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Taking A 4 Year Old To Disney World

Make Your Stroller Stand Out

Taking on Disney with our 4 and 2 year old

Before you park your ride in the sea of strollers, find a way to differentiate yours from the rest.

Animal Kingdom Test Strollers

Not surprisingly, we see a LOT of the exact same strollers when we go to retrieve ours, so making yours stand out to you is crucial. Do you really want to drag the wrong stroller across the park only to find your kid has been drinking out of someone elses sippy cup the whole time?!

So you can tie a homemade sign, a ribbon, a Mickey balloon, a bright fan or keychain to the back something to have it stand out against the rest.

Take Advantage Of The Baby Care Centers

You may be saying Wait, I have a toddler, not a baby. Yes, but the Baby Care Centers are still amazing. The entire Walt Disney World Resort area can be hot. Getting out of the sun and into some air conditioning can do wonders for parents and kids alike. The Baby Care Centers are decked out with restrooms, changing tables, movies, rocking chairs and nursing areas.

My husband loves that you can buy Pedialyte there, which we always give to our kids to prevent dehydration. Be sure to pay the center a visit. Each park has a baby care center.

Tips For Walt Disney World With Toddlers: Try A Character Breakfast First Like The Topolinos Terrace Character Breakfast

Crystal Palace with Winnie the Pooh and friends is inside Magic Kingdom Park. The character interaction is longer, and its another way to test the waters. Magic Kingdom Park really is a 2-day park, and its my favorite, but Im a kid at heart.

You can also wave to all your favorite characters during Disneys Festival of Fantasy Parade. The costumes, music, dancing, and characters are mesmerizing even for little ones. The picture of my daughter below is one of my all-time favorites when shes watching the parade.

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High Schoolers At Disney World

If youve got high schoolers, dont worry as this can be another great age to take kids to Disney World.

Firstly, the older kids can have more freedom when you go to the parks and hotels, and many parents wont mind their teenager heading down to the pool by themselves or splitting up with them in the parks to go ride a ride that the other family dont want to do.

Disney is a very safe place to be, and a great way to help them spread their wings a little bit.

Secondly, there isnt a question with this age group on how much they believe the characters are real, which means you can appreciate Disney in a whole new light.

They know there is a behind the scenes to it all, and you can even go on behind the scenes tours to get some fascinating glimpses into how the magic is made.

Teens will also be tall enough to ride all of the rides, and there are quite a few thrill rides like Tower of Terror, RocknRollercoaster at Hollywood Studios, and Expedition Everest that really appeal to the teen set.

Teens who love shopping will also fall in love with Disney Springs, which has a more adult atmosphere with plenty of places to eat and shop.

For more guides on taking teens to Disney, check out our guide to the best rides for teens at the Magic Kingdom, as well as other things to do with teens in Orlando.

Harsh Truth No : Planning A Disney World Vacation Takes Months

The Solars take on Disney World  Day 2  Adventure Stories

Its not an exaggeration to say that planning a trip to Disney World takes months. And that seems, in some ways, by design.

Disney World draws millions of visitors every day, and making sure that all of those people can take advantage of the parks amenities requires some serious scheduling. So, if you want your kid to meet their favorite Disney personalities at character meals, youll have to make your reservations well in advance. Thats particularly true of the more popular meals featuring Disney princesses.

The Disney Fast Pass system also requires some serious forethought. A Fast Pass is essentially a way that park visitors can jump the line on popular attractions by reserving a time to ride or visit. However, times tend to get booked well in advance, particularly for the more popular rides.

Add to all of this the fact that the parks are physically massive. Its no wonder that there are giant tomes released yearly to help families navigate their experience: Youll want to pick one up and use it.

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Consider Your Toddlers Mobility

Strollers are great and many kids end up using them for rest and/or naps during the day. Take into account what your child-to-adult ratio will be, how many kids youll have with you and your kiddos rest needs. If you do bring a stroller, youll need to park it outside of rides, which can slow down your progress getting through the ride line.

On one of our trips, my daughter was barely 3. We brought a baby carrier and she walked a lot of the time with small periods of rest riding in the baby carrier. On our next trip, we had more kids with us, so we brought a stroller and were thankful we did.

Keep in mind that strollers rented in the parks from Disney cannot be taken to other parks. Youll need to grab a new stroller at each park. So depending on whether your park tickets are hoppers or not, you may want to consider renting a stroller from off site.

Read More: How to make your stroller stand out so you can find it easily in the parks. And, before you go, make sure you know Disneys stroller rules.

Come Up With A Must Do List

No matter how hard you try, you perfectly planned schedule that looks great on paper is going to get de-railed somehow. Trust me, I know. Things will take longer than you thought, or someone will suddenly become very hungry and have to eat right now, no matter what your meticulously designed itinerary says.

