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Publix Grocery Delivery Disney World

Other Ways To Get Disney World Grocery Delivery

Disney World Grocery Delivery By Amazon Prime Now To Art Of Animation Resort – At Walt Disney World


If youve been around my site before then you know that Im a huge fan of using Uber at Disney World.

But last October I became an even bigger fan. I want to Disney World for Halloween and didnt do a good job looking at the weather before I left. It was pretty cool in Orlando, like high 60s and I had all hot weather clothing. Any sweaters and pants I could buy at the Disney World Resort were going to be expensive, and there were 4 of us. So we Ubered to the Walmart a few miles away from Disney World and got a few things for 4 people and spent less than $100. Including things we didnt need, like a bottle of wine.

I mention the closest grocery store to Disney World and now you know you can Uber there and just about anywhere else you need to go.

Convenience Store

There are two gas stations with convenience stores at Disney World. One is near Disney Springs the other is near the Boardwalk resort. Similar to a 711 or a Wawa, there are a few things you can get here like frozen pizza, milk, etc. They also sell beer and wine.

Obviously, youre going to pay a little more money for groceries here but the convenience of the location might be worth it for you.

I once stayed off site at the Ramada and walked to the 711 store across the street for some water and beer. I didnt have to pay for an Uber so I was ok with the slightly inflated prices.

Disney Resort Stores

Checked Luggage

Walmart Grocery Pick Up

Grocery Delivery Guide Walt Disney World And Universal Orlando Resort

We all love and adore the dining options inside the Central Florida theme parks or, even, in the surrounding shopping areas. But what do we do when we just want a nice family dinner at the hotel after a long day? Or we need to pack a small lunch for the drive, or a favorite snack?

Whether you prefer to cook an entire meal at your extended-stay resort or just have a craving that cant be filled with churros or Dole Whips, you shouldnt have to waste your precious vacation time braving the crowds at Publix or Target. Instead, weve compiled a list of helpful ways you can have the groceries brought right to you, without ever sacrificing your relaxation!

How Does Instacart Disney World Work

The main difference between Instacart and a few of the other delivery service apps is there is no markup on their items. This means you would pay the exact same price as if you were shopping in the stores yourself, and you can even use digital coupons.

The service fee for Instacart is typically a flat 10% and they do charge a $4.00 delivery fee. However, depending on the size of your order this can be significantly lower than Garden Grocer.

Just like the services before this your Disney food delivery groceries will be left with Bell Services and any perishable items will be put in the fridge.

Instacart food delivery Disney World tips

  • Your delivery fee is waived if its your first order
  • Be sure to order in advance as one hour delivery can sometimes be full
  • You can sign up for text and email notifications when your groceries arrive
  • You can have your groceries delivered to your room for an additional $6.00

Special Note: Please remember to tip your driver, bell services, and cast member as their hard work allow us to take advantage of these great services!

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Closest Grocery Store To Disney World

Disney consists of over 30,000 acres so the closest grocery store to someone staying at Saratoga Springs is not the closest grocery store to someone staying at Fort Wilderness Lodge.

My suggestion is to download the Google Maps app if you dont already have it. I am a huge iPhone fan and own one but Google Maps is better than regular Maps. Once you download the app type in Publix to find the closest one to you.


8145 Vineland Ave Orlando, FL 32821 and 29 Blake Blvd, Celebration, FL 34747


3250 Vineland Rd, Kissimmee, FL 34746

Does Disney Charge For Grocery Delivery

Groceries Delivered to Disney World: Instacart and Publix

Disney World recently started charging guests a $6 fee to have bell services bring a grocery delivery to your hotel room. I believe this will show us as a room charge on your folio at checkout.

If you have groceries delivered and pick them up from bell services yourself, you will NOT be charged the delivery fee. The fee only applies if bell services delivers your order to your room. The $6 charge is per grocery order, not per bag of groceries.

So if you want to save money, either meet your Instacart delivery person in the lobby or pick your order up yourself at bell services.

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Consider Your Hotel Room

Before you jump right in to ordering groceries for your vacation you should consider the type of room youre staying in and if it can accommodate everything you want to get. Mosts guests stay in a general hotel room that includes 1 to 2 beds, some counter space, a closest and a bathroom. Most have mini fridges for drinks and some food items. While these rooms arent especially great for full grocery service, it can be done with a little planning.

Most guests who participate in grocery delivery at Walt Disney World are tend to stay in villas that have full kitchens with stove, oven, full fridge, sink, dining room and glassware including bowls, cups and plates. They also usually have a dishwasher for easy cleaning. This is the ideal room for guests looking to get full grocery service to their hotel. It offers a home like experience and plenty of room to hold everything.

