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Rise Of The Resistance Disney World

Star Wars Rise Of The Resistance Review At Disney World

Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance Disney World Ride Queue Walkthrough

Star Wars: Rise of the Resistanceis one of Galaxys Edges most popular attractions. The ride is located in Disneys Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

Rise of the Resistance was probably the most highly anticipated attraction in Disneys history. Fortunately, it lives up to the hype, making it a sought-after experience.

This full review will cover all of the Rise of the Resistance details, including the following topics:

  • What kind of ride is Rise of the Resistance?
  • Do I need a boarding group for Rise of the Resistance?
  • What if you dont receive a boarding group?
  • Expected wait times for Rise of the Resistance after receiving a boarding group.
  • What to expect after entering the queue, ride drops, scare factor, and more.
  • Does Rise of the Resistance live up to the hype?

So, brace yourself, because its time to learn how to become the next up-and-coming Resistance leader. Or maybe just your familys hero because you did the research and succeeded in securing a boarding group on your vacation.

After reading this, if you still think its a simple process, may the force be with you a bit more than usual. Unfortunately, Rise of the Resistance causes guests to jump a few hurdles to ride. And so far, the attraction seems to have daily issues that limit capacity even beyond those who have obtained a boarding group. Let me explain.

Here is a chart for Rise of the Resistance. It goes over all the need-to-know details.

Advanced Tips & Tricks For Rise Of The Resistance Waits At Disneyland

Use Multiple Phones: Visiting on a busy park day? Having more than one person working the Disneyland app on separate phones can make sense. If you are trying to book a Rise of the Resistance paid Lightning Lane as well as make a Genie+ purchase and booking, use the two phone method. You can do this either logged into the same Disney account or logged into a different account with all tickets linked on both.

Dont Pay for an Early Morning LL Return Time: The early mornings are when standby lines all over Disneyland park are the shortest. For that reason, it doesnt make sense to book a paid Lightning Lane for anything at that hour especially an attraction so physically far away from much of the rest of the park like Rise. You can be riding so much else! I therefore recommend waiting to book Rise until the return window is at least 11am or later so you can make the most of the morning otherwise. That may mean you need to wait to book Rise a bit later than when you enter the parks. Set an alarm on your phone to check back so you dont miss the ideal hour!

Big Budget? Go VIP: If your budget is really enormous, going on a VIP tour is another way to ride Rise without standing in a standby queue. More power to you if you can afford that!

Use DAS if Eligible: Disneys Disability Access Pass is available for Rise of the Resistance for guests who qualify. Disney recently unveiled changes to DAS that make it easier to enroll on the app before your arrival.

Rise Of The Resistance Standby Queue At Disneyland And Walt Disney World

NEW! Disneyland just announced that they are moving to test a standby queue starting on November 22nd. The park may still utilize the Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance virtual queue detailed below, but for now they plan on starting the day with a normal standby queue. Check the app just before 7 am on the day of your visit to ensure that they are not planning on utilizing the virtual queue system. We anticipate that this will play into the new Disneyland Genie+ system that will be rolled out very soon.

Walt Disney World has now moved to a standby queue in Hollywood Studios for Rise of the Resistance. This is likely in preparation for the upcoming Genie+ which include front of the line access for an up charge for certain attractions like Rise of the Resistance.

It is possible that they would use a virtual queue as necessary if needed but there hasn’t been any confirmation of this so far.

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What Characters Are In Rise Of The Resistance

One of the cool parts about Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance ride is that its full of your favorite characters from the actual Star Wars films. These are not voice doubles either, they got the actual same actors you see in the Star Wars films to reprise their roles for the ride.

Adam Driver, Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, and Oscar Isaac all make appearances.

The characters on Rise of the Resistance come in the form of animatronics, holograms, videos, and live actors.

Here is the list of characters that we know about so far that are in Rise of the Resistance:

  • Rey
  • Over 50+ Stormtroopers
  • Dozens of First Order Officers

If youre wondering who Vi Moradi is, shes the resistance spy hiding in Black Spire Outpost that the stormtroopers and Kylo Ren are always looking for. She has a role in the new Star Wars attraction and welcomes guests while warning them of the dangers that lie ahead.

I think this is a really cool idea to introduce a new character to the Star Wars universe through a ride and also have her walking around the land!

BB-8 and Rey play a big role in the pre-show for the ride, and Poe Dameron and Nien Nunb accompany you on your mission.

