare.

Because the queues are too narrow for strollers, the parks offer designated stroller parking areas. These, for all intents and purposes, act like stroller parking lots and come with a parking lots worth of hassle. Not only do you have to find a spot and remove the kid prior to getting to the line, you have to find the stroller when you get back and often wait for others to clear out before you can get on your way again. The whole thing can start to feel pretty ridiculous when the walk between attractions is short.

If parents do plan on bringing a stroller, make sure it is easily identifiable and plan a route that keeps stroller parking as infrequent as possible.

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Make Your Stroller Stand Out

Before you park your ride in the sea of strollers, find a way to differentiate yours from the rest.

Animal Kingdom Test Strollers

Not surprisingly, we see a LOT of the exact same strollers when we go to retrieve ours, so making yours stand out to you is crucial. Do you really want to drag the wrong stroller across the park only to find your kid has been drinking out of someone elses sippy cup the whole time?!

So you can tie a homemade sign, a ribbon, a Mickey balloon, a bright fan or keychain to the back something to have it stand out against the rest.

Visiting Disney World With A Baby

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My family and I were given the amazing opportunity to attend the 2020 Disney Creators Celebration, which included a resort stay, park tickets, exclusive park experiences, and a sailing with Disney Cruise Line. Thank you to Disney for this unforgettable experience. All thoughts and opinions are always my own.

In the last two years, my family and I have found ourselves in the Happiest Place on Earth four times. And, all of a sudden, we are Disney freaks. We have made the most incredible memories as a family, and we are hooked! Disney just does it best. They truly cater the experiences in the park to everyone no matter the age.

When we had the opportunity to return to Disney World, we didnt bat an eye. Of course, we were going to bring Logan along! Sure, we were a bit nervous on how hed do, and we had a couple of reservations, but at the end of the day, we are so happy we brought him.

Logan was a champ in the parks. He had many a stroller nap, and was happy in the baby carrier when I took him on rides. He just did whatever we did, and Im so glad he was a part of this experience.

In this blog post, Im going to break down a lot of the questions I had before bringing a baby to Disney World, and go over some of the things that helped us have the best possible time in the parks.

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