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Refillable Drinks At Disney World

How Do I Get My Hands On A Disney Refillable Mug

The Truth about refillable drinks at Universal, Sea world and Disney Orlando Florida

When staying at a Walt Disney Resort, there are two ways you can snag a Disney refillable mug.

Comes Included With the Dining Plan

If you sign up for one of the dining plans at any Disney resort, you will be given one credit to redeem for a Disney refillable mug. The cost is already included in your dining plan.

On your first visit to the resorts food court or dining location, you can redeem this credit at the counter, choose a color, and theyll hand you your mug!

If you are not part of a dining plan but are dying to get your hands on this exclusive cup, simply head into a Disney Resort gift shop! Other than the resorts dining plan, this is the only other way to snag a Disney refillable mug from the source.

While I dont usually do the Disney Dining Plan, I buy a refillable cup every day so I can get my unlimited fix of soda, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and more.

Everything You Need To Know About Disney Refillable Mugs

By: Author Heather Thomas

Refillable mugs may sound like a fantastic option if youre heading to Disney World but whether or not they make sense depends on a lot of things.

Thinking about purchasing some for your next trip?

Check out the answers to some of the most frequent questions we receive about using a Disney refillable mug!

In this article

Is Disneys Refillable Mug Program Worth The Cost

This is where things tend to get heated! I think it depends on a few factors:

  • how much of your vacation time will be spent at resorts
  • how many meals you will be having in your resort cafeteria
  • what your soda or coffee/tea drinking habits are
  • and, whether or not youll be ordering a grocery delivery to your resort.

A single soda purchase at the resorts is $4 and coffee/tea is $3 you can get free refills during your meal, but once youve left the cafeteria or restaurant, you cant refill your disposable cup again. So, if youre probably going to purchase at least 6 fountain sodas or drip coffees at your resort, then this is an easy decision because once you exceed 5 sodas or 6 coffees, the mug is saving you money.

However, you do have in-room coffee and many local grocers offer free or discounted delivery to the resorts with a minimum order amount so purchasing drinks at your resort isnt your only option for refreshments.

Personally, I rarely opt to purchase the refillable mug program I tend to only take advantage of it when Im on the dining plan.

They can be really convenient for pool days, especially compared to having to drag all of the drinks with you from your room and also have them get warm while in the sun all day or try to drag all the the kids back to the room in order to grab refills.

And they can be convenient if your room is located close to the cafeteria for grabbing a morning coffee or a late night hot chocolate.

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How Long Can You Use The Disney World Refillable Mugs

The mugs last for 14 days. If you are staying for longer than 14 days, you will need to see a cast member and you may get this period extended. We have stayed at Disney for 16 18 days and never had a problem at the food courts. The only issues we have had is the machines away from the food court where are mugs have timed out.

Can You Bring Reusable Water Bottles Into Disney World

PHOTOS: New " Star Wars: A New Hope"  Resort Refillable Mugs Land at Walt ...

When it comes to bringing drinks into Disney parks, one would naturally lean towards bringing their refillable mugs from breakfast, but will they prevent spillage, and fit with travel hygiene safety? The best way to keep cold liquids cold is to have them in dedicated, preferably insulated and spill-proof, and possibly with a little handle or loop so they are easy to hold onto or secure to a Disney Park Bag.

Yeah sure, guests can easily purchase bottled water at each gift shop in order to hydrate but, along with cost, there are a handful of reasons why you may want to reconsider that particular touring strategy and opt for a reusable water bottle instead.

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Rapid Fill Refillable Mugs Now Available At Port Orleans

Walt Disney Worlds new refillable mug program Rapid Fill is being rolled out at all Disney Resort hotel locations which have self-service beverage stations. The drinks stations at the Port Orleans food courts were switched over to the new system on 19 August 2013, having already been pre-selling the new style of mug for about a week.

The new Rapid Fill mugs feature a radio frequency identification chip installed in the base of the mug which allows it to be used for a specified amount of days only, all the way through to the guests entire length of stay .

The mugs were originally priced using a tiered structure starting at $8.99 for 1 day, $11.99 for 2 days, $14.99 for 3 days, and $17.99 for a full length of stay. However now they are only sold at a single price currently $18.99 which covers 14 days, or up to the length of your current stay.

Riverside Mill beverage station

The mugs can be used as often as you like during the chosen time period but there is a mandatory 2½ minute delay between refills. Mixed drinks can be dispensed by partially filling your mug from several different dispensers in succession but there is a 70 second time limit for doing this.