While up in the First Order star destroyer in Rise of the Resistance youll run into Kylo Ren and dozens of stormtroopers who will be chasing you and trying to stop you from escaping.

Finn also has a big in the ride and has a secret plan for you to escape.

Heres a look at the Kylo Ren animatronic that has been made for the ride:

Is It Worth It

Rise of the Resistance (Disney World, FL) is gorgeous ...

After reading all the procedures and strategies required just to get on the attraction, is it worth all the effort? Is it really that good?

To us, this is the most complete, and most immersive attraction weve ever experienced. Even though Im not a morning person by any means, even I dont have a problem waking up to get a boarding group at 7 am to ride this thing.

I wasnt even upset when you had to actually be in line at the park at 6:00 am. Its THAT good and something that just has to be experienced to understand fully.

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Disneylands Rise Of The Resistance Virtual Queue: Gone

Disneyland held onto its virtual queue system longer than Walt Disney World. But as of November 22, 2021 the virtual queue for Rise of the Resistance is gone now in California too.

That means that Disneyland guests have new systems to learn to navigate in order to ride this popular attraction. And new strategies to put into play!

Hit Join And Hold On To Your Hat

From this point on, you are looking for efficiency. The good news: theres not really much to do after this part.

Once you press Join from the home screen, it will take you directly to the page you enter the queue from. When the virtual queue is closed, you simply wont see the big blue Join button.

But if its go time, the button will be very obvious.

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What Is Star Wars: Rise Of The Resistance

Youve heard the excitement about this new Star Wars Ride everyone has been hyping up, but youre probably wondering: What kind of a ride is Rise of the Resistance?

Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance is the newest attraction in Star Wars: Galaxys Edge in Disney World and Disneyland.

Its the most ambitious and immersive ride that Disney has ever built, and is more like an experience rather than only a ride. It completely sucks you in for the entire more than 15-minute long experience from start to finish!

The Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance attraction in Galaxys Edge is the ride Ive been looking forward to more than any other ride coming to the Disney parks in the next few years. Now after having ridden it, I am completely speechless!!

Its definitely among the best new Disney World attractions, and in our opinion is number 1!

Rise Of The Resistance Virtual Queue Paused

NEW! Star Wars Ride – Rise of the Resistance Trackless Dark Ride – Disney Parks

The virtual queue for Rise of the Resistance could return in the future, Disney said. The company is making changes based on guest feedback, following complaints that the rides virtual queue is a lottery.

As we ramp up to The Worlds Most Magical Celebration honoring our 50th anniversary, were continuing to enhance experiences thanks to the feedback from our guests, Disney added.

The alteration comes as Walt Disney World Resort gears up to celebrate its 50th anniversary from October 1. The resort is also preparing to roll out the Disney Genie planning service, as well as the Disney Genie+ paid version.

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Are The Storm Troopers In Rise Of The Resistance Real

No Star Wars Rise of the Resistance review would be complete without discussing the Storm Troopers.

When you are first captured by the First Order, you will be taken through a hangar bay with 50 Storm Troopers staring at you. These 50 are a form of animatronics, not real people. Some of them are animatronics and capable of some more advanced movements, while others barely move, or not at all.

Storm Troopers also appear in projection form throughout the ride as well.

Open My Disney Experience And Locate The Virtual Queue

There are two different places to find the entrance to the Rise of the Resistance virtual queue system. The first, and possibly easiest way, is to just scroll down the home page of the app until you find this picture:

The other option is to press the three lines on the lower right hand side of the page. This takes you to a screen full of options, and one of them is the virtual queue page.

Once you press that it will take you to your virtual queue hub. If you have any existing boarding groups, theyll show up here. In this case, youll now press Join Virtual Queue and finally end up at your destination.

Once Remys Ratatouille Adventure opens up on October 1, this is also the same place youll access the virtual queue for that ride.

As you can see, the second way to get to the virtual queue takes a few extra steps. This isnt a big deal as long as you have enough time before the opening of the queue to go through them.

But if youre in a time crunch, this will slow you down too much.

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Rise Of The Resistance Fastpass

Currently this ride does NOT use the FastPass+ system.

If you want to ride Rise of the Resistance you will need to get a boarding pass. This boarding pass is essentially a virtual line for the ride. You get your boarding pass and are called when it is your turn to ride. The amount of time you are given to return will be anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

To get a boarding pass you must enter the park and then open the My Disney Experience App. On the home page of the app you will see information on getting a boarding pass for the ride.