Villas like these can be found at most property hotels including the following:

  • Disneys Boardwalk Villas
  • Animal Kingdom Lodge Jambo House and Kidani Village
  • Disneys Wilderness Lodge Boulder Ridge and Copper Creek Villas
  • Disneys Bay Lake Tower
  • Disneys Polynesian Village & Bungalows
  • Disneys Grand Floridian Villas
  • Disneys Saratoga Springs
  • Disneys Old Key West

How To Use Grocery Delivery At Disney World

Find out how to get groceries delivered directly to your Disney resort with this easy guide.

Eating at Walt Disney World is one of the best experiences we love it so much, we even recreate Disney recipes at home. But a trip to Disney World is already pretty expensive, and eating three meals a day in the parks or resorts can rack up a big bill. While some people may choose to pack a few snacks in their suitcase to keep in their park bag, other people like to have full meal options at the ready. If you like a particular coffee or snack or maybe want to pack sandwiches or water bottles for the park youre probably better off getting real groceries at Disney .

Now, you could Uber to a local grocery store and pick up a few essentials for yourself, but why break the magic of a Disney vacation to do such a mundane task? Instead, you can have your groceries delivered directly to you. Luckily for you, there are a few options for using grocery delivery at Disney World. So whether you want to save some money or just need some staples for your vacation, these are your easy options for grocery delivery at Disney World.

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Restaurant/grocery Delivery To Swan/dolphin Hotel

Hi! If I was looking to order some snacks/soda/cereal/waters what is the best option for price and/or convenience? I heard delivery there was more limited than some of the other hotels for things like green grocer and prime pantry.

Also, what if we wanted to order pizza … do we just meet them in the lobby?

Any other tips for staying at the Swan? Were very excited! Thank you in advance for any suggestions!

The problem is their package policy. You have to be physically present to accept the grocery delivery without involving the hotel. I believe the only service you can coordinate like that is with Amazon Prime Now.

I’d just walk to the Speedway across from the Boardwalk or catch an Uber to the grocery store.

Once you factor in the fees of Amazon you could’ve just paid for the Uber or upcharge differential of buying the stuff onsite. Let alone being tied up to accept the delivery.

How far of a walk is the Speedway? We dont need much… just milk, juice, and water. MAYBE beer but thats not really a necessity… Were flying Southwest so we can use one of our EIGHT free checked bags for snacks and cereal. This is helpful for planning, thank you.

Also does anyone know the address of the Speedway? There are so many Im not sure which is the closest to Swan.

I was surprised on Google Maps to see that it is between 3/4 to a mile walk. I didn’t think it was that far. it’s such an easy walk from the Boardwalk and the Swan is right next door.

Its the 300

Dont Shop As You Would At Home

Best Grocery & Alcohol Delivery at WDW

Disney grocery store delivery can be convenient but you are limited to what you can buy. Its important to note that unless you plan on staying at one of the Disney Vacation Club villas many of the in-room appliance options are limited. In almost all cases Disney hotel rooms only have a small fridge. Its important to make most of your groceries nonperishable. I find

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Where To Pick Up Your Instacart Order

If you arent present for your delivery, you can pick up your order later at your resorts Bell Desk.

Note that this is NOT the same as the check-in or front desk of your resort! If you dont know where the Bell Desk is at your Disney resort, just ask any cast member .

If you cant get down to the Bell Desk, you can call the desk from your room and ask them to deliver your grocery order to your room. On one occasion, I had a bad experience with my order at Disneys Saratoga Springs Resort. I had to call several times until they were able to locate my order, so if this happens to you, just be persistent!

Just be sure to tip your bell services cast member if you have your order brought to your room. I try to have $5 handy for a tip anytime bell services come to my room.

Garden Grocer Vs Publix Delivery

I will be staying at POR and wondering which service is better/preferred? Seems like a lot of people use Garden Grocer, but the prices at Publix seem better. Any feedback?

I’ve been using Publix for two years now, with never a problem. Everything in the store is online. They’ll deliver within a 2-hour window. You can also use Instacart to order beer, wine and liquor from ABC Liquors, which is a big chain in Florida, as well. Booze is a couple bucks more delivery fee.

Publix doesn’t have its own delivery service — they contract with Instacart and Shipt, both independent outside companies.

Shipt delivers alcohol as well.

We like instacart and use them in Orlando and at home. They will go to multiple stores for you if you ask. Garden Grocer is okay but they only deliver to Disney and prices are steep

Thanks for the replies. Because Publix does not have its own delivery service, does that mean there are extra charges? Will they deliver to POR? Wondering why people would choose Garden Grocer over Publix if the prices are much more expensive.

Yes Instacart charges a fee. They usually offer some kind of promo discount for first time users. They will deliver to POR. People allocate their money differently, some people just prefer Garden Grocer.