It will still be possible to buy a single drink at the food courts, and the paper cups will also contain an RFID chip coded for several refills over the next couple of hours.

Coffee, hot chocolate, iced tea and water/ice are NOT restricted by the chips.

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Survimate Filtered Water Bottle

Built in a rugged way that keeps it the perfect water bottle for Disney World as well as camping and hiking , the SurviMate is an amazing filtration water bottle.

It filters through four different types of chemicals and debris, and the sleek design makes it easy to fold and fit within your Disney World backpack or other bag.

There are also no chemicals involved, just an easy to use system that makes you just need to fill up and start drinking to get filtered water.

The filtration system in this one is also more lasting than the one in the Brita water bottle, as you can get up to a year using this water bottle with the same filter bonus for the environment and your wallet!

Purchasing A Disney Refillable Mug

Disney World | Return of Self Serve Refillable Drink Stations

Those staying on resort and using the Disney Dining Plan will be able to get one mug per person on the plan for FREE. This mug will allow you to get limitless refills at all Disney Resort drink stations for the length of your stay.

If you arent on the Disney Dining Plan, you can purchase a Disney Refillable Mug for a set price at any quick service dining location in any of the Disney resorts.

Once purchased, the mug will give you access to unlimited refills on any beverage at the drink station for 14 straight days.

Your Disney Rapid Fill Mug will work at ANY Disney resort. This means that if you resort hop for meals, you can take your Disney refillable mug and use it.

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Can I Get Refills At Quick Service Locations

We are often asked if Quick Service locations offer refills. The answer is YES.kind of. Several restaurants around Walt Disney World have self- serve drink locations and at those locations drink refills are welcome! This is so nice on a hot summer day. Go in, grab an ice cold coke and could down, on the way out top it off to keep the enjoyment going. We here at Disney Addicts love getting the most bang for our buck, and we know you do too, so to help you plan your Quick Service meals weve compiled a list of all of the locations around the World to get your fill of the bubbly stuff.

Magic Kingdom:

Be Our Guest- Step right into your favorite Disney classic and feel the Tale as Old as Time come alive around you! Since opening in 2014, Be Our Guest continues to be one of the most popular restaurants at Disney World, and for good reason! The theming here is phenomenal! The concept here is unlike anything else see at Disney: breakfast and lunch are Quick Service while dinner is a Signature Table Service meal. During the breakfast and lunch hours, the soda fountain is self-serve and you are invited to be their self-serve to refills as you please! Unlike the test of the locations on this list, you must have a reservation to even get through the doors at Be Our Guest so while this is a great spot for breakfast or lunch and a drink for the road, it isnt really a viable option for a hydration break.


Hollywood Studios:

Animal Kingdom:

Disney Springs-


Can I Bring My Rapid Fill Mug Into The Disney Theme Parks

Sorry, no. Refillable resort mugs will not work in any of the Disney World parks or theme park restaurants, water parks or Disney Springs.

Of course you can bring them into any of these locations for water but they wont work as intended for free refills at each soda dispenser. We feel instead of lugging the mug around, you can always get a paper cup of water at the quick service locations. You also dont run the risk of accidentally losing your mug in the parks.

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Do Disney World Refillable Cups Save Money

There are different ways to look at the value of a RapidFill mug purchase at Walt Disney World. The first thing to understand is that with any prepaid option Disney is not looking to cut you a deal. The pricing is based on what you are likely to spend during the course of your stay. Having said that, everybody is different and everybody experiences Walt Disney World in their own way. If you spend a lot more time than the average Disney guest at your hotel or resort hopping to other hotels, then you may get more value out of a RapidFill mug than most other guests.

The main thing to consider is how often will you be at the food court or counter service restaurant at your hotel? If you plan to go twice every day, then the savings from the mug purchase may add up. It could also save you money if you intend for the mug to be your main souvenir from the trip.

One thing to watch out for is overextending to try and get that value. If you find that you are pushing to use your RapidFill Mug to the point where you need to alter plans or go to the food court even if you dont want to, then you may technically be squeezing out the dollar value, but you are sacrificing the experience. If you dont think so many trips to the counter service at your hotel fits well into your plans, dont try to justify getting the mug, it will most likely not save you anything.

What Is The Cost

Fountain drink choices for refillable mug?

For Disney Resort guests who purchased a Disney Dining Plan Option the Disney Refillable Drink Mugs are FREE!

Well, theyre not freetheyre included with the purchase of your Disney Dining Plan.

