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Scooterbug Stroller Rental Disney World

Be Prepared For The Weather

Renting a ECV Scooter, Stroller or Wheelchair at Disney’s Magic Kingdom Ferry Disneyworld Florida

Weather in Florida can be unpredictable. Make sure you have the right accessories for your stroller. You dont want to park your stroller to eat dinner only to come out and find it soaked from a sudden downpour.

Accessories to consider:

  • Stroller fan for those hot months
  • Blanket for chilly mornings and evenings in winter

Where Can You Rent A Stroller From At Walt Disney World

Each of the four theme parks offers stroller rental. When you enter the parks each day, youll notice a clear sign to direct you to stroller rental. You can also hire one from Disney Springs, but as we mentioned above, there is a deposit required for this rental to ensure it is returned before leaving. The strollers are only for use in the parks, so they cant be returned to your hotel at the end of the day.

Other Options Picking Up A Rented Stroller While At Walt Disney World

What is so wonderful about all of the different Disney stroller rental options is that you can make your vacation whatever you want it to be! Some families want to head straight into the parks or dont have time to arrange a stroller pick-up or drop-off. Whatever your vacation need is, there is a Disney stroller rental option for you!

As mentioned before, some stroller rental companies will allow you to pick up the stroller in person. In fact, Magic Strollers will actually give guests picking up their stroller directly a 25% discount, so if you have a car, check to see if your rental company offers these types of discounts.

You can also opt to pick up your stroller rental from Orlando airport if you decide to rent from either Kingdom Strollers or Orlando Stroller Rental. This is a great option if you dont feel like dealing with the hassle of meeting someone for delivery at your resort, but still want to use either of these companies.

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Benefits Of Renting A Stroller At Disney World

There are a few big benefits to renting a stroller at Disney World. Of course, those benefits vary depending on what type and where you rent the stroller from. You can either rent a stroller from Disney Parks, which has a set of rules or rent from a third-party vendor.

Renting a stroller once you arrive at your destination is so much easier than bringing one from home because of the travel hassle. Though an airline will gate check a stroller for free, toting it through the parking lot, airport, terminal, gangway, and baggage claim and then onto your airport transfer can be a huge hassle. Arriving at the airport and picking up there or at your Disney World Resort hotel is the simplest of tasks. This option is most helpful for those with a young kid that needs a stroller most of the day.

The other option for families with kids that need a stroller only for a portion of the day is to rent a stroller when they are at the Parks. Disneys theme park strollers are sanitized between every use and offer simple shade, a foot brake, two cupholders, and seatbelts if needed. Youll see many families in a Disney Park dipping into the rental locations throughout the day for a double or single stroller . The ease and convenience of grabbing and returning a stroller when you really need it rather than chasing a stroller through the park and on transportation is a big time saver.

Bringing Your Own Stroller

Disney World Stroller Rental Price

Some Disney Guests just dont enjoy the current Disney Parks strollers. With the hard sides and back, non-reclining seat, and lack of storage space, the real appeal of these Park strollers are to just grab one when you need it. If you have a very small child that cannot walk then bringing your own stroller is a more attractive option if you need your same-as-home features.

Most airlines will gate-check a stroller for free, so there is no added cost just a lot of elbow grease toting your stroller through the airport, folding it on all transportation, and storing it in your Walt Disney World Resort Hotel room.

Be sure to measure your stroller. Strollers must be no larger than 31 wide and 52 long, and stroller wagons are no longer allowed at Walt Disney World. That means no Keenz double-handled options, even if you push from one side. For a period of time in 2019 and beyond, Cast Members had taped out boxes on the pavement near the park entrances for Guests to park their stroller in to measure up. If any portion of the stroller didnt fit, it was not allowed into the parks and was allowed to be parked outside the entrance. Guests needing a stroller were welcome to rent one inside.

Do you rent strollers at the Disney Theme Parks? Leave us a comment with your preferences or top tips!

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Should You Rent Strollers At Disney Parks

The hard plastic strollers in Orlando arent fashionable or comfortable, but they do come with a shade awning. Strollers in California are fabric, jogger-style .

Neither Disney stroller model is appropriate for newborns or infants. If you have a very young baby with you on the trip, youre better off bringing your own stroller or renting from a third party company.

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How Much Are Stroller Rentals

Stroller Rentals cost $15 per day for a single stroller and $31 per day for a double stroller. You can get a slightly discounted price by renting for length-of-stay rather than day-to-day. Length of stay prices are $13 for a single and $27 for a double. Note that if youre renting a stroller at Disney Springs, youll be charged a $100 refundable deposit, too.

