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Skip The Line Pass Disney World

How Much Does Disney Fast Pass Cost

2021 Disney World Fast Pass Plus 101 & TIPS !! Help SKIP The Lines On Your Next Disney Trip!

First, I want to level set and let you know that there is NOT a cost associated to a Disney Fast Pass. There are scenarios in which you can “pay” to skip the lines with additional Fast Pass purchases. In this scenario, you need to be staying at a certain resort for over 3 days in order to receive additional fast passes.

Overall, Disney Fast Pass does not cost ANYTHING. You just need to schedule the Fast Passes using your ticket number online or in the app.

If you look past all the picturesque images and photos from Disney’s marketing team and compare that to friends’ photos who have gone to the parks, you’ll notice a stark difference in what the crowds actually look like.

This is a view of Magic Kingdom at night on Main street heading out of the park and away from the castle.

This is what Hollywood Studios looks like mid-day.

Genie Plus Is Almost Always Needed At Magic Kingdom

If you want to avoid waiting in lots of long lines, Id recommend purchasing Genie+ for your day at Magic Kingdom.

The reason for this is that there are so many attractions at Magic Kingdom.

Youll likely get your moneys worth out of Genie+ and be able to make many Genie+ Lightning Lane selections throughout the day!

The only times you might not need it are rainy or cold days during a less busy time of year.

How Do The Lightning Lanes Work At Disney World

Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

First, there are two different types of Lightning Lane attractions at Disney World.

In a perfect world, Disney would have given them distinct names to keep confusion down. Unfortunately, we dont live in that perfect world!

First, purchasing Genie+ for the day will allow you to use the Lightning Lane at more than 40 attractions across the four parks.

These are called the Genie+ Lightning Lane attractions.

Whether you purchase Genie+ or not, you can also buy access to the Lightning Lane at the eight most in-demand attractions.

These are called the Individual Lightning Lane attractions.

Genie+ wont work to get you access to the Lightning Lane at these eight rides. You have to pay individually for these attractions.

To help with confusion, Im going to explain these one at a time. Ive also color-coded the terms throughout the post to help you keep them straight!

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Disney Genie Can Be Your Best Friend

Disney Genie is the new planning service on the Disney World App which features a free Genie that offers you plans, advice, and ideas for your day and a paid version called Genie+ thats $15 per person per day and gets you access to the new version of FastPass lines called Lightning Lanes.

Whether youre using the free Genies tip boards and recommended itineraries to plan the most effective day with the shortest waits possible or youre using Genie+ and Individual Attraction Selection to skip the lines, this service can be your best friend when it comes to avoiding those long lines.

Use Rope Drop To Your Advantage Even If Youre Not Riding The Big One

Skip the lines! Disney World ~ Top 3 fast passes by park

The last time I went to Animal Kingdom for rope drop, I kept an eye on the wait times for all of the rides except Flights of Passage and Navi River Journey.

And oh my gosh, people.

It was empty. FOR HOURS.

When a park has a newly opened ride attracting people running to it for rope drop , the rest of the lines tend to be really easy walk-ons for quite some time.

The same goes for Magic Kingdom, where many people are worried about rides like Seven Dwarves Mine Train and Hollywood Studios where people are now interested in Galaxys Edge above the rides theyve already done before.

So even if youre not coming to do that one big ticket ride, getting to the park for rope drop can actually help you get more rides done with basically no wait time while the rest of the world is still in line for the main ride.

Can you say 8 trips on Kilimanjaro Safaris before 10am?

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How To Use Genie+ To Skip Lines At Disney World With A Lightning Lane Selection

  • Open up the Disney World App
  • Tap on Get Started With Disney Genie
  • Tap on Start Now, or if you’ve already selected your travel party, tap on Skip to Tip Board
  • Select the date which is generally the day that you’re there
  • Select everybody in the party
  • Optionally, on the next two screens, the app will let you select must-do attractions
  • After these screens, the app will suggest the Genie+ service. Tap Get Disney Genie+ Service
  • Review the details, accept the terms and conditions
  • Select My Day. It will have a suggested itinerary, but…
  • What you want is the Tip Board. Select your first Lightning Lane for a ride or experience of your choice. You won’t get to pick a later time other than what’s displayed, so plan accordingly.
  • You can select a second Lightning Lane elsewhere in the parks either two hours after your first, or right after your party scans credentials at the second RF scanner in the queue.
  • If you’re park-hopping after 2:00 PM, you can select a Lightning Lane at another park by tapping Change Park on the Tip Board tab.

    Who Can Use The Das Pass

    Anyone who has a disability or condition that necessitates waiting outside a traditional line environment may be eligible to use the DAS pass. This includes disabilities that are both seen and unseen.

    If your family member needs a scooter or wheelchair or has needs that can be met by using a mobility device, and they do not have any other disability that might hinder them waiting, they are NOT eligible for a DAS pass as the ride lines are handicapped accessible.

    So if grandma just had knee surgery or Johnny just broke his arm in a baseball game, the DAS pass is not for you.

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    Upgrade To Club Level At Deluxe Resorts

    If you will settle for nothing but the best and have extra money to spend consider this strategy to avoid the lines.