You can purchase/pick up your Refillable Drink Mug at any Resort Food Court or Quick Service Restaurant.

For Disney lovers not purchasing a Dining Plan option, you can purchase a Rapid Fill Refillable Mug at any Disney Resort.

Thanks to the handy little RFID chip there are now daily plans you can purchase for the length of your stay.

The plans are as follows:

Day- $8.99 Days- $11.99 Days- $14.99 Full Length of Stay- $17.99

*Prices subject to change.

**If splitting your stay between two resorts let the Cashier know and you can use the same mug the entire length of your stay.

Refillable Drink Mug Refill Locations:

You can use your mug at All Disney Resorts Quick-Service Dining Refill Stations including Value, Moderate, and Deluxe Resorts.

You cannot use your mug at any of the Parkshoweverwe took ours with us to the parks and asked for plastic cups of ice water at the Quick Service Restaurants.

Two FREE cups of ice water fill up one Refillable Drink Mug, so that helped out a lot, plus there are water fountains all around the parks you can use as well.

and sometimes your Refillable Drinks Mugs end up in your Disney Park pictures!!

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Is It Safe To Drink From The Water Refill Stations

Now, you may be wondering if you need to bring a bottle with a filter to drink from the water refill stations at Disney World . You dont. The hydration stations dispense filtered water and it is perfectly safe to drink. However, many people do find that the water has a distinctive taste . If you think you might want to eliminate this taste, bring water flavor packets to add to your water.

Guide To Refillable Mugs At Disney World

    Walt Disney World uses refillable mugs at resort hotel food courts that offer unlimited refills. This guide offers pricing info, photos of designs, and answers frequently asked questions: whether RapidFill is worth the money, where to use these cups, and more. We also address some controversy surrounding them.

    As of Summer 2022, refillable mugs at Walt Disney World cost $19.99 and are valid for the length of stay. Normally, refillable mugs are included with the Disney Dining Plan, but that is temporarily suspended. See When Will the Disney Dining Plan Return at Walt Disney World?for more on that.

    The RapidFill mug system is pretty simple: you buy the mug or have it provided to you via the Disney Dining Plan and then are entitled to unlimited refills at the Walt Disney World hotels for the duration of your stay. Self-serve beverage stations are once again available at select quick-service restaurants located in Walt Disney World theme parks and resort hotels.

    Despite it being a seemingly straightforward topic, there are few topics that elicit as much discussion and impassioned debate as the refillable mugs. This article will take a examine the ethical and economical quandaries of the refillable mugs, look at the Rapid Fill system, and answer some frequently asked questions about the mugs.

    Were actually huge fans and collectors of older refillable mugs, and this post also gave us an excuse to bust out some of our favorite mugs for a photoshoot.

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    What Drinks Are Available

    Hot drinks are available tea, coffee and hot chocolate. There are also a range of Coca Cola soft drinks available at drinks fountains. These are usually a selection of:


    Hi C Fruit Punch

    The Rapid Fill System

    The rapid fill system refers to how the system works. Your mug will have an RFID bar code that once activated will last for 14 days. At certain drinks fountains as well once you have filled your mug you wont be able to refill again for a couple of minutes.

    Can I Reuse An Old Refillable Mug

    Episode 4 Walt Disney World Resort Refillable Mugs

    The Resort Refillable Mugs can not be reactivated, so they are not reusable in the future. Disney could change that policy, and if they do, we will update here.

    Water park Refillable Mugs are eligible to be reactivated just at the water parks. So if you tend to visit Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach on your vacations, it may be worth the cost to pay for reactivation time after time.

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    What Are Water Refill Stations

    Water refill stations are Disneys push towards being more eco-friendly. Walt Disney World has been installing these refillable water bottle stations, or hydration stations as theyre officially called, at their four main parks and elsewhere. A water refill station is a water fountain that is designed to refill water bottles. You can bring your own bottle from home or buy one of the souvenir Disney bottles in the parks.

    All you have to do is take your water bottle to the water station at Disney World and refill it its completely free of cost. The water stations are convenient. Theyre hygienic. And theyre easier to use than trying to fill your bottle at a water fountain . Remember to bring a plastic bottle though, because glass bottles are not permitted at Disney World.

    Disney World Hotel Refillable Mugs

    Since 2013, Walt Disney World Resorts have had an option where guests can purchase a refillable mug which can be used at their resort. Many people wonderis it a good deal?

    How does it work? What can you put in it? Should I get one?

    We will cover all the information around Disney refillable mugs in this post.

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