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Does A 6 Year Old Need A Stroller At Disney World

While bringing a stroller for your three year old is a no brainer, once kids reach the age of six many parents do not need a stroller for the park, mall, or other family places you go as a group. So the question for Disney Wolrd becomes: do I really need a stroller for my six year old or older children? You know your kids best but it’s good to be prepared for the amount of walking that is involved in a Disney World vacation. Your family can walk an average of 3-6 miles per day, depending on your park touring style. Disney World’s parks are vast and spacious so you can expect to do plenty of walking.

A six year old might have a hard time keeping up with all that walking and you might find yourself listening to a long list of complaints and exhaustion once lunchtime rolls around if they do all that walking without a long break. This can be hard for parents because you might not be ready to take a break especially if you have a carefully planned itinerary you are trying to follow. Having a stroller on hand is a great way for those older kids, their legs are still small after all, to get a much needed break without disrupting your day.

Strollers come with other perks too like

Use Your Own Stroller At Disney World

Kingdom Stroller Review | Renting a Stroller at Disney

This one is fairly self explanatory and is a great option for a lot of families. Having a stroller you are familiar with and your kids are already comfortable in can really help.

There is the added bonus of having a stroller handy for travel through airports. Most airlines permit you to gate check your stroller free of charge. However, check to make sure your airline doesnt have any size restrictions for gate check.

If you are looking to buy a stroller specifically for Disney, check out the best stroller for Disney. It is full of information on important qualities to consider in a stroller at Disney.

If you want some more immediate examples, here are a couple of my top recommended strollers for Disney World.

  • Free if you already own one or borrow one


  • You already know how to use it
  • Kids are already comfortable in the stroller
  • Having the stroller in the airport and for travel
  • And did I mention that its free?


  • A stroller that works at home may not be the best option for a Disney trip
  • Having to deal with it while traveling
  • If lost or damaged, you are out your personal stroller
  • You need to make sure your stroller fits the right dimensions to be allowed in the park

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Rental Stroller Discounts From Magic Strollers

We personally recommend renting a stroller for your Walt Disney World or other Orlando vacation fromMagic Strollers, a service provided by a great company we have been recommending for years, Owners Locker.

For those staying at a Disney-owned resort hotel: Disney does not allow companies to drop off a stroller at any of Disneys own resort hotels when the guest is not present to pick it up. . This makes it uneconomical for Magic Strollers to deliver to Disney-owned resorts. If you will have a car, you can swing by the Magic Strollers retail location to pick up and drop off your stroller and get 25% off your rental. Picking up and dropping off is quick and easy, and the warehouse is located just off Sand Lake Rd, roughly halfway between Orlando International Airport and Walt Disney World along the northern airport route. If you are staying at a Disney-owned resort and cant get to the Magic Strollers location, see below for how to get a stroller delivered to a Disney resort.

If youre staying at any other Orlando-area resort , nothing has changed: Magic Strollers can still pick up and drop off when youre not there, and bell services at the hotel will store the stroller for you. You can have them deliver it to your room or head to the bell desk and pick it up on your schedule. You also have the option of picking up the stroller at Magic Strollers retail location and get a 25% discount on the rental fee, if thats convenient.

How To Cruise Through Vacation With A Stroller Rental At Disneyland

To rent or not to rent a stroller at Disneyland. That is the question. And if you are going to rent a stroller for Disney, where should you rent one from?

In general, you have two different options for renting a stroller for Disney: either from a third-party company or directly from Disney. Both have their upsides and downsides, so keep reading to see which is best for you.

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Strollers At Walt Disney World Faq

If youre heading to Walt Disney World with a little one in tow or even a not-so little one youre probably giving some thought to what to do about a stroller. Should you bring your own? Rent one? If renting, from whom? How much does it cost? What do I do if Im park-hopping?

Touring the World with a stroller is a necessary part of a Walt Disney World vacation with kids, so were answering your stroller-related questions below!

Can I Rent A Scooter From An Outside Vendor

News: Stroller Rentals CAN Still be Delivered to Your Disney World ...

Yes, you can rent a scooter from an outside vendor to use in Disney World. Scooter rental companies such as Cloud of Goods will deliver the scooter to your hotel or guest drop-off area of the theme park. Make a reservation online prior to arrival at Price is usually cheaper than Disney World scooter rental price. There following is a list of ECV rental providers in Orlando who can deliver scooters.

Prices to rent a mobility scooter at Disney World. Prices are from an official rental vendor. They offer further discounts if you rent for a week.