Note that boarding passes have been filling up quickly. Since this system has started the boarding passes have been gone by the first hour of park opening. So arrive EARLY.

Cast Members have been letting guests in to the park early, but boarding passes don’t actually open up until the park is officially open. This means that it doesn’t matter if you walk in to the park when Cast Members let everyone in approximately 30 minutes before opening, or if you waltz in right as the park opens. Everyone can open the app and grab a boarding pass at the same time.

There is no way to guarantee your ride time. But to make sure you get the soonest possible boarding pass have your My Disney Experience app open and ready to go when the park opens.

How Long Is The Wait Now With Standby Line

Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance Is About to Open at ...

While wait times for Rise of the Resistance have been high, they havent been quite as bad as we originally thought, at least so far.

Since using the standby queue, the average wait times for Rise of the Resistance have been approximately 83 minutes at any given time during the day.

Considering the average wait time for all attractions in Hollywood Studios is only 36 minutes over the same span of time, Rise is easily the parks most popular ride and the number one priority for guests.

Of course, wait times for the ride are going to fluctuate greatly depending on many factors. What day you visit during the week, what time of day you get in line, and if you are there during peak season or a slower period of the year all can drastically change the wait times.

Average daily wait times during this time frame have been as low as 43 minutes on some days, and as high as 142 minutes on other days. Maximum wait times so far have reached as high as 366 minutes, but that is a rarity and not the norm.

This is all the more reason to consult our Disney World Crowd Calendar so you can find the least-busy times of the year to visit and not have to deal with waiting so long.

Were anxious to see how these wait times increase over the next few months as more and more guests start coming back to the parks. For the latest, you can check out with a ton of graphs and charts explaining wait times.

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Disney Worlds Rise Of The Resistance Virtual Queue: We Hardly Knew Ye

Since opening and until very recently, the ONLY way to ride Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance at Hollywood Studios in Orlando was by securing a place in a virtual queue. These boarding groups ran out very fast often in a matter of a second or less.

Frequent Disney goers devised elaborate strategies for hacking the two distribution times when reservations were released. We synched up with world clocks, tried on multiple Disney accounts, and speed tested cell data and WiFi service all to be just a split second faster than other guests to snag a coveted spot.

If you got good at this process, Im sorry to say all those skills are now for naught. Why? Disney World completely eliminated the use of a virtual queue for Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance effective September 23, 2021.

If you were exhausted or frustrated by the virtual queue system, however, this is good news for you. The fastest fingers are no longer the only ones who get to ride Rise of the Resistance. The process is a lot more equitable. And there are now several methods to use to get aboard with shorter wait times!

Does Star Wars: Rise Of The Resistance Accommodate Disability Access Service Card

The DAS Card is designed to accommodate guests who arent able to wait in a conventional queue environment due to a disability .

The DAS Card is accepted on Rise of the Resistance but there are a limited amount of riders it will take each day.

Guests using the DAS card still need to go through the same Virtual Queue Boarding Group System as all the other guests in the park. That means every member of your group must be present in Hollywood Studios to make a reservation.

Once your boarding group is called, go to the FastPass return line and you will be accommodated through the attraction queue.

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Make Sure Youre Ready A Few Minutes Early

Please, dont wait until 7:00a or 1:00p to even open up My Disney Experience. By the time you get in and start the steps, youre already too late.

Set yourself an alarm to remind you at least 5 minutes in advance of the virtual queue opening. This allows you to go through all of these other Rise of the Resistance boarding group tips and get yourself as ready as possible.

Everyone With A Cell Phone Should Give It A Go

Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance Full Ride at Walt Disney World | Expedia

So, I know that Disney even specifically says that only one person should try to go through this process, but I call shenanigans on that one.

Why on earth should you put all your eggs in one basket when you might have 2, 3, or even more baskets to use? God forbid youre the one in charge of getting the boarding group and your phone decides to glitch at a critical moment.

No boarding pass for you!

As long as you take note of tip #2 below, each person in your group can get a boarding group for the entire group as a whole.

And dont worry, if one of you is successful in getting a boarding group, the rest wont be able to get one. This way youre not stealing boarding groups from other families.

Tip: Household members dont need different My Disney Experience accounts. Simply have the app on each phone, logged in with the same account.

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