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Parking At Disney World Hotels

Parking At Disney Resorts

New Overnight Parking Fee At Disney World Hotels

One great way to save money when flying into MCO Orlando International Airport is to take Disneys Magical Express or ride-share services to your Walt Disney World Resort Hotel. Youll avoid the hefty tiered fees counted nightly with overnight self-parking or the valet services available at select Resort Hotels.

Standard overnight self-parking is available to registered Guests for a fee that will be applied to your hotel folio at check-out. Parking fees DO include tax, which is nice, but at the cheapest value hotels, overnight parking is $15 per night. Disney Moderate Resorts have a disney resort parking fee of $20 per night, which each Disney Deluxe Resort and Villa has a $25 per night charge.

Complimentary standard parking is available to overnight Guests staying at the Campsites at Disneys Fort Wilderness Resort. Staying here allows for one vehicle per campsite at no charge, so this is a great way to save on Resort Parking if you prefer this type of stay. Note that the cabins will have a $20 per night charge for parking.

You will also NOT pay for parking if you are a DVC member staying at a DVC property or Walt Disney World Resort Hotel, regardless of whether you are using vacation points or another form of payment! If you are a DVC Member who is not using points for your vacation, you will be charged for standard overnight parking. Try to use your points wisely and avoid those parking fees!

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations At Disney World Parking Lots

If you drive an EV to Disney World, youre in luck!

ChargePoint charging stations are available in parking lots at Epcot, Disney?s Animal Kingdom park and Disney Springs.

They are available on a first come, first serve basis.

  • Epcot: 4 stations in Journey Parking Lot
  • Disney?s Animal Kingdom Park: 4 stations in the Medical Parking Lot
  • Disney Springs: 6 stations in the Orange Garage and 3 in the Lime Garage

To use this service, you will need a credit card or a pre-ordered ChargePoint card available at

We often rent a car or drive to Disney World.

With a family of 6, road trips are a way of life around here!

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when parking at Disney World.

Can I Park For Free At Disney World

You may be wondering if you can park at Disney Springs and go to the parks?

Its definitely possible if you know how to do it the right way. Even with the high cost to park at Disney World, you can find ways to park for free at Disney which we will go into detail down below.

According to Disney, all Guests have complimentary access to their network of monorails, buses and boats.

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Which Guests Must Pay To Park At The Theme Parks And How Much Does It Cost

Non-Disney resort guests, or those staying off Disney property , are charged to park a vehicle at the four major theme parks.

Guests pay for parking once per day and can move from park to park that day without paying again. Keep your parking receipt and show it to the cast member at the next parks toll booths. Youll be allowed to enter the parking lot without paying a second parking fee.

Daily parking charges for those required to pay for parking are:

  • Preferred Parking for Car or Motorcycle: $45-$50
  • Passholders and Resort guests with free parking only pay additional $20-$25 for Preferred Parking
  • Standard Parking : $25
  • Oversized Parking : $30
  • Exactly How To Avoid Parking Fees At Disney World

    Disney World Parking

    Oh, boy.

    Parking at Disney World.

    The one topic that can be super heated as everyone tries to figure out why Disney charges like a million dollars to park on asphalt that has not been upgraded in proportion to the price you pay!

    Right, if youre wondering how to avoid parking fees at Disney World, I have some good news and some bad news for you.

    The good news is that you can save money on parking at Disney World if you take advantage of a couple of loopholes.

    The bad news is that it is basically impossible to avoid parking fees at Disney World completely so if youre going to bring a car, youre going to want to bring some extra cash.

    I also want to point out, before I get into the full list, that I do understand that many of the ways to save money on parking at Disney World is to pay more money, which doesnt seem like its actually saving you anything, and in fact it probably isnt unless you come a lot.

    But Im not a genie Im just a Disney blogger who has seen the internets outrage over parking fees at Disney World.

    So here you go.

    Everyone get your most expensive day ever shirts at the ready and lets get started.

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    Alternatives To Having A Car At Disney World

  • Free transportation provided by Disney and/or your hotel

  • Uber / Lyft / Minnie Vans

  • Personally, we draw the line at rental car costs, and we very rarely drive to Magic Kingdom from the hotels. When we have access to a car in Florida, well use it for Disney World trips. We find the hotel parking costs to be worth the convenience of getting to Animal Kingdom, Epcot, and Hollywood Studios, along with any meals at other hotels.

    But if wed have to pay for a rental car, we just dont find it to be worth it. If you use Uber/Lyft or Minnie Vans for urgent transportation and just bite the bullet with free transportation otherwise, youll usually be able to find a sweet spot of convenience and price.

    Driving Around Disney World

    Disney is an expert at wayfinding signs.


    Even people that get lost going to their local grocery store should have no problem navigating Walt Disney World.

    Major directional signs are bright purple, which makes them easy to recognize.

    As you approach the Walt Disney World Resort, the signs for the resort hotels will start off more general.

    And the hotels will all be grouped by areas such as Epcot Resort Area, Magic Kingdom Resort Area, Animal Kingdom Resort Area, etc.