Edited: 3 years ago

I am trying to find info on the Publix website on delivery fees and no luck.

Do you know where I can find this?

Am i able to place the order a week ahead or a least a couple of days prior to arrival?

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How To Order Grocery Delivery From Walmart

  • Enter the address of your hotel and select a delivery time. Same-day delivery is often available.
  • Add your items to your cart and then check out.
  • If you forgot to add any items, you have until 1:45 am the night before your scheduled delivery to make changes to your order.
  • When it is time for delivery, you will get a text or a notification from the Walmart app letting you know about any substitutions or out of stock items.
  • You will also receive a text/notification letting you know what time to expect your delivery. I usually leave a note to let the driver know where to meet.

Putting Together Your Instacart Order

Groceries Delivered to Disney World: Instacart and Publix

You can put together an Instacart order from the Instacart website or in the app on your mobile device.

The first thing you will need to know is the zip code in Disney World it is 32830. If you are staying at a hotel outside of Disney World, this may be different so have your hotels address handy.

You can place an order from Publix , Whole Foods, CVS, or BJs Wholesale. You can order from either ABC or Publix Liquors

The minimum order from each store is $10.

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How Do You Order Grocery Delivery To Your Walt Disney World Accommodation

Shortly well share a selection of the top grocery delivery options when staying at Walt Disney World. When you are ready to order, simply head to the website of your chosen delivery service, add your items to your basket and check out with the address of your Walt Disney World property. Your delivery will then arrive within your chosen delivery window, just like when you order groceries to your home. All Walt Disney World properties will accept a grocery delivery on behalf of their guests, and the delivery will be left with bell services. You can also order perishable items that need to be refrigerated, as bell services will keep those items chilled for you until you collect the delivery.

Free Grocery Delivery At Disney World

There are two delivery services that offer free grocery delivery to Disney World: First is Amazon Prime Now who offers free delivery to subscribed members as long as you order $40 worth of groceries. If youre not a Prime member already, you should talk to someone who is as memberships can be shared with others. If you cant find anyone, we dont recommend singing up just for grocery delivery as theres a better option to this.

Walmart+ launched in 2020 and has been growing in popularity for all the benefits it offers, one of them being free grocery delivery. What we discovered when looking into this is that the Walmart+ membership has a free 2 week trial where you can try it out, no cost to you. So what we did was sign-up for the service the day we were going to order our groceries. This starts your two weeks free.

Now you can order your groceries for Disney World without having to pay anything assuming you order over $35 worth of stuff. The nice thing about the two week free trial is that if you end up liking the service, it automatically continues as their $99 yearly fee. If you dont end up liking it, just cancel it after the two weeks. We recommend setting a reminder on your phone to do this before 2 weeks is up.

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How Much Does Walmart Delivery Cost

Grocery deliveries are free to your Disney resort from Walmart, if you are a member of their Walmart+ program and your order is at least $35.

The price for this service is $12.95 per month or $98 a year. But, you can sign up for a free 15-day trial and have your order delivered for free.

Just remember to cancel your membership if you are not planning to use it, so you are not charged.

Tips for delivery drivers are not included. You will be able to select the tip amount at checkout.

Substitutions And Driver Instructions

Walt Disney World Grocery Delivery #waltdisneyworld #grocerydelivery #instacart

With Prime Now, youll be able to select the items youd like to be substituted or omitted in advance.

This way your personal shopper will know what to do if an item is unavailable.

In the event you forget to specify, your personal shopper will contact you to confirm any changes, usually by sending you a photo of the replacement option.

Amazon has a great inventory tracking system so the need for substitutions is rare.

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Tips For Buying Groceries At Disney World

Want groceries for your Walt Disney World vacation? Using a delivery service is a money-saving way to get snacks and foods brought to your hotel. This post offers tips, info, and a comparison of Garden Grocer, Amazon Prime Now, Walmart+ or Ubering to Target, Trader Joes, Whole Foods, or Publix.

Note that even though Walt Disney World resorts have reopened with new health safety measures and protocol, grocery delivery is still allowed. Hotels still allow bell services and the front desk to accept groceries , with the same procedures and rules as before. See below for more info on all of that.

In fact, we are recommending grocery delivery at Walt Disney World more than ever. There are several reasons for this, but suffice to say, one of the most frustrating aspects of visiting right now is dining. Well explain why below. For this reason, we recommend using Garden Grocer, Amazon, Walmart Plus, nearby convenience stores or grocery delivery for inexpensive breakfast, beer, fruit, vegetables, and other things typically sold for a large mark-up by Disney

On top of that, the imbalance of dining capacity and demand has resulted in the Disney Dining Plan being temporarily unavailable for much longer than originally anticipated.

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