Thats why its smart to have a Must Do list before you go.

No matter how badly things go out of whack, at least youll have the satisfaction of knowing you did the things people really, really wanted to do.

Whether its getting your picture taken with Ariel, riding Dumbo, or eating a Mickey ice cream bar, find out what everybody is looking forward to the most and then stay focused on those things even if all else fails.

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The Land Pavilion At Epcot

Epcots Land Pavilion has three attractions and two restaurants all of which are appropriate for families with small children.Soarin is one of Epcots most popular attraction but should be considered a headliner, rather than a thrill ride because it is gentle enough for almost everyone tall enough to ride this hang-glider flight simulator ride. Dont worry, youll sit upright and have a seat belt as you are raised to experience the sights and smells projected on a large IMAX screen. Parents and child can sit side-by-side. The seats do raise and the sensation for flying does bother some people who are sensitive to heights but the ride is very popular with all age groups from preschoolers to senior citizens. TIP: This attraction was so popular that Disney added another theater to accommodate more riders but it is still a popular option. Ride as soon as the park opens, if you don’t have a Genie+ reservation or come back late afternoon. Living with the Land is an indoor boat ride past examples of farming and agriculture, both past and present. Gardeners love this ride while others my think think it sounds suspiciously too educational for vacation purposes. Dont feel like you have to see it but dont rule it out either the sight of a Mickey Mouse shaped pumpkin or the experience of boating through a greenhouse was better than expected in holding my childs interest. The ride lasts about 15 minutes.

What To Take To Disney World In 2021

Four Year Old Reviews Walt Disney World Rides

What to bring to Disney World? This is one of our most common vacation questions for guests planning their visit to any of the Disney Parks. Here are our musts for our Disney packing list.

1. Backpack/Comfortable Park Bag

Make sure that you bring a backpack or purse that is comfortable for you to wear for hours at a time. I always advise guests against packing too much into a giant backpack in the parks though, you want to make sure that you’re not loaded down with a huge bag on your trip to Disney. My favorite purse that I pack for Disney is one that switches between a crossbody and a handbag style which gives my back a break throughout my Disney trip. If you need to travel with a diaper bag, consider what bag will work best to carry your kid’s supplies and your own.

2. Water Bottle

Whether you order groceries and include bottled water or bring your own, this is a top item on our packing tips list. You can get dehydrated fast walking in the hot weather and you want to stay as hydrated as possible.

3. Phone and/or Camera

Most people these days have high end cell phones that take great pictures but some guests like to bring their professional camera as well. But just remember- you will have to carry it all day!

4. Battery Pack

You’ll be surprised at how much you’ll need a battery charger on your trip and having one on hand will be a lifesaver. You will often be using the Disney World app along with taking pictures that bringing one of these is a must.

5. Ponchos

6. Umbrellas

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What Can You Bring Into Disney World

Most people are often surprised when they find out you can bring food into Disney World! It’s a common misconception that you can’t bring your own drinks or snacks. For a list of prohibited items, you can cruise the Disney World website to see what isn’t allowed.

So what should you bring into Disney World each day? Here’s a list of everything you should have in your park bag each day:

  • Magic Band
  • Pocket sized blanket to sit on for parades or nighttime shows
  • Autograph book/sharpie for character autographs
  • Pennies/quarters for penny machines
  • Ziploc bags for leftovers and to protect your phone/autograph book on water rides

You can also rent a locker if you don’t want to carry extra jackets or your park bag throughout the day which is a great option if you want to save your back.

What Height Requirements Affect Toddlers

Since this trip plan is focused on little ones, the thrill rides arent included in our touring plans for families with little ones. However, there are a few non-thrillers that also have height requirements, and those are indicated on each of the touring plans.

You can also check out the overview of attractions with height requirements for a complete list.

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Packing With A Toddler

Traveling with a toddler usually means youll be packing some extra stuff.

We have an Ultimate Disney World Packing List of items to help you out, but some of the must-have items youll want to make sure you include:

  • child-friendly sunblock
  • stain stick or Shout wipes, etc.
  • backpack or diaper bag that you can carry into the parks
  • large Ziploc bags
  • multiple pairs of shoes
  • Post-it Notes to cover the toilet sensor if auto-flush toilets are scary to them

Take In Some Live Shows

What is the best Stroller for a 4 &  7 year old

Disney World offers a phenomenal array of live entertainment that features familiar characters and sensational music. And, since shows are typically less than a half-hour long, they are perfect for toddlers’ short attention spans. If you have to pick just one, make it the Festival of the Lion King at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, which combines fabulous costumes, wonderful songs, and an incredible mix of pageantry, puppetry, and acrobatics.

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Adults At Disney World

Lets not leave out the adult trips to Disney!