    As you get closer to your destination you will begin to see specific signs for your resort.

    To make it easier to get where you are going, make sure to know within which area your resort is located. This is especially true if you are planning to visit another resort hotel for a meal, etc.

    The signs for the 4 main parks, 2 water parks, and Disney Springs are self-explanatory and plentiful.

    You cant miss them!

    There are usually multiple ways to get to and from different locations. If you miss a turn or an exit, dont panic just keep following the signs.

    Map apps works well on Disney property so be sure to have one ready to use for your trip.

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    Walt Disney World Parking Tips & Tricks

    If youre parking at Disney, this means you will be driving to the parks. Keep in mind, each of the following exits from Interstate 4 will take you to different parts of Walt Disney World Resort:

    Exit 67: EPCOT, Disney Springs Area, Disneys BoardWalk, and Disneys Typhoon Lagoon Water Park

    Exit 65: Disney Hollywood studios parking, Disneys Animal Kingdom parking lot, ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex, and Disneys Blizzard Beach Water Park

    Exit 64: Magic Kingdom

    Disneys Magical Express

    Complimentary airport transportation via Disneys Magical Express service is available for guests arriving at and departing from Orlando International Airport. Keep in mind, Disneys Magical Express service will no longer provide luggage delivery for those arriving at and departing from the airport. Your luggage will travel with you to your Disney hotel.

    Are There Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Available At The Disney Theme Parks

    Walt Disney World to charge resort guests for overnight parking beginning March 21

    A number of ChargePoint charging stations are available in parking lots at all four theme parks.

    • Magic Kingdom: Five spaces one space at the front of the Medical Parking Lot and four spaces at the front of the Zurg Parking Lot
    • Epcot: Four stations in the Journey Parking Lot
    • Disneys Hollywood Studios: four spaces at the front of the Mickey Parking Lot
    • Animal Kingdom: Four stations in the Medical Parking Lot

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    Parking At Disney World Resorts & Parks

    Planning an upcoming visit to the Walt Disney World Resort? Have you thought about parking? Parking at Disney World is probably one of the most important things youll need to be aware of when you plan to use your own vehicle. And Im talking parking at the Disney parks, preferred parking, handicap parking, paid parking, free parking, parking at the resorts, and more!

    Thats a lot of parking. And if you arent careful, those parking costs can add up. So its important to take them into consideration and plan your days accordingly.

    In this review, we are going to cover parking at Disney World thoroughly. Well take a look at your different options, how much you can expect to pay, and Ill even provide a few of my best secrets and tips for parking.

    Parking At Disney Theme Parks

    There are a few really lovely loopholes for not paying for parking at the main Disney theme parks. If you are caught without these options, youll end up paying for the days parking. Prices can fluctuate seasonally, so be prepared. Standard Parking is approximately $25 per day, while preferred parking is $45 to $50 per day. Oversized Vehicles will pay up to $30 per day.

    Disney Resort Hotel Guests

    Stay at a Disney World Resort Hotel? Your standard theme park parking is included in your Resort Hotel price (though youre paying for parking at the hotel, so its sort of a wash. Keep in mind that preferred parking is an added cost, but youll only pay the difference in price.

    Annual Passholders

    If you are a Walt Disney World Resort Annual Passholder, youll avoid the Parking Fees at Disney Parks . Simply show your little yellow card or scan your MagicBand at the parking gate and youll sail on through to standard parking. Keep in mind that preferred parking is an added cost, but youll only pay the difference in price.

    Park Hopping

    When Park Hopping at Disney World, youll only pay for parking ONCE each day. Keep your receipt, and show it at each parking gate when you enter. The parking pass is good all day at all 4 major theme parksâMagic Kingdom park, Epcot, Disneyâs Hollywood Studios, and Disneys Animal Kingdom theme park.

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    Disney Hotel Parking Fees

    If youve read any of my reviews, you know Im not a fan of paying to park or resort fees. Thankfully, Disney doesnt charge resort fees yet. However, a few years back, they did begin charging parking fees at their resorts.

    Those parking fees are as follows:

    • Value Resort Parking $15.00 per night
    • Moderate Resort Parking $20.00 per night
    • Deluxe Resort Parking $25.00 per night

    Valet parking is normally available at $33.00 per night. However, at this time, it has been suspended. Disney has updated their website here to mention it will be returning soon. Valet service is available for guests with disabilities who require parking assistance. Additionally, accessible parking is available for guests with a valid disability parking permit.

    These parking charges will be charged on the back end of your stay. Disney will email you a list of room charges incurred during your trip on your checkout day. In addition, this receipt will display daily parking charges where applicable.

    How does Disney know you parked your car at the resort? Well, there are a variety of ways. For instance, when you enter any Disney Resort property, you have to stop and check-in with the security guard on your initial visit. They will verify your reservation, check your ID, and instruct you where to park.

    If you were to check-in via the front desk, which is becoming more and more obsolete, the cast member asks how you arrived or if you will have your car with you during your stay.