Rental Days
  • ScooterBug: 726-8284.
  • Buena Vista Scooter Rentals: 484-4797.
  • Best Price Scooters and Strollers: 866-3434

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What Are The Stroller Restrictions At Disneyland

Whether you choose to rent a stroller at Disneyland or bring your own, there are some exceptions for what kind and size strollers are allowed, where they can go, and how they can be used. Disney stroller dimensions and restrictions for both personal and rented strollers include:

  • Strollers must be smaller than 31 x 52 . Double strollers are permitted however, they must fit within the sizing guidelines.
  • Stroller wagons are not allowed.
  • While strollers can be used on elevators and ramps , they arent permitted on escalators. Additionally, unless your stroller is functioning as a wheelchair for your child with special needs, strollers also arent allowed in attraction or queue lines.
  • Strollers rented directly through Disney may be used throughout Disneyland Park, Disney California Adventure Park and Downtown Disney. However, they may not be taken into Disneyland Resort hotels or onto buses or parking lot trams.
  • Children arent allowed in strollers while on the parking lot tram.
  • Your stroller may be moved to a new location by a Disney Cast Member to accommodate operational needs and traffic flow.
  • While strollers are great for carrying around lots of items along with a kid or two, you shouldnt leave your personal belongings behind in the stroller unattended.

Why are stroller wagons not allowed at Disney?

Renting Strollers From Disney World

For some, renting a stroller directly through Disney may be the most convenient and most practical option.

There are stroller rental locations next to the front gates as you walk into the theme parks and throughout the entire resort.

Disney offers both single and double stroller options. Rentals can be made on a per-day basis, or you can purchase a Length of Stay Rental.

A Length of Stay Rental is cheaper on a per-day basis but its still slightly more expensive than many on the non-Disney rental businesses.

Single Stroller
  • Multi-Day : $13

Single Strollers are for children under 50 lbs.

For those renting at Disney Springs, a credit card deposit of $100 USD is required.

Double Stroller
  • Multi-Day : $27

Double Strollers are for children under 100 lbs.

Length of Stay Rental

The Length of Stay Rental allows you to pre-pay the number of days that youll need a stroller.

This option is less expensive than paying on a per-day basis.

Just show your Length of Stay Rental receipt at any of the rental locations and you will receive your stroller.

Return and Replacement Policy

You are required to return the stroller to a rental location before you exit the theme park.

Stroller Replacement

The stroller must remain in that theme park .

If you are visiting more than one park in a single day, then you simply present your receipt at the next park to receive a new stroller.

If you need help making this decision, feel from to contact the Disney Travel Agents at The Vacationeer!

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Disney World Stroller Rental Discounts & Coupons

If you are looking for Disney World stroller rental discounts, youve come to the right place! Disney rents strollers for use in their parks, but you can also get a great rate on a stroller rentalthat you can use during your entire vacation in Orlando. You also have the option of bringing your own, of course: scroll down for useful tips!

We update prices whenever we become aware of changes, but prices on this page are always subject to change.

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Disney Confirms Scooterbug As Exclusive Stroller And Ecv Vendor

Renting Strollers at DIsney

by Megan Nugent┬ĚSeptember 30, 2019

In the wake of Disneys announcement that resorts will no longer accept third party stroller and ECV drop offs for guests, we have some great news! Disney has just confirmed that they will work exclusively with Scooterbug for mobility rentals.

It has become common practice for guests to reserve strollers and mobility devices to be delivered for a time just prior to their actual resort arrival. This ensures that as soon as they reach their resort, the equipment they require will be readily available.

Last weeks announcement caused a bit of a stir due to the added inconvenience guests would now be faced with. However, the announcement that Disney will still accept drop-offs from Scooterbug is sure to bring relief to many travelers!

Upon reviewing Scooterbugs website, youll find their rental offerings include both seated and standing ECVs , wheelchairs, AND strollers. All of their equipment at the time this article was written include Free Drop-ff and Pick-up.

Guests are welcome to continue to rent equipment from other off-site vendors however, Disney will not accept the drop-offs themselves. The guest must be available to meet the vendor in person.

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Add Personal Flair To Your Stroller For Easier Viewing

There is ample designated stroller parking areas near almost every attraction in the Disney parks. There are even Stroller Parking areas. Cast members will rearrange the parked strollers as people leave and new ones get dropped off. This rearrangement can make it difficult for you to locate your stroller.

Ive never been worried about anyone taking my stroller. However, its a good idea to mark your stroller so that no one will mistake it as their own. This is especially important to do if you are renting a stroller from the park, since all of those strollers do look alike.

The rental companies will give you a nameplate with your family name written on it, but adding a ribbon or other personal flair will still make it easier to spot from a distance. Here are a few easy ideas for labeling your personal stroller and tips to make a stroller easier to find at Disney parks.

  • Use a colorful luggage tag with your name on it.
  • Weave colored ribbons on the handle bars.
  • Clip a travel bottle of hand sanitizer on the stroller for family members to use after going on the rides and before snacking.
  • After nightfall, loop glow-in-the-dark bracelets onto your stroller handle for easier tracking in the dark.

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