While most of this guide focuses on kids, dont forget that we have plenty of resources on adult trips to Disney, including the best rides at Magic Kingdom for adults, the best rides at Epcot for adults, and other fantastic posts like what to do at Disney on your honeymoon.

From drinking around the world to enjoying upscale bars and restaurants at Disney Springs to staying in some preeeety fancy hotels , adults can have just as much fun at Disney as the kids!

What Will A Four Year Old Enjoy The Most On Your Walt Disney World Vacation

Youre planning everything, spending all this money, and getting ready for vacation. So what is your four year old going to talk about the most?

Well, it might surprise you, but all of the best memories will involve YOU.

The Magic of Disney World is bringing families together, for laughs and giggles and suprises galore! Youll get to see fun characters, wild animals, crazy thrill rides and explore together. And thats why a Disney World vacation with a four year old is worth it. Because youre making memories that will last a life time.

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What To Wear To Disney World In 2021

Planning what clothing items I need on a Disney trip is one of my favorite parts! I love coordinating outfits with my family and while it’s important to be comfortable, you also want to look nice since you’ll have these pictures to treasure forever.

There’s a fine balance between comfort and style in the parks so here’s some tips to help you decide what to pack in your carry on bag and for your family.

Planning Where To Eat

Tips for Taking a Toddler to Disney World | 7 trips from 1-3 Years Old | All my tips!

With Disney World restaurants operating at reduced capacity, dining reservations are a must, especially during peak travel weeks like Thanksgiving and the week between Christmas and New Year’s. Dining features on the My Disney Experience app like Mobile Order at quick-service locations and Mobile Dining Check-In at table-service restaurants help reduce contact, and a new Walk-Up reservation feature makes it easier to snag same-day dining reservations. But, with kiddos in tow, it’s a safer bet to have something booked in advance.

“With not all restaurants open and limited seating, it’s imperative to know where you’re going,” says Snelson. She also recommends allowing extra time for Mobile Order to avoid hunger meltdowns. “Mobile ordering is great, but at busy times, you should plan to order 30 minutes to an hour ahead of time.”

A fun, festive spot that parents will love is Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar at Disney Springs, which has been transformed into Jock Lindsey’s Holiday Bar for the season. The Indiana Jones-themed family-friendly lounge is bursting with holiday d├ęcor , plays great holiday music, and serves inventive cocktails, including seasonal specials like Jock’s Holiday Nog and the Mistletoe Mule. There’s no kids menu, so this spot is better for bigger kids up for sharing small plates flatbreads, apps, and tacos with parents.

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Elementary Aged Kids At Disney World

In general, elementary aged kids are at the best age for Disney World, but specifically 7 years old is the best age to take a kid to Disney World, as mentioned earlier.


7 year olds are usually at a stage in life where they are still willing to believe in the magic, knowing that theyre going to meet the real Belle and Cinderella, not people in costumes.

They are also typically able to spend a whole day at the parks without a stroller.

Theyre not tired of spending time with Mom and Dad and they can remember and understand whats happening around them.

But lets talk about elementary aged children at Disney in general, because this is the best age group to take to Disney all the way from 5 years old to 10 years old.

On the lower end of this age scale, 5-6 year olds have that sense of wonder and joy that also makes them fully believe in the Disney magic, and many rides, particularly in the Magic Kingdom, are perfect for this age group.

The 8 to 10 years old, as well, havent reached that awkward preteen stage where they think theyre too cool for Disney, and they also start to reach the heights needed to ride many of the rollercoasters and more intense rides.

Experiences Of Taking A Four Year Old To Disneyworld Orlando

Hi, looking for advice on whether it would be worthwhile taking a 4 year old to Disneyworld… its clear from their website that there are loads of rides, attractions and activities for that age range but I worry that our wee one will struggle with the heat long queues, plus Im struggling to understand how the fast passes work. Do fast passes let you book onto a set number of rides without queuing each day, does going early morning help with avoiding long queues, and where you do have to queue for longer, is there any sort of entertainment in the queues to keep the, occupied? Wondering what other peoples experiences have been? Thanks in advance

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Mine have been going since they were babies literally. My youngest went for the first time at five months old.

They are never too young. They may not remember it but its the experience that matters. And the adults will remember.

As far as heat I live here and am as use to the heat as you can get and I wont go to the parks from about June through September. I hate being sweaty and its super humid which means you start getting hot as soon as you go outside. Lots of people go but I just dont find it a pleasant experience.

Edited: 13 August 2021, 17:15

4 is a great age plenty for everyone to enjoy

If its a one and only trip then I would wait till they are older. If you are planning to go again when they are older then go for it.

Edited: 14 August 2021, 04:40

Hi Stephanie,

Sounds exciting for you, enjoy!

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