    Guests staying at any one of Disneys Deluxe Resorts may upgrade to Club Level and secure some time-saving perks.

    Here are some of the highlights of this program:

    • It costs $50 per person, per day
    • There is a 3-day minimum purchase
    • TBA .

    Again, this strategy isnt for everyone , but it would allow you more freedom and less time in the lines.

    Looking Back At Fastpass And Maxpass

    2018 Disney World Fast Pass Plus 101 & TIPS !! Help SKIP The Lines On Your Next Disney Trip!

    The following information is about the now-defunct Fastpass and MaxPass line-skipping programs.

    Visiting the Haunted Mansion is an archetypal Disney theme park experience. But the note-perfect attraction is frequently preceded by another archetypal Disney theme park experience: the dreaded 45-or-so minutes spent standing in line.

    It is an absurd irony that we toil away all year at our oppressive jobs, scrimp and save for a big vacation, and drive or fly for hours…so that we can inch along in the hot sun for hours while we listen to our kids whine. But we love theme parks, and lines are a necessary theme park evil, right?

    Well, not necessarily.

    Fastpass, which used to be available for selected attractions at the two Disneyland Resort parks in California, eliminated lines. There were some caveats, however. The most important: Guests could only have one Fastpass at a time unless two hours had lapsed since picking up a Fastpass ticket. That meant you still had to inch along in some rat-maze queues, called standby lines.

    Lets run down how Fastpass worked, explain the advantages that the extra-charge MaxPass program offered, and review some tips about how to get the most out of Disneylands time-saving features.

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    Go Right Before Park Close

    The rule at Disney World is that if you are IN LINE before the park closes, even if thats one minute before, you can stay in line until you ride the ride.

    It doesnt mean you can be running to the line at park close or almost there, but if you are actually passed the line entrance and standing in the line, you will be allowed to ride.

    If youre hoping to ride a popular ride like Slinky Dog Dash in Toy Story Land or Flights of Passage without as much wait, use this tip to your advantage and hop in line right before close.

    The stand-by line will start moving much faster after park close because there are no more Fastpass slots, and they tend to display an inflated wait time to subtly discourage people from getting in line.

    But do not be fooled!

    Youll have some of the lowest waits of the day if you use this tactic, and while Im not saying youre going to get on in five minutes, you wont be waiting nearly as long as if you decided to get in the stand-by line at any other point in the day.

    How Do I Make Genie+ Lightning Lane Selections

    When you open your My Disney Experience app, youll see at the very top where you can tap My Day or View My Day.

    Tapping this will take you to Disney Genie where you can make your Lightning Lane selections.

    I found the My Day section to be very confusing and not helpful I suggest ignoring it.

    Once you are in the Tip Board youll see all of your options for Genie+ Lightning Lane selections.

    Note that your only option for a Lightning Lane reservation is the next available return time for each attraction. You cant choose from multiple options like you could with FastPass.

    Im sure you are wondering what attractions you will want to make Lightning Lane selections for first. Keep reading and I will give you my tips!

    Once you make a Genie+ Lightning Lane selection you will see a confirmation screen like this.

    You will be able to see any Lightning Lane selections you currently hold in the My Day part of Disney Genie.

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    There Are Two Ways To Enter The Lightning Lanes And Both Involve Paying Extra Money On Top Of The Cost Of The Ticket To Enter The Park

    Disney Genie+

    As broke it down, guests can pay an extra $15 per ticket, per day, at Walt Disney World parks to access a new app called Disney Genie+. With the $15 per ticket Genie+ app, you can schedule as many lightning lane rides as you want, but can only sign up for one lightning lane at a time, and as long as the lightning lanes are available. Also, a couple âhigh demandâ rides are not available with Genie+ and one will need to pay an additional, per person, per ride fee, to access those on top of the $15 per ticket Genie + fee. Are you confused? Me too. It gets worse. Keep reading.


    Individual Lightning Lane Selections

    The other option to cut the line is to pay a âla carte for each Lighting Lane ride you want to go on. You donât need to buy Genie+ for $15, you only pay for the rides you want. So if you want to hit up the standby lanes for every ride **old-school style**, but pay to cut the line on say, the super-popular Rise of the Resistance, you can do so with the âIndividual Lightning Lane Selections.â


    Prices for individual Lightning Lanes vary per ride and per day, but for example, Disney Food Blog captured todayâs prices and itâll cost you $9 per person to skip the line on Remyâs Ratatouille Adventure and $15 per person to go on Rise of the Resistance. For a family of four, thatâs an additional $60 for everyone to cut the line on the damn Star Wars ride.

    Get A Party Ticket For The Magic Kingdom

    Best Disney Fastpass Secrets To Help Skip the Lines

    For those visiting from August through the end of December, getting a party ticket for Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween Party or to Mickeys Very Merry Christmas Party is a unique way to visit the parks. Tickets are limited, which helps to control the general crowd levels. The parties typically start around 4:00 pm, so these are evening events. Fast Pass is not available during these events, but is not typically needed as the capacity is controlled and many attendees are enjoying the entertainment on offer.

    Nearly all of the major headliner rides are open during the parties, and some are transformed to have a special spooky effect during the Halloween party. Purchasing a ticket to one of these events is a fun way to experience the Magic Kingdom with significantly reduced wait times for rides.

    Knowing the dates of the parties during this season is also important, even if you do not plan on attending. The park closes to the general public early on party days, significantly reducing the amount of hours you have to enjoy the park on your regular ticket. On the other hand, non-party days experience higher crowds because guests prefer the longer park hours for the high cost of their general day ticket.

    If you are a resort guest with a park-hopper ticket, you can take advantage of the lower crowds on party days by attending the Magic Kingdom in the morning and hopping over to another park for the evening hours.

    Leah Lefler, 2018

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    When Can I Start Making Genie+ Lightning Lane Selections

    Tower of Terror is a Genie+ Lightning Lane attraction

    Provided you have your park ticket, park reservation, and Genie+ all ready to go, you can make your first Genie+ Lightning Lane selection starting at 7 am each day.

    Regardless of whether you are staying at a Disney resort or not, all guests can now begin making Genie+ Lightning Lane selections at 7 am every morning.

    Where Do You Get Fastpass At Disneyland

    You can find distribution centers for Disneyland Fast Passes near the entrances to the most popular attractions. If the listed return time on the board above the entrance to the distribution area works for you, insert your ticket to receive a FastPass ticket. The attractions listed below all utilize the Disneyland FastPass system to allow guests to save time and avoid the long lines.

    Sometimes attractions offering the Disneyland FastPass service will change . These changes can be checked on the official website.

    In Disneyland:

    • Indiana Jones Adventure
    • Roger Rabbits Car Toon Spin
    • Space Mountain
    • Splash Mountain
    • Haunted Mansion/Haunted Mansion Holiday
    • Star Tours
    • Matterhorn
    • Fantasmic! The new Fantasmic! show is now open with many new additions and scenes, but with the charm of the old classic.

    In Disneys California Adventure:

    • World of Color
    • The Incredicoaster on Pixar Pier
    • Goofys Sky School
    • Grizzly River Run
    • Radiator Springs Racers
    • Soarin
    • Toy Story Midway Mania

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    Disney Fast Pass 202: Ultimate Guide + Free Printable Cheat Sheet

    This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. All opinions are my own.

    Disney Fast Pass was retired in 2021 and has been replaced by Disney Genie+. Read on to get my guide to Genie+ and your free printable cheat sheet!

    Waiting in line is probably everyones least favorite part of a Disney World vacation.

    You can avoid a lot of waiting with Disney Genie Plus and the Individual Lightning Lanes,but only if you know how to use them!

    In this post, Ill answer all of your questions and show you how to get the most out of these services at Walt Disney World.

    It Can Be Done For A Price

    How to Skip the Lines at Walt Disney World!

    The magic of Disney is what makes people of all ages visit and revisit the parks. Everyone loves wearing mouse ears and eating lots of Dole Whip treats, but theres one big thing people dreadthe lines. Of course, Disney vacations are popular for good reason, but theres a way to enjoy the rides and skip the lines without the famous FastPass: VIP tours.

    These private VIP tours are the foolproof way to skip the lines at Disney without the restrictions of FastPasses or MagicBands. The one caveat is their pricetours range from $425 to $625 an hour, depending on the season. That price doesnt include the cost of park admission. There are a few other rules, too. You need to book a tour for at least seven hours, and you can only have up to ten guests, or you can pay for an additional tour guide if your family is on the large side.

    Besides allowing you to skip the lines, VIP tours are 100 percent customizable. VIPs get special seats at parades and stage shows, and backstage access, too. Plus, theres always a car nearby to shuttle everyone to and from your favorite park destinations. Its also possible to tour multiple parks, not just the Magic Kingdom. Though you dont need a VIP tour to benefit from these 14 Disney World insider secrets.

    Secret Spots in Disney Parks

    Differences Between Disneyland and Disney World

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    To Skip The Line At Disney Get Ready To Pay A Genie

    For the first time, line-skipping privileges at Walt Disney World in Florida will cost $15 per person, an added cost for what is already an expensive destination.

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    By Brooks Barnes

    Walt Disney World in Florida is permanently retiring its free, line-skipping FastPass system and for the first time will charge $15 a person for the privilege, opening up a potentially colossal new revenue stream. Before the pandemic, the No. 1 theme park at the resort, the Magic Kingdom, attracted 21 million visitors annually.

    Disney World introduced FastPass in 1999. The decision to retire that offering and join theme parks like Universal Orlando and Seaworld Orlando in charging for speedier access to rides reflects the era: Consumers have become increasingly accustomed to paying surcharges for special access and perks, many of which used to be included in the base price. The airlines have led the stratification.

    Disney World, a 40-square-mile megaresort that has six separately ticketed parks, can be especially daunting to navigate, and Disney knows that people will spend more money and time at the complex if they find the experience less overwhelming.

    MyMagic+ cost at least $1 billion to develop and introduce, in part because it required a lot of hardware, including the equipping of 28,000 hotel room doors with radio frequency readers.

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