    When Is The Best Time To Visit Disney World

    Resort Parking Fees Increase at Walt Disney World

    Our Disney Crowd Calendar is the best tool to help you get the most out of your time in the parks. We break down park crowds, park hours of operation, ticket prices, and average temperature. We also break down the best time to visit Disney World based on specific times of the year and special events.

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    Valet Parking Returning To Walt Disney World Resort Hotels

    Valet parking did not return with Walt Disney World Resort hotels when they reopened. The service continued to be available for Guests with disabilities who may require parking assistance. However, now there is a timeline for the full-service valet to return to the resort hotels.

    Disneys Grand Floridian Resort & Spa started the service back up again today for all Guests. The rest of the timeline is below.

    • May 2nd: Disneys Contemporary Resort
    • May 2nd: Disneys Riviera Resort
    • May 16th: Disneys Yacht Club Resort
    • May 16th: Disneys BoardWalk Resort
    • May 30th: Disneys Coronado Springs Resort
    • May 30th: Disneys Beach Club Resort
    • May 30th: Disneys Animal Kingdom Lodge Villas Kidani Village

    Will you be using the valet parking at Disney Resort Hotels when it resumes full-service? Let us know in the comments!

    Locating The Disney World Entrance Sign

    Did you know that there is more than 1 of the big Welcome to Walt Disney World gateway signs?

    Its true!

    All of the main entrances to Walt Disney World have the giant signs.

    Dont get confused if you feel like you keep going through them. Youve probably just made a loop and are going back into or out of the Walt Disney World Resort on a different road.

    Heres where you can find those iconic entrance archway signs you see in all the photos:

    Entrances with archways:

    • World Center Drive / Epcot Center Drive
    • World Drive

    It is important to note that stopping to photograph the signs is not allowed. If you want a picture make sure to have your phone or camera out and ready.

    Try this:

    Use burst mode on your phone to snap a rapid series of pictures so you will have several to choose from.

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    Parking Fees At Disney Resorts

    From Disney World Press Release:

    Effective for reservations made March 21, 2018, and thereafter, standard overnight self-parking is available to registered Guests for a fee that will be applied to their hotel folio upon check-out. All parking fees include applicable tax.

    Standard Overnight Parking charges per Resort Category:

    Disney Value Resorts: $13 per nightDisney Moderate Resorts: $19 per nightDisney Deluxe and Deluxe Villa Resorts: $24 per night

    Complimentary standard parking is available to Guests staying at Campsites at Disneys Fort Wilderness Resort. Each campsite provides parking space for one motorized vehicle.

    Valet Parking:Valet Parking is available at select Disney Deluxe Resorts and Disney Deluxe Villas for $33 per night .

    Guests with DisabilitiesDesignated parking areas are available throughout Walt Disney World Resort for Guests with disabilities. A valid disability parking permit is required.

    Disney Vacation Club:Members will not be charged for standard overnight self-parking when staying at a DVC Deluxe Villa, regardless of whether they use vacation points or another form of payment. Members also will not be charged to park when using vacation points to stay at a Walt Disney World Resort hotel.

    Day Guests:Complimentary standard self-parking is available while enjoying select dining, shopping, entertainment, and recreation experiences at Disney Resort hotels.

    Immerse Yourself In The Magic

    Disney resort guests to pay parking fees

    From unique accommodations to distinctive dining options, themed rooms and more, the Disney Resorts Collection offers Guests a variety of options that exemplify the Disney difference.


    Staying at a Disney Resort hotel keeps you in the magicclose to the theme parks, water parks and shopping at the Disney Springs area.

    Activities and Amenities

    Disney Resort hotels feature amenities that immerse Guests in the worlds of classic Disney talesincluding themed pools with slides, poolside activities, Character Dining experiences, unique recreation, delightful surprises and so much more.

    Endless Possibilities

    With all of the great options in the Disney Resorts Collection, youre sure to find oneor more than onethat fits you. From theme to budget, you have a world of amazing options to consider. Youre not just choosing a place to sleep at nightyoure choosing your home for the duration of your Walt Disney World vacation.

    Want to wake up, look out your window, and say good morning to a giraffe? You can when you stay at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge. Ever stayed on the shores of the South Pacific? Drift away to Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort. Or come home to larger-than-life recreations of scenes from favorite Disney and Pixar classics at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort!

    These are just a few of the Disney Resort hotels that await you at Walt Disney World Resort!

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    Renting A Car For Walt Disney World

    The most obvious way to rent a car for Walt Disney World is to rent from an agency at Orlando International Airport. Weve never done this . We generally use Kayak for rentals, but weve recently had good experience with car-sharing over at Turo.

    Alternatively, you might want to rent a car from an agency on Disney property. This is especially worth considering if you just want a car for a short period to go off-property. We highly recommend checking out this MouseSavers list of rental options at Walt Disney World. That list is good for spots at Walt Disney World.

    The Parking Lot Symphony

    Every night just after the fireworks shows, one of the most interesting symphonys youll ever here happens. Its called the Parking Lot Symphony. The music comes from instruments with odd names like Toyota and Ford and Chevrolet. Youll hear symphonic melodies never conceived by any of the masters. Its one of Dads favorite times of the day. Where did I park